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12015Life Adaptation Skills Training (LAST) for persons with depression: A randomized controlled studyChen, Yun-Ling; Pan, Ay-Woan ; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan ; Chung, Lyinn; Lai, Jin-Shei; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen ; Chen, Tsyr-Jangjournal article88
22015Quality of life enhancement programme for individuals with mood disorder: A randomized controlled pilot studyPING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Chen, Yun-Ling; Pan, Ay-Woan ; Pan, Ay-Woan ; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan ; Chung, Lyinn; Chung, Lyinnjournal article76
32014A psychometric study of the kinetic-house-tree-person scoring system for people with psychiatric disorders in TaiwanLi, Chih-Ying; Li, Chih-Ying; Wang, Ting-Yun; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Chung, LyInn; Pao, Jwo-Luen; Chung, LyInn; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Jang, Jyh-Shing Roger; Chen, Tsyr-Jang; Liu, Shu-Kai; Liu, Shu-Kai; Pan, Ay-Woan ; Pan, Ay-Woan ; 楊榮森 journal article20
42013Psychometric properties of the Mastery Scale-Chinese version: Applying classical test theory and Rasch analysisChen, Yun-Ling; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Chung, Lyinn; Chen, Shing-Chia ; Pan, Ay-Woan journal article54
52012A longitudinal study of the predictors of quality of life in patients with major depressive disorder utilizing a linear mixed effect modelPan, Ay-Woan ; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Chen, Yun-Ling; Chung, Ly-Inn; Wang, Jung-Der; Chen, Tsyr-Jang; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan journal article87
62011Factors influencing quality of life in schizophrenia patients: A one-year follow up studyWANG, SHU-CHING; WANG, SHU-CHING; PAN, AY-WOAN ; CHUNG, LY-INN; HSIUNG, PING-CHUN; HSIUNG, PING-CHUN ; 王淑清; 潘璦琬 ; 鍾麗英; 熊秉荃 journal article00
72011影響精神分裂症患者生活品質之因素--一年之追蹤研究Wang, Shu-ching; Pan, Ay-woan; Chung, Lyinn; Hsiung, Ping-chuan; 王淑清; 潘璦琬; 鍾麗英; 熊秉荃; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0
82011Validation of the WHOQOL-HIV BREF among HIV-infected patients in TaiwanPING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; CHI-TAI FANG ; Wu, Chia-Huei; WANG-HUEI SHENG ; SHING-CHIA CHEN ; Wang, Jung-Der; KAI-PING GRACE YAO ; 熊秉荃 ; 方啟泰; 吳佳煇; 盛望徽; 陳杏佳 ; 王榮德; 姚開屏journal article2625
92011Follow-up of subjects with suspected pre-psychotic state in TaiwanLiu, Chen-Chung ; Lai, Meng-Chuan; Liu, Chih-Min ; Chiu, Yen-Nan; Hsieh, Ming H.; Hwang, Tzung-Jeng ; Chien, Yi-Ling ; Chen, Wei J. ; Hua, Mau-Sun; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan ; Huang, Ya-Chuan; Hwu, Hai-Gwo journal article1815
102011Validation of the medical outcomes study HIV (MOS-HIV) health survey among HIV-infected patients in TaiwanPING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; CHI-TAI FANG ; LEE, KENG-LIN; SHENG, WANG-HUEI ; WU, CHIA-YUN; WANG, JUNG-DER; YAO, KAI-PING GRACE ; 熊秉荃 ; 方啟泰 ; 李庚霖; 盛望徽 ; 吳佳芸; 王榮德; 姚開屏 journal article66
112011Clinical Manifestations of Aggressive Acts by Schizophrenic Inpatients: A Prospective StudyHAI-GWO HWU ; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; SHING-CHIA CHEN journal article54
