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12019Development of a spherical ultrasound transducer for transcranial low-dose ultrasound hyperthermia used in brain tumor nanodrug deliveryShen, C.-C.; Chen, G.-S.; Chen, Y.-Y.; Lin, W.-L. 00
22018Development of an MRI-compatible high-intensity focused ultrasound phased array transducer dedicated for breast tumor treatmentKuo, L.-W.; Chiu, L.-C.; Lin, W.-L. ; Chen, J.-J.; Dong, G.-C.; Chen, S.-F.; Chen, G.-S.11
32017Numerical modeling of nanodrug distribution in tumors with heterogeneous vasculature.Chou CY; Chang WI; Horng TL; Lin WL. 22
42017Pulsed-wave low-dose ultrasound hyperthermia selectively enhances nanodrug delivery and improves antitumor efficacy for brain metastasis of breast cancer.Wu SK; Chiang CF; Hsu YH; Liou HC; Fu WM; Lin WL. 55
52017Synergistic effects of nanodrug, ultrasound hyperthermia and thermal ablation on solid tumors – an animal studyChiu LC; Wu SK; Lin Win-Li ; Chen GS00
62017Combination therapy of ultrasound hyperthermia and immunostimulant enhances systemic antitumor immunity for cancer tumor treatmentLin Win-Li ; Li TC; Chiang CF; Miaw SC
72017Transcranial pulsed ultrasound facilitates brain uptake of laronidase in enzyme replacement therapy for Mucopolysaccharidosis type i diseaseHsu, Y.-H.; Liu, R.-S.; Lin, W.-L. ; Yuh, Y.-S.; Lin, S.-P.; Wong, T.-T.00
82017Therapeutic ultrasound-induced antitumor immune response and enhanced by immunostimulant for tumor treatmentLi TC; Miaw SC; Lin Win-Li 
92017Plasma polymerization of SnOxCy organic-like films and grafted pnipaam composite hydrogel with nanogold particles for promotion of thermal resistive propertiesChou, C.-Y.; Chen, K.-S.; Lin, W.-L. ; Ye, Y.-C.; Liao, S.-C.22
102016Computation of liver deformations for minimally invasive surgeryHsu, W.-J.; Ho, M.-C.; Lian, F.-L.; Yen, J.-Y.; Lin, W.-L. ; Chen, Y.-Y.00
112016Low-dose short-time ultrasound hyperthermia can significantly improve liposomal doxorubicin delivery and antitumor efficacy for breast metastasis if breast cancerWu SK; Chiang CF; Hsu YH; Liou HC; Fu WM; Lin Win-Li 
122016Temperature anomalies in simulating ultrasound heating for tissue tightening with a three-layer subcutaneous structureHuang HW; Lin Win-Li 
132016Nanodrug combined with ultrasound hyperthermia and/or thermal ablation for tumor treatmentChiu LC; Wu SK; Chen GS; Lin Win-Li 
142016Doxorubicin-modified magnetic nanoparticles as a drug delivery system for magnetic resonance imaging-monitoring magnet-enhancing tumor chemotherapy.Liang PC; Chen YC; Chiang CF; Mo LR; Wei SY; Hsieh WY; Lin WL. 
152015Targeting microbubbles-carrying TGF beta 1 inhibitor combined with ultrasound sonication induce BBB/BTB disruption to enhance nanomedicine treatment for brain tumorsChen, Yung-Chu; Chiang, Chi-Feng; Wu, Sheng-Kai; Chen, Li-Fang; Hsieh, Wen-Yuan; Lin, Win-Li 1412
162015A robust power deposition scheme for tumors with large counter-current blood vessels during hyperthermia treatmentHuang, H.-W.; Lin, W.-L. ; Moros, E.G.44
172015Targeting microbubbles-carrying TGFb1 inhibitor combined with ultrasound sonication induce BBB/BTB disruption and pericyte relaxation to enhance nanomedicine treatment for brain tumorsChen YC; Chiang CF; Wu SK; Chen LF; Shieh WY; Lin Win-Li 
182015Nanodrug delivery and anti-tumor efficacy for brain metastasis of breast cancer enhanced by short-time low-dose ultrasound hyperthermiaWu SK; Chiang CF; Hsu YH; Liou HC; Fu WM; Lin Win-Li 
192015Targeting microbubbles-carrying TGFβ1 inhibitor combined with ultrasound sonication induce BBB/BTB disruption to enhance nanomedicine treatment for brain tumors.Chen YC; Chiang CF; Wu SK; Chen LF; Hsieh WY; Lin WL. 
