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12016Better control with less effort: The advantage of using focused-breathing strategy over focused-distraction strategy on thought suppressionYUNN-WEN LIEN journal article109
22013Exploration of the relationships between retrieval-induced forgetting effects with open-ended versus closed-ended creative problem solvingYUNN-WEN LIEN journal article53
32013The Different Role of Working Memory in Open-Ended Versus Closed-Ended Creative Problem Solving: A Dual-Process Theory AccountYUNN-WEN LIEN journal article3930
42013The dimensional arrow: Agreement in directional mapping of dimensions among Mandarin Chinese- and English-speakersYUNN-WEN LIEN journal article00
52012Rediscovering scientific laws in high school physics labs with mobile devicesYUNN-WEN LIEN conference paper0
62011From falsification to generating an alternative hypothesis: Exploring the role of the new-perspective hypothesis in successful 2-4-6 task performanceYUNN-WEN LIEN journal article43
72011A computer-assisted environment for learning function findingYUNN-WEN LIEN conference paper0
82010What is the source of cultural differences? -- Examining the influence of thinking style on the attribution processChen, I-Ming; Jen, Chun-Hui; YUNN-WEN LIEN ; Lien, Yunn-Wen journal article67
92007身心互動機制初探:佾舞對注意力與創造力作業表現、動作協調發展、以及EEG的影響 (新制多年期第1年)連韻文 report
102007鷹架理論在數位學習環境的應用與調整:探討中小學生歸納推理與幾何的學習-子計畫三:在數位與非數位學習環境中學童歸納推理能力的探討(2/2)連韻文 report
112006華人沒有基本與終極歸因偏誤嗎?對Morris與Peng(1994)的回應連韻文 ; 朱瑞玲; 任純慧; 吳家華journal article
122005鷹架理論在數位學習環境的應用與調整:以探索式多向度鷹架電腦輔具探討國小學童歸納推理與數學概念的學習─在數位與非數位學習環境中學童歸納推理能力的探討連韻文 report
132005什麼因素影響創意想法的產出?探討知識與認知抑制對新角度假設產生的影響連韻文 report
142005想得多是想得好的前提嗎?探討發散性思考能力在創意問題解決的角色林緯倫; 連韻文 ; 任純慧journal article
152003台灣民眾面對SARS疫情情緒反應與因應行為:初期階段的變動調查研究吳英璋; 花茂棽; 朱瑞玲; 翁儷禎 ; 連韻文 ; 陳淑惠 ; 盧小蓉report
162001探討替代性假設在規則發現作業中的重要性—比較不同問題難度與作業類型連韻文 report
172001如何能發現隱藏的規則?從科學資優生表現的特色,探索提升規則發現能力的方法林緯倫; 連韻文 journal article
182000科學資優生語文能力之探討─科學資優生語文推理能力分析(2/2)連韻文 report
191999科學資優生語文能力之探討─科學資優生語文推理能力分析(1/2)連韻文 report
201997科學資優生語文能力之探討─科學資優生語文推理能力分析:工作記憶廣度與知識基模的影響連韻文 report
211996因果知識對範疇形成的影響連韻文 report