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12016Does Temporal Integration Occur for Unrecognizable Words in Visual Crowding?Yeh, S.-L.; SU-LING YEH ; Lee, C.-L.; Li, K.-A.; Tien, Y.-H.; Zhou, J.journal article30
22016Transfer of perceptual expertise: The case of simplified and traditional Chinese character recognitionSU-LING YEH journal article
32016Interocular grouping without awarenessSU-LING YEH journal article21
42015Audiovisual integration facilitates unconscious visual scene processing.SU-LING YEH journal article55
52015Method and experiments of subliminal cueing for real-world imagesSU-LING YEH ; HOMER H. CHEN journal article00
62015Beyond the SNARC effect: distance–number mapping occurs in the peripersonal spaceSU-LING YEH journal article22
72015Temporal integration of semantic information under continuous flash suppressionSU-LING YEH conference paper
82015Self Accompanied By One's Own Name: Exploring the self-concept of BuddhismSU-LING YEH journal article
92015自我與自我姓名是否緊密相連?-佛教自我觀之初探SU-LING YEH journal article00
102015Consciousness modulates the effects of attention on primingSU-LING YEH conference paper
112015Unconscious grouping of Chinese characters: Evidence from object-based attentionSU-LING YEH journal article55
122014Modeling the QoE of Rate Changes in SKYPE/SILK VoIP CallsPOLLY HUANG ; SU-LING YEH journal article32
132014Unconscious grouping of Chinese words: Evidence from object-based attentionSU-LING YEH conference paper
142014Imaging unconscious semantic processing of crowded wordsSU-LING YEH conference paper
152014Join my attention by looking at my back: The back of head orientation can serve as both supraliminal and subliminal orienting cuesSU-LING YEH journal article
162014Low temporal precision for high impulsive individualsSU-LING YEH journal article43
172014Amodal completion without awarenessSU-LING YEH conference paper
182014The lingering alpha effect: Baseline alpha-band spectral power differences correlate with susceptibility to the rubber hand illusionSU-LING YEH conference paper
192014Difference between eyes-closed and eyes-open resting state alpha power is an indicator of susceptibility to the rubber hand illusionSU-LING YEH journal article
202014Qualitative difference in categorical priming between conscious and unconscious processing of numbers: Evidence from visual crowdingSU-LING YEH journal article
212014Unmasking the dichoptic mask by sound: Spatial congruency mattersSU-LING YEH journal article1010
222014Distinct mechanisms subserve location- and object-based visual attentionCHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; SU-LING YEH journal article55
232013Lab Experiment vs. Crowdsourcing: A Comparative User Study on Skype Call QualityPOLLY HUANG ; SU-LING YEH conference paper60
242013Exponential Quantization: User-Centric Rate Control for Skype CallsPOLLY HUANG ; SU-LING YEH conference paper10
252013Capturing attention is not that simple: Different mechanisms for stimulus-driven and contingent captureSU-LING YEH journal article65
262013Multisensory Integration of Scene Perception: Semantically Congruent Soundtrack Enhances Unconsciously Processed Visual SceneSU-LING YEH journal article
272013Distinct processes of orthography and semantics: Evidence from visual crowdingSU-LING YEH conference paper
282013Word identification is required for phonology but not semantics: Evidence from visual crowdingSU-LING YEH conference paper
292013Happy faces are preferred regardless of familiarity-sad faces are preferred only when familiarSU-LING YEH journal article31
302013Semantically congruent sound enhances unconscious processing of visual sceneSU-LING YEH conference paper
312013Brain potentials reflect semantic processing of crowded wordsSU-LING YEH journal article
