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12015Impaired cognition and cerebral glucose regulation are associated with astrocyte activation in the parenchyma of metabolically stressed APPswe/PS1dE9 miceWEN-SUNG LAI journal article1715
22015Effects of affective arousal on choice behavior, reward prediction errors, and feedback-related negativities in human reward-based decision makingLiu, Hong-Hsiang; YUNG-FONG HSU ; WEN-SUNG LAI ; Hsieh, Ming H.; Hsu, Yung-Fong ; Lai, Wen-Sung journal article93
32015Investigation of gene effects and epistatic interactions between Akt1 and neuregulin 1 in the regulation of behavioral phenotypes and social functions in genetic mouse models of schizophreniaWEN-SUNG LAI journal article137
42014A new method for studying social eavesdropping using male golden hamstersWEN-SUNG LAI journal article22
52014Assessing Schizophrenia-relevant Cognitive and Social Deficits in Mice: A Selection of Mouse Behavioral Tasks and Potential Therapeutic CompoundsWEN-SUNG LAI journal article98
62014Inferring reward prediction errors in patients with schizophrenia: A dynamic reward task for reinforcement learningCHIH-MIN LIU ; Li, Chia-Tzu; Lai, Wen-Sung ; YUNG-FONG HSU ; WEN-SUNG LAI ; Liu, Chih-Min ; Hsu, Yung-Fong journal article24
72014Phenotypic characterization of C57BL/6J mice carrying the Disc1 gene from the 129S6/SvEv strainJuan, Liang-Wen; HAI-GWO HWU ; CHIH-MIN LIU ; Liao, Chun-Chieh; Lai, Wen-Sung ; LI-JEN LEE ; Chang, Chia-Yuan; WEN-SUNG LAI ; Pei, Ju-Chun; Wong, Wan-Rong; Liu, Chih-Min ; Hwu, Hai-Gwo ; Lee, Li-Jen journal article1918
82014Distinct phenotypes of new transmembrane-domain neuregulin 1 mutant mice and the rescue effects of valproate on the observed schizophrenia-related cognitive deficitsCHIH-MIN LIU ; Pei, Ju-Chun; Liu, Chih-Min ; WEN-SUNG LAI ; Lai, Wen-Sung journal article1918
92014Deranged NMDAergic cortico-subthalamic transmission underlies parkinsonian motor deficitsPan, Ming-Kai ; CHUN-HWEI TAI ; Tai, Chun-Hwei ; Ming-Kai Pan ; Chung-Chin Kuo ; Liu, Wen-Chuan; Pei, Ju-Chun; WEN-SUNG LAI ; Lai, Wen-Sung ; Kuo, Chung-Chin journal article1112
102014以增強學習模型與貝氏因子探討酬賞預測誤差的男女差異及性格相關YUNG-FONG HSU ; WEN-SUNG LAI journal article00
112013Antidepressant-like effect of lemon essential oil is through a modulation in the levels of norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin in mice: Use of the tail suspension testWEN-SUNG LAI journal article2522
122013Effects of maternal immune activation on adult neurogenesis in the subventricular zone–olfactory bulb pathway and olfactory discriminationWEN-SUNG LAI journal article1210
132012Active coping with stress suppresses glucose metabolism in the rat hypothalamusKAI-YUAN TZEN ; Ono, Yumie; Chang, Yu-Ling ; WEN-SUNG LAI ; Lin, Hsiao-Chun; Tzen, Kai-Yuan ; CHEN-TUNG YEN ; Chen, Hui-Hsing; Yang, Pai-Feng; Lai, Wen-Sung ; Chen, Jyh-Horng ; Onozuka, Minoru; Yen, Chen-Tung journal article1413
142011Active coping prevents stress-increased glucose metabolism in the rat hypothalamusWEN-SUNG LAI ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article00
152011The behavioral consequence and functional neuroanatomy of social learning in male Syrian hamstersWEN-SUNG LAI journal article00
162011Evaluation of attentional functions in AKT1 mouse model of schizophrenia using five-choice serial reaction time taskWEN-SUNG LAI journal article00
172011Akt1 deficiency causes alterations in hippocampal neuromorphology and hippocampus-dependent cognitive functionWEN-SUNG LAI journal article00
182011Characterization of behavioural responses in different test contexts after a single social defeat in male golden hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus)Huang, Ching-Hsun; WEN-SUNG LAI ; Kuo, Ming-Tsung; Lai, Wen-Sung journal article1313
