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12023Is the Shock Index Associated with Adverse Outcomes among Geriatric Patients with COVID-19 in the Emergency Department Triage?Hsieh, Chien Chieh; Ting, Man Ju; Chang, Chung Ta; Tsai, Kuang Chau; YI-YOU HUANG ; FU-SHAN JAW ; Fan, Chieh Min; Sun, Jen Tang; Wu, Yuan HuiInternational Journal of Gerontology10
22023Lung abscess with chronic cough secondary to xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis: A rare case reportCheng, Pai-Yu; YI-YOU HUANG ; Jaw, Fu-Shan; Chung, Shiu-DongMedicine00
32023Moiré metalens-based fluorescence optical sectioning microscopyChia, Yu Hsin; Chu, Cheng Hung; Vyas, Sunil; YI-YOU HUANG ; Tsai, Din Ping; YUAN LUO Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
42023Optical sectioning fluorescence microscopy using variable metalensChu, Cheng Hung; Vyas, Sunil; Kuo, Hsin Yu; Chia, Yu Hsin; Chen, Mu Ku; YI-YOU HUANG ; Tsai, Din Ping; YUAN LUO Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
52023Preoperative hydronephrosis is an independent protective factor of renal function decline after nephroureterectomy for upper tract urothelial carcinomaCheng, Pai-Yu; Lee, Hsiang-Ying; Li, Wei-Ming; Huang, Steven K; Liu, Chien-Liang; Chen, I-Hsuan Alan; Lin, Jen-Tai; Lo, Chi-Wen; Yu, Chih-Chin; Wang, Shian-Shiang; Chen, Chuan-Shu; Tseng, Jen-Shu; Lin, Wun-Rong; Yeong-Chin, Jou; Cheong, Ian-Seng; Jiang, Yuan-Hong; Lee, Yu Khun; Chen, Yung-Tai; Chen, Shin-Hong; Chiang, Bing-Juin; Hsueh, Thomas Y; Huang, Chao-Yuan; Wu, Chia-Chang; Lin, Wei Yu; Tsai, Yao-Chou; Yu, Kai-Jie; Huang, Chi-Ping; YI-YOU HUANG ; Tsai, Chung-YouFrontiers in oncology1
62022Repeated vertebral compression fractures in young adult may imply functional adrenal tumorCheng, Pai Yu; Chung, Shiu Dong; YI-YOU HUANG ; FU-SHAN JAW ; Wu, Wei CheNeuro endocrinology letters00
72022Diabetic Patients With Rosacea Increase the Risks of Diabetic Macular Edema, Dry Eye Disease, Glaucoma, and CataractWang, Fang-Ying; Kang, Eugene Yu-Chuan; Liu, Chun-Hao; Ng, Chau Yee; Shao, Shih-Chieh; Lai, Edward Chia-Cheng; Wu, Wei-Chi; YI-YOU HUANG ; Chen, Kuan-Jen; Lai, Chi-Chun; Hwang, Yih-ShiouAsia-Pacific journal of ophthalmology (Philadelphia, Pa.)22
82022Novel Modular Spine Blocks Affect the Lumbar Spine on Finite Element AnalysisHsieh, Jui-Yang; Chuang, Shao-Ming; Chen, Chen-Sheng; JYH-HORNG WANG ; Chen, Po-Quang; YI-YOU HUANG Spine surgery and related research11
92022Finite element analysis after rod fracture of the spinal hybrid elastic rod systemHsieh, Jui-Yang; Chen, Chen-Sheng; Chuang, Shao-Ming; JYH-HORNG WANG ; Chen, Po-Quang; YI-YOU HUANG BMC musculoskeletal disorders22
102022Diffused bladder wall calcification in a survivor with severe coronavirus disease 2019: A case reportCheng, Pai-Yu; YI-YOU HUANG ; FU-SHAN JAW ; Chung, Shiu-Dong; Tsai, Chung-YouMedicine00
112022Deep learning based HiLo optical sectioning imagingChia, Yu-Hsin; Vyas, Sunil; YI-YOU HUANG ; YUAN LUO Optics InfoBase Conference Papers
122022Comparison of the Optimal Design of Spinal Hybrid Elastic Rod for Dynamic Stabilization: A Finite Element AnalysisHsieh, Jui-Yang; Chen, Chen-Sheng; JYH-HORNG WANG ; Chen, Po-Quang; YI-YOU HUANG ResearchSquare0