122011Mechanical stretch of atrial myocyte monolayer decreases sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium adenosine triphosphatase expression and increases susceptibility to repolarization alternansChen, Yun-Ling; JUEY-JEN HWANG ; LING-PING LAI ; Pan, Ay-Woan ; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan ; FU-TIEN CHIANG ; CHIH-CHIEH YU ; Chung, Lyinn; Lai, Jin-Shei; CHIA-TI TSAI ; JIUNN-LEE LIN ; Gau, Susan Shur-Fen ; Chen, Tsyr-Jang; YI-CHIH WANG ; TSAI, CHIA-TI ; CHIANG, FU-TIEN ; TSENG, CHUEN-DEN; YU, CHIH-CHIEH ; WANG, YI-CHIH ; LAI, LING-PING ; HWANG, JUEY-JEN ; LIN, JIUNN-LEE journal article3229
132011Occupational competence, environmental support and quality of life for people with depression: A path analysisPING-CHUAN HSIUNG journal article60
142010Mastery and stigma in predicting the subjective quality of life of patients with schizophrenia in TaiwanHSIUNG, PING-CHUN ; PAN, AY-WOAN ; LIU, SHI-KAI; LIU, SHI-KAI; CHEN, SHING-CHIA ; PENG, SZU-YI; PENG, SZU-YI; CHUNG, LY-INN; 熊秉荃 ; ;潘璦琬 ; 劉緒愷; 陳杏佳 ; 彭思怡; 鍾麗英journal article2523
152008A study on the efficacy of body-mind-spirit group therapy for patients with breast cancerPING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Liu, Chun-Ju; Liu, C.J.; Liu, C.J.; Hsiung, P.C.; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan ; FEI-HSIU HSIAO ; Hsiung, P.C.; Chang, King-Jen; Chang, K.J.; Liu, Y.F.; Liu, Y.F.; Liu, Yu-Fen; Wang, Kuo-Chang; Wang, K.C.; Hsiao, Fei-Hsiu ; Hsiao, F.H.; Ng, S.M.; Ng, Siu-Man; Chan, Cecilia L.W.; Chan, Cecilia LWjournal article3426
162008Trajectory and determinants of the quality of life of family caregivers of terminally ill cancer patients in TaiwanCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; Tang, S-T; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan ; Li, C. Y.; Fang, Chi-Tai ; Lee, Keng-Lin; Chen, C. C-H; Sheng, Wang-Huei ; TANG, SIEW-TZUH; LI, CHUNG-YI; Wu, Chia-Yun; Wang, Jung-Der; CHEN, CHERYL CHIA-HUI ; Yao, Gracejournal article4943
172008A Qualitative Inquiry into the Taiwanese Mentally Ill Persons' Difficulties Living in the CommunityLin, Ching-Lan Esther; Kopelowicz, Alex; Chan, Chin-Hong; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan journal article1613
182007精神分裂症患者生活品質之追蹤研究王淑清; 熊秉荃 ; 潘璦婉; 鍾麗英; 王淑清; 熊秉荃 ; 潘璦婉; 鍾麗英
192007Health-related quality of life of Chinese people with schizophrenia in Hong Kong and Taipei: A cross-sectional analysisChan, Sally Wai-chi; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Thompson, David R.; Chen, Shin-Chia ; Hwu, Hai-Gwo ; 熊秉荃 ; 陳杏佳 journal article1611
202007Evaluation of the psychometrics of the Social Impact Scale: A measure of stigmatizationPAN, AY-WOAN ; CHUNG, LY-INN; FIFE BETSY L.; FIFE BETSY L.; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; 潘璦琬 ; 鍾麗英; 鍾麗英; 熊秉荃 journal article1817
212007精神病患的幻聽評估工具PING-CHUAN HSIUNG journal article
222007中文版加拿大職能表現測驗於精神分裂症患者之效度研究PING-CHUAN HSIUNG journal article
232006精神分裂症病人的生活品質I-Lu Liu; Ping-Chuan Hsiung ; Wen-Chii Tzeng; 劉依鷺; 熊秉荃; 曾雯琦journal article; journal article0
242006Effects of internal medicine residency training in AIDS care in TaiwanPING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; SHAN-CHWEN CHANG ; CHIEN-CHING HUNG journal article00
252006Evaluation of inpatient clinical training in AIDS carePING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Shan-Chwen Chang ; Yu-Ying Linjournal article
262006Quality of life in depression: Predictive modelsPan, Ay-Woan ; Pan, Ay-Woan ; Chan, Pei-Ying Sarah; Chung, Ly-Inn; Chen, Tsyr-Jang; Chen, Tsyr-Jang; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan ; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan 
