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12018Fractionation of otolith nitrogen stable isotopes measured by peroxodisulfate oxidation-bacterial conversion and isotope ratio mass spectrometryCheng, Li Chi; JEN-CHIEH SHIAO ; Hsiao, Silver Sung Yun; PEI-LING WANG journal article22
22018Steep redox gradient and biogeochemical cycling driven by deeply sourced fluids and gases in a terrestrial mud volcanoLin, Yueh Ting; Tu, Tzu Hsuan; CHIH-LIN WEI ; Rumble, Douglas; LI-HUNG LIN ; PEI-LING WANG journal article12
32018Trophic structure and energy flow in a shallow-water hydrothermal vent: Insights from a stable isotope approachChang, Ni Na; LI-HUNG LIN ; Tu, Tzu Hsuan; Jeng, Ming Shiou; Chikaraishi, Yoshito; PEI-LING WANG journal article44
42018Evolution of hot fluids in the Chingshui geothermal field inferred from crystal morphology and geochemical vein dataPEI-LING WANG journal article31
52018Resolved measurements of 13 CDH 3 and 12 CD 2 H 2 from a mud volcano in TaiwanPEI-LING WANG journal article01
62017Magmatic-like fluid source of the Chingshui geothermal field, NE Taiwan evidenced by carbonate clumped-isotope paleothermometryLu, Yi Chia; SHENG-RONG SONG ; PEI-LING WANG ; Wu, Chung Che; Mii, Horng Sheng; MacDonald, John; CHUAN-CHOU SHEN ; John, Cédric M.journal article75
72017Dietary reconstruction of the Iron Age population at the Fantzuyuan site, Taiwan, revealed by isotopic analysis on human and faunal bone collagenLee, C.-Y.; Chen, M.-L.; Ditchfield, P.; Pollard, A.M.; Lin, L.-H.; Wang, P.-L.; Lin, H.-M.; Lo, C.-H.; Tsai, H.-K.; PEI-LING WANG ; CHING-HUA LO journal article11
82017Improved analytical techniques of sulfur isotopic composition in nanomole quantities by MC-ICP-MSPEI-LING WANG journal article77
92017Production, consumption, and migration of methane in accretionary prism of southwestern TaiwanCHAR-SHINE LIU ; CHIH-CHIEH SU ; PEI-LING WANG ; SAULWOOD LIN journal article106
102017Microbial community composition and functional capacity in a terrestrial ferruginous, sulfate-depleted mud volcanoPEI-LING WANG journal article25
112016Tracing the sources of carbon in clay minerals: An example from western TaiwanPEI-LING WANG journal article66
122016Magmatic-like fluid source of the Chingshui geothermal field, NE Taiwan evidenced by carbonate clumped-isotope paleothermometryPEI-LING WANG ; SHENG-RONG SONG journal article75
132016Diet and subsistence mode of Neolithic Yuan-Shan people in Taiwan: Perspective from carbon and nitrogen isotope analyses of bone collagenPEI-LING WANG ; CHING-HUA LO journal article11
142016從人骨和獸骨之骨膠原碳與氮穩定同位素組成看圓山文化人的攝食特徵李政益; 陳瑪玲 ; 林立虹 ; 王珮玲 ; 林秀嫚; 羅清華 ; 蔡錫圭journal article00
152015Effect of sulfidogenesis cycling on the biogeochemical process in arsenic-enriched aquifers in the Lanyang Plain of Taiwan: Evidence from a sulfur isotope studyCHEN-WUING LIU ; PEI-LING WANG journal article33
162014Temperature-dependent variations in sulfate-reducing communities associated with a terrestrial hydrocarbon seepLI-HUNG LIN ; PEI-LING WANG ; SHENG-RONG SONG journal article55
172014Distributions and assemblages of microbial communities along a sediment core retrieved from a potential hydrate-bearing region offshore southwestern TaiwanLI-HUNG LIN ; PEI-LING WANG journal article99
