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12019臺灣匯率貶值政策之探討Chen, Shiu-sheng; 陳旭昇; CHEN SHIU-SHENG 經濟論文叢刊0
22017Exchange rate undervaluation and R&D activityChen, Shiu-Sheng ; SHIU-SHENG CHEN ; 陳旭昇 Journal of International Money and Finance 44
32017Further evidence on bear market predictability: The role of the external finance premiumChen, Nan-Kuang; Chen, Shiu-Sheng ; Chou, Yu-His; SHIU-SHENG CHEN International Review of Economics and Finance 33
42017從生產性福利體制到社會投資福利國家:臺灣與韓國的比較葉崇揚(Chung-Yang Yeh); 古允文(Yeun-Wen Ku); SHIU-SHENG CHEN 社會政策與社會工作學刊0
52016Does the Central Bank of Taiwan Intervene in the Foreign Exchange Market Asymmetrically?陳旭昇 經濟論文叢刊 00
62016央行「阻升不阻貶」?--再探臺灣匯率不對稱干預政策行為財務學文獻回顧與展望Chen, Shiu-sheng; 陳旭昇; CHEN SHIU-SHENG 經濟論文叢刊0
72016Commodity prices and related equity pricesSHIU-SHENG CHEN Canadian Journal of Economics 23
82016Does fear lead to recessions?Chen, Shiu-Sheng ; Chou, Yu-His; SHIU-SHENG CHEN Macroeconomic Dynamics 32
92016Predicting US recessions with stock market illiquidityChen, Shiu-Sheng ; Chou, Yu-Hsi; Yen, Chia-Yi; SHIU-SHENG CHEN B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics 66
102015Revisiting the relationship between exchange rates and fundamentalsSHIU-SHENG CHEN Journal of Macroeconomics 710
112014Do politics cause regime shifts in monetary policy?Chen, Shiu-Sheng ; Wang, Chun-Chieh; SHIU-SHENG CHEN Contemporary Economic Policy 43
122014Forecasting crude oil price movements with oil-sensitive stocksSHIU-SHENG CHEN Economic Inquiry 2124
132013時間序列分析:總體經濟與財務金融之應用Chen, Shiu-sheng; 陳旭昇; CHEN SHIU-SHENG 0
142013Oil price volatility and bilateral tradeChen, Shiu-Sheng ; Hsu, Kai-Wei; SHIU-SHENG CHEN Energy Journal 68
152013Using demographic changes to revisit the consumption-real exchange rate anomalySHIU-SHENG CHEN Manchester School 00
162012DSGE Models and Policy Making: A Critical Review陳旭昇 ; 湯茹茵經濟論文叢刊 00
172012Revisiting the empirical linkages between stock returns and trading volumeSHIU-SHENG CHEN Journal of Banking and Finance 4967
182012Consumer confidence and stock returns over market fluctuationsSHIU-SHENG CHEN Quantitative Finance 51
192012Does extracting inflation from stock returns solve the purchasing power parity puzzle?SHIU-SHENG CHEN Empirical Economics 10
202012動態隨機一般均衡(DSGE)模型在貨幣政策制定上的應用:一個帶有批判性的回顧與展望Chen, Shiu-sheng; Tang, Ju-yin; 陳旭昇; 湯茹茵; CHEN SHIU-SHENG 經濟論文叢刊0
212012Rational expectations, changing monetary policy rules, and real exchange rate dynamicsChen, Shiu-Sheng ; Chou, Yu-Hsi; SHIU-SHENG CHEN Journal of Banking and Finance 21
222012Reverse globalization: Does high oil price volatility discourage international trade?Chen, Shiu-Sheng ; Hsu, Kai-Wei; SHIU-SHENG CHEN Energy Economics 3638
232011Lack of consumer confidence and stock returnsSHIU-SHENG CHEN Journal of Empirical Finance 4343
242010台灣貨幣政策法則之檢視Chen, Shiu-sheng ; Wu, Tsong-min ; 陳旭昇 ; 吳聰敏 經濟論文 
252010House prices, collateral constraint, and the asymmetric effect on consumptionChen, Nan-Kuang ; Chen, Shiu-Sheng ; Chou, Yu-His; 陳南光 ; 陳旭昇 Journal of Housing Economics 2522
262010Do higher oil prices push the stock market into bear territory?Chen, Shiu-Sheng ; Chen, Shiu-Sheng ; SHIU-SHENG CHEN Energy Economics 122128
