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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12023Technology options and optimal pricing of a two-sided mobile payment platformYU-HUNG CHEN ; LING-CHIEH KUNG ; Hu, Chieh Hsiang; Huang, Chien YuJournal of the Operational Research Society00
22023Optimal Advertorial Allocation and Contract Design of a Multichannel Networks Company on Video Sharing PlatformsChien, Po Han; LING-CHIEH KUNG NTU Management Review00
32023A service facility location problem considering customer preference and facility capacityCHENG-NAN KANG ; LING-CHIEH KUNG ; Chiang, Po Hsuan; JIUN-YU YU Computers and Industrial Engineering43
42022Domain Adaptation Technique for Motion-based Prognostic and Health Management on Robot ArmLu, Hsuan Wen; Song, Ting Yuan; Cheng, Yu Ling; LING-CHIEH KUNG ; CHIA-YEN LEE Conference Proceedings - 27th ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design0
52022Optimization for a Joint Predictive Maintenance and Job Scheduling Problem With Endogenous Yield RatesLING-CHIEH KUNG ; Liao, Zih YunIEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering23
62021Overbooking for physical examination considering late cancellation and set-resource relationshipHo, Te-Wei; LING-CHIEH KUNG ; Huang, Hsin-Ya; Lai, Jui-Fen; HAN-MO CHIU BMC Health Services Research11
72021Impact of management models on revenue sharing for signaling medical equipment reliabilityChen Y.-H; Kung L.-C; Yu J.-Y; Tsai H.-J; JIUN-YU YU ; YU-HUNG CHEN ; LING-CHIEH KUNG Journal of the Operational Research Society20
82019Evaluation of innovation risk through patent risk factors: An empirical approachCheng, C.-Y.K.; Kung, L.-C.; LING-CHIEH KUNG Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property12
92018An approximation algorithm for a competitive facility location problem with network effectsKung, L.-C.; Liao, W.-H.; LING-CHIEH KUNG European Journal of Operational Research2317
102017The optimal pricing strategy for two-sided platform delivery in the sharing economyKung, L.-C.; Zhong, G.-Y.; LING-CHIEH KUNG Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review144131
112014Impact of reseller's and sales agent's forecasting accuracy in a multilayer supply chainKung, L.-C.; Chen, Y.-J.; LING-CHIEH KUNG Naval Research Logistics54
122012The resource allocation problem for demand forecasting and performance measurementKung, L.-C. ; Chen, Y.-J.Operations Research Letters55
132011Monitoring the market or the salesperson? the value of information in a multilayer supply chainKung, L.-C.; Chen, Y.-J.; LING-CHIEH KUNG Naval Research Logistics98
142010A Heuristic Relief Transportation Planning Algorithm for Emergency Supply Chain ManagementChern, Ching-Chin ; Chen, Yu-Lin; Kung, Ling-Chieh International Journal of Computer Mathematics2015
152010Designing a decision-support system for new product sales forecastingChing-Chin, C.; Ka Ieng, A.I.; Ling-Ling, W.; LING-CHIEH KUNG ; LING-LING WU Expert Systems with Applications5338
162009Heuristic factory planning algorithm for advanced planning and schedulingLING-CHIEH KUNG ; CHING-CHIN CHERN Computers and Operations Research1817