202014Polymersomes conjugated with des-octanoyl ghrelin and folate as a BBB-penetrating cancer cell-targeting delivery systemPO-CHIN LIANG ; Chen, Yung-Chu; Chiang, Chi-Feng; Chen, Li-Fang; Liang, Po-Chin ; Hsieh, Wen-Yuan; Lin, Win-Li journal article3835
212014Targeted delivery of erythropoietin by transcranial focused ultrasound for neuroprotection against ischemia/reperfusion-induced neuronal injury: A long-term and short-term studyWEN-MEI FU ; Wu, Sheng-Kai; Wu, Meei-Maan; Yang, Ming-Tao; Chen, Hui-Chi; Chen, Chi-Ling; Kang, Kai-Hsiang; You, San-Lin; Liou, Houng-Chi; Lu, Dai-Hua; Cheng, Wen-Fang ; Fu, Wen-Mei ; Chen, Chi-An ; Lin, Win-Li ; Lee, Te-Chang; Chen, Chien-Jen; Karamyan, Vardan; 鄭文芳 ; 陳祈安 ; 陳祈玲journal article1064
222014Polymersomes conjugated with des-octanoyl ghrelin for the delivery of therapeutic and imaging agents into brain tissuesChen, Yung-Chu; Chiang, Chi-Feng; Chen, Li-Fang; Liao, Shu-Chuan; Hsieh, Wen-Yuan; Lin, Win-Li 1112
232014Short-time focused ultrasound hyperthermia enhances liposomal doxorubicin delivery and antitumor efficacy for brain metastasis of breast cancerWu, Sheng-Kai; Chiang, Chi-Feng; Hsu, Yu-Hone; Lin, Tzu-Hung; Liou, Houng-Chi; Fu, Wen-Mei ; Lin, Win-Li 1918
242012FDOPA kinetics analysis in PET images for Parkinson's disease diagnosis by use of particle swarm optimizationHuang, Chih-Kang; WEICHUNG WANG ; Wang, Weichung ; CHENG-YING CHOU ; Tzen, Kai-Yuan ; KAI-YUAN TZEN ; Lin, Win-Li ; Chou, Cheng-Ying conference paper50
252012Simulation study on acoustic streaming and convective cooling in blood vessels during a high-intensity focused ultrasound thermal ablationSolovchuk, Maxim A.; Sheu, Tony W.H.; Lin, Win-Li ; Kuo, Ihyuan; Thiriet, Marcjournal article2925
262011Detecting blood-brain barrier disruption within minimal hemorrhage following transcranial focused ultrasound: A correlation study with contrast-enhanced MRIWEN-YIH TSENG ; WENG, JUN-CHENG; WU, SHENG-KAI; LIN, WIN-LI ; TSENG, WEN-YIHjournal article1110
272010Sequence-Based Prediction of Protein B-Factors with Dual Supervized Learning ModelsLiu, Yu-Cheng; Hwang, Shien-Ching; Huang, Yu-Feng; Lin, Win-Li ; Oyang, Yen-Jen ; Huang, Chien-Kang journal article11
282010Significance of Blood Vessels in Optimization of Absorbed Power and Temperature Distributions during HyperthermiaHUANG, HUANG-WEN; LIAUH, CHIHNG-TSUNG; SHIH, TZU- CHING; HORNG, TZYY-LENG; LIN, WIN-LI 1313
292009Short hairpin RNAs against eotaxin or interleukin-5 decrease airway eosinophilia and hyper-responsiveness in a murine model of asthmaTsai, K.C.; BOR-LUEN CHIANG ; 蔡坤哲; 方馨譽; Fang, H.Y.; Yang, S.J.; 謝銘鈞 ; 林文澧 ; HUANG, HSIN-YING; Shieh, M.J.; Lin, W.L.; 陳文翔 ; LEE, CHEN-CHEN; Chen, W.S.; TSAI, KUN-CHE; CHIANG, BOR-LUEN; FANG, HSIN-YU; SHIEH, MING -JIUM ; LIN, WIN-LI ; CHEN, WEN-SHIANG journal article87
302009Time dependency of ultrasound-facilitated gene transfectionWEN-SHIANG CHEN ; Tsai, K.C.; Tsai, K.C.; 廖哲康; Fang, H.Y.; Liao, C.K.; Hu, Shu-Chao; Yang, S.J.; Yang, S.J.; Lin, W.L.; 黃麗華; Shieh, M.J.; Hwang ,L.H.; Chen, W.S.; Chen, W.S.; TSAI, KUN-CHE; LIAO, ZHE-KANG; LIN, WIN-LI ; SHIEH, MING-JIUM ; HWAN,G LIH-HWA; CHEN, WEN-SHIANG journal article119
