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12023Time attitudes affecting psychological health during COVID-19 pandemic: a two-wave, six-month prospective study in TaiwanChiang, Wei Chun; SUE-HUEI CHEN Current Psychology00
22022Psychometric properties of the Chinese version of the Centrality of Event Scale across multiple trauma-exposed Taiwanese samplesKung Y.-W; Su Y.-J; SUE-HUEI CHEN Journal of Traumatic Stress11
32021Prediction of Repeated Self-Harm in Six Months: Comparison of Traditional Psychometrics With Random Forest AlgorithmChen S.-C; Huang H.-C; Liu S.-I; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; SUE-HUEI CHEN Omega (United States)00
42021Personal resilience can be well estimated from heart rate variability and paralinguistic features during human–robot conversationsHsu S.-M; Chen S.-H; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; TSUNG-REN HUANG Sensors43
52020Dimensionality of DSM-5 PTSD symptoms: Validation of the Chinese version of the posttraumatic diagnostic scale for DSM-5 across multiple trauma samplesSu, Y.-J.; Kung, Y.-W.; Hung, F.-C.; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; SUE-HUEI CHEN Journal of Anxiety Disorders1211
62020資源適配度對災後心理健康的影響-以莫拉克風災為例鄧傳忠(Chuan-Zhong Deng); 陳淑惠(Sue-Huei Chen); 李香潔(Hsiang-Chieh Lee); SUE-HUEI CHEN 中華心理衛生學刊0
72020Dysfunctional posttraumatic cognitions, posttraumatic stress and depression in children and adolescents exposed to trauma: a network analysisde Haan, A.; Landolt, M.A.; Fried, E.I.; Kleinke, K.; Alisic, E.; Bryant, R.; Salmon, K.; Chen, S.-H.; Liu, S.-T.; Dalgleish, T.; McKinnon, A.; Alberici, A.; Claxton, J.; Diehle, J.; Lindauer, R.; de Roos, C.; Halligan, S.L.; Hiller, R.; Kristensen, C.H.; Lobo, B.O.M.; Volkmann, N.M.; Marsac, M.; Barakat, L.; Kassam-Adams, N.; Nixon, R.D.V.; Hogan, S.; Punamäki, R.-L.; Palosaari, E.; Schilpzand, E.; Conroy, R.; Smith, P.; Yule, W.; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; SUE-HUEI CHEN Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines4542
82019The clinical utility of the chen internet addiction scale - gaming version, for internet gaming disorder in the DSM-5 among young adultsKo, C.-H.; Chen, S.-H.; Wang, C.-H.; Tsai, W.-X.; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; SUE-HUEI CHEN International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health1212
92019The Taiwanese Version of the Self-Compassion Scale: Psychometric Properties, Implications for Psychological Health and Self-Compassion across Multiple Generations陳昱潔(Yu-Jie Chen); 陳淑惠(Sue-Huei Chen); SUE-HUEI CHEN 中華心理學刊0
102019Attachment avoidance and fearful prosodic emotion recognition predict depression maintenanceHuang, Y.-L.; Chen, S.-H.; Tseng, H.-H.; SUE-HUEI CHEN Psychiatry Research78
112018Negative Cognitions Prior to Trauma Predict Acute Posttraumatic Stress Disorder SymptomatologySu, Y.-J.; Chen, S.-H.; SUE-HUEI CHEN Journal of Traumatic Stress56
122018失智症照護的創新生活科技傅立成 ; 許永真 ; 陳淑惠 ; 洪一平 ; 陳佳慧 ; 廖峻鋒; 吳治勳; 陳錫中 ; 彭熙寧; 莊雯莉; 陳達夫 ; 邱銘章 福祉科技與服務管理學刊0
132017Facial and prosodic emotion recognition in social anxiety disorderTseng, H.-H.; Huang, Y.-L.; Chen, J.-T.; Liang, K.-Y.; Lin, C.-C.; Chen, S.-H.; SUE-HUEI CHEN Cognitive Neuropsychiatry1815
