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12015父母對子女教育投資的性別差異-以就學貸款為例MING-CHING LUOH journal article
22012HBeAg(+) and sex ratio of offspring: Evidence form Taiwan's three million newbornsMING-JEN LIN ; Lin, Ming-Jen ; MING-CHING LUOH ; Chen, Pei-Jer ; Luoh, Ming-Ching journal article33
32010Male incarceration, the marriage market, and female outcomesMING-CHING LUOH journal article6251
42010Are mathematics and science test scores good indicators of labor-force quality?SHIU-SHENG CHEN ; Chen, Shiu-Sheng ; MING-CHING LUOH ; Luoh, Ming-Ching journal article118
52009誰付退休金?-勞退新制對私部門勞工薪資的影響MING-CHING LUOH journal article
62009誰付退休金?--- 勞退新制對私部門勞工薪資的影響楊子霆; 駱明慶 journal article
72008生育對婦女勞動供給的影響--- 工具變數法的估計駱明慶 report
82008外籍配偶子女與本籍配偶子女出生狀況與國小學習成就的差異駱明慶 report
92008Can hepatitis B mothers account for the number of missing women? Evidence from three million newborns in taiwanMING-JEN LIN ; Lin, Ming-Jen ; MING-CHING LUOH ; Luoh, Ming-Ching journal article1816
102008Beauty Premiums in Politics-The Case of the 2004 Legislator Elections in TaiwanLi, C.D.; Luoh, M.C. ; 李承達; 駱明慶 journal article00
112007台灣總生育率下降的表象與實際駱明慶 ; MING-CHING LUOH journal article
122006廢票哪裡來?-無效票定義範圍擴大對2004年總統選舉的影響MING-CHING LUOH journal article
132006教育成就的性別差異與國際通婚駱明慶 ; MING-CHING LUOH journal article00
142006廢票哪裡來?--- 無效票範圍擴大對2004年總統選舉的影響駱明慶 ; 駱明慶 journal article
152005國中畢業生升學與否的性別差異駱明慶 report
162004升學機會與家庭背景MING-CHING LUOH ; 駱明慶 journal article00
172004婚姻市場的教育配對與國際通婚駱明慶 report
182003丈夫失業對妻子勞動供給的影響駱明慶 report
192003Gender differences in completed schoolingMING-CHING LUOH ; Charles, Kerwin K.?; Luoh, Ming-Ching journal article5446
202003A wife's separate financial arrangement in contemporary JapanMING-CHING LUOH ; Ono, Hiromi; Luoh, Ming-Ching journal article44
212003高普考分省區定額錄取與特種考試的省籍篩選效果駱明慶 ; MING-CHING LUOH journal article00
222002世代移轉的族群差異駱明慶 report
232002Individual Consequences of Volunteer and Paid Work in Old Age: Health and MortalityLuoh, Ming-Ching ; Herzog, A. Regulajournal article
242002誰是台大學生?-性別、省籍與城鄉差異駱明慶 ; MING-CHING LUOH journal article00
252002誰是台大學生?--- 性別、省籍和城鄉差異駱明慶 ; 駱明慶 journal article
262001學校品質、能力篩選與教育報酬率─以高中高職為例駱明慶 report
272001教育成就的省籍與性別差異駱明慶 ; MING-CHING LUOH journal article00
282000教育成就的省籍與性別差異駱明慶 report
291998The Wealth Dynamics of American Families, 1984-94Hurst, Erik; Luoh, Ming-Ching ; Stafford, Frank P.journal article