272006重鬱症病患社會支持、互惠性、衝突與憂鬱程度之相關性研究Li-Jen Weng ; Ming-Been Lee ; Ping-Chuan Hsiung ; 吳美惠; 翁儷禎 ; 李明濱 ; 王秀紅; 熊秉荃 journal article
282006嚴重慢性阻塞性肺疾病患者之安寧緩和照護觀吳珮君; 李靜怡; 林如玉; 熊秉荃 ; 吳珮君; 李靜怡; 林如玉; 熊秉荃 
292006Critical Social Theory Perspective on Respite Care Service in TaiwanHWANG, SHIOW-LI; CHEN, YUEH-CHIH; HSIUNG, PING-CHUN ; 黃秀梨; 陳月枝; 熊秉荃 journal article
302005自尊概念之護理余春娣; 熊秉荃 
312005Social Skill Training for Schizophrenic Patients Living in the CommunityLIN, ESTHER CHING-LAN; HSIUNG, PING-CHUN ; 林靜蘭; 熊秉荃 journal article
322005The coping process of patients with schizophrenia: Searching for a place of acceptanceMa, Yu-Chun; Lin, Shu-Jung; Hu, Wei-Herng; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan journal article
332005臺灣版精神分裂症病人生活品質評量表:信度與效度之研究Kai-Ping Grace Yao:rp07910; Hai-Gwo Hwu ; Ping-Chuan Hsiung ; 許嘉純; 姚開屏 ; 胡海國 ; 熊秉荃 journal article
342005Comparison of WHOQOL-BREF and SF-36 in patients with HIV infectionPING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; CHI-TAI FANG ; Chang, Yu-Yin; Chen, Mao-Yen; Wang, Jung-Der; 熊秉荃 ; 方啟泰; 張郁瑩; 陳茂源; 王榮德journal article9784
352005以概念分析的角度探“遵從性”Huang, Tsuey-yuan; Chen, Yueh-chih; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; 黃翠媛; 陳月枝; 熊秉荃 journal article
362004Concerns and recommendations of internal medicine residents in HIV patient care in the second decade of the AIDS epidemic in TaiwanHsiung, Ping-Chuan ; Tsai, Yun-Fangjournal article
382004男同志感染者的親密關係--以情感層面為主的探討Chen, Sue-jung; Ting, Chih-yin; Tsai, Yun-fang; Hsiung, Ping-chuan; 陳姝蓉; 丁志音; 蔡芸芳; 熊秉荃; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0
392003Aboriginal Nurses' Perception of Facilitators and Barriers for Taking a Sexual History in TaiwanTsai, Yun-Fang; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan journal article811
402003台北市某二所大學護理學系女學生暴食症之探討PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; 謝佳容; 蔡素玲; 陳冠宇; 熊秉荃 journal article
412003A study of bulimia nervosa among nursing students at two universities in TaipeiLiu, Chun-Ju; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan ; Chang, King-Jen; Liu, Yu-Fen; Wang, Kuo-Chang; Hsiao, Fei-Hsiu; Ng, Siu-Man; Chan, Cecilia L. W.journal article
422003Validation of a Chinese version of the sign and symptom checklist for persons with HIV diseasesTSAI, YUN-FANG; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Holzemer, WL; 蔡芸芳; 熊秉荃 journal article1715
432002The stigma experience of patients with schizophreniaPING-CHUAN HSIUNG journal article
442002Symptom management in Taiwanese patients with HIV/AIDSTsai, Yun-Fang; Hsiung, Ping-Chuan ; Holzemer, William L.; 蔡芸芳; 熊秉荃 journal article2525
452002精神分裂症患者之烙印處境PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Hai-Gwo Hwu ; 林美伶; 熊秉荃 ; 林淑蓉; 胡海國 journal article
462002腹膜透析病患採用民俗醫療行為的分析研究LIANG, CHING-CHU; HSIUNG, PING-CHUN ; LIU, FANG-YI; CHIAN, HSING-CHU; CHANG, MEI-CHU; CHEN, SU-CHING; 梁靜祝; 熊秉荃 ; 劉芳怡; 江杏珠; 張美珠; 陳淑卿journal article
472002精神分裂症患者烙印之因應策略Lin, Mei-ling; Hsiung, Ping-chuan; Hwu, Hai-gwo; Lin, Shu-jung; 林美伶; 熊秉荃; 胡海國; 林淑蓉; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0
482002Validation of the World Health Organization quality of life instrument in patients with HIV infectionCHI-TAI FANG ; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; |Yu, CF; Chen, MY; Wang, JDjournal article7363