272010Taiwan's exchange rate and macroeconomic policies over the business cycleChen, Shiu-Sheng ; Wu, Tsong-Min; SHIU-SHENG CHEN Singapore Economic Review 22
282010Are mathematics and science test scores good indicators of labor-force quality?Chen, Shiu-Sheng ; Luoh, Ming-Ching Social Indicators Research 1210
292009Oil Price Pass-Through into InflationChen, Shiu-Sheng Energy Economics 101111
302009Revisiting the Inflationary Effects of Oil PricesChen, Shiu-Sheng Energy Journal 130
312009Exchange rates and fundamentals: Evidence from long-horizon regression testsChen, Shiu-Sheng ; Chou, Yu-Hsi; 陳旭昇 Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 66
322009Predicting the bear stock market: Macroeconomic variables as leading indicatorsSHIU-SHENG CHEN Journal of Banking and Finance 120131
332008匯率與經濟基本面: 長區間檢定陳旭昇 
352008Exchange Rates and Fundamentals: Evidence from Long-Horizon Regression TestsChen, Shiu-Sheng ; Chou, Yu-HsiSSRN Electronic Journal 00
362008台灣匯率制度初探Chen, Shiu-sheng ; Wu, Tsong-min ; 陳旭昇 ; 吳聰敏 經濟論文叢刊 00
372008The liquidity effect in a flexible-price monetary modelChen, Shiu-Sheng ; SHIU-SHENG CHEN ; Chen, Shiu-Sheng Oxford Economic Papers 11
382007An Assessment of Weymark’s Measures of Exchange Market Intervention: The Case of JapanChen, Shiu-Sheng Pacific Economic Review 
392007Does monetary policy have asymmetric effects on stock returns?Chen, Shiu-Sheng ; SHIU-SHENG CHEN ; Chen, Shiu-Sheng Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 113105
402007Assessment of Weymark's measures of exchange market intervention: The case of JapanChen, Shiu-Sheng ; Taketa, Kenshi; Chen, Shiu-Sheng ; SHIU-SHENG CHEN ; Taketa, KenshiPacific Economic Review 23
412007A note on interest rate defense policy and exchange rate volatilityChen, Shiu-Sheng ; Chen, Shiu-Sheng ; SHIU-SHENG CHEN Economic Modelling 45
422007Oil prices and real exchange ratesChen, Shiu-Sheng ; Chen, Hung-Chyn; Chen, Shiu-Sheng ; SHIU-SHENG CHEN ; Chen, Hung-ChynEnergy Economics 245276
432007Process Window of BaTiO3–Ni Ferroelectric–Ferromagnetic CompositesHuang, Yung-Ching; Chen, Shiu-Sheng ; Tuan, Wei-Hsing Journal of the American Ceramic Society 
442006Revisiting the Interest Rate-Exchange Rate Nexus: A Markov Switching ApproachChen, Shiu-Sheng Journal of Development Economics 
452006Perspectives on Teaching International Macroeconomics and Finance: Is There More Consensus in the 2000s?Chen, Shiu-Sheng Economics Bulletin 
462006Revisiting the interest rate-exchange rate nexus: A Markov-switching approachSHIU-SHENG CHEN Journal of Development Economics 2125
482005A note on in-sample and out-of-sample tests for granger causalityChen, Shiu-Sheng ; SHIU-SHENG CHEN Journal of Forecasting 1013
492005Does 'aggregation bias' explain the PPP puzzle?Chen, Shiu-Sheng ; SHIU-SHENG CHEN ; Engel, CharlesPacific Economic Review 4641
502004Real Exchange Rate Fluctuations and Monetary Shocks: A RevisitChen, Shiu-Sheng International Journal of Finance and Economics 
512003Macroeconomic fluctuations and welfare cost of stabilization policyChen, Shiu-Sheng ; SHIU-SHENG CHEN Journal of Policy Modeling 00