142017Attachment Dimensions and Post-traumatic Symptoms Following Interpersonal Traumas versus Impersonal Traumas in Young Adults in TaiwanHuang, Y.-L.; Chen, S.-H.; Su, Y.-J.; Kung, Y.-W.; SUE-HUEI CHEN Stress and Health1615
152017Patient and parent reported outcome measures in cleft lip and palate patients before and after secondary alveolar bone graftingChang, C.-S.; Wallace, C.G.; Hsiao, Y.-C.; Lu, T.-C.; Chen, S.-H.; Chan, F.-C.; Chen, P.K.-T.; Chen, J.-P.; Chang, C.-J.; Noordhoff, M.S.; SUE-HUEI CHEN Medicine (United States)87
162016Development of short-form and screening cutoff point of the Smartphone Addiction Inventory (SPAI-SF)SUE-HUEI CHEN International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research 4236
172015ADHD and autistic traits, family function, parenting style, and social adjustment for Internet addiction among children and adolescents in Taiwan: A longitudinal studyChen, Y.-L.; Chen, S.-H.; SUE-HUEI CHEN Research in Developmental Disabilities131122
182015Reducing the incidence of incontinence associated dermatitis in intensive care unit diarrhea patientsLin, T.-R.; Hwang, M.-R.; Nien, H.-H.; Liu, C.-C.; Shie, P.-S.; Chen, S.-H.; SUE-HUEI CHEN Journal of Nursing10
192015Emerging posttraumatic growth: A prospective study with pre- and posttrauma psychological predictorsSu, Y.-J.; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; SUE-HUEI CHEN Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy2420
202015The construction of the chen internet addiction scale: Elementary school parent version and its analysis of reliability and validityLin, C.-Y.; Wang, C.-H.; Chen, S.-H.; Liu, S.-H.; Ko, C.-H.; SUE-HUEI CHEN Bulletin of Educational Psychology30
212015Is the attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help scale applicable to ethnic Chinese students? Psychometric properties and cultural considerationsHan, D.-Y.; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; SUE-HUEI CHEN Journal of College Student Development66
222015The mediating role of Internet addiction in depression, social anxiety, and psychosocial well-being among adolescents in six Asian countries: A structural equation modelling approachLai, C.M.; Mak, K.K.; Watanabe, H.; Jeong, J.; Kim, D.; Bahar, N.; Ramos, M.; Chen, S.H.; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; SUE-HUEI CHEN Public Health8076
232015A Community Study on the Relationship of Posttraumatic Cognitions to Internalizing and Externalizing Psychopathology in Taiwanese Children and AdolescentsLiu, S.-T.; SUE-HUEI CHEN Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology1313
242014Development and validation of the Smartphone Addiction Inventory (SPAI)Lin Y.-H.; LI-REN CHANG ; Lee Y.-H.; Tseng H.-W.; Kuo T.B.J.; SUE-HUEI CHEN PLoS ONE31997
252014Corrigendum to "Evaluation of the diagnostic criteria of Internet gaming disorder in the DSM-5 among young adults in Taiwan" [J Psychiat Res 53 (2014) 103-110]Ko, C.-H.; Yen, J.-Y.; Chen, S.-H.; Wang, P.-W.; Chen, C.-S.; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; SUE-HUEI CHEN Journal of Psychiatric Research43
