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12017Tour recommendations by mining photo sharing social mediaSun C.-Y.; Lee A.J.T. journal article
22016Mining perceptual maps from consumer reviewsLee A.J.T. ; Yang F.-C.; Chen C.-H.; Wang C.-S.; Sun C.-Y.journal article
32016Mining Health Social Media with Sentiment AnalysisYang F.-C.; Lee A.J.T. ; Kuo S.-C.journal article
42015Introduction to the special issue on ¡§Data analytics for marketing intelligence¡¨Chern C.-C.; Lee A.J.T. ; Wei C.-P.journal article
52014Discovering content-based behavioral roles in social networksLee A.J.T. ; Yang F.-C.; Tsai H.-C.; Lai Y.-Y.journal article
62014Information diffusion among users on Facebook fan pages over time: Its impact on movie box officeTang W.-H.; Yeh M.-Y.; Lee A.J.T. conference paper
72012Mining Closed Multi-Dimensional Interval PatternsANTHONY J. T. LEE ; Fu-Chen Yang; Wei-Cheng Leejournal article
82012Object recognition using discriminative partsLiu Y.-H.; Lee A.J.T. ; Chang F.journal article
92011Stock price movement prediction using representative prototypes of financial reportsLin M.-C.; Lee A.J.T. ; Kao R.-T.; Chen K.-T.journal article
102011Mining Web navigation patterns with a path traversal graphWang Y.-T.; Lee A.J.T. journal article
112011Mining Dense Overlapping Subgraphs in weighted protein-protein interaction networksLee A.J.T. ; Lin M.-C.; Hsu C.-M.journal article
122010Mining Significant SubspacesANTHONY J. T. LEE ; Ming-Chih Lin; Yun-Ru Wang; Kuo-Tay Chenjournal article
132010A data mining approach to face detectionTsao W.-K.; Lee A.J.T. ; Liu Y.-H.; Chang T.-W.; Lin H.-H.journal article
142010Mining frequent closed patterns in pointset databasesLee A.J.T. ; Tsao W.-K.; Chen P.-Y.; Lin M.-C.; Yang S.-H.journal article
152010Mining closed flexible patterns in time-series databasesWu H.-W.; Lee A.J.T. journal article
162010An effective clustering approach to stock market predictionLee A.J.T. ; Lin M.-C.; Kao R.-T.; Chen K.-T.conference paper
172009Mining closed patterns in multi-sequence time-series databasesLee A.J.T. ; Wu H.-W.; Lee T.-Y.; Liu Y.-H.; Chen K.-T.journal article
182009Mining frequent trajectory patterns in spatial-temporal databasesLee A.J.T. ; Chen Y.-A.; Ip W.-C.journal article
192009Mining frequent patterns in image databases with 9D-SPA representationLee A.J.T. ; Liu Y.-H.; Tsai H.-M.; Lin H.-H.; Wu H.-W.journal article
202009Mining inter-sequence patternsWang C.-S.; Lee A.J.T. journal article
212008An efficient algorithm for mining closed inter-transaction itemsetsLee A.J.T. ; Wang C.-S.; Weng W.-Y.; Chen Y.-A.; Wu H.-W.journal article
222008A new video semantic model based on 3D C-string knowledge representationYu P.; Lee A.J.T. ; Kuo N.; Hwang C.-S.conference paper
232007跨交易關聯規則演算法之研究李瑞庭 ; 李瑞庭 
242007Video Algebra for Spatio-Temporal Reasoning of Iconic Videos Represented in 3D C-stringANTHONY J. T. LEE ; Ping Yu; Han-Pang Chiu; Hsiu-Hui Linjournal article
252007A novel filtration method in biological sequence databasesLee A.J.T. ; Lin C.-W.; Lo W.-H.; Chen C.-C.; Chen J.-X.journal article
262007Mining spatial association rules in image databasesLee A.J.T. ; Hong R.-W.; Ko W.-M.; Tsao W.-K.; Lin H.-H.journal article
272007An efficient algorithm for mining frequent inter-transaction patternsLee A.J.T. ; Wang C.-S.journal article
282007Video algebra for spatio-temporal reasoning of iconic videos represented in 3D C-stringLee A.J.T. ; Yu P.; Chiu H.-P.; Lin H.-H.journal article
292006Mining association rules with multi-dimensional constraintsLee A.J.T. ; Lin W.-C.; Wang C.-S.journal article
3020053D Z-string: A new knowledge structure to represent spatio-temporal relations between objects in a videoLee A.J.T. ; Yu P.; Chiu H.-P.; Hong R.-W.journal article
312005Similarity retrieval of videos by using 3D C-string knowledge representationLee A.J.T. ; Chiu H.-P.; Yu P.journal article
322004找尋序列間關聯法則之研究李瑞庭 text
332004An approach to content-based video retrievalLee A.J.T. ; Hong R.-W.; Chang M.-F.conference paper
342003視訊資料庫中物件時空關係推理與相似性查詢之研究李瑞庭 text
3520032D Z-string: A new spatial knowledge representation for image databasesLee A.J.T. ; Chiu H.-P.journal article
362003Efficient data mining for calling path patterns in GSM networksLee A.J.T. ; Wang Y.-T.journal article
3720023D C-string: A new spatio-temporal knowledge representation for video database systemsLee A.J.T. ; Chiu H.-P.; Yu P.journal article
382000使用動態規劃法之內涵式視訊搜尋李瑞庭 text
391999視訊剖析與索引之研究李瑞庭 text
401998在多媒體資料庫中視訊索引之研究李瑞庭 text
411996在空間性資料庫中有效率的物件式存取方法李瑞庭 text
421995空間性資料存取方法之研究李瑞庭 text
431988A simulation for emergency call system of hospitalsLiu, M.S.; LEE, ANTHONY J. T. journal article
441988A simulation for a hospital emergency call system using SLAM IILiu, M.S.; LEE, ANTHONY J. T. journal article