312008Split-focused ultrasound transducer with multidirectional heating for breast tumor thermal surgeryYUNG-YAW CHEN ; Cheng, Tze-Yuan; Ju, Kuen-Cheng; Ho, Cheng-Shiao; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Chang, Hsu; Lin, Win-Li journal article1310
322008Genotyping of the G1138A mutation of the FGFR3 gene in patients with achondroplasia using high-resolution melting analysisHung, Chia-Cheng; Lee, Chien-Nan ; Chang, Chien-Hui; Jong, Yuh-Jyh; Chen, Chih-Ping; Hsieh, Wu-Shiun ; Su, Yi-Ning; Lin, Win-Li 
332008Quantitative evaluation of the use of microbubbles with transcranial focused ultrasound on blood–brain-barrier disruptionYang, Feng-Yi; Fu, Wen-Mei ; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; Yeh, Wei-Lan; Lin, Win-Li 
342008Identification of deletion and duplication genotypes of the PMP22 gene using PCR-RFLP, competitive multiplex PCR, and multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification: A comparisonCHI-AN CHEN ; WEN-FANG CHENG ; SUNG-TSANG HSIEH ; CHIEN-NAN LEE ; Chih-Chao Yang ; HUNG, CHIA-CHENG; LEE, CHIEN-NAN ; LIN, CHIA-YUN; CHENG, WEN-FANG ; CHEN, CHI-AN ; HSIEH, SUNG-TSANG ; YANG, CHIH-CHAO ; JONG, YUH- JYH; SU, YI-NING; LIN, WIN-LI journal article1110
352007A fast and conformal heating scheme for producing large thermal lesions using a 2D ultrasound phased arrayYUNG-YAW CHEN ; Liu, Hao-Li; Lin, Win-Li ; Chen, Yung-Yaw journal article1614
362007Quantitative Evaluation of Focused Ultrasound with a Contrast Agent on Blood-Brain Barrier DisruptionWEN-MEI FU ; Yang, Feng-Yi; RONG-SEN YANG ; Fu, Wen-Mei ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Liou, Houng-Chi; Kang, Kai-Hsiang; Lin, Win-Li journal article8782
372007The Effects of Power on-Off Durations of Pulsed Ultrasound on the Destruction of Cancer CellsFANG, HSIN-YU; TSAI, KUN-CHE; CHENG, WEN-HUEI; SHIEH, MING-JIUM ; LOU, PEI-JEN ; LIN, WIN-LI ; CHEN, WEN-SHIANG 
382007Feasibility of Transrib Focused Ultrasound Thermal Ablation for Liver Tumors Using a Spherically Curved 2d Array - a Numerical StudyLIU, HAO-LI; CHANG, HSU; CHEN, WEN-SHIANG ; SHIH, TZU-CHING; HSIAO, JONG-KAI; LIN, WIN-LI 
392007Molecular assay of ?α3.7 and ?α4.2 deletions causing α-thalassemia by denaturing high-performance liquid chromatographyHung, Chia-Cheng; Lee, Chien-Nan ; Chen, Chih-Ping; Jong, Yuh-Jyh; Hsieh, Wu-Shiun ; Lin, Win-Li ; Su, Yi-Ning; Hsu, Su-Ming
402007Analytical analysis of the Pennes bioheat transfer equation with sinusoidal heat flux condition on skin surfaceShih, Tzu-Ching; Yuan, Ping; Lin, Win-Li ; Kou, Hong-Sen
412007Thermal therapy for breast tumors by using a cylindrical ultrasound phased array with multifocus pattern scanning: a preliminary numerical studyHo, Cheng-Shiao; Ju, Kuen-Cheng; Cheng, Tze-Yuan; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Lin, Win-Li journal article
