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12022Intravenous calcitriol administration modulates mesenteric lymph node CD4+ T-cell polarization and attenuates intestinal inflammation in obese mice complicated with polymicrobial sepsisYeh, Chiu-Li; JIN-MING WU ; PO-JEN YANG ; PO-CHU LEE ; KUEN-YUAN CHEN ; CHUN-CHIEH HUANG ; Yeh, Sung-Ling; MING-TSAN LIN Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition64
22020Intravenous Glutamine Administration Improves Glucose Tolerance and Attenuates the Inflammatory Response in Diet-Induced Obese Mice after Sleeve GastrectomyYeh, Chiu-Li; PO-JEN YANG ; PO-CHU LEE ; JIN-MING WU ; PO-DA CHEN ; CHUN-CHIEH HUANG ; Yeh, Sung-Ling; MING-TSAN LIN Nutrients12
32020Effects of the Glutamine Administration on T Helper Cell Regulation and Inflammatory Response in Obese Mice Complicated with Polymicrobial SepsisYeh, Chiu-Li; Su, Li-Han; JIN-MING WU ; PO-JEN YANG ; PO-CHU LEE ; PO-DA CHEN ; CHUN-CHIEH HUANG ; Hsieh, Der-Yirng; Wang, Hsueh-Ju; Yeh, Sung-Ling; MING-TSAN LIN Mediators of inflammation33
42020Antecedent dietary glutamine supplementation benefits modulation of liver pyroptosis in mice with polymicrobial sepsisPai M.-H.; JIN-MING WU ; PO-JEN YANG ; PO-CHU LEE ; CHUN-CHIEH HUANG ; Yeh S.-L.; MING-TSAN LIN Nutrients1211
52010Surgery for gastrointestinal stromal tumors of the duodenumYU-WEN TIEN ; CHIH-YUAN LEE ; CHUN-CHIEH HUANG ; REY-HENG HU ; PO-HUANG LEE Annals of Surgical Oncology5856
62010Gasless laparoscopy-assisted versus open resection of small bowel lesionsCHUN-CHIEH HUANG ; CHING-YAO YANG ; MING-HSUN WU ; Wang M.-Y.; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; I-RUE LAI ; CHIUNG-NIEN CHEN ; MING-TSAN LIN Journal of Laparoendoscopic and Advanced Surgical Techniques98
72009Chylous ascites after excision of a choledochal cyst in a childCHUN-CHIEH HUANG ; Tsai M.-S.; HONG-SHIEE LAI Journal of Pediatric Surgery54
82009Gastrointestinal stromal tumor of the small intestine: A clinicopathologic study of 70 cases in the postimatinib eraCHUN-CHIEH HUANG ; CHING-YAO YANG ; I-RUE LAI ; CHIUNG-NIEN CHEN ; PO-HUANG LEE ; MING-TSAN LIN World Journal of Surgery1616