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12020遲語兒語言發展趨勢和詞彙學習歷程:幼兒期至學齡前期縱貫研究呂信慧(Hsin-Hui Lu); 曹峰銘(Feng-Ming Tsao); FENG-MING TSAO 特殊教育研究學刊0
22020IntroductionLiu H.-M; Tsao F.-M; Li P.; FENG-MING TSAO Chinese Language Learning Sciences00
32020PrefaceLiu H.-M; Li P; Tsao F.-M.; FENG-MING TSAO Chinese Language Learning Sciences0
42020Mandarin and english adults' cue-weighting of lexical stressZeng Z; Mattock K; Liu L; Peter V; Tuninetti A; Tsao F.-M.; FENG-MING TSAO Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association, INTERSPEECH20
52020Lexical-Tonal Perception Development in InfancyTsao F.-M; Liu H.-M.; FENG-MING TSAO Chinese Language Learning Sciences10
62020Behavioral problems of Mandarin-speaking late-talking toddlers and preschool aged children: A prospective case-control study in TaiwanLu H.-H; Tsao F.-M; Tsai J.-D.; FENG-MING TSAO Medicine22
72019Discrimination and identification of lexical tones and consonants in Mandarin-speaking children using cochlear implantsCabrera, L.; Liu, H.-M.; Granjon, L.; Kao, C.; FENG-MING TSAO ; FENG-MING TSAO Journal of the Acoustical Society of America10
82019Discrimination and identification of lexical tones and consonants in Mandarin-speaking children using cochlear implantsCabrera, L.; Liu, H.-M.; Granjon, L.; Kao, C.; Tsao, F.-M.; FENG-MING TSAO Journal of the Acoustical Society of America20
92018遲語兒幼兒期至學齡前期的語言發展型態:兩年縱貫研究呂信慧(Hsin-Hui Lu); 曹峰銘(Feng-Ming Tsao); FENG-MING TSAO 教育心理學報40
102017Perceptual improvement of lexical tones in infants: Effects of tone language experienceTsao F.-M.; FENG-MING TSAO Frontiers in Psychology2923
112017Speech perception deficits in mandarin-speaking school-aged children with poor reading comprehensionLiu H.-M; Tsao F.-M.; FENG-MING TSAO Frontiers in Psychology65
122016Developmental changes in brain response to speech perception in late-talking children: A longitudinal MMR studyFENG-MING TSAO Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience 1311
132015Emotional prosody perception and its association with pragmatic language in school-aged children with high-function autismFENG-MING TSAO Research in Developmental Disabilities 1211
142015The perception of speech modulation cues in lexical tones is guided by early language specific experienceFENG-MING TSAO Frontiers in Psychology 1713
152014Speech perception development studies in Taiwan.FENG-MING TSAO Research in Applied Psychology 
162014Assessing consonant perception ability and its association with reading development in school-aged children with reading difficulty.FENG-MING TSAO; FENG-MING TSAO Chinese Journal of Psychology 
172014Lexical-tone perception and word learning abilities in two-year-old late-talking children.FENG-MING TSAO Chinese Journal of Psychology 
182014臺灣地區兒童語音知覺發展研究之回顧Feng-Ming Tsao; Huei-Mei Liu; FENG-MING TSAO 應用心理研究 
192014兩歲遲語兒童的聲調知覺及其與詞彙學習的關係呂信慧; 曹峰銘; FENG-MING TSAO 中華心理學刊 00
202014Developmental changes in mismatch responses to Mandarin consonants and lexical tones from early to middle childhoodFENG-MING TSAO PLoS ONE 3222
212014The role of spectro-temporal fine structure cues in lexical-tone discrimination for French and Mandarin listenersFENG-MING TSAO Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 1717
222013Lexical tone and consonant perception in subtypes of SchizophreniaFENG-MING TSAO The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 00
232013The effects of acoustically enhanced speech on lexical tone perception in Mandarin as second language learnersFENG-MING TSAO The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 00
242013The development of speech discrimination in preschool and school-aged children: Association with word comprehension.FENG-MING TSAO Bulletin of Educational Psychology 
252013學前到學齡兒童的語音區辨能力發展及其與詞彙理解的關係劉惠美; 曹峰銘; 張鑑如; 徐儷玲; FENG-MING TSAO 教育心理學報 00
262012Theory of mind and narrative abilities in school-aged children with high-functioning autism.FENG-MING TSAO Chinese Journal of Psychology 
272012高功能自閉症學齡兒童的心智理論與口語敘說Feng-Ming Tsao; Pei-Chun Tsai; Jia-En Wang; Hsin-Hui Lu; FENG-MING TSAO 中華心理學刊 
282012Maternal mobile phone use and children's neurocognitive developmentFENG-MING TSAO Taiwan Journal of Public Health 
292011Jigsaw groping of person perception: Its conceptual framework, attention bias, and developmental trend.FENG-MING TSAO Chinese Journal of Psychology 
302011「人觀」拼圖:它的概念架構、注意偏向與發展趨勢Jenn-Wu Wang; Hung-Yu Lin; Feng-Ming Tsao; Wen-Ying Lin; FENG-MING TSAO 中華心理學刊 
312010A study of assisting hearing-impaired students in identifying Mandarin tones by using modified pitch contours and low-pass filtering.FENG-MING TSAO; FENG-MING TSAO Bulletin of Special Education 