322013SNARC effect in the third dimensionSU-LING YEH conference paper
332013The transfer of left side bias in the perception of simplified and traditional Chinese charactersSU-LING YEH conference paper
342013Unconscious feature binding of color and orientationSU-LING YEH conference paper
352013Switching attention to the rubber handSU-LING YEH conference paper
362013Enhancement of backlight-scaled imagesHOMER H. CHEN ; SU-LING YEH journal article1714
372013Freezing effect in tactile perception: Sound facilitates tactile identification by enhancing intensity but not durationTsai, Y.-Y.; SU-LING YEH journal article21
382012Modeling the QoE of Rate Changes in SKYPE/SILK VoIP CallsPOLLY HUANG ; SU-LING YEH conference paper62
392012Predictability matters: On the stimulus-driven account of the multiple-cue effectHou, H-A; Li, Jingling; SU-LING YEH ; Hsiao, Chuan-Heng; Chou, W-C; Yeh, Su-Ling ; Kuo, Y-Y; Liu, C-Y; Lin, L-I; Tseng, M-H; Chiang, Y-C; Liu, M-C; Liu, C-W; Tang, J-L; Yao, M.; Li, C-C; Huang, S-Y; Ko, B-S; Hsu, S-C; Chen, C-Y; Lin, C-T; Wu, S-J; Tsay, W.; Chen, Y-C; Tien, H-F; 蔡偉; 林亮音; 姚明; 陳建源; 陳耀昌; 柯博升; 徐思淳; 田蕙芬; 劉敏枝; 陳宜君; 郭遠燁; 黃聖懿; 吳尚儒; 唐季祿; 周文堅; 侯信安journal article11
402012Morpho-orthographic decomposition of radicals in Chinese character recognitionSU-LING YEH conference paper
412012Every moment counts: Smooth transitions of object boundaries reflect constant updating in object-based attentionLin, San-Yuan; SU-LING YEH ; Yeh, Su-Ling journal article22
422012Object-based attention occurs regardless of object awarenessSU-LING YEH journal article1919
432012Auditory perceptual organization facilitates tactile identification by enhancing intensity but not durationSU-LING YEH conference paper
442012Semantic processing for crowded words: Evidence from fMRISU-LING YEH journal article
452012Increase science productivity the secrets to writing winning articles and research Proposals = ti gao ke xue chan neng : zhuan xie jie chu qi kan lun wen han yan jiu ji hua de mi jueSU-LING YEH other
462012Assessing the effects of audiovisual semantic congruency on the perception of a bistable figureSU-LING YEH journal article1514
472012Radicals are the morpho-orthographic but not morpho-semantic units in Chinese character processingSU-LING YEH conference paper
482012Semantic Priming From Crowded WordsYeh, Su-Ling ; SU-LING YEH ; He, Sheng; Cavanagh, Patrickjournal article3233
492012Unconscious evaluative conditioning: Attitude change induced by invisible wordsSU-LING YEH journal article
502012A visibility model for quality assessment of dimmed imagesSU-LING YEH ; HOMER H. CHEN conference paper20
512012Attentional capture with and without awarenessSU-LING YEH journal article
522012Look into my eyes and I will see you: Unconscious processing of human gazeSU-LING YEH journal article3029
532012The brain mechanism of unconscious semantic processing of crowded wordsSU-LING YEH conference paper
542012Optimizing attention deployment in object-based attention: the role of cue validitySU-LING YEH journal article
552012Introduction to the Special Issue: Highlights from the 2010 Cross-Strait Forum on the Joint Development of Cognitive Science StudiesSU-LING YEH journal article
562012Scent for visual attention: What you smell can affect how you seeSU-LING YEH conference paper
572012Directing visual attention by subliminal cuesHOMER H. CHEN ; SU-LING YEH conference paper50
582012Measuring the perceptual quality of skype sourcesPOLLY HUANG ; SU-LING YEH conference paper42
592011Fusion of visual attention cues by machine learningHOMER H. CHEN ; SU-LING YEH conference paper00
602011Local dimming of liquid crystal display using visual attention prediction modelHOMER H. CHEN ; SU-LING YEH conference paper60
