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12023The effect of book-tax conformity on the information environment: from the analyst perspectiveWEN-HSIN HSU ; HSIN-TSAI LIU Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting00
22023Does the presence of a general counsel in top management affect securities class action lawsuits?WEN-HSIN HSU ; HSIN-TSAI LIU Corporate Governance: An International Review00
32022Book-tax differences, CEO overconfidence, and bank loan contractingWEN-HSIN HSU ; Lee C.-F; HSIN-TSAI LIU Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting66
42021Does Consolidation of Variable Interest Entities Improve the Pricing of Financial Reporting in Bank Holding Companies? Evidence From FAS 166/167WEN-HSIN HSU ; Pourjalali H; Ronen J.Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance
52020Corporate organizational structure, tax havens and analyst forecast propertiesWEN-HSIN HSU ; Liu Hsin Tsai ; Nathan, S.Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics
62020Predicting Future Performance Using Fair Value versus Historical Cost: Evidence from Investment Property [公允價值與歷史成本之盈餘預測能力:以投資性不動產為例]WEN-HSIN HSU ; Wu G.S.-H; Sbaraglia A.NTU Management Review
72020Compensation consultants’ reputation, non-compensation consulting services and CEO payWEN-HSIN HSU Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics
82020Creating competitive advantages: Interactions between ambidextrous diversification strategy and contextual factors from a dynamic capability perspectiveLin, HE; Hsu, IC; Audrey Wenhsin Hsu ; Chung, HMTECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING AND SOCIAL CHANGE2316
92019Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Disclosures: An Investigation of Investors’ and Analysts’ PerceptionsHsu A. ; Koh K.; HSIN-TSAI LIU ; Tong, Yen HJournal of Business Ethics2823
102019IAS 41 and stock price informativenessHsu Wen Hsin ; Liu Hsin Tsai ; Sami, H; Wan, THASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING & ECONOMICS34
112019The fair value of investment property and stock price crash riskHsu A.W.-H. ; Wu G.S.-H.Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics62
122018Customer-supplier Relationship and Cost Structure許文馨(Wen-Hsin Hsu) ; 林杰(Chieh Lin); 劉心才(Hsin-Tsai Liu) 臺大管理論叢21
132018Tax Avoidance and Pyramidal Layers許文馨(Wen-Hsin Hsu) ; 劉心才(Hsin-Tsai Liu) 臺大管理論叢20
142018Parent-subsidiary investment layers and the value of corporate cash holdingsHsu A.W. ; HSIN-TSAI LIU Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting54
152018Fair value disclosures and crash riskHsu A.W.-H. ; Pourjalali H.; Song Y.-J.Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics1110
162017Accounting Conservatism: A Review of the Research Based on Data from Asian Countries王泰昌 ; 林修葳 ; 許文馨 ; 陳漢鐘; 劉嘉雯 臺大管理論叢30
172017會計穩健性:基於亞洲國家資料研究之回顧王泰昌(Tay Chang Wang) ; 林修葳(Hsiou Wei W. Lin) ; 許文馨(Wen Hsin Hsu) ; 陳漢鐘(Han-Chung Chen); 劉嘉雯(Chia Wen Liu) ; HSIOU-WEI W. LIN 臺大管理論叢
182017會計穩健性:基於亞洲國家資料研究之回顧王泰昌 ; 林修葳 ; 許文馨 ; 陳漢鐘; 劉嘉雯 臺大管理論叢30
192017企業社會責任報告書之確信服務提供者、確信程度及產業專家與可信度之關聯:實驗研究杜榮瑞(Rong-Ruey Duh) ; 許文馨(Audrey Wen-Hsin Hsu) ; 鄧雨賢(Yu-Hsien Teng)中華會計學刊00
202016Parent-subsidiary Investment Layers and the Value of Corporate Cash HoldingsHSIN-TSAI LIU ; WEN-HSIN HSU 2016 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting 
212016Organizational structure, agency costs and accrual qualityHSIN-TSAI LIU ; WEN-HSIN HSU Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics1614
222016國際避稅行為與高階經理人之特質許文馨 ; 劉心才 會計研究月刊00
