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12011A mobile mediation tool for improving interaction between depressed individuals and caregiversCHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; Yu, Sheng-Hsiang; POLLY HUANG ; Wang, Li-Shan; Chu, Hao-Hua; SUE-HUEI CHEN ; Chen, Sue-Huei ; Chen, Cheryl Chai-Hui; You, Chuang-Wen ; Huang, Polly ; YU, SHENG-HSIANG; WANG, LI-SHAN; CHU, HAO-HUA; CHEN, SUE-HUEI ; CHEN, CHERYL CHIA-HUI ; YOU, CHUANG-WEN ; HUANG, POLLY journal article44
22009Energy-efficient Boundary Detection for RF-Based Localization SystemsPolly Huang ; Lin, Tsung-Han; Huang, P.; Chu, Hao-Hua; You, Chuang-Wen journal article107
32008Impact of sensor-enhanced mobility prediction on the design of energy-efficient localizationYou, Chuang-Wen ; Huang, Polly ; Chu, Hao-hua; Chen, Yi-Chao; Chiang, Ji-Rung; Lau, Seng-Yongjournal article2517
42007Modeling and optimizing positional accuracy based on hyperbolic geometry for the adaptive radio interferometric positioning systemWu, Hao-ji; Chang, Ho-lin; You, Chuang-wen ; Chu, Hao-hua; Huang, Polly conference paper60
52007Energy-efficient Boundary Detection for RF-Based Localization SystemsLin, Tsung-Han; Huang, Polly ; Chu, Hao-hua; You, Chuang-Wen journal article107
62006Sensor-Enhanced Mobility Prediction for Energy-Efficient Localization Energy-Efficient LocalizationYou, Chuang-Wen ; Chen, Yi-Chao; Chiang, Ji-Rung; Huang, Polly ; Chu, Hao-Hua; Lau, Seng-Yongconference paper
72004Challenges: wireless Web servicesChu, Hao-hua; You, Chuang-wen ; Teng, Chao-mingjournal article00
82004Replicated client-server execution to overcome unpredictability in mobile environmentYou, Chuang-Wen ; Chu, Hao-huaconference paper
9-A Case for Replicated Client-Server Model for Optimal Application Response Time in the Presence of Unpredictable Network, Server Loads and Usage Patterns in Mobile Computing EnvironmentYou, Chuang-Wen ; Chu, Hao-Huajournal article