132022Varifocal metalens based optical sectioning fluorescence imaging systemChia, Yu Hsin; Kuo, Hsin Yu; Chu, Cheng Hung; Vyas, Sunil; Chen, Mu Ku; YI-YOU HUANG ; YUAN LUO ; Tsai, Din PingProceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering00
142022Biofabricating hollow microneedle array with controllable microstructure for cell transplantationChen Y.-H; Wang F.-Y; Chan Y.-S; Huang C; YI-YOU HUANG Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part B Applied Biomaterials53
152022Comparison of the Optimal Design of Spinal Hybrid Elastic Rod for Dynamic Stabilization: A Finite Element AnalysisHsieh, Jui-Yang; Chen, Chen-Sheng; Chuang, Shao-Ming; JYH-HORNG WANG ; Chen, Po-Quang; YI-YOU HUANG APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL11
162022Materials Properties and Application Strategy for Ligament Tissue EngineeringHsieh J.-Y; Yang K.-W; YI-YOU HUANG Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering00
182022Comparison of Osseointegration in Different Intravertebral FixatorsHsieh J.-Y; JYH-HORNG WANG ; Chen P.-Q; YI-YOU HUANG JOURNAL OF MEDICAL AND BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERING01
192021Moiré lens based long axial scanning telecentric imaging systemChia, Yu Hsin; Vyas, Sunil; Kuo, Hsin Yu; YI-YOU HUANG ; YUAN LUO Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering00
202021Wavelength coded volume holographic gratings based dual wavelength fluorescence imaging systemChia Y.-H.; YI-YOU HUANG ; YUAN LUO Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering00
212021Transdermal drug delivery systems for fighting common viral infectious diseasesWang F.-Y; Chen Y; Huang Y.-Y; Cheng C.-M.; YI-YOU HUANG Drug Delivery and Translational Research
222021Nanoparticle-hydrogel composite drug delivery system for potential ocular applicationsHsu X.-L; Wu L.-C; Hsieh J.-Y; Huang Y.-Y.; YI-YOU HUANG Polymers
232021Isotropic quantitative differential phase contrast microscopy using radially asymmetric color-encoded pupilLin, YH; Li, AC; Vyas, S; YI-YOU HUANG ; Yeh, JA; YUAN LUO JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-PHOTONICS43
242021Patch-Based U-Net Model for Isotropic Quantitative Differential Phase Contrast ImagingLi, An-Cin; Vyas, Sunil; Lin, Yu-Hsiang; YI-YOU HUANG ; HSUAN-MING HUANG ; YUAN LUO IEEE transactions on medical imaging1511
252021Varifocal Metalens for Optical Sectioning Fluorescence MicroscopyYUAN LUO ; Chu C.H.; Vyas S.; Kuo H.Y.; Chia Y.H.; Chen M.K.; Shi X.; Tanaka T.; Misawa H.; Huang Y.-Y.; YI-YOU HUANG et al. Nano Letters10253
262020Role of Sodium Taurocholate Cotransporting Polypeptide as a New Reporter and Drug-Screening Platform: Implications for Preventing Hepatitis B Virus InfectionsWu M.-R; YI-YOU HUANG ; Hsiao J.-K.Molecular Imaging and Biology910
272020Simultaneous multi-color optical sectioning fluorescence microscopy with wavelength-coded volume holographic gratingsCHIA Y.-H.; ANDREW YEH J.; YI-YOU HUANG ; YUAN LUO Optics Express94
282020The use of micro-needle arrays to deliver cells for cellular therapiesChen, Y.-H.; Lin, D.-C.; Edward CHERN ; YI-YOU HUANG Biomedical Microdevices1510
292020Multiplane differential phase contrast imaging using asymmetric illumination in volume holographic microscopyChia Y.-H.; Vyas S.; JUI-CHANG TSAI ; YI-YOU HUANG ; Yeh J.A.; YUAN LUO Journal of Biomedical Optics32