232016Development of the Taiwan Attitude toward Cancer Scale (TACS)Wu, Chih-Hsun; Hsu, Wen Hsin ; Lin, Tung; Chen, Sue-HueiInternational Journal of Psychology0
242015Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Disclosures: An Investigation of Investors’ and Analysts’ PerceptionWEN-HSIN HSU ; Sophia Liu2015 Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference 
252015Parent-Subsidiary Investment Layers, Deviation, Family Control, and the Value of Corporate Cash HoldingsWEN-HSIN HSU ; HSIN-TSAI LIU ; Ferdinand A. K. Gul38th European Accounting Association Annual Congress 
262015Investment Layers, Regional Envirnments, and Investment Efficiency: Evidence from FDI in ChinaWEN-HSIN HSU ; Sophia Liu38th European Accounting Association Annual Congress 
272015Can Anglo-Saxon audit committee scheme improve earnings quality in non-Anglo-Saxon environmentsJengfang Chen; RONG-RUEY DUH ; WEN-HSIN HSU ; Chien-Min PanJournal of Contemporary Accounting & Economics
282015Earnings management and government restrictions on outward foreign direct investment: Evidence from Taiwanese firmsRONG-RUEY DUH ; WEN-HSIN HSU ; MAN-KIT LEUNG Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting
292015Mandatory adoption of IFRS and timely loss recognition across Europe: The effect of corporate finance incentivesChan A.L.-C.; Hsu A.W.-H. ; Lee E.International Review of Financial Analysis1112
302015Does International Accounting Standard No. 27 Improve Investment Efficiency?WEN-HSIN HSU Journal of Accounting Auditing and Finance40
312015Investment layers, regional environments, and investment efficiency: evidence from FDI in ChinaWEN-HSIN HSU ; Huang S.-J; Hsintsai Liu S.Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics54
322015The Impact of IAS No. 27 on the Market’s Ability to Anticipate Future EarningsWEN-HSIN HSU Contemporary Accounting Research1313
332014Compensation Consultant and the Choice of Peer GroupsRONG-RUEY DUH ; WEN-HSIN HSU 2014 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting 
342014Can Director Compensation Impair CEO Pay Quality?Chih-Hsien Liao; WEN-HSIN HSU 37th European Accounting Association Annual Congress 
352014Tax Avoidance and Pyramidal Layers.HSIN-TSAI LIU ; Audrey Wen-hsin Hsu 2014 Management Theory and Practice Conference 
362014Can Director Equity Compensation Impair CEO Pay Quality?Chih-Hsien Liao; WEN-HSIN HSU 2014 Management Theory and Practice Conference 
372014Non-compensation-related consultant service and CEO compensationWEN-HSIN HSU Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics20
382014World-class manufacturing, management accountants' cross-functional participation, and firm performanceDuh R.-R. ; Hsu A.W.-H. ; Chow C.W.Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics11
392013Investment Layers and Investment Efficiency.WEN-HSIN HSU 25th Asian-Pacific Conference on International Accounting Issues 
402013Auditor Industry Expertise and CEO Compensation.Chih-Hsien Liao; WEN-HSIN HSU 25th Asian-Pacific Conference on International Accounting Issues 
412013Earnings Management and Government Restrictions on Outward Foreign Direct Investment: EvidenceWEN-HSIN HSU 25th Asian-Pacific Conference on International Accounting Issues 
422013Tax Avoidance and Pyramid Layers.WEN-HSIN HSU International Program of Asian Conference on Accounting & Society and Summer School 2013 
432013Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance, debt contracting, and earnings conservatism.WEN-HSIN HSU ; W. LinNTU Management Review
