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12015When is pay for performance related to employee creativity in the Chinese context? The role of guanxi HRM practice, trust in management, and intrinsic motivationTSUNG-YU WU journal article
22014When Supervisors Perceive Non-Work Support: Test of a Trickle-Down ModelTSUNG-YU WU journal article
32014Antidotes to dissimilar mentor-protégé dyadsTSUNG-YU WU journal article
42014When mentors feel supported: Relationships with mentoring functions and protégés' perceived organizational supportTSUNG-YU WU journal article
52014除了助長,還需深耕:論「家長式領導」的研究進展TSUNG-YU WU journal article
62013Abusive supervision and workload demands from supervisors: Exploring two types of supervisor-related stressors and their association with strainTSUNG-YU WU journal article
72013華人威權領導總是導致部屬負面結果嗎?由「不確定管理理論」探討威權領導對分配不公平與程序不公平之交互作用與部屬工作滿意度之關係的調節效果TSUNG-YU WU journal article
82013價格、服務人員正向情緒表達、品牌知名度、及顧客忠誠度之關係:期望失驗理論的運用TSUNG-YU WU journal article
92013Abusive supervision and subordinate emotional labor: The moderating role of openness personalityTSUNG-YU WU journal article
102012Is subordinate's loyalty a precondition of supervisor's benevolent leadership? The moderating effects of supervisor's altruistic personality and perceived organizational supportTSUNG-YU WU journal article
112012負向顧客事件頻次與樂觀性格對情緒勞動的預測效果:服務關係長短的調節效果TSUNG-YU WU journal article
122011Measurement equivalence/invariance of the abusive supervision measure across workers from Taiwan and the United StatesTSUNG-YU WU journal article
132011Going beyond the multicultural experience-creativity link: The mediating role of emotionsTSUNG-YU WU journal article
142009Abusive supervision and employee emotional exhaustion: Dispositional antecedents and boundariesTSUNG-YU WU journal article
152008主管威權領導與部屬的工作滿意度與組織承諾:信任的中介歷程與情緒智力的調節效果TSUNG-YU WU journal article
162008也是顧問經驗:當顧問遇上顧問TSUNG-YU WU journal article
172008由不當督導到情緒耗竭:部屬正義知覺與情緒勞動的中介效果TSUNG-YU WU journal article
182008主管的權威取向及其對部屬順從與畏懼的知覺對威權領導的預測效果TSUNG-YU WU ; BOR-SHIUAN CHENG ; 吳宗祐 ; 周麗芳; 鄭伯壎 journal article
192006工作投入、調節他人情緒能力與情緒勞動之交互作用對情緒耗竭的預測效果吳宗祐 ; 鄭伯壎 journal article
202006難應付客戶頻次\知覺服務訓練效用兩者及情緒勞動與情緒耗竭之關係-“資源保存理論”的觀點吳宗祐 ; 鄭伯壎 journal article
212006Partner in the 'chip gold rush': Applied materials TaiwanTSUNG-YU WU book
222004Paternalistic leadership and subordinate responses: Establishing a leadership model in Chinese organizationsCheng, Bor-Shiuan ; Chou, Li-Fang; Wu, Tsung-Yu ; Huang, Min-Ping; Farh, Jiing-Lih; Cheng, Bor-Shiuan ; Chou, Li-Fang; Wu, Tsung-Yu ; Huang, Min-Ping; Farh, Jiing-Lihjournal article
232003組織情緒研究之回顧與前瞻吳宗祐 ; 鄭伯壎 journal article
242002怒不可遏或忍氣吞聲:華人企業主管威權領導與部屬憤怒反應吳宗祐 journal article