612011Learning-based prediction of visual attention for video signalsLee, Wen-Fu; HOMER H. CHEN ; SU-LING YEH ; Huang, Tai-Hsiang; Yeh, Su-Ling ; Chen, Homer H. journal article3026
622011Semantic congruency in audiovisual integration as revealed by the continuous flash suppression paradigmSU-LING YEH journal article
632011Orienting or intention? Unconscious processing of human gazeSU-LING YEH conference paper
642011Crossmodal constraints on human perceptual awareness: Auditory semantic modulation of binocular rivalrySU-LING YEH journal article3838
652011Crossmodal semantic constraints on visual perception of binocular rivalrySU-LING YEH conference paper
662011Audio-visual integration modifies emotional judgment in musicSU-LING YEH journal article
672011Synchronous sounds enhance visual sensitivity without reducing target uncertaintyChen, Yi-Chuan; SU-LING YEH ; Huang, Pi-Chun; Yeh, Su-Ling ; Spence, Charlesjournal article99
682011Conscious perception affects unconscious perception with the deployment of attentionSU-LING YEH conference paper
692011Interaction between stimulus-driven orienting and top-down modulation in attentional captureLiao, Hsin-I; SU-LING YEH ; Yeh, Su-Ling journal article87
702011Look into my eyes and I will see you: Direct gaze facilitates unconscious face processingSU-LING YEH conference paper
712011Freezing in touch: Sound enhances tactile perceptionSU-LING YEH journal article
722011Subliminal spatial cues capture attention and strengthen between-object linkChou, Wei-Lun; SU-LING YEH ; Yeh, Su-Ling journal article1010
732011Blindsight in normals: Binding features without awarenessSU-LING YEH conference paper
742011We prefer happy faces, regardless of whether they are familiar or not; whereas we sometimes prefer sad faces if they are familiarSU-LING YEH conference paper
752011Dissociating attention and audiovisual integration in the sound-facilitatory effect on metacontrast maskingSU-LING YEH journal article
762011Interplay of multisensory processing, attention, and consciousness as revealed by bistable figuresSU-LING YEH journal article
772011Enhancement of LCD images illuminated with dim backlightSU-LING YEH ; HOMER H. CHEN conference paper10
782011Smell affects visual attentionSU-LING YEH conference paper
792011Extraction of semantic information from unidentifiable, crowded wordsSU-LING YEH journal article
802011Introduction to the Special Issue: Highlights of the Asia-Pacific Conference on Vision 2010SU-LING YEH journal article
812011Audiovisual interaction in time perceptionSU-LING YEH journal article
822011Accessing the meaning of invisible wordsChen, B. -B.; Yang, Yung-Hao; SU-LING YEH ; Yeh, Su-Ling ; Hsu, C. -Y.; Yu, C. -W.; Kao, J. -H.; Lee, H. -S.; Liang, P. -C.; Wei, S. -Y.; Hwang, R. -M.; Shih, T. T. -F.; 高嘉宏; 施庭芳; 許昭禹; 李宣書; 游治維journal article4648
832011Independence between implicit and explicit processing as revealed by the Simon effectLo, Shih-Yu; SU-LING YEH ; Yeh, Su-Ling journal article22
842011Contingent attentional capture depends on stimulus propertiesSU-LING YEH journal article
852011Crossmoal auditory semantic modulation of a bistable visual figureSU-LING YEH conference paper
862011Competition Makes You Better or Worse: Different Processing for Positive and Negative Emotional WordsSU-LING YEH conference paper
872011A double positive forms a negative in perceptual enhancement of near-threshold emotional wordsSU-LING YEH conference paper
882011Novelty vs. Familiarity principles in preference decisions: Task-context of past experience mattersSU-LING YEH journal article1514
892011Action-induced rubber hand illusionSU-LING YEH journal article
902011First come, first served? Influence of changed object configuration on object-based attentionLin, San-Yuan; SU-LING YEH ; Yeh, Su-Ling journal article44