302019Decellularized lymph node scaffolding as a carrier for dendritic cells to induce anti-tumor immunityLin H.-J; Wang W; YI-YOU HUANG ; Liao W.-T; Lin T.-Y; Lin S.-Y; Liu D.-Z.Pharmaceutics98
312019Development of Decellularized Cornea by Organic Acid Treatment for Corneal RegenerationLin, H.-J.; Wang, T.-J.; Li, T.-W.; Chang, Y.-Y.; Sheu, M.-T.; YI-YOU HUANG ; Liu, D.-Z.Tissue Engineering - Part A1817
322019Surface assembly of poly(I:C) on polyethyleneimine-modified gelatin nanoparticles as immunostimulatory carriers for mucosal antigen deliveryLin S.-F; Jiang P.-L; Tsai J.-S; YI-YOU HUANG ; Lin S.-Y; Lin J.-H; Liu D.-Z.Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part B Applied Biomaterials2319
332019In vivo imaging of insulin-secreting human pancreatic ductal cells using MRI reporter gene technique: A feasibility studyWu, M.-R.; Hsiao, J.-K.; HON-MAN LIU ; YI-YOU HUANG ; Tseng, Y.-J.; Chou, P.-T. ; TE-I WENG ; Yang, C.-Y.Magnetic Resonance in Medicine33
342019Multi-wavelength quantitative differential phase contrast imaging by radially asymmetric illuminationChuang Y.-H.; Lin Y.-Z.; Vyas S.; YI-YOU HUANG ; Andrew Yeh J.; YUAN LUO Optics Letters108
352019Interactions of dermal papilla spheroid array and acellular skin dermis during hair follicle regenerationYI-YOU HUANG ; Tsai C.-H.Transactions of the Annual Meeting of the Society for Biomaterials and the Annual International Biomaterials Symposium0
362019Use of indocyanine green (ICG), a medical near infrared dye, for enhanced fluorescent imaging-comparison of organic anion transporting polypeptide 1B3 (OATP1B3) and sodium-taurocholate cotransporting polypeptide (NTCP) reporter genesWu M.-R; YI-YOU HUANG ; Hsiao J.-K.Molecules1414
372018Development and characterization of docetaxel-loaded lecithin-stabilized micellar drug delivery system (LsbMDDs) for improving the therapeutic efficacy and reducing systemic toxicitySu C.-Y; Liu J.-J; Ho Y.-S; YI-YOU HUANG ; Chang V.H.-S; Liu D.-Z; Chen L.-C; Ho H.-O; Sheu M.-T.European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics2725
382018An observational study: The utility of perfusion index as a discharge criterion for pain assessment in the postanesthesia care unitChu C.-L.; YI-YOU HUANG ; Chen Y.-H.; LING-PING LAI ; HUEI-MING YEH PLoS ONE1410
392018Highly Efficient Intracellular Protein Delivery by Cationic Polyethyleneimine Modified Gelatin NanoparticlesM. J. Chou; H. Y. Yu; J. C. Hsia; Y. H. Chen; T. T. Hung; H. M. Chao; E. Chern ; YI-YOU HUANG Materials2923
402018Cushing response-based warning system for intensive care of brain-injured patientsTsai Y.-H; Lin J.-Y; YI-YOU HUANG ; Wong J.-M.Clinical Neurophysiology42
412018Organic anion-transporting polypeptide 1B3 as a dual reporter gene for fluorescence and magnetic resonance imagingWu M.-R.; HON-MAN LIU ; Lu C.-W.; Shen W.-H.; Lin I.-J.; Liao L.-W.; YI-YOU HUANG ; MING-JIUM SHIEH ; Hsiao J.-K.FASEB Journal3031
422018Effects of Extracorporeal Shock Wave-Mediated Transdermal Local Anesthetic Drug Delivery on Rat Caudal NervesJER-JUNN LUH ; Huang, W.-T.; KWAN-HWA LIN ; YI-YOU HUANG ; PO-LING KUO ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology1414
432018Literature Review and Meta-Analysis of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation in Treating Chronic Back PainWu L.-C; Weng P.-W; Chen C.-H; YI-YOU HUANG ; Tsuang Y.-H; Chiang C.-J.Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine5544