322010The standardization and application of Mandarin-Chinese communicative developmental inventory for infants and toddlers.FENG-MING TSAO Formosa Journal of Mental Health 
332010華語嬰幼兒溝通發展量表之編製與應用Huei-Mei Liu; Feng-Ming Tsao; FENG-MING TSAO 中華心理衛生學刊 
342010修改語音基頻曲線與低通濾波處理影響聽障學生國語聲調聽辨成效之研究郭俊弘; 劉惠美; 黃桂君; 王小川; 曹峰銘; FENG-MING TSAO 特殊教育研究學刊 00
352010Quantifying the adequacy of neural representations for a cross-language phonetic discrimination task: Prediction of individual differencesFENG-MING TSAO ; Raizada, Rajeev D. S.; Tsao, Feng-Ming ; Liu, Huei-Mei; Kuhl, Patricia K.Cerebral Cortex 6365
362010Linking brain-wide multivoxel activation patterns to behaviour: Examples from language and mathRaizada, Rajeev D.S.; FENG-MING TSAO ; Tsao, Feng-Ming ; Liu, Huei-Mei; Holloway, Ian D.; Ansari, Daniel; Kuhl, Patricia K.NeuroImage 2222
372009學齡前兒童塞音及聲調知覺與詞彙發展的關係Feng-Ming Tsao; Ching-Yun Lee; Yi-Hsin Hsieh; Chien-Yeh Chiu; FENG-MING TSAO 台灣聽力語言學會雜誌 
382009Assessing stop and lexical tone perception in preschool children and relationship with word development.FENG-MING TSAO; FENG-MING TSAO Journal of the Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Taiwan 
392009Age-related changes in acoustic modifications of Mandarin maternal speech to preverbal infants and five-year-old children: A longitudinal studyLiu, H.-M.; Tsao, F.-M.; Kuhl, P.K.; FENG-MING TSAO Journal of Child Language 6259
402008The Effect of Acoustical Similarity on Lexical-Tone Perception of One-Year-Old Mandarin-Learning InfantsFENG-MING TSAO 中華心理學刊 00
412007Acoustic Analysis of Lexical Tone in Mandarin Infant-Directed SpeechLiu, H.-M.; Tsao, F.-M.; Kuhl, P.K.; FENG-MING TSAO Developmental Psychology 6457
422006嬰兒語音知覺發展機制 (新制多年期第2年)曹峰銘 
432006嬰兒語音知覺發展機制 (新制多年期第1年)曹峰銘 
4420060-3歲嬰幼兒發展與研究彙編-進入嬰幼兒的語言世界劉惠美; 曹峰銘 
452006Perception of native and non-native affricate-fricative contrasts: Cross-language tests on adults and infantsTsao, Feng-Ming ; Liu, Huei-Mei; Kuhl, Patricia K.The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 10289
472005The effect of reduced vowel working space on speech intelligibility in Mandarin-speaking young adults with cerebral palsyLiu, Huei-Mei; FENG-MING TSAO ; Tsao, Feng-Ming ; Kuhl, Patricia K.Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 123108
482004嬰兒期語音知覺能力與幼兒語言發展的關係曹峰銘 ; 劉惠美聽語知音 
492004Speech Perception in Infancy Predicts Language Development in the Second Year of Life: A Longitudinal StudyTsao, Feng-Ming ; Liu, Huei-Mei; Kuhl, Patricia K.Child Development 344322
502003Foreign-language experience in infancy: Effects of short-term exposure and social interaction on phonetic learningFENG-MING TSAO Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 698629
512003An association between mothers' speech clarity and infants' speech discrimination skillsLiu, H.-M.; Kuhl, P.K.; Tsao, F.-M.; FENG-MING TSAO Developmental Science 295241
522002語言經驗對零到一歲嬰兒語音知覺發展的影響曹峰銘 ; 劉惠美
532002Mothers exaggerated acoustic-phonetic characteristics in infant-directed speech are highly correlated with infant’s speech discrimination skills in the first year of lifeFENG-MING TSAO The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America00
542002Neural activation during the discrimination of native and non-native speech contrasts by American and Japanese adultsFENG-MING TSAO The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America00
552001Language/culture/mind/brain: Progress at the margins between disciplinesFENG-MING TSAO Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 
562001Effects of short-term exposure to a foreign language on discrimination of a non-native phonetic contrast: Convergent evidence from brain and behavioral testsFENG-MING TSAO The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America00
572001The correlation of vowel space and speech intelligibility for individuals with cerebral palsyFENG-MING TSAO The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America00
582000Perceptual and acoustic analysis of speech intelligibility in Mandarin-speaking young adults with cerebral palsyFENG-MING TSAO Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics 
591999The relation between infant speech perception and early communicative development: A longitudinal study.FENG-MING TSAO The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America00
601995Detection of speech targets under the divided attention manipulationsFENG-MING TSAO The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America00