912010Monocular depth effects on perceptual fadingHsu, Li-Chuan; SU-LING YEH ; Kramer, Peter; Chang, Ming-Cheng; Yeh, Su-Ling journal article34
922010What you see affects what you feel on foodSU-LING YEH conference paper
932010Auditory semantic context modulates the conscious perception of bistable figuresSU-LING YEH conference paper
942010Slower response to invisible negative emotion: Stimulus-specific or stimulus-general?SU-LING YEH conference paper
952010Seeing from where you are hearing: The cross-modal facilitation from audible sound to invisible visual stimuliSU-LING YEH conference paper
962010Asymmetric cross-modal effect on time perception depends on stimulus durationSU-LING YEH conference paper
972010How does a subliminal cue influence object-based attention?SU-LING YEH journal article00
982010Subliminal spatial cues capture attention and cause reversed object effectsSU-LING YEH conference paper
992010On the generality of the displaywide contingent orienting hypothesis: Can a visual onset capture attention without top-down control settings for displaywide onset?Yeh, Su-Ling ; SU-LING YEH ; Liao, Hsin-Ijournal article44
1002010Auditory-visual integration facilitates unconscious processing of facial expressionSU-LING YEH conference paper
1012010Semantic congruency, attention, and fixation position modulate conscious perception when viewing a bistable figureSU-LING YEH journal article00
1022010Effect of sound on visual persistenceSU-LING YEH conference paper
1032010Hierarchical object representation: How the object is changed affects object-based attentionSU-LING YEH conference paper
1042010Perceptual fading as revealed by perceptual filling-in and motion-induced blindnessSU-LING YEH conference paper
1052010Competition of emotional words for attentional resourceSU-LING YEH conference paper
1062010Having too much is as bad as having nothing: The processing of emotional words under competitive situationSU-LING YEH conference paper
1072010Crossmodal interaction in metacontrast maskingSU-LING YEH journal article
1082009A psychophysical analysis on perceptual limitation of motion-image-artifact reduction using 120-Hz displaysWang, Ya-Ting; Liu, Yi-Nung; Chien, Shao-Yi ; Yang, Yung-Hao; Chen, Yi-Lin; Yeh, Su-Ling conference paper
1092009Mechanism of involuntary orienting: The interactive modelSU-LING YEH conference paper
1102009音樂與演唱影像的整合對於情緒判斷的影響SU-LING YEH conference paper
1112009Sound expands perceived visual duration through pacemaker accelerationSU-LING YEH journal article
1122009The processing of Chinese simplified and traditional scripts: A psycholinguistic studySU-LING YEH conference paper
1132009Linking two Cross-modal attention in the pause-and-go fan illusions with attentive tracking and contrast-dependent motionSU-LING YEH conference paper
1142009漢字辨識理論模型中的部件表徵SU-LING YEH journal article
1152009Simplified and traditional scripts confer different advantages in readingSU-LING YEH conference paper
1162009Figural competition as revealed by perceptual filling-in and motion-induced blindnessSU-LING YEH conference paper
1172009Effects of instantaneous object input and past experience on object-based attentionHo, Ming-Chou; SU-LING YEH ; Yeh, Su-Ling journal article1514
1182009Catch the moment: Multisensory enhancement of rapid visual events by soundSU-LING YEH journal article2121
1192009Electrophysiological correlates of motion-induced blindnessSU-LING YEH journal article00
1202009Bimodal time perception is statistically optimalSU-LING YEH conference paper
1212009Radical representation in models of Chinese character recognitionSU-LING YEH other
1222009An invisible face becomes visible with a voiceSU-LING YEH conference paper
1232009P-36: A Psychophysical Analysis on Perceptual Limitation of Motion Image Artifact Reduction Using 120Hz DisplaysSU-LING YEH journal article10
