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12015Child allowances, educational subsidies and occupational choiceHUNG-JU CHEN journal article00
22015Stability of symbolic embeddings for difference equations and their multidimensional perturbationsHUNG-JU CHEN journal article33
32015International migration, skill acquisition and matching frictionsHUNG-JU CHEN journal article
42015Innovation and intellectual property rights in a product-cycle model of skills accumulationHUNG-JU CHEN journal article11
52013Migration, social security, and economic growthHUNG-JU CHEN journal article77
62013Child allowances, fertility, and chaotic dynamicsHUNG-JU CHEN journal article23
72013Capital adequacy and the bank lending channel: Macroeconomic implicationsHUNG-JU CHEN journal article67
82012Social status, human capital formation and the long-run effects of moneyHUNG-JU CHEN journal article53
92011Social status and long-run effects of monetary policy in a two-sector monetary economy of endogenous growthHUNG-JU CHEN journal article54
102011Labor-Market Frictions, Human Capital Accumulation, And Long-Run Growth: Positive Analysis And Policy Evaluation*HUNG-JU CHEN journal article88
112011Environmental tax policy, habit formation and nonlinear dynamicsHUNG-JU CHEN journal article78
122011Money, social status and endogenous growth in a generalized cash-in-advance modelHUNG-JU CHEN journal article76
132011Social status, human capital formation and super-neutrality in a two-sector monetary economyHUNG-JU CHEN journal article22
142009Life expectancy, fertility, and educational investmentHUNG-JU CHEN ; Chen, H.-J.journal article129
152009Habit formation and chaotic dynamics in an n-dimensional cash-in-advance economyHUNG-JU CHEN ; Chen, H.-J.; Li ,M.-C.journal article33
162009A brain gain or a brain drain? Migration, endogenous fertility, and human capital formationHUNG-JU CHEN journal article08
172009Social status and the growth effect of moneyHUNG-JU CHEN journal article1211
182009Demand Changes and Real Exchange Rate Dynamics in a Finite-horizon Model with Sectoral Adjustment CostsChen, Hung-Ju ; Hsu, Chen-Minjournal article
192008環境偏好持續性與綠色租稅陳虹如 report
202008高維度下的複雜動態行為:以具有消費持續性的貨幣持有模型和具有生產性的公共支出的疊代模型為例 (新制多年期第1年)陳虹如 report
212008Human capital externality and chaotic equilibrium dynamicsHUNG-JU CHEN ; Chen, H.-J.; Li, M.-C.journal article00
222008Chaotic dynamics in a monetary economy with habit persistenceHUNG-JU CHEN ; Chen, H.-J.; Li, M.-C.journal article55
232008The endogenous probability of migration and economic growthChen, H.-J; HUNG-JU CHEN journal article13
242008Productive public expenditures, expectation formations and nonlinear dynamicsHUNG-JU CHEN ; Chen, H.-J.; Li, M.-C.journal article32
252008Chaotic dynamics in an overlapping generations model with myopic and adaptive expectationsHUNG-JU CHEN journal article160
262007預期壽命延長與社會安全制度對長期所得水準的影響陳虹如 ; 林富玲; Chen, H.J. ; Lin, F.L.journal article; journal article00
272006A note on the impact of voucher programs when there are nonlinear peer group effectsHUNG-JU CHEN journal article33
282006International migration and economic growth: A source country perspectiveHUNG-JU CHEN journal article1310
292006Imperfect Capital Mobility and Chaotic Dynamics of the Real Exchange RateHUNG-JU CHEN ; Chen, H.J.; Li, M.C.journal article00
302006Current Account, Capital Formation and Terms of Trade Shocks: a Revisit of the Harberger-Laursen-Metzler EffectChen, Hung-Ju ; Hsu, Chen-Minjournal article53
312005移民對經濟成長的影響陳虹如 report
322005Educational systems, growth and income distribution: A quantitative studyChen, H.-J; HUNG-JU CHEN journal article2114
332005多國籍企業回應當地需求因素之研究一以行銷組合當地化為例HUNG-JU CHEN journal article
342004所得均等或成長? 教育券制度和同儕素質對人力資本累積的影響陳虹如 report
352004Human Capital Accumulation and Migration: A Brain Drain or a Brain Gain?Chen, Hung-Ju journal article