422007Molecular Assay of -Alpha(3.7) and -Alpha(4.2) Deletions Causing Alpha- Thalassemia by Denaturing High-Performance Liquid Chromatography洪加政; 李建南 ; 陳持平; 鐘育志; 謝武勳 ; 林文澧 ; 蘇怡寧; 許世明; HUNG, CHIA-CHENG; LEE, CHIEN-NAN ; CHEN, CHIH-PING; JONG, YUH-JYH; HSIEH, WU-SHIUN ; LIN, WIN-LI ; SU, YI-NING; HSU, SU-MING
432006Contrast-Agent-Enhanced Ultrasound Thermal AblationCHEN, WEN-SHIANG ; LIN, WIN-LI 
442006Contrast-agent-enhanced ultrasound thermal ablationTung, Yao-Sheng; Liu, Hao-Li; Wu, Chih-Ching; Ju, Kuen-Cheng; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; Lin, Win-Li 
452006Cavitation-enhanced ultrasound thermal therapy by combined low- and high-frequency ultrasound exposureLiu, Hao-Li; Chen, Wen-Shiang ; Chen, Jhao-Syong; Shih, Tzu-Ching; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Lin, Win-Li journal article5041
462006Molecular and clinical analyses of 84 patients with tuberous sclerosis complexHung, Chia-Cheng; Horng-Huei Liou ; Pau-Chung CHEN ; Su, Yi-Ning; Chien, Shu-Chin; WANG-TSO LEE ; CHIEN-NAN LEE ; Liou, Horng-Huei ; Chen, Chih-Chuan; Chen, Pau-Chung ; Hsieh, Chia-Jung; Chen, Chih-Ping; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Lin, Win-Li ; Lee, Chien-Nan journal article4238
472005聚焦超音波應用於經頭骨之腦腫瘤治療之探討(III)林文澧 report
482005超音波高溫熱治療與熱手術之研究(III)林文澧 report
492005The Effects of low-intensity Ultrasound on Growing bone after sciatic neurectomy楊榮森 ; Yin-Zing Chen; Tsang-Hai Huang; Chih-Hsin Tang; We-Mei Fu; Bin-Yu Lu; Win-Li Lin 
502005Rapid Identification of the &Szlig;-Thalassemia Mutations by Applying Cel I Nuclease Mutation Detection System and Capillary ElectrophoresisHUNG, CHIA-CHENG; LIN, WIN-LI ; JOU, SHIANN-TARNG ; SU, YI-NING
512005Quantification of Relative Gene Dosage by Single-Base Extension and High- Performance Liquid Chromatography: Application to the Smn1/Smn2 GeneLEE, CHIEN-NAN ; HUNG, CHIA-CHENG; CHEN, CHIH-PING; CHEN, CHI-AN ; CHENG, WEN-FANG ; LIN, WIN-LI ; SU, YI-NING
522005Regulation by ultrasound treatment on the integrin expression and differentiation of osteoblastsWEN-MEI FU ; 林文澧 ; RONG-SEN YANG journal article114101
532005The impact of thermal wave characteristics on thermal dose distribution during thermal therapy: A numerical studyShih, Tzu-Ching; Kou, Hong-Sen; Liauh, Chihng-Tsung; Lin, Win-Li 
542005Quantitative analysis of SMN1 and SMN2 genes based on DHPLC: a highly efficient and reliable carrier-screening testSu, Yi-Ning; Hung, Chia-Cheng; Li, Hung ; Lee, Chien-Nan ; Cheng, Wen-Fang ; Tsao, Po-Nien ; Chang, Ming-Cheng; Yu, Chia-Li ; Hsieh, Wu-Shiun ; Lin, Win-Li ; Hsu, Su-Ming
552005Denaturing HPLC Coupled with Multiplex PCR for Rapid Detection of Large Deletions in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy CarriersHung, Chia-Cheng; Su, Yi-Ning; Lin, Chia-Yun; Yang, Chih-Chao ; Lee, Wang-Tso ; Chien, Shu-Chin; Lin, Win-Li ; Lee, Chien-Nan 
562005Quantification of Relative Gene Dosage by Single-Base Extension and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography: Application to the SMN1/SMN2 GeneHung, Chia-Cheng; Lee, Chien-Nan ; Chen, Chih-Ping; Jong, Yuh-Jyh; Chen, Chi-An ; Cheng, Wen-Fang ; Lin, Win-Li ; Su, Yi-Ning