1242009Emotional cue facilitates implicit processing of human faceSU-LING YEH conference paper
1252009Gaze orienting, and novelty vsSU-LING YEH conference paper
1262009Unmasking the dichoptic mask by soundSU-LING YEH conference paper
1272009Mechanisms of location- and object-based attention as revealed by the external noise paradigmSU-LING YEH conference paper
1282009聲音減低後向遮蔽效果SU-LING YEH conference paper
1292009Readers of different Chinese scripts use different strategies to recognize Chinese charactersSU-LING YEH conference paper
1302009Asymmetric cross-modal effects in time perceptionChen, Kuan-Ming; SU-LING YEH ; Yeh, Su-Ling journal article4548
1312008Jnd-based enhancement of perceptibility for dim imagesHOMER H. CHEN ; SU-LING YEH conference paper1210
1322008Visual events modulated by sound in repetition blindnessChen, Yi-Chuan; SU-LING YEH ; Yeh, Su-Ling journal article1616
1332008Attentional effect on emotional Chinese word processing in the human brain: An event-related fMRI studySU-LING YEH conference paper
1342008Sound enhances processing of emotional words under invisible conditionsSU-LING YEH journal article00
1352008Processing of emotional words under visible and invisible conditionsSU-LING YEH conference paper
1362008中文情緒詞的隱式處理SU-LING YEH other
1372008注意力對處理中文情緒詞的影響:事件關聯功能性磁振造影研究SU-LING YEH conference paper
1382008Attention mediates the facilitatory effect of task-irrelevant sound on subjective expansion of visual durationSU-LING YEH conference paper
1392008On the generality of the contingent orienting hypothesisSU-LING YEH ; Yeh, Su-Ling ; Liao, Hsin-Ijournal article1615
1402008Visual-auditory interaction in the Simon effectSU-LING YEH conference paper
1412008Attention leads to auditory dominance in subjective time expansionSU-LING YEH conference paper
1422008On the boundary condition of the contingent orienting hypothesis in attentional captureSU-LING YEH conference paper
1432008The cross-modal effect on the subjective time expansion in the visual and auditory modalitiesSU-LING YEH conference paper
1442008The Gestaltist's error revisited with soundSU-LING YEH journal article
1452008Multisensory stimulus-response compatibility effect occurs only when the stimuli are consciously perceivedSU-LING YEH conference paper
1462008Compatible voice boosts the conscious perception of faceSU-LING YEH conference paper
1472008Is motion-induced blindness a perceptual scotoma?SU-LING YEH journal article00
1482008Using the repetition blindness paradigm as an implicit measure of awareness: a crossmodal integration studySU-LING YEH conference paper
1492008萬花筒效應如何解?從扇子錯覺看對比引發的動作錯覺SU-LING YEH conference paper
1502008Dissociation of processing time and awareness by the inattentional blindness paradigmLo, Shih-Yu; SU-LING YEH ; Yeh, Su-Ling journal article1312
1512008Location- and object-based inhibition of return are affected by different kinds of working memoryChou, Wei-Lun; SU-LING YEH ; Yeh, Su-Ling journal article1313
1522008Competition for awareness among visual events is modulated by sound in metacontrast maskingSU-LING YEH journal article
1532007物體表徵與物體為基注意力的機制葉素玲; 葉素玲 report
1542007Word recognition in reading: Chinese character processingSU-LING YEH conference paper
1552007Radical is the necessary sub-character mediator in Chinese character recognitionSU-LING YEH conference paper
1562007Perceiving Chinese words and their emotion valence in invisible conditionsSU-LING YEH conference paper
1572007Emotion-induced blindness under invisible conditionSU-LING YEH conference paper
1582007Action, but not perception, relies on continuous presentation of external objectsSU-LING YEH journal article
1592007Processing of emotional Chinese words/charactersSU-LING YEH conference paper
1602007Effect of emotional face under the invisible conditionSU-LING YEH conference paper