262014Reducing the stigma of depression through neurobiology-based psychoeducation: A randomized controlled trialHan, D.-Y.; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; SUE-HUEI CHEN Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences1514
272014Evaluation of the diagnostic criteria of Internet gaming disorder in the DSM-5 among young adults in TaiwanKo, C.-H.; Yen, J.-Y.; Chen, S.-H.; Wang, P.-W.; Chen, C.-S.; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; SUE-HUEI CHEN Journal of Psychiatric Research205182
282013Facial and Prosodic Emotion Recognition Deficits Associate with Specific Clusters of Psychotic Symptoms in SchizophreniaTseng, Huai-Hsuan; HAI-GWO HWU ; CHEN-CHUNG LIU ; Chen, Sue-Huei ; CHIH-MIN LIU ; MING-HSIEN HSIEH ; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; Howes, Oliver; YI-TING LIN ; Hsieh, Ming H.; Liu, Chen-Chung ; Shan, Jia-Chi; Lin, Yi-Ting; SUE-HUEI CHEN PLoS ONE4336
292013Will the Content of Positive Memory Recall Matter for Repairing Sad Mood? The Comparison of Autobiographic vs. Others' MemoryChia-Ling Chiu; Sue-Huei Chen; SUE-HUEI CHEN 臺灣精神醫學 
302012Dissimilar Deficits of Facial and Prosodic Emotion Recognition in Patients with Schizophrenia in TaiwanSUE-HUEI CHEN 臺灣精神醫學 
312012Perception of Earthquake Risk in Taiwan: Effects of Gender and Past Earthquake ExperienceKung, Y.-W.; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; SUE-HUEI CHEN Risk Analysis10088
322012Facial and Prosodic Emotion Recognition Deficits Predict Specific Dimension of Psychotic Symptoms in SchizophreniaTseng, Huai-Hsuan; Huang, Yu-Lien; Chen, Sue-Huei; Liu, Chih-Min; Hsieh, Ming H.; Liu, Chen-Chung; Shan, Jia-Chi; Lin, Yi-Ting; Hwu, Hai-Gwo; SUE-HUEI CHEN Schizophrenia Research00
332011Child physical abuse and the related PTSD in Taiwan: The role of Chinese cultural background and victims' subjective reactionsChou, C.-Y.; Su, Y.-J.; Wu, H.-M.; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; SUE-HUEI CHEN Child Abuse and Neglect2217
342010i-m-Space: Interactive multimedia-enhanced space for rehabilitation of breast cancer patientsKo, J.-C.; Chen, W.-H.; Yu, M.-C.; Lin, H.-H.; Lin, J.-Y.; Wu, S.-W.; Chung, Y.-Y.; Hu, I.-L.; Peng, W.-T.; Lin, S.-Y.; Chang, C.H.; Chou, P.-H.; KING-JEN CHANG ; Chang, M.-L.; Chen, S.-H.; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Lee, M.-S.; Chen, M.Y.; MING-SUI LEE ; YI-PING HUNG ; SUE-HUEI CHEN MM'10 - Proceedings of the ACM Multimedia 2010 International Conference10
352009Proposed diagnostic criteria and the screening and diagnosing tool of Internet addiction in college studentsKo, C.-H.; Yen, J.-Y.; Chen, S.-H.; Yang, M.-J.; Lin, H.-C.; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; Yang, Ming-Jen Comprehensive Psychiatry174152
362009心理疾患衡鑑與治療計畫手冊陳淑惠 et al. 
372009「臺灣地區中老年身心社會生活狀況長期追蹤調查」短版CES-D量表之心理計量特性李庚霖; 區雅倫; 陳淑惠 ; 翁儷禎 ; 李庚霖; 區雅倫; 陳淑惠 ; 翁儷禎 中華心理衛生學刊 
382009Affect recognition as an independent social function determinant in schizophreniaPan, Y.-J.; Chen, S.-H.; WEI J. CHEN ; SUE-HUEI CHEN Comprehensive Psychiatry4437
392009Social relations and PTSD symptoms: A prospective study on earthquake-impacted adolescents in TaiwanWu, Chih-Hsun; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; Chen, Sue-Huei ; LI-JEN WENG ; Weng, Li-Jen ; Wu, Yin-ChangJournal of Traumatic Stress 3128
