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12017農產品電子商務廣告之視覺傳播初探研究陳映廷; 許詩嫺; 岳修平; SHIH-HSIEN HSU journal article
22015Privacy paradox or bargained-for-exchange: capturing the relationships among privacy concerns, privacy management, self-disclosure, and social capitalSHIH-HSIEN HSU dissertation
32013Expressive versus consumptive blog use: Implications for interpersonal discussion and political participationSHIH-HSIEN HSU journal article
42013Influence of social media use on discussion network heterogeneity and civic engagement: The moderating role of personality traitsSHIH-HSIEN HSU journal article10999
52012A case study of the Foxconn suicides: An international perspective to framing the sweatshop issueGuo L.; Hsu S.-H.; Holton A.; Jeong S.H.; SHIH-HSIEN HSU journal article0
62010The power of framing: new challenges for researching the structure of meaning in newsSHIH-HSIEN HSU journal article
72004Terminal Titanium-Ligand Multiple Bonds. Cleavages of CO and CS Double Bonds with Ti Imido ComplexesHsu, Shih-Hsien ; Chang, Jr-Chiuan; Lai, Chun-Liang; Hu, Ching-Han; Lee, Hon Man; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Peng, Shie-Ming; Huang, Jui-Hsienjournal article