192011A biological validation procedure for the measurements of fecal outputs and fecal cortisol metabolites in male Syrian hamstersKuo, Ming-Tsung; DE-SHIEN JONG ; Jong, De-Shien ; Lai, Wen-Sung journal article33
202010The potential role of Akt1 in the regulation of pentylenetetrazol-induced convulsion and the expression of GABAergic interneuronsWEN-SUNG LAI journal article00
212010Effects of periadolescent exposure to methamphetamine on adult behavioral performances in male Akt1 deficient miceWEN-SUNG LAI journal article00
222010Longitudinal characterization of behavioral phenotypes in NRG1 mutant miceWEN-SUNG LAI journal article01
232010An investigation of neonatal immune challenge in NRG1 mutant miceWEN-SUNG LAI journal article00
242010Effects of long-term social subjugations during puberty on adult behavioral performance: using male hamsters as a modelWEN-SUNG LAI journal article00
252010Behavioral and cognitive characterizations of AKT1-NRG1 single and double mutant miceWEN-SUNG LAI journal article00
262010An investigation of neuromorphological alterations in the auditory cortex of Akt1 knockout miceWEN-SUNG LAI journal article00
272010Preface to the special issue on potential geohazards of the Taipei metropolitan areaChan, Yu-Chang; Liu, Hong-Hsiang; SHENG-RONG SONG ; Hsieh, Ming H.; LOUIS TENG ; Song, Sheng-Rong ; Tsao, Shuhjong; Hsu, Yung-Fong ; Lai, Wen-Sung ; 謝明憲journal article00
282010Distribution of large terminal inputs from the primary and secondary somatosensory cortices to the dorsal thalamus in the rodentRUEI-FENG CHEN ; WEN-SUNG LAI ; CHEN-TUNG YEN journal article2318
292010Behavioural phenotyping of dopamine transporter knockdown mice using local small interference RNAChen, Yao-Chu; WEN-SUNG LAI ; Lai, Wen-Sung journal article44
302010Kyanite formation and element fractionation in the high-al eclogites from the sulu UHP metamorphic terraneLi, Chia-Tzu; Liu, Yung-Hsin; MEI-FEI CHU ; Lai, Wen-Sung ; Yang, Huai-Jen; Zhang, Jianxin; Liu, Chih-Min ; Shau, Yen-Hong; Hsu, Yung-Fong ; Chu, Mei-Fei ; Iizuka, Yoshiyuki; Yu, Shu-Cheng; 劉智民 journal article22
312009Behavioral consequences of local dopamine transporter knockdown in the mouse brain using small interfering RNAWEN-SUNG LAI journal article00
322009An investigation of eavesdropping and consequential changes in golden hamstersWEN-SUNG LAI journal article00
332009The effects of social defeat experience on anxiety-like behavior and social memory in male hamsterWEN-SUNG LAI journal article00
342009The regulatory role of Akt1 in dopamine dependent behavior in male and female miceWEN-SUNG LAI journal article00
352008Altered brain microRNA biogenesis contributes to phenotypic deficits in a 22q11-deletion mouse modelWEN-SUNG LAI ; Chang, Y-W; Stark, K.L.; Xu, B.; Bagchi, A.; Lai, W.S.; Liu, H.; Hsu, R.; Wan, X.; Pavlidis, P.; Mills, A.A.; Karayiorgou, M.; Gogos, J.A.journal article402370
362007Nogo Receptor 1 (RTN4R) as a Candidate Gene for Schizophrenia: Analysis Using Human and Mouse Genetic ApproachesWEN-SUNG LAI journal article4947
372007利用倉鼠探討個體辨識與社會記憶之神經生理機制賴文崧 report
382007探尋個體辨識的行為與神經機制 - 利用倉鼠作為研究模式 (新制多年期第1年)賴文崧 report
392005Transcriptional and behavioral interaction between 22q11.2 orthologs modulates schizophrenia-related phenotypes in miceWEN-SUNG LAI journal article187175
402004Patterns of neural activation associated with exposure to odors from a familiar winner in male golden hamstersWEN-SUNG LAI ; Lai, W.S.; Chen, A.; Johnston, R.Ejournal article1717
412004Evidence that the gene encoding ZDHHC8 contributes to the risk of schizophreniaMukai, J.; WEN-SUNG LAI ; Liu, H.; Burt, R.A.; Swor, D.E.; Lai, W.S.; Karayiorgou, M.; Gogos, J.Ajournal article222216
422002The Role of Catecholamines in Retention Performance of a Partially Baited Radial Eight-Arm Maze for RatsWEN-SUNG LAI journal article99