182014Spatial variations of community structures and methane cycling across a transect of Lei-Gong-Hou mud volcanoes in eastern TaiwanLI-HUNG LIN ; PEI-LING WANG journal article77
192013Segregated planktonic and bottom-dwelling archaeal communities in high-temperature acidic/sulfuric ponds of the Tatun Volcano Group, Northern TaiwanLI-HUNG LIN ; SHENG-RONG SONG ; PEI-LING WANG journal article11
202013Hydrochemical, mineralogical and isotopic investigation of arsenic distribution and mobilization in the Guandu wetland of TaiwanKao, Y.-H.; Wang, S.-W.; Maji, S.K.; Liu, C.-W.; Wang, P.-L.; Chang, F.-J.; Liao, C.-M.; CHEN-WUING LIU ; PEI-LING WANG journal article1213
212012Metabolic stratification driven by surface and subsurface interactions in a terrestrial mud volcanoCheng, T.-W.; LI-HUNG LIN ; SHENG-RONG SONG ; PEI-LING WANG ; HUNG-CHI KUO ; YUE-GAU CHEN journal article320
222012Microbial methane cycling in a terrestrial mud volcano in eastern TaiwanChang, Yung-Hsin; LI-HUNG LIN ; PEI-LING WANG ; Cheng, Ting-Wen; Lai, Wen-Jing; Tsai, Wen-Yu ; Sun, Chih-Hsien; Lin, Li-Hung ; Wang, Pei-Ling journal article3232
232012Potential of microbial methane formation in a high-temperature hydrocarbon seepLI-HUNG LIN ; Ling, Yu-Chen; Chen, Yun-Ju; PEI-LING WANG ; Sun, Chih-Hsien; Cheng, Ting-Wen; Wang, Pei-Ling ; Lin, Li-Hung journal article33
242011Thermochronology of the PoSen complex, northern Vietnam: Implications for tectonic evolution in SE AsiaSUN-LIN CHUNG ; Wang, Pei-Ling ; PEI-LING WANG ; Lo, Ching-Hua ; CHING-HUA LO ; Lan, Ching-Ying; Chung, Sun-Lin ; Lee, Tung-Yi; Nam, Tran Ngoc; Sano, Yujijournal article2016
252011Biogeochemical cycling of arsenic in coastal salinized aquifers: Evidence from sulfur isotope studyKao, Y.-H.; Wang, S.-W.; Liu, C.-W.; Wang, P.-L.; Wang, C.-H.; Maji, S.K.; CHEN-WUING LIU ; PEI-LING WANG journal article1413
262010Isotopic constraints of vein carbonates on fluid sources and processes associated with the ongoing brittle deformation within the accretionary wedge of TaiwanLI-HUNG LIN ; Wang, P. L.; SHENG-RONG SONG ; Wu, J. J.; PEI-LING WANG ; Yeh, E. C.; Song, S. R.; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Chen, Y. G.; Lin, L. H.journal article65
272009Role of S waves and Love waves in coseismic permeability enhancementWang, Chi-yuen; PEI-LING WANG ; Chia, Yeeping ; YEEPING CHIA ; Wang, Pei-ling ; Dreger, Douglasjournal article6054
282009Jurassic dextral movement along the Dien Bien Phu fault, NW Vietnam: Constraints from 40 Ar/39 Ar geochronologyLin, Te-Hsien; SUN-LIN CHUNG ; Lo, Ching-Hua ; PEI-LING WANG ; CHING-HUA LO ; Chung, Sun-Lin ; Wang, Pei-Ling ; Yeh, Meng-Wan; Lee, Tung-Yi; Lan, Ching-Ying; Vuong, Nguyen Van; Anh, Tran Tuanjournal article1311
292008台灣熱泉嗜硫菌之硫素生地化研究(I)王珮玲 report
302008陸域熱泉生態系統成因之跨領域研究-子計畫二:熱泉系統碳及硫循環之同位素特徵(2/3)王珮玲 report65
312008陸域熱泉生態系統成因之跨領域研究-子計畫二:熱泉系統碳及硫循環之同位素特徵(1/3)王珮玲 report00
322007Cultivation-based characterization of microbial communities associated with deep sedimentary rocks from Taiwan Chelungpu Drilling Project coresWang, P.-L.; Lin, L.-H.; Yu, H.-T.; Cheng, T.-W.; Song, S.-R.; Kuo, L.-W.; Yeh, E.-C.; Lin, W.; Wang, C.-Y.; LI-HUNG LIN ; Wang, Pei-Ling ; Wang, PL; Lin, LH; PEI-LING WANG ; Lin, Li-Hung ; Yu, HT; SHENG-RONG SONG ; Yu, Hon-Tsen ; Cheng, TW; Cheng, Ting-Wen; Song, Sheng-Rong ; Song, SR; Kuo, Li-Wei; Kuo, LW; Yeh, EC; Yeh, En-Chao; Lin, WR; Lin, Weiren; Wang, Chien-Ying; Wang, CYjournal article66
