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12014State of Büchi complementationYIH-KUEN TSAY ; Tsai, M.-H; Fogarty, S; Vardi, M.Yjournal article62
22013Büchi Store: An open repository of ω-automataYIH-KUEN TSAY journal article60
32013GOAL for games, omega-automata, and logicsYIH-KUEN TSAY book160
42011State of Büchi complementationYIH-KUEN TSAY book140
52011Büchi store: An open repository of Büchi automataYIH-KUEN TSAY book140
62010Comparing learning algorithms in automated assume-guarantee reasoningYIH-KUEN TSAY book60
72010Automatic numeric abstractions for heap-manipulating programsYIH-KUEN TSAY conference paper260
82010Automated assume-guarantee reasoning through implicit learningYIH-KUEN TSAY book310
92010Automatic numeric abstractions for heap-manipulating programsYIH-KUEN TSAY journal article
102009Learning minimal separating DFA's for compositional verificationYIH-KUEN TSAY book450
112009Automated compositional reasoning of intuitionistically closed regular propertiesYIH-KUEN TSAY journal article00
122009Tool support for learning Büchi automata and linear temporal logicYIH-KUEN TSAY journal article21
142008THOR: A tool for reasoning about shape and arithmetic - Tool paperYIH-KUEN TSAY book300
152008GOAL extended: Towards a research tool for omega automata and temporal logicYIH-KUEN TSAY book170
162008Extending automated compositional verification to the full class of omega-regular languagesYIH-KUEN TSAY book470
172008Automated compositional reasoning of intuitionistically closed regular propertiesIbarra, Oscar H.; YIH-KUEN TSAY ; Ravikumar, Balabook10
182007Automated technology for verification and analysis (ATVA 2005): PrefaceYIH-KUEN TSAY journal article00
192007GOAL: A graphical tool for manipulating Büchi automata and temporal formulaeYIH-KUEN TSAY book
202005Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics): PrefaceYIH-KUEN TSAY book
212005以具量詞之命題時間邏輯及其延伸為表示法的模組化規格與驗證(I)蔡益坤 text
222004元件合成軟體之形式化驗證初探蔡益坤 text
232003Composing temporal-logic specifications with machine assistanceYIH-KUEN TSAY book
242002可容錯之行動物件定位演算法蔡益坤 text
252001以時間邏輯為表示法的模組細步化蔡益坤 text
262000Compositional verification in linear-time temporal logicYIH-KUEN TSAY book
272000Algorithmic analysis of programs with well quasi-ordered domainsYIH-KUEN TSAY journal article141107
282000分散式互斥與物件追蹤蔡益坤 text
291999分散式系統的模組化驗證蔡益坤 text
301998Deriving a scalable algorithm for mutual exclusionYIH-KUEN TSAY book
311998時間邏輯式規格的自動分析與可組合性蔡益坤 text
321997反應式系統的可組合規格與自動驗證蔡益坤 text
331996General decidability theorems for infinite-state systemsYIH-KUEN TSAY conference paper
341996Assumption/guarantee specifications in linear-time temporal logicJonsson, Bengt; Tsay, Yih-Kuen journal article; text3322
351995Deducing fairness properties in UNITY logic - a new completeness resultTsay,Y. -K.; YIH-KUEN TSAY ; Bagrodia, R. L.journal article21
361995Assumption/guarantee specifications in linear-time temporal logicJonsson, B; Tsay, Y.-K.; YIH-KUEN TSAY conference paper60
371994Fault-Tolerant Algorithms for Fair Interprocess SynchronizationYIH-KUEN TSAY journal article109
381994An algorithm with optimal failure locality for the dining philosophers problemTsay, Y.-K; Bagrodia, R.L.; YIH-KUEN TSAY conference paper7
391993Some impossibility results in interprocess synchronizationYIH-KUEN TSAY journal article1412
401992A real-time algorithm for fair interprocess synchronizationTsay, Y.-K; Bagrodia, R.L.; YIH-KUEN TSAY conference paper40
41-Introducing the sequence model for text retrievalTsay, Yih-Kuen ; Chen, Yu-Fangtext