412008負向信念預測創傷後壓力症狀之三個月追蹤研究:創傷記憶特性的中介角色蘇逸人; 陳淑惠 ; 蘇逸人; 陳淑惠 中華心理學刊
422008精神疾病污名感受量表及其短版之心理計量特性韓德彥; 陳淑惠 ; 韓德彥; 陳淑惠 中華心理衛生學刊 
432008台灣九二一地震災難暴露對青少年創傷後壓力反應及社會關係的影響之性別差異吳治勳; 陳淑惠 ; 翁儷禎 ; 吳英璋中華心理學刊
442008The posttraumatic cognitions inventory-Chinese revised: Validation and refinement with a traumatized college sample in TaiwanSu, Y.-J.; Chen, S.-H.; SUE-HUEI CHEN Journal of Anxiety Disorders3536
452008Psychiatric symptoms in adolescents with Internet addiction: Comparison with substance useYen, J.-Y.; Ko, C.-H.; Yen, C.-F.; Chen, S.-H.; Chung, W.-L.; Chen, C.-C.; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; Chen, Sue-Huei Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences239211
462008臺灣九二一地震災難暴露對青少年創傷後壓力反應及社會關係的影響之性別差異研究吳治勳; 陳淑惠 ; 翁儷禎 ; 吳英璋中華心理學刊 
482008乳癌患者之反芻反應風格對其術後憂鬱與創傷後壓力症狀之預測游勝翔; 陳淑惠 ; 張金堅; 游勝翔; 陳淑惠 ; 張金堅中華心理學刊
492008反芻型反應風格對術後憂鬱與創傷後壓力症狀之預測:以乳癌手術病人為例游勝翔; 陳淑惠 ; 張金堅; 游勝翔; 陳淑惠 ; 張金堅中華心理學刊 
532007Collaborative, context-aware experience sampling for depressive patientsWang, Li-shan; Yu, Sheng-hsiang; Chang, Keng-hao; Chen, Sue-huei ; Chu, Hao-huaLate Breaking Results 
542007Stigma, body image, and quality of life in women seeking orthognathic surgeryLee, L.-W.; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; Yu, C.-C.; Lo, L.-J.; Lee, S.-R.; Chen, Y.-R.Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery2726
552007Temperament of juvenile delinquents with history of substance abuseChang, H.-L.; Chen, S.-H.; Huang, C.; SUE-HUEI CHEN Chang Gung Medical Journal9
562007憂鬱青少年的人際心理治療陳淑惠 ; 蘇逸人; 游勝翔; 李立維; 韓德彥; 黃健
572007Family factors of internet addiction and substance use experience in Taiwanese adolescentsYen, J.-Y.; Yen, C.-F.; Chen, C.-C.; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; Ko, C.-H.Cyberpsychology and Behavior318280
582007心理急救操作手冊第二版陳淑惠 ; 龔怡文; 潘元健; 劉于涵
592007北部高中職學生網路沈迷模式之徑路分析研究韓佩凌; 鄔佩麗; 陳淑惠 ; 張郁雯; 韓佩凌; 鄔佩麗; 陳淑惠 ; 張郁雯教育心理學報 
602007Obsessive-compulsiveness and impulsivity in a non-clinical population of adolescent males and femalesLi, Chiang-shan Ray; SUE-HUEI CHEN Psychiatry Research 6254
612007Temperaments of Juvenile Delinquents with History of Substance AbuseChang, Hsueh-Ling; Chen, Sue-Huei ; Huang, ChienChang Gung Medical Journal 
632006整合型計畫:災後心理反應歷程與心理處置之長期追蹤研究-子計畫:兒童與青少年災後心理反應長期追蹤研究:震災、水災、SARS 等災後心理反應的比較研究吳英璋; 陳淑惠 
642006Changes of PTSD Symptoms and School Reconstruction: A Two-year Prospective Study of Children and Adolescents after the Taiwan 921 EarthquakeSUE-HUEI CHEN ; Wu, Y.-C.Natural Hazards 2317
652006Effects of psychoeducation for depression on help-seeking willingness: Biological attribution versus destigmatizationHAN, DER-YAN; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; HWANG, KWANG-KUO; WEI, HAI-LANGPsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 4846
662006Tridimensional Personality of Adolescents With Internet Addiction and Substance Use ExperienceKo, Chih-Hung; Yen, Ju-Yu; Chen, Cheng-Chung; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; Kuanyi Wu, Cheng-Fang YenThe Canadian Journal of Psychiatry 183160
672005整合型計畫:災災後心理反應歷程與心理處置歷程之長期追蹤研究總計畫暨子計畫:兒童與青少年震災後心理反應長期追蹤研究(I)吳英璋; 陳淑惠 