442017Biomarkers and echocardiography for evaluating the improvement of the ventricular diastolic function after surgical relief of hydronephrosisHUEI-MING YEH ; TING TSE LIN ; CHIH-FAN YEH ; Huang, Ho-Shiang; SHENG-NAN CHANG ; JOU-WEI LIN ; CHIA-TI TSAI ; LING-PING LAI ; YI-YOU HUANG ; Chu, Chun-LinPloS one44
452017Optimized decellularization protocol including Gal epitope reduction for fabrication of an acellular porcine annulus fibrosus scaffoldWu L.-C; Kuo Y.-J; Sun F.-W; Chen C.-H; Chiang C.-J; Weng P.-W; Tsuang Y.-H; YI-YOU HUANG Cell and Tissue Banking4636
462017Treatment of the avascular necrosis with a novel biodegradable thermosensitive Box hydrogel carrying BMP-2Hsieh M.-Y; Yang L.-Y; Chern J.-M; Lee W.-F; YI-YOU HUANG Science of Advanced Materials22
472016Treatment of critically sized femoral defects with recombinant BMP-2 delivered by a modified mPEG-PLGA biodegradable thermosensitive hydrogelPeng K.-T; Hsieh M.-Y; Lin C.T; Chen C.-F; Lee M.S; YI-YOU HUANG ; Chang P.-J.BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders3628
482015Galactosylated liposome as a dendritic cell-targeted mucosal vaccine for inducing protective anti-tumor immunityJiang, Ping-Lun; Lin, Hung-Jun; Wang, Hsiao-Wen; Tsai, Wen-Yu; Lin, Shen-Fu; Chien, Mei-Yin; PI-HUI LIANG ; YI-YOU HUANG ; Liu, Der-ZenActa Biomaterialia49
492014Neglected ruptured flexor carpi ulnaris tendon mimics a soft tissue tumor in the wristRau, Chi-Lun; Yen, Tze-Hsun; Wu, Lien-Chen; YI-YOU HUANG ; Jaw, Fu-Shan; Liou, Tsan-HonAmerican journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation
502014Dried fruit of the Luffa sponge as a source of chitin for applications as skin substitutesJiang P.-L; Chien M.-Y; Sheu M.-T; YI-YOU HUANG ; Chen M.-H; Su C.-H; Liu D.-Z.BioMed Research International118
512014Fabrication and properties of acellular porcine anulus fibrosus for tissue engineering in spine surgeryWu L.-C.; Chiang C.-J.; Liu Z.-H.; Tsuang Y.-H.; JUI-SHENG SUN ; YI-YOU HUANG Journal of orthopaedic surgery and research1412
522013Clinical feasibility of a novel biphasic osteochondral composite for matrix-associated autologous chondrocyte implantationHONGSEN CHIANG ; Liao C.-J.; Hsieh C.-H.; CHIEH-YU SHEN ; YI-YOU HUANG ; Jiang C.-C.Osteoarthritis and Cartilage3327
532013Determination of functionalized gold nanoparticles incorporated in hydrophilic and hydrophobic microenvironments by surface modification of quartz crystal microbalanceWu T.-H; Liao S.-C; Chen Y.-F; YI-YOU HUANG ; Wei Y.-S; Tu S.-J; Chen K.-S.Applied Surface Science1011
542013Reducing scar formation by regulation of IL-1 and MMP-9 expression by using sustained release of prednisolone-loaded PDLL microspheres in a murine wound modelWu T.-H.; Hsu S.-H.; MEI-HWEI CHANG ; YI-YOU HUANG Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A99
552013Application of galactose-modified liposomes as a potent antigen presenting cell targeted carrier for intranasal immunizationWang H.-W; Jiang P.-L; Lin S.-F; Lin H.-J; Ou K.-L; Deng W.-P; Lee L.-W; YI-YOU HUANG ; PI-HUI LIANG ; Liu D.-Z.Acta Biomaterialia3634