1612007Structure affects orthographic priming of Chinese characters, not only repetition of radicalsSU-LING YEH conference paper
1622007Can visual-auditory interactions occur with unattended visual stimuli?SU-LING YEH conference paper
1632007Asymmetry of stimulus-driven attentional capture by flash and color distractorsSU-LING YEH journal article00
1642007New objects do not capture attention without a top-down setting: Evidence from an inattentional blindness taskLi, Jingling; SU-LING YEH ; Yeh, Su-Ling journal article152
1652007Limited cross-modal capacity revealed by selective attention in repetition blindness with soundsSU-LING YEH journal article00
1662007Monocular depth ordering affect perceptual filling-in and motion induced blindnessSU-LING YEH journal article00
1672007Spatial-temporal grouping and perceived writing sequence of Chinese characters in the human brain: Comparison of readers and non-readersSU-LING YEH journal article
1682007Effects of bottom-up input and top-down expectation on object-based attentionSU-LING YEH journal article00
1692007Subjective time expansion through cross-modal integrationSU-LING YEH journal article00
1702007Involuntary Orienting Caused by Salient Stimuli Outside Focal Attention: Comparison of Two ParadigmsSU-LING YEH journal article
1712006On-line updating of object representation: Same-object effect obtained from last-minute amodal completed objectsSU-LING YEH journal article00
1722006Effects of component position and function in reading Chinese textsSU-LING YEH conference paper
1732006Effects of spatial and non-spatial working memory on location- and object-based attentionSU-LING YEH journal article00
1742006Neural substrates for spatial-temporal grouping and perceived action in the human brain: Evidence from perceived writing sequence of Chinese charactersSU-LING YEH conference paper
1752006Auditory cue facilitates unattended visual processingSU-LING YEH conference paper
1762006Role of eye movement and attention on temporary blindness and target reappearanceSU-LING YEH journal article
1772006Object-based attention relies on instantaneous object representation, but not on the likelihood of object presenceSU-LING YEH conference paper
1782006Perceptual organization and recognition in the case of Chinese charactersSU-LING YEH conference paper
1792006Two approaches for using Chinese characters as stimulus materials to study human perception and cognitionSU-LING YEH conference paper
1802006What should be used as the baseline for estimating a priming effect?SU-LING YEH conference paper
1812006Chinese character recognition mediated by sub-morphemic component processingSU-LING YEH journal article
1822006What kind of stimuli will capture your attention and under what conditions?SU-LING YEH conference paper
1832006A common mechanism for perceptual Wlling-in and motion-induced blindnessYeh, Su-Ling ; Kramer, Peter; Hsu, Li-Chuanjournal article3737
1842005Dissociation of object-based and space-based inhibition of return by working memory.SU-LING YEH ; 周蔚倫; 葉素玲 conference paper
1852005Mechanism of object-based attention: Spreading or prioritisation?SU-LING YEH ; 林山源; 葉素玲 conference paper
1862005Motion-induced blindness as a kind of visual neglect.SU-LING YEH ; 許儷絹; 葉素玲 conference paper
1872005Out of sight, out of object-based attention?SU-LING YEH ; 葉素玲 ; 林山源; 郭美孚conference paper
1882005Comparing stereopsis and apparent motion: The double-nail and Ternus phenomena.Kramer, Peter; 葉素玲 conference paper
1892005Asymmetry of stimulus-driven attentional capture by non-contingent onsets and color distractors.SU-LING YEH ; 廖心怡; 葉素玲 ; 巫佳謙conference paper
1902005Dissociating attention from required processing time.SU-LING YEH ; 羅仕宇; 葉素玲 conference paper
