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12019A data-driven probabilistic rainfall-inundation model for flash-flood warningsPan, T.-Y. ; Lin, H.-T. ; Liao, H.-Y.Water (Switzerland)86
22019Using Tabu search adjusted with urban sewer flood simulation to improve pluvial flood warning via rainfall thresholdsLiao H.-Y.; Pan T.-Y.; Chang H.-K.; Hsieh C.-T.; Lai J.-S.; Tan Y.-C.; MING-DAW SU ; Pan, T.-Y. ; Chang, H.-K. ; Tan, Y.-C. Water63
32018應用禁忌演算法進行降雨-淹水警戒值之優化:以臺北市文山區及新北市新店區為例=Applying the Tabu Search to Optimize a Rainfall-Inundation Warning Threshold: Case Studies in Wenshan, Taipei City and Xindian, New Taipei City廖晧宇; 潘宗毅 ; 譚義績 ; 賴進松; 蘇明道 農業工程學報00
42015熱島效應對臺北都會區水文型態之影響評估=Assessment of the Impacts of the Urban Heat Island Effect on the Hydrological Features in Taipei Metropolitan潘宗毅 ; 陳思瑋; 廖啟勳; 張高華; 張倉榮 農業工程學報00
52014Temporal precipitation estimation from nearby radar reflectivity using dynamic factor analysis in the mountainous watershed - a case during Typhoon MorakotKuo, Y.-M.; Chu, H.-J.; Pan, T.-Y. Hydrological Processes76
62014Coupling typhoon rainfall forecasting with overland-flow modeling for early warning of inundationPan, T.-Y. ; Chang, L.-Y.; Lai, J.-S.; Chang, H.-K. ; Lee, C.-S. ; Tan, Y.-C. Natural Hazards1816
72014地理統計應用於臺北市山坡地雨量站網評估與調整=Rainfall Network Evaluation and Augmentation Using Geostatistics - An Example in Taipei City連琮勛; 連政佳; 吳宜珍; 鄭克聲 ; 潘宗毅 ; 黃立遠; 李正利; 潘彥華中華水土保持學報
82014Sensitivity analysis of the hydrological response of the Gaping River basin to radar-raingauge quantitative precipitation estimates [Analyse de sensibilit? de la r?ponse hydrologique du bassin de la rivi?re Gaping aux estimations quantitatives de pr?cipitations par radar et pluviom?tres]TSUNG-YI PAN ; Li, Meng-ying; YONG-JUN LIN ; TSANG-JUNG CHANG ; Lai, Jihn-sung; YIH-CHI TAN Hydrological Sciences Journal44
92013Improvement of a drainage system for flood management with assessment of the potential effects of climate change [Amélioration des systèmes de drainage pour la gestion des crues, avec évaluation de l'effet de différents scénarios de changement climatique]HSIANG-KUAN CHANG ; YIH-CHI TAN ; Lai, Jihn-Sung; TSUNG-YI PAN ; Liu, Tzu-Ming; CHING-PIN TUNG Hydrological Sciences Journal3930
102013Improvement of watershed flood forecasting by typhoon rainfall climate model with an ANN-based southwest monsoon rainfall enhancementPan, T.-Y. ; Yang, Y.-T.; HUNG-CHI KUO ; YIH-CHI TAN ; Lai, J.-S.; TSANG-JUNG CHANG ; CHENG-SHANG LEE ; Hsu, K.H.Journal of Hydrology2220
112012Change-point detection of long-duration extreme precipitation and the effect on hydrologic design: A case study of south TaiwanChu, H.-J.; Pan, T.-Y. ; Liou, J.-J.Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment1618
122012Risk analysis for casualties of flood disaster: A Case Study of Tainan CityPan, T.-Y. ; Chang, T.-J. ; Lai, J.-S.; Wang, Y.-F.; Shieh, M.-C.; Hsu, M.-H.Journal of Taiwan Agricultural Engineering
132012Assessment of typhoon flood forecasting accuracy for various quantitative precipitation estimation methodsPan, T.-Y. ; Lin, Y.-J. ; Chang, T.-J. ; Lai, J.-S.; Tan, Y.-C. IAHS-AISH Publication
142011Hybrid neural networks in rainfall-inundation forecasting based on a synthetic potential inundation databasePan, T.-Y. ; Lai, J.-S.; Chang, T.-J. ; Chang, H.-K.; Chang, K.-C.; Tan, Y.-C. Natural Hazards and Earth System Science2322
152011Extreme precipitation estimation with Typhoon Morakot using frequency and spatial analysisChu, H.-J.; Pan, T.-Y. ; Liou, J.-J.Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences1715
162011Investigating common trends of annual maximum rainfalls during heavy rainfall events in southern TaiwanKuo, Yi-Ming; Chu, Hone-Jay; Pan, Tsung-Yi ; HWA-LUNG YU Journal of Hydrology2524
172011Impact of climate change on inundation at flood-prone areaPan, T.-Y. ; Cheng, C.-Y.; Lai, J.-S.; Tung, C.-P.; Chang, T.-J. Taiwan Water Conservancy
182011Radar rainfall mapping and hydrologic modeling for flood inundation in Linbain River basin, TaiwanPan, T.-Y. ; Liou, J.-J.; Su, S.-K.; Chu, H.-J.32nd Asian Conference on Remote Sensing 2011, ACRS 2011
192011Improvement of statistical typhoon rainfall forecasting with ANN-based,southwest monsoon enhancementPan, T.-Y.; Yang, Y.-T.; Kuo, H.-C.; Tan, Y.-C.; Lai, J.-S.; Chang, T.-J.; Lee, C.-S.; CHENG-SHANG LEE ; HUNG-CHI KUO ; Pan, T.-Y. ; Tan, Y.-C. ; Chang, T.-J. Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences99
202008Flood inundation simulations in the lowlands of the Changhua County, TaiwanLien, H.-C.; Chang, W.-Y.; Tsai, W.-F.; Lai, J.-S.; Chang, S.-K.; Pan, T.-Y. ; Tan, Y.-C. Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Modelling and Simulation
212007A deterministic linearized recurrent neural network for recognizing the transition of rainfall-runoff processesPan, T.-y. ; Wang, R.-y.; Lai, J.-s.Advances in Water Resources1716
222007指數型串聯線性水庫於河川逕流分量之演算=Routings of Runoff Components in a Streamflow Using Cascaded Linear Reservoirs with Exponential Expression鄭士仁; 周建明; 潘宗毅 ; 李如晃農業工程學報00
232006流域中上游之都市化效應與分洪設施對下游流量推估之影響=The Impacts of Urbanization and Flood Diversion on Upstream Area for Estimating Discharge on Downstream Watershed潘宗毅 ; 謝龍生; 鄭士仁農業工程學報00
242005Using recurrent neural networks to reconstruct rainfall-runoff processesPan, T.-Y. ; Wang, R.-Y.Hydrological Processes88
252004State space neural networks for short term rainfall-runoff forecastingPan, T.-Y. ; Wang, R.-Y.Journal of Hydrology5740
262員山子分洪隧道受氣候變遷影響之脆弱度分析 = The Analysis of Vulnerability for Yuan-San-Zhi Flood Division Tunnel under the Effect of Climate Changes賴進松; 潘宗毅 ; 童慶斌 ; 張國強; 譚義績 ; 林彥廷01