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12011National policy of watershed management and flood mitigation after the 921 Chi-Chi earthquake in TaiwanYIH-CHI TAN ; Lin, Yong-Jun ; Chang, Yuan-Hsiou; Tan, Yih-Chi ; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; Chiu, Yu-Jiajournal article77
22010The munker-white effect and chromatic induction share similar nonlinear response propertiesLin, Yong-Jun ; CHIEN-CHUNG CHEN ; Chen, Chien-Chung ; Chien, Sarina Hui-Linjournal article00
32007HEC-RAS水理演算模式與水工模型之比較-以台北縣雙溪鄉丁子蘭坑溪為例林永峻 ; 鄒宗儒; 丁振章; 李鴻源; 賴進松; 黃杰立journal article
42004水災應變模擬系統建置研究案-以汐止地區基隆河為例林永峻 ; 李鴻源; 馬士元journal article
52002網路型感潮河川之水質模擬李鴻源; 洪佐承; 林永峻 ; 林穎典journal article