1912005Visual token individuation by sound in repetition blindness.SU-LING YEH ; 陳奕全; 葉素玲 conference paper
1922005Modulation of object-based and space-based attention by cue validity.SU-LING YEH ; 周蔚倫; 葉素玲 conference paper
1932005The influence of different surface segregation cues on temporary blindness.SU-LING YEH ; 許儷絹; 葉素玲 ; Kramer, Peterconference paper
1942005Comparing stereopsis and apparent motion by linking the Ternus and Double Nail phenomenaSU-LING YEH conference paper
1952005The allocation of focal attention in visual space: Unitary or split?SU-LING YEH other
1962005Is lexical decision task sensitive to orthographic similarities of Chinese characters?SU-LING YEH conference paper
1972005Part-whole relationship in perceiving Chinese characters: Effect of frequency for different types of componentSU-LING YEH conference paper
1982005Components in Chinese characters: Levels of processingSU-LING YEH journal article
1992005Unitization in reading ChineseSU-LING YEH conference paper
2002005Object-Based Inhibition of Return: Evidence from Overlapping ObjectsSU-LING YEH journal article
2012005Semantic activation of the stem component in reading ChineseSU-LING YEH conference paper
2022005一心一意或三心二意?視覺注意力的統整性SU-LING YEH journal article
2032005以重複視盲作業探討中文字形、字義、與部首的關係葉素玲; 葉素玲 report
2042005一心一意或三心二意?視覺注意力的統整性葉素玲; 李仁豪; 葉素玲 ; 李仁豪
2052005Object-based inhibition of return: Evidence from overlapping objects.周蔚倫; 葉素玲 
2062004以重複視盲探討漢字部首與聲旁的表徵。SU-LING YEH other
2072004知覺群聚關係對視覺消失現象的影響。SU-LING YEH other
2082004漢字能夠望文立即生義?SU-LING YEH other
2092004以促發配對作業探討漢字之線索效應。SU-LING YEH other
2102004Component processing in reading Chinese sentencesSU-LING YEH ; 葉素玲 ; 周蔚倫; Adam Reevesconference paper
2112004The contrasting demand for Chinese and alphabetic scripts: Automatic “semantic” activation by “phonetic” components in Chinese character recognition.葉素玲 ; 周蔚倫conference paper
2122004Effects of cue informativeness and spatial focus on object-based and space-based selection.SU-LING YEH ; 胡志銘; 葉素玲 conference paper
2132004Interaction between contingent attentional capture by color and endogenous orienting induced by a spatial cue.SU-LING YEH ; 廖心怡; 葉素玲 conference paper
2142004On the condition of object-based IOR for spatially overlapping objects.SU-LING YEH ; 周蔚倫; 葉素玲 conference paper
2152004Role of configurational structure in perceptual organization of Chinese characters.SU-LING YEH ; 陳冠銘; 葉素玲 conference paper
2162004Are Chinese characters picture-like?SU-LING YEH ; 羅仕宇; 葉素玲 conference paper
2172004Role of endogenous orienting in object-based and space-based selection.SU-LING YEH ; 葉素玲 ; 林山源conference paper
2182004Familiarity and semantic context modulate the repetition blindness for components in Chinese characters.SU-LING YEH ; 陳奕全; 葉素玲 conference paper
2192004Higher priority in processing for task-irrelevant salient stimuli: Explained by a parallel interactive model.SU-LING YEH ; 李金鈴; 葉素玲 ; 蕭全亨; 胡志銘conference paper
2202004Perceptual blindness induced by surface competition.SU-LING YEH ; 許儷絹; 葉素玲 conference paper
2212004A parallel interactive model of attentional capture.SU-LING YEH ; 蕭全亨; 李金鈴; 葉素玲 conference paper
2222004中文部件與整字的關係探討(2/2)SU-LING YEH other
2232004物體為基注意力 : 線索有效性及注意力聚焦範圍的影響。SU-LING YEH other
2242004The selection basis of visual attention: space-based or object-based?SU-LING YEH other
2252004選擇注意力:選空間或選物體?SU-LING YEH journal article
2262004注意力選擇顏色或位置?由時間歷程看兩者的競爭。SU-LING YEH other
2272004中文字形結構在國小學生字形相似性判斷所扮演的角色SU-LING YEH journal article
2282004注意力優先性與運動知覺: 整體位移比質感運動優先被注意SU-LING YEH journal article
2292004Role of character structure in judgments of visual similarity of Chinese characters for children in elementary schoolSU-LING YEH other
2302004Linking motion-induced blindness to perceptual filling-inSU-LING YEH journal article3837
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