332006Long-Term Sustainability of a High-Energy, Low-Diversity Crustal BiomeLin, Li-Hung ; Wang, Pei-Ling ; Rumble, Douglas; Lippmann-Pipke, Johanna; Boice, Erik; Pratt, Lisa M.; Lollar, Barbara Sherwood; Brodie, Eoin L.; Hazen, Terry C.; Andersen, Gary L.; DeSantis, Todd Z.; Moser, Duane P.; Kershaw, Dave; Onstott, T. C.journal article234215
342005嗜硫菌種之硫同位素分化研究(I)王珮玲 report234215
35200540Ar-39Ar thermochronological constraints on the exhumation of ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic rocks in the Sulu terrane of eastern ChinaPEI-LING WANG journal article1514
362004Oxygen isotopic compositions of IVA iron meteorites: Implications for the thermal evolution derived from in situ ultraviolet laser microprobe analysesPEI-LING WANG journal article1917
372004Dating the rise of atmospheric oxygenPEI-LING WANG journal article869811
382003An ultraviolet laser microprobe for the in situ analysis of multisulfur isotopes and its use in measuring Archean sulfur isotope mass-independent anomaliesPEI-LING WANG journal article7571
392001First evidence for Archean continental crust in northern Vietnam and its implications for crustal and tectonic evolution in Southeast AsiaLan, Ching-Ying; CHING-HUA LO ; Chung, Sun-Lin ; Lo, Ching-Hua ; Lee, Tung-Yi; Wang, Pei-Ling ; Li, Huimin; Toan, Dinh Vanjournal article76
402001Reply to comment on ¡§Onset of the movement along the Ailao Shan-Red river shear zone: Constraint from 40Ar/39Ar dating results for Nam Dinh area, northern Vietnam¡¨ by . Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 18, 281¡V292Wang, Pei-Ling ; Lo, Ching-Hua ; Chung, Sun-Lin ; Lee, Tung-Yi; Lan, Ching-Ying; Thang, Trang Vanjournal article64
412000Geochemical and Sr¡VNd isotopic characteristics of granitic rocks from northern VietnamLan, Ching-Ying; Chung, Sun-Lin ; Shen, Jason Jiun-San; Lo, Ching-Hua ; Wang, Pei-Ling ; Hoa, Tran Trong; Thanh, Hoang Huu; Mertzman, Stanley Ajournal article10486
422000Onset timing of left-lateral movement along the Ailao Shan¡VRed River Shear Zone: 40Ar/39Ar dating constraint from the Nam Dinh Area, northeastern VietnamWang, Pei-Ling ; Lo, Ching-Hua ; Chung, Sun-Lin ; Lee, Tung-Yi; Lan, Ching-Ying; Thang, Trang Vanjournal article105115
431999Thermochronological study of the Dabie Shan ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic terrane, East Central ChinaPEI-LING WANG journal article33
441998Diachronous uplift of the Tibetan plateau starting 40 Myr agoChung, Sun-Lin ; Lo, Ching-Hua ; Lee, Tung-Yi; Zhang, Yuquan; Xie, Yingwen; Li, Xianhua; Wang, Kuo-Lung; Wang, Pei-Ling journal article464424
451998Thermochronological evidence for the movement of the Ailao Shan-Red River shear zone: A perspective from VietnamWang, Pei-Ling ; Lo, Ching-Hua ; Lee, Tung-Yi; Chung, Sun-Lin ; Lan, Ching-Ying; Yem, Nguyen Trongjournal article139
46199840Ar/39Ar dating of mylonitization in the Tananao Schist, eastern TaiwanPEI-LING WANG journal article3332
471997Intraplate extension prior to continental extrusion along the Ailao Shan-Red River shear zoneChung, Sun-Lin ; CHING-HUA LO ; Lee, Tung-Yi; Lo, Ching-Hua ; Wang, Pei-Ling ; Chen, Chin-Yu; Yem, Nguyen Trong; Hoa, Tran Trong; Genyao, Wujournal article310286