572005Investigation of a scanned cylindrical ultrasound system for breast hyperthermiaJu, Kuen-Cheng; Tseng, Li-Te; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Lin, Win-Li journal article119
592004超音波高溫熱治療與熱手術之研究(II)林文澧 report
602004聚焦超音波應用於經頭骨之腦腫瘤治療之探討(II)林文澧 report
612004Reconstruction of the Temperature Field for Inverse Ultrasound Hyperthermia Calculations at a Muscle/Bone InterfaceLIAUH, CHIHNG-TSUNG; SHIH, TZU-CHING; HUANG, HUANG-WEN; LIN, WIN-LI 
622003Treatment time reduction for large thermal lesions by using a multiple 1D ultrasound phased array systemLiu, HL; Chen, YY; Yen, JY; Lin, Win-Li journal article
632003聚焦超音波應用於經頭骨之腦腫瘤治療之探討(I)林文澧 report
642003超音波高溫熱治療與熱手術之研究(I)林文澧 report
652003Treatment time reduction for large thermal lesions by using a multiple 1D ultrasound phased array systemYUNG-YAW CHEN ; Liu, Hao-Li; JIA-YUSH YEN ; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Lin, Win-Li journal article1111
662003The impact of thermally significant blood vessels in perfused tumor tissue on thermal dose distributions during thermal therapiesShih, Tzu-Ching; Kou, Hong-Sen; Lin, Win-Li 
672003Effect of the directional blood flow on thermal dose distribution during thermal therapy: an application of a Green’s function based on the porous modelKou, Hong-Sen; Shih, Tzu-Ching; Lin, Win-Li 
682003Thermal lesion formation and determination for external ultrasound thermal therapyLIU, HAO-LI; CHEN, YUNG-YAW ; YEN, JIA-YUSH ; LIN, WIN-LI journal article10
692003One-dimensional phased array with mechanical motion for conformal ultrasound hyperthermiaJu, Kuen-Cheng; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Lin, Win-Li ; Kuo, Te-Sonjournal article95
702002超音波順形加熱之研究林文澧 report
712002超音波在骨頭表面產生溫升與熱劑量之探討林文澧 report
732002Effect of effective tissue conductivity on thermal dose distributions of living tissue with directional blood flow during thermal therapyShih, Tzu-Ching; Kou, Hong-Sen; Lin, Win-Li 
742001Conformal heating using scanned 1-D phased array for external ultrasound hyperthermiaJu, Kuen-Cheng; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Lin, Win-Li ; Kuo, Te-Sonjournal article00
752001超音波順形加熱之研究林文澧 report
762001Interrelationship between control parameters and tumor/bone conditions for external ultrasound hyperthermiaLIAUH, CHIHNG-TSUNG; LIN, WIN-LI ; CHEN, YUNG-YAW ; YEN, JIA-YUSH journal article10
772001Optimization of power deposition and a heating strategy for external ultrasound thermal therapyLin, Win-Li ; Liang, Tzu-Chen; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Liu, Hao-Li; Chen, Yung-Yaw journal article2220
782000超音波順形加熱之研究林文澧 report
792000超音波在骨頭表面產生溫升現象之探討林文澧 report
802000Theoretical study of convergent ultrasound hyperthermia for treating bone tumorsLu, Bing-Yuh; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Lin, Win-Li ; Cheng, Kung-Shan; Wang, Cheng-Yi; Kuo, Te-Son
812000An investigation of power deposition patterns for scanned ultrasound arrayLin, Win-Li ; Chen, Y.Y.; Ju, K.C.; Yen, J.Y.; Shieh, M.J.