442013Does the market value corporate response to climate changeTAY-CHANG WANG ; WEN-HSIN HSU Omega, The International Journal of Management,6247
452013Can audit committee improve earnings quality more than the supervisors in Taiwan?WEN-HSIN HSU NTU Management Review
462013Factors in managing actuarial assumptions for pension fair value: Implications for IAS 19Hsu A.W.-H. ; Wu C.-F. ; Lin J.-C.Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies50
472013Corporate pyramids, conservatism and cost of debt: Evidence from TaiwanChan A.L.-C.; Hsu A.W.H. International Journal of Accounting140
482013Common Membership and Effective Corporate Governance: Evidence from Audit and Compensation CommitteesCHIH-HSIEN LIAO ; Hsu A.W.-H. Corporate Governance: An International Review
492013Does mandatory IFRS adoption affect the credit ratings of foreign firms cross-listed in the U.S.?Chan A.L.-C.; Hsu A.W.-H. ; Lee E.Accounting Horizons2416
502013Earnings Quality and Pay-Performance Sensitivity: Evidence from Employee Profit-Sharing Bonus in Taiwan許文馨(Wen-Hsin Hsu) ; 廖芝嫻(Chih-Hsien Liao) Asia Pacific Management Review40
512013A test of the market’s pricing of nontransitory dirty surplus flowsWEN-HSIN HSU Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics00
522012Does the control-based approach to consolidated statements better reflect market value than the ownership-based approach?WEN-HSIN HSU ; Cheng, Kang; RONG-RUEY DUH The International Journal of Accounting
532012The Costs and Benefits of Secured Creditor Control in Bankruptcy: Evidence from the UKWEN-HSIN HSU Review of Law and Economics 00
542012Impact of nurse agreeableness and negative mood of nursing supervisors on intention to help colleaguesHAO-YUAN CHANG ; Teng, Ching-I.; Chu, Tsung-Lan; Chang, Hsin-Ting; Hsu, Wen-Hsin Journal of Advanced Nursing1111
552012The Basu Measure as an Indicator of Conditional Conservatism: Evidence from UK Earnings ComponentsWEN-HSIN HSU European Accounting Review2119
562012Do Compensation Committees Pay Attention to Section 404 Opinions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act?Hsu A.W.-H. ; CHIH-HSIEN LIAO Journal of Business Finance and Accounting
572012The impact of IAS 39 on the risk-relevance of earnings volatility: Evidence from foreign banks cross-listed in the USADuh R.-R. ; Hsu A.W.H. ; Paulo Alexandre Pimenta AlveJournal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics
582012Political Restrictions on Investments in China and Asymmetric Timeliness of Earnings許文馨(Audrey Wen-Hsin Hsu) 會計評論00
592012Response to Discussant of "Does the Control Based Approach to Consolidated Statements Better Reflect Market Value than the Ownership-based Approach?"RONG-RUEY DUH ; WEN-HSIN HSU The International Journal of Accounting00
602012Determinants and performance effect of TQM practices: An integrated model approachRONG-RUEY DUH ; WEN-HSIN HSU Total Quality Management & Business Excellence5140
612011Financial distress and the earnings-sensitivity-difference measure of conservatismWEN-HSIN HSU ABACUS1715
622011Intellectual capital and analyst forecast: Evidence from the high-tech industry in TaiwanHsu W.-H. ; Chang Y.-L.Applied Financial Economics140
632011Value relevance of embedded value and IFRS 4 insurance contractsWu, Rebecca Chung-Fern ; Hsu, Audrey Wen-Hsin Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance: Issues and Practice88
642011Earnings Management and Classification Shifting through Affiliates許文馨(Wen-Hsin Hsu) ; 古又帆(Yo-Fan Ku)會計評論00