562013Application of open porous poly(D, L -lactide-co-glycolide) microspheres and the strategy of hydrophobic seeding in hepatic tissue cultivationChou M.-J; Hsieh C.-H; Yeh P.-L; Chen P.-C; Wang C.-H; YI-YOU HUANG Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A1513
572011A transdermal drug delivery system containing deferioxamine mesylate for the treatment of beta-thalassaemia majorHsieh, Chin Hsiung; Ku, Yuan An; Chiu, Lien Hua; Young, Tai-Horng ; YI-YOU HUANG Biomedical Engineering - Applications, Basis and Communications
582011MEMS microwell and microcolumn arrays: Novel methods for high-throughput cell-based assaysChen P.-C; YI-YOU HUANG ; Juang J.-L.Lab on a Chip2119
592011Surface modification of gelatin nanoparticles with polyethylenimine as gene vectorYI-YOU HUANG ; Kuo W.-T; Huang H.-Y; Chou M.-J; Wu M.-C.Journal of Nanomaterials3433
602011A web-based information system applied on utilization/benefit management of medical equipment in hospitalChien C.-H; Chang M.-H; YI-YOU HUANG IFMBE Proceedings00
612011Co-delivery of anti-vascular endothelial growth factor siRNA and doxorubicin by multifunctional polymeric micelle for tumor growth suppressionHuang H.-Y; Kuo W.-T; Chou M.-J; YI-YOU HUANG Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A5851
622011An efficient framework of emergency response to facilitate disaster recovery for fire-damaged medical equipment - Case study at a large medical centre after a fireChien C.-H; Yu S.-N; YI-YOU HUANG ; Chong F.-C.Safety Science119
632011High-efficiency cell seeding method by relatively hydrophobic culture strategyHsieh C.-H; Kuo W.-T; Huang Y.-C; YI-YOU HUANG Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part B Applied Biomaterials77
642011High-sensitivity in vivo THz transmission imaging of early human breast cancer in a subcutaneous xenograft mouse modelCHI-KUANG SUN ; ERIC YAO-YU CHUANG ; WEN-JENG LEE ; Lu J.-T.; Kuo C.-C.; Fu S.-C.; Tsai Y.-F.; YI-YOU HUANG ; Chuang E.Y.; Hwang Y.-J.Optics Express8571
652011Evaluation of transdifferentiation from mesenchymal stem cells to neuron-like cells using microfluidic patterned co-culture systemWang D.-Y; Wu S.-C; Lin S.-P; Hsiao S.-H; Chung T.-W; YI-YOU HUANG Biomedical Microdevices1611
662011Promoting regeneration of peripheral nerves in-vivo using new PCL-NGF/Tirofiban nerve conduitsChung T.-W.; Yang M.-C.; Tseng C.-C.; Sheu S.-H.; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; YI-YOU HUANG ; Chen S.-D.Biomaterials5750
672011Effects of laminin-coated carbon nanotube/chitosan fibers on guided neurite growthHuang Y.-C; Hsu S.-H; Kuo W.-C; Chang-Chien C.-L; Cheng H; YI-YOU HUANG Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A4030
682011Sharing the medical resource: The feasibility and benefit of global medical instruments support and serviceTzeng M.J; Lee C.Y; YI-YOU HUANG IFMBE Proceedings10
692011Multimodal nonlinear optical imaging of cellmatrix interaction during spinal cord injury ex vivoHuang Y.-C; Chen T.-H; Kuo W.-C; Hsu S.-H; YI-YOU HUANG ; Cheng H.Biomedical Engineering - Applications, Basis and Communications21
702011Hydrophilic modification of Au Nanoparticles on the gold electrode of QCM by plasma deposition for biomedical applicationsWu T.-H; Liao S.-C; Wei Y.-S; Tu S.-J; YI-YOU HUANG ; Wu H.-M; Chen K.-S.Current Nanoscience32