822000Theoretical study of temperature elevation at muscle/bone interface during ultrasound hyperthermiaLin, Win-Li ; Liauh, Chihng-Tsung; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Liu, Hwa-Chang; Shieh, Ming-Jium 2220
832000A theoretical study of cylindrical ultrasound transducers for intracavitary hyperthermiaLin, Win-Li ; Fan, Wen-Chang; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Shieh, Ming-Jium journal article33
842000Treatable domain and optimal frequency for brain tumors during ultrasound hyperthermiaLin, Win-Li ; Liauh, Chihng-Tsung; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Shieh, Ming-Jium journal article96
851999The temperature distributions of bone tumor therapy using scanned focused ultrasound systemLu, Bing-Yuh; Lin, Win-Li ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Wang, Cheng-Yi; Kuo, Te-Sonconference paper10
861999腦腫瘤治療用之超音波加熱系統與換能器之研發林文澧 report
871999A multifrequency driving system for ultrasound hyperthermiaYUNG-YAW CHEN ; Lu, Bing-Yuh; Lin, Win-Li ; RONG-SEN YANG ; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Kuo, Te-Son; Wang, Cheng-Yijournal article11
881999Self-tuning fuzzy logic control for ultrasound hyperthermia with reference temperature based on objective functionsChen, Yung-Yaw ; Lin, Win-Li ; Liou, Hau-Li; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Shieh, Ming-Jium journal article
891999Relationship between Acoustic Aperture Size and Tumor Conditions for External Ultrasound HyperthermiaLin, Win-Li ; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Jin, Kuo-Wen; Shieh, Ming-Jium journal article2120
901999Optimal configuration of multiple-focused ultrasound transducers for external hyperthermiaLin, Win-Li ; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Lin, Shu-Yuh; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Kuo, Te-Sonjournal article97
911998SAR and temperature distributions of cylindrical ultrasound transducers for intracavitary hyperthermiaLiang, Tzu-Chen; Lin, Win-Li ; Fan, Wen-Chang; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Chen, Yung-Yaw journal article00
921998Heating patterns of cylindrical ultrasound transducers for breast tumorsJu, Kuen-Cheng; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Cheng, Kung-Shan; Lin, Win-Li journal article00
931998醫療儀器推動小組:臨床超音波診斷儀之開發與臨床評估─子計畫七:陣列式超音波探頭開發(II)林文澧 report
941998高溫腫瘤治療用超音波加熱系統與換能器之研究與開發:腦腫瘤治療林文澧 report
951998Estimation of ultrasound transducer and tissue parameters with artificial neural networkChen, Yung-Yaw ; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Chen, Chi-Hung; Lin, Win-Li journal article
961998Specific absorption rate ratio patterns of cylindrical ultrasound transducers for breast tumorsLin, Win-Li ; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Cheng, Kung-Shan; Shieh, Ming-Jium journal article44
971998A Prelimitary Study of Therapeutic Domain for Bone Tumor Using Ultrasound HyperthermiaRONG-SEN YANG ; Lu, Bing-Yuh; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Lin, Win-Li ; Cheng, Kung-Shan; Wang, Cheng-Yi; Kuo, Te-Sonjournal article00