652010Does control-based approach predict stock price better than ownership-based approachWEN-HSIN HSU ; Rong-Ruey Duh; Kang ChengInternational Journal of Accounting Conference 
662010Can Audit Committees Improve Earnings Quality?Jengfang Chen; RONG-RUEY DUH ; Audrey Wen-Hsin Hsu ; Kevin Pan2010 European Accounting Association Annual Meeting 
672010The Determinants of Goodwill Reinstatements: Assessing the Implications of IFRS1Wang, Victoria; 許文馨(Audrey Wen-Hsin Hsu) 中華心理學刊 00
682010World Class Manufacturing, Management Accountants’ Cross-functional Involvement, and Firm PerformanceDuh, Rong-Ruey ; Hsu, Audrey Wen-hsin ; Chow, Chee W.2010 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting 
692009The Earnings-Sensitivity Differences as an Indicator of Asymmetric TimelinessWEN-HSIN HSU ; J.O’Hanlon; Ken Peasnell2009 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting 
712008混濁剩餘會計流量(dirty surplus flow)對績效評估的影響:以員工分紅為主軸許文馨 
722008The Impact of Dirty Surplus Flows on Performance Measurement: Evidence from Employee BonusWEN-HSIN HSU ; Stephen Lin2008 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting 
732008Asymmetric Timeliness of Earnings and board of Directors’ Remuneration PlansWEN-HSIN HSU ; Ann Chan2008 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting 
742008The Interrelation among Profit Sharing Stock Bonus, Accounting Earnings and stock returnsWEN-HSIN HSU ; Yaolin Chang2008 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting 
752008The Use of Extended Credit (Channel Stuffing) to Avoid Reporting LossesLin, Chen-Chang; Wang, Lan-Fen; Tung, Samuel; Hsu, Audrey; Lai, Ching-Hui; WEN-HSIN HSU Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics109
762008The earnings-sensitivity differences as an indicator of asymmetric timelinessWEN-HSIN HSU ; J.O’Hanlon; Ken PeasnellEuropean Accounting Annual Conference 
772008Corporate Insolvency in the UK: The Impact of the Enterprise Act 2002J, Armour; WEN-HSIN HSU ; Walters, A.European Company and Financial Law Review 
782008An integrative model of customers' perceptions of health care services in TaiwanWu H.-L. ; Liu C.-Y.; WEN-HSIN HSU Service Industries Journal4034
792008會計盈餘反應訊息時效性之不對稱與董監酬勞關係許文馨(Audrey Wen-Hsin Hsu) ; 詹凌菁(Ann Chan)中山管理評論 00
802007The Interrelations among Information Asymmetry, Bid-ask Spreads, Trading Volume and Stock Returns Around Earnings AnnouncementsTung, S; WEN-HSIN HSU ; J. Lai19th Asia-Pacific conference of international accounting issues 
812007Corporate Insolvency in the UK: The Impact of the Enterprise ActArmour, J; WEN-HSIN HSU ; A. WaltersCorporate Insolvency - Droit des Enterprises en Difficulte: 2nd European Company and Financial Law Review Symposium 
822007Can the disclosure of intellectual capital reduce the information riskWEN-HSIN HSU ; Y. ChangThe R&D management conference 2007 
832007The costs of benefits of secured creditor control in bankruptcy: evidence from the UKWEN-HSIN HSU ; O’Hanlon, J; Peasnell, Ken2007 American Law and Economics Association Seventeenth Annual Meeting 
842006The costs of benefits of secured creditor control in bankruptcy: evidence from the UKArmour, J; WEN-HSIN HSU ; A. Walters1st Empirical Legal Study Conference
852006Asymmetric Timeliness of Earnings: Extensions and Puzzles (PhD Thesis)WEN-HSIN HSU 
862006The Asymmetric Timeliness of Earnings: a decomposition analysisWEN-HSIN HSU ; O’Hanlon, J; Peasnell, KenDoctoral Colloquium of British Accounting Association 2006 Annual Conference