712011Controlled release of chondroitinase ABC in chitosan-based scaffolds and PDLLA microspheresHuang Y.-C; Hsu S.-H; Chen M.-T; Hsieh C.-H; Kuo W.-C; Cheng H; YI-YOU HUANG Carbohydrate Polymers1615
722011Large-scale cultivation of transplantable dermal papilla cellular aggregates using microfabricated PDMS arraysHsieh C.-H; Wang J.-L; YI-YOU HUANG Acta Biomaterialia2720
732010Sustained release of insulin from poloxamer gels interpenetrated by polyion complexation of chitosan-hyaluronic acid networkYang, Ming Chia; Yang, Jiun Sheng; YI-YOU HUANG ; MING-JIUM SHIEH ; Chung, Tze WenBiomedical Engineering - Applications, Basis and Communications
742010Combining gene and chemo therapy using multifunctional polymeric micellesHuang H.Y; Kuo W.T; YI-YOU HUANG World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology2
752010The influence of rat mesenchymal stem cell CD44 surface markers on cell growth, fibronectin expression, and cardiomyogenic differentiation on silk fibroin - Hyaluronic acid cardiac patchesYang M.-C.; NAI-HSIN CHI ; NAI-KUAN CHOU ; YI-YOU HUANG ; Chung T.-W.; Chang Y.-L.; Liu H.-C.; MING-JIUM SHIEH ; SHOEI-SHEN WANG Biomaterials6758
762010The discrimination of type I and type II collagen and the label-free imaging of engineered cartilage tissueSu P.-J.; Lee, Hsuan-Shu et al. ; Li T.-H; Chou C.-K; Chen T.-H; Ho Y.-Y; Huang C.-H; Chang S.-J; YI-YOU HUANG ; Lee H.-S; Dong C.-Y.Biomaterials5448
772010Multiphoton imaging and quantitative analysis of collagen production by chondrogenic human mesenchymal stem cells cultured in chitosan scaffoldChen, W.-L.; Huang, C.-H.; Chiou, L.-L.; Chen, T.-H.; YI-YOU HUANG ; Jiang, C.-C.; Lee, Hsuan-Shu ; CHEN-YUAN DONG Tissue Engineering - Part C: Methods3534
782010Polymeric micelles comprising stearic acid-grafted polyethyleneimine as nonviral gene carriersKuo W.-T; Huang H.-Y; YI-YOU HUANG Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology1112
792010A framework of medical equipment management system for in-house clinical engineering departmentChien C.-H; YI-YOU HUANG ; Chong F.-C.2010 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society200
802010Intranasal delivery of mannan-coated liposomes enhances antibody responses to a newcastle disease virus vaccineTseng L.-P; Chiou C.-J; Deng M.-C; YI-YOU HUANG ; Liu D.-Z.Biomedical Engineering - Applications, Basis and Communications00
812010The influence of liposomal adjuvant on intranasal vaccination of chickens against Newcastle diseaseTseng L.-P; Liang H.-J; Deng M.-C; Lee K.-M; Pan R.-N; Yang J.-C; YI-YOU HUANG ; Liu D.-Z.Veterinary Journal2015
822010Fabricating microparticles/nanofibers composite and nanofiber scaffold with controllable pore size by rotating multichannel electrospinningYI-YOU HUANG ; Wang D.-Y; Chang L.-L; Yang Y.-C.Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition1212
832010Cell uptake and intracellular visualization using quantum dots or nuclear localization signal-modified quantum dots with gold nanoparticles as quenchersKuo K.-W; Chen T.-H; Kuo W.-T; Huang H.-Y; Lo H.-Y; YI-YOU HUANG Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology87
842010Patterned PDMS based cell array system: A novel method for fast cell array fabricationHsieh C.-H; Huang C.-J.C; YI-YOU HUANG Biomedical Microdevices1716