981997A sixteen-channel phased array driving system for ultrasound hyperthermiaLu, Bing-Yuh; Lin, Win-Li ; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Kuo, Te-Son; Wang, Cheng-Yijournal article00
991997醫療儀器推動小組:臨床超音波診儀之開發與臨床評估─子計畫七:陣列式超音波探頭開發(I)林文澧 report
1001997高溫腫瘤治療用超音波加熱系統與換能器之研究與開發:深層腫瘤高溫治療用林文澧 report
1011997超音波高溫腫瘤治療用系統、換能器及治療計劃之研究與開發林文澧 report
1021996Neural networks modeling of temperature field distribution in hyperthermiaChen, Yung-Yaw ; Chen, Chi-Hung; Lin, Win-Li journal article00
1031996The trial of C4.5/ID3 in predicting the presence of rectosigmoid polyps: A preliminary report in National Taiwan University HospitalChiang, I-Jen; Hsu, Jane Yung-jen; Lin, Win-Li ; Jau-MinWong; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Wang, Cheng-Yijournal article
1041995超音波自動診測技術與癌症篩檢林文澧 report
1051995體腔植入式高溫腫瘤治療用超音波換能器的研發及實驗林文澧 report
1061994Ultrasound Heating Methods for Hyperthermic Therapy林文澧 ; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Lui, Louis-T; Liauh, Chieng-Tsung; Wang, Cheng-Yi; Lin, Win-Li ; Shieh, Ming-Jium ; Wang, Cheng-Yi
1071994直腸與攝護腺腫瘤高溫治療用超音波換能器的研究與開發林文澧 report
1081994Power Distribution Simulations in Scanned, Focussed Ultrasound HyperthermiaLin, Win-Li 
1091993Design and Evaluatiion of a Control Scheme for the Biomechanical Motion of Articulated Multibody SystemsTsai, Der-Liang; 林文澧 ; Wang, Cheng-Yi; Lin, Win-Li 
1101993Control of Scanned, Focused Ultrasound Hyperthermia Treatments林文澧 ; Wang, C. Y.; Shieh, M. J.; Lin, Win-Li ; Wang, C. Y.
1111993Temperature Control of Ultrasound Hyperthermia with Optimal Thermocouple Location and Target TemperatureLIN, WIN-LI ; SHIEH, MING-JIUM ; WANG, CHENG-YI
1121993Interpolation of Arbitrarily Located Hyperthermia Data Using B-Splines: Simulations and in Vivo Experimental StudyLIN, WIN-LI ; SHIEH, MING-JIUM ; CLEGG SCOTT T.; ROEMER ROBERT B.; WANG, CHENG-YI
1131992Optimal Thermocouple Location an Target Temperature During Scanned Focussed Ultrasound HyperthermiaLin, Win-Li 
1141992Estimating One-Dimensional Temperature Field from Insufficient Data During HyperthermiaLiauh, C. T.; 林文澧 ; Shieh, M. J.; Wang, C. Y.; Liauh, C. T.; Lin, Win-Li ; Shieh, M. J.
1151992Optimization of Temperature Distributions in Scanned Focussed Ultrasound Hyperthermia林文澧 ; LIN, WIN-LI ; ROEMER ROBERT B.; MOROS EDUARDO G.
1161992Objective Function Search for Optimization in Scanned Focussed Ultrasound Hyperthermia林文澧 ; LIN, WIN-LI 
1171992Theoretical and Experimental Evaluation of a Temperature Countroller for Scanned Focused Ultrasound Hyperthermia林文澧 ; Roemer, R. B.; Lin, Win-Li ; Roemer, R. B.
1181992Real-Time Blood Flow Estimation during Hyperthermia Treatments林文澧 ; 廖慶聰; LIN, WIN-LI ; LIAUH, CHIHNG-TSUNG
119-Medical treatment using an ultrasound phased array.劉浩澧; 林文澧 ; 張恕
120-一種以超音波相位陣列達到穿透肋骨治療之系統及方法.劉浩澧; 林文澧 ; 張恕
121-Generating gating signals for thermal therapy.許銘權; 張恕; 林文澧 
122-Dual-curvature phased array high-intensity focused ultrasound transducer for tumor therapy.陳景欣; 林文澧 ; 張恕
123-Ring-shaped phased-array focused-ultrasound probe for thermal treatment of breast cancer.陳景欣; 林文澧 ; 張恕