492001Taiwanese Nurses' Attitudes about Taking a Sexual HistoryTSAI, YUN-FANG; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; 蔡芸芳; 熊秉荃 journal article
502001Re-Entry Nursing Student Attitudes and Behavoirs in Patient Sexual History TakingTSAI, YUN-FANG; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; 蔡芸芳; 熊秉荃 journal article0
512001Intention of residents in internal medicine to care for patients infected with HIV at a university hospital in TaiwanPING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Tsai, YF; Hung, CC; CHIEN-CHING HUNG ; 熊秉荃 ; 蔡芸芳; 陳茂源journal article65
522001The relationship of attributions to marital distress: A Comparison of Mainland Chinese and U.S. couplesStander, VA; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; MacDermid, Sjournal article00
532001Coping strategies of people with HIV/AIDS in negative health care experiencesPING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; Thomas, V; 熊秉荃 journal article33
542000Factor in Psychiatric Distress of Patients with Aids熊秉荃 ; 蔡芸芳; 梁靜祝; 施鐘卿; HSIUNG, PING-CHUN; TSAI, YUN-FANG; LIANG, CHING-CHU; SHI, CHUNG-CHING
552000Stressors of living with HIV/AIDS: patients' perspectives.PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; TSAI, YUN-FANG; 熊秉荃 ; 蔡芸芳journal article
562000後天免疫缺乏症候群患者精神狀態及其相關因素之分析PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; 熊秉荃 ; 蔡芸芳; 梁靜祝; 施鐘卿journal article
572000回應「回到根本之處思考:在擬象真實跟常規社會之間重建精神病患的生活結構」熊秉荃; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0
582000An investigation of junior college nursing students' intentions to care for HIV-positive patientsTSAI, YUN-FANG; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; 蔡芸芳; 熊秉荃 journal article
601999Living with Intentionality: Preservation Strategies of People with HIV/AIDS in TaiwanPING-CHUAN HSIUNG ; TSAI, YUN-FANG; 熊秉荃 ; 蔡芸芳journal article
611999人類免疫缺乏病毒感染者就醫經驗之初探HSIUNG, PING-CHUN; 熊秉荃 journal article
621999護理系在職進修班學生照護HIV陽性患者意願之探討Tsai, Yun-fang; PING-CHUAN HSIUNG journal article
631996某精神科急性病房住院病患自殺行為與處理狀況之探討Chen, Miao-chuan; Chen, Shing-chia; Hsiung, Ping-chun; 陳妙絹; 陳杏佳; 熊秉荃; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0
641995The Major Themes of the Professional Support Group of the New Psychiatric NursesHSIUNG, PING-CHUN ; TSAI, YUN-FANG; 熊秉荃 ; 蔡芸芳journal article0
651994Applying Play Therapy in Helping a Cyclic Vomiting Schoolager to Pass through a Bio-Psycho-Soical Crises賴倩瑜; 黃珮玲; 熊秉荃 ; LAI, C.-Y.; HUANG, P.-L.; HSIUNG, PING-CHUN
661994The Application of "Nurse-Parent Communication Model" to Promote the Coping Ability of an Autism Child and His/Her Mother許曉玲; 熊秉荃 ; 黃珮玲; SHEU, S L; HSIUNG, PING-CHUN; HUANG, P.-L .
671994以遊戲治療協助一位學齡期「週期性嘔吐」患孩渡過身體-心理-社會危機之護理經驗賴倩瑜; 黃珮玲; 熊秉荃; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0
681994運用「護理人員--雙親溝通模式」提升一位自閉症患孩及其母親的適應能力許曉玲; 熊秉荃; 黃珮玲; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0
691993男同性戀者之成長團體周勵志; 熊秉荃 ; 李宜靜; 張伯玉; 張瑋容
701993躁鬱病患者的家族治療:個案報告熊秉荃 ; 李朝雄; 蕭淑貞
711993長期療養機構中住民的特性徐亞瑛; 熊秉荃; 戴玉慈; 陳月枝; 黃久美; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0
721992居家護理對精神分裂病患日常生活之影響周照芳; 熊秉荃 ; 黃瑞媛
731992居家護理對精神分裂病患者家屬壓力知覺之影響周照芳; 熊秉荃 ; 黃瑞媛
741992老人長期療養機構護理人員及佐理員之角色與功能熊秉荃; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0
751991認識老人虐待及其護理熊秉荃; 蔡芸芳; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0
761986統合課程之探討陳玟秀; 高紀惠; 余玉眉; 張媚; 于博芮; 周照芳; 熊秉荃; HSIUNG PING-CHUAN journal article0