852010Comparison of articular cartilage repair by autologous chondrocytes with and without in vitro cultivationHONGSEN CHIANG ; Liao C.-J.; Wang Y.-H.; Huang H.-Y.; Chen C.-N.; Hsieh C.-H.; YI-YOU HUANG ; Jiang C.-C.Tissue Engineering - Part C: Methods2115
862010Application of polycaprolactone as an anti-adhesion biomaterial filmLo H.-Y; Kuo H.-T; YI-YOU HUANG Artificial Organs6453
872009Microencapsulated bait: Does it work with red imported fire ants, solenopsis invicta (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)?Kafle L; Wu W.-J; Vander Meer R.K; YI-YOU HUANG ; Shih C.-J.Sociobiology11
882009The cardiomyogenic differentiation of rat mesenchymal stem cells on silk fibroin-polysaccharide cardiac patches in vitroYang M.-C.; SHOEI-SHEN WANG ; NAI-KUAN CHOU ; NAI-HSIN CHI ; YI-YOU HUANG ; Chang Y.-L.; MING-JIUM SHIEH ; Chung T.-W.Biomaterials130122
892009Mucoadhesive liposomes for intranasal immunization with an avian influenza virus vaccine in chickensChiou C.-J; Tseng L.-P; Deng M.-C; Jiang P.-R; Tasi S.-L; Chung T.-W; YI-YOU HUANG ; Liu D.-Z.Biomaterials4946
902009Evaluation of encapsulated Newcastle disease virus liposomes using various phospholipids administered to improve chicken humoral immunityTseng L.-P; Chiou C.-J; Deng M.-C; Lin M.-H; Pan R.-N; YI-YOU HUANG ; Liu D.-Z.Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part B Applied Biomaterials1010
912009Effect of lipopolysaccharide on intranasal administration of liposomal Newcastle disease virus vaccine to SPF chickensTseng L.-P; Chiou C.-J; Chen C.-C; Deng M.-C; Chung T.-W; YI-YOU HUANG ; Liu D.-Z.Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology00
922009Applications of chamber devices with nonlinear optical image systemChen B; YI-YOU HUANG Biomedical Engineering - Applications, Basis and Communications21
932009The drug release from liposomal carrier within the chitosan matrixHONGSEN CHIANG ; Huang Y.-C.; Yeh H.-Y.; Yeh S.-Y.; YI-YOU HUANG Biomedical Engineering - Applications, Basis and Communications55
942009Intracellular trafficking, metabolism and toxicity of current gene carriersKuo W.-T; Huang H.-Y; YI-YOU HUANG Current Drug Metabolism1717
952008Microfluidic patterning engraved by the direct-write CO2 laser micromachining for cell cocultureWang D.-Y; YI-YOU HUANG Biomedical Engineering - Applications, Basis and Communications33
962008In vivo detection of cryosurgery using multiphoton and harmonic generation microscopyChen T.-H; Huang C.-J.C; YI-YOU HUANG Medical Engineering and Physics34
972008Quantum dots combined with nanogold to detect the delivery routes of particles into cellsChen T.-H; Kuo K.-W; Kuo W.-T; Huang H.-Y; YI-YOU HUANG Journal of Bionanoscience40
982008Fabricate coaxial stacked nerve conduits through soft lithography and molding processesWang D.-Y; YI-YOU HUANG Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A1917
992007Repair of porcine articular cartilage defect with a biphasic osteochondral compositeJiang C.-C.; HONGSEN CHIANG ; Liao C.-J.; Lin Y.-J.; Kuo T.-F.; Shieh C.-S.; YI-YOU HUANG ; TZONG-FU KUO Journal of Orthopaedic Research133113
1002007Laminin-incorporated nerve conduits made by plasma treatment for repairing spinal cord injuryCheng H; Huang Y.-C; Chang P.-T; YI-YOU HUANG Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications6247