682005Attentional blink in adolescents with varying levels of impulsivityRay Li, C.-S.; Chen, S.-H.; Lin, W.-H.; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; SUE-HUEI CHEN Journal of Psychiatric Research3228
692005後SARS台灣重建計畫-SARS事件的社會與經濟衝擊研究─後SARS心理復建方案規劃研究之跨國比較(子計畫二)吳英璋; 陳淑惠 ; 盧小蓉; 花茂棽; 翁儷禎 
702005Proposed diagnostic criteria of internet addiction for adolescentsKo, C.-H.; Yen, J.-Y.; Chen, C.-C.; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; Yen, C.-F.Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease256215
712005Gender differences and related factors affecting online gaming addiction among Taiwanese adolescentsKo, C.-H.; Yen, J.-Y.; Chen, C.-C.; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; Yen, C.-F.Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease363323
722005Screening for Internet Addiction: An Empirical Study on Cut-off Points for the Chen Internet Addiction ScaleKo, Chih-Hung; Yen, Cheng-Fang; Yen, Chia-Nan; Yen, Ju-Yu; Chen, Cheng-Chung; Chen, Sue-Huei The Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences 2020
732005差異的聲音:不同性別震災受創者心理社會反應之比較分析林耀盛 ; 陳淑惠 ; 洪福建; 曾旭民臨床心理學刊 
752004整合型計畫:災後心理反應歷程與心理處置歷程之長期追蹤研究-總計畫暨子計畫(III)兒童與青少年震災後心理反應長期追蹤研究吳英璋; 陳淑惠 
762004倫理療癒作為建構臨床心理學本土化的起點余德慧; 李維倫; 林耀盛 ; 余安邦; 陳淑惠 ; 許敏桃; 謝碧玲; 石世明本土心理學研究 
772004身體化與精神疾病污名之關聯性陳淑惠 ; 韓德彥; 劉嘉逸; 陳景彥; 楊庸一; 陳淑惠 ; 韓德彥; 劉嘉逸; 陳景彥; 楊庸一台灣精神醫學
792004The Development and Establishment of a Care Map in Children with Asthma in TaiwanChen, Sue-Hsien; Yeh, Kuo-Wei; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; Yen, Dah-Chin; Yin, Teresa J.C.; Huang, Jing-LongJournal of Asthma 1112
802003整合型計畫:災後心理反應歷程與心理處置歷程之長期追蹤研究-總計畫暨子計畫(II)兒童與青少年震災後心理反應長期追蹤研究吳英璋; 陳淑惠 
812003台灣民眾面對SARS疫情情緒反應與因應行為:初期階段的變動調查研究吳英璋; 花茂棽; 朱瑞玲; 翁儷禎 ; 連韻文 ; 陳淑惠 ; 盧小蓉
822003Psychosocial adjustment among pediatric cancer patients and their parentsChao, Chia-Chen; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; Wang, Chia-Yu; Wu, Yin-Chang; Yeh, Chao-HsingPsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 4640
832003中文網路成癮量表之編製與心理計量特性研究陳淑惠 ; 翁儷禎 ; 蘇逸人; 吳和懋; 楊品鳳中華心理學刊 00
852002九二一震災一週年後PTSD症狀的預測模式之探討:以受創區青少年為例陳淑惠* ; 林怡慧; 吳英璋中國心理學會2002年會暨學術研討會
882002"Changes or not" is the question: The meaning of posttraumatic stress reactions one year after the Taiwan chi-chi earthquakeWu, Y.-C.; Hung, F.-C.; Chen, S.-H.; SUE-HUEI CHEN Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, Transactions of the Chinese Institute of Engineers,Series A/Chung-kuo Kung Ch'eng Hsuch K'an77
892002整合型計畫:災後心理反應歷程與心理處置歷程之長期追蹤研究-總計畫暨子計畫(I)兒童與青少年震災後心理反應長期追蹤研究吳英璋; 陳淑惠 ; 曾旭民
922002"Changes or not" is the question: The meaning of posttraumatic stress reactions one year after the Taiwan Chi-Chi earthquakeYin-Chang Wu; Fu-Chien Hung; Sue-Huei Chen Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers 7
932002Posttraumatic Stress Reactions in Children and Adolescents One Year after the 1999 Taiwan Chi-Chi EarthquakeSUE-HUEI CHEN ; Yi-Hui Lin; Hsu-Min Tseng; Wu, Yin-ChangJournal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers 4235
942001青少年反社會行為的病理研究:生物/心理/社會模式之探討—女性青少年反社會行為的病理研究吳英璋; 陳淑惠 ; 趙家琛; 楊庸一
962000青少年反社會行為的病理研究:生物/心理/社會模式之探討─女性青少年反社會行為的病理研究吳英璋; 陳淑惠 ; 趙家琛; 楊庸一
991999青少年心理態度初探—以「藏在我心」徵文為例吳英璋; 陳淑惠 
1001999青少年反社會行為的病理研究:生物/心理/社會模式之探討(I)吳英璋; 陳淑惠 ; 趙家琛; 楊庸一