1012007A protein detection technique by using surface plasmon resonance (SPR) with rolling circle amplification (RCA) and nanogold-modified tagsYI-YOU HUANG ; Hsu H.-Y; Huang C.-J.C.Biosensors and Bioelectronics3737
1022007Surface modification and characterization of chitosan or PLGA membrane with laminin by chemical and oxygen plasma treatment for neural regenerationHuang Y.-C; Huang C.-C; YI-YOU HUANG ; Chen K.-S.Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A7869
1032007Microcontact printing of laminin on oxygen plasma activated substrates for the alignment and growth of Schwann cellsWang, D.-Y.; Huang, Y.-C.; HONGSEN CHIANG ; ANDREW WO ; YI-YOU HUANG Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part B Applied Biomaterials21
1042007Liposomes incorporated with cholesterol for drug release triggered by magnetic fieldTseng L.-P; Liang H.-J; Chung T.-W; YI-YOU HUANG ; Liu D.-Z.Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering57
1052006Biomaterials and strategies for nerve regenerationHuang Y.-C; YI-YOU HUANG Artificial Organs131115
1062006The role of the university hospital in the development of biomedical engineering education in Taiwan--the experience of an endoscopist in the last 35 years(1971-2006)Wang, Cheng-Yi; Chen, Chia-Hung; YI-YOU HUANG ; Lin, Feng-Huei Conference proceedings : ... Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Annual Conference
1072006Poly (ε-caprolactone) grafted with nano-structured chitosan enhances growth of human dermal fibroblastsChung T.-W.; Wang Y.-Z.; YI-YOU HUANG ; Pan C.-I.; SHOEI-SHEN WANG Artificial Organs4135
1082006Tissue engineering for nerve repairHuang Y.-C; YI-YOU HUANG Biomedical Engineering - Applications, Basis and Communications2723
1092006Pulmonary delivery of insulin by liposomal carriersYI-YOU HUANG ; Wang C.-H.Journal of Controlled Release00
1102005Repair of porcine articular cartilage defect with autologous chondrocyte transplantationHONGSEN CHIANG ; Lee, Hsuan-Shu et al. ; Tsai C.-C.; Lin M.-C.; She B.-R.; YI-YOU HUANG ; Lee H.-S.; Shieh C.-S.; MIN-HUEY CHEN ; Ramshaw J.A.M.; Werkmeister J.A.; Tuan R.S.; Jiang C.-C.Journal of Orthopaedic Research6658
1112005Manufacture of porous polymer nerve conduits through a lyophilizing and wire-heating processHuang Y.-C; YI-YOU HUANG ; Huang C.-C; Liu H.-C.Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part B Applied Biomaterials6048
1122005Repair of articular cartilage injuryHONGSEN CHIANG ; YI-YOU HUANG ; Jiang C.-C.Biomedical Engineering - Applications, Basis and Communications32
1132004RCA combined nanoparticle-based optical detection technique for protein microarray: A novel approachHsu H.-Y; YI-YOU HUANG Biosensors and Bioelectronics3935
1142003Encapsulating protein into preformed liposomes by ethanol-destabilized methodWang C.-H; YI-YOU HUANG Artificial Cells, Blood Substitutes, and Immobilization Biotechnology1313
1152002Effects of solvent evaporation rate on the properties of protein-loaded PLLA and PDLLA microspheres fabricated by emulsion-solvent evaporation processChung T.-W; YI-YOU HUANG ; Tsai Y.-L; Liu Y.-Z.Journal of Microencapsulation3737
1162001Effects of the rate of solvent evaporation on the characteristics of drug loaded PLLA and PDLLA microspheresChung T.-W; YI-YOU HUANG ; Liu Y.-Z.International Journal of Pharmaceutics10283
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