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12015High risk of herpes zoster among patients with advance acute kidney injury - A population-based studyLin, Ching-Hung ; Yang, Wei-Shun; VIN-CENT WU ; Chen, I-Chiun; WEI-SHUN YANG ; Huang, Chiun-Sheng ; MENG-KAN CHEN ; Chen, Meng-Kan; Ko, Wen-Je; Hu, Fu-Chang; Chen, Likwang; Kuo, Wen-Hung ; Wu, Kwan-Dun; Kuo, Kuan-Ting ; Wu, Vin-Cent; Wang, Chung-Chieh; Wu, Pei-Fang; Chang, Dwan-Ying; Wang, Ming-Yang; Chang, Chin-Hao; Chen, Wei-Wu; Lu, Yen-Shen; Cheng, Ann-Lii; 林志弘; 陳偉武; 郭文宏 ; 盧彥伸; 林璟宏; 陳怡君; 郭冠廷 ; 王中傑; 吳佩芳; 鄭安理 ; 黃俊升 ; 張端瑩; 王明暘; 張晉豪; 林季宏 journal article23
22015Helicobacter Pylori Infection is Positively Associated with Metabolic Syndrome in Taiwanese Adults: A Cross-Sectional StudyKUO-CHIN HUANG ; WEN-FENG HSU ; KUEN-CHEH YANG ; MENG-KAN CHEN journal article2829
32014Carbon dioxide insufflation can significantly reduce toilet use after colonoscopy: A double-blind randomized controlled trialHAN-MO CHIU ; WEN-FENG HSU ; WEN-HAO HU ; MENG-KAN CHEN ; MING-SHIANG WU journal article1311
42013Increased cancer mortality in Taiwanese inter-island migrantsMENG-KAN CHEN journal article
52011Cost-effectiveness analysis for Pap smear screening and human papillomavirus DNA testing and vaccinationHSIU-HSI CHEN ; MENG-KAN CHEN journal article1410
62010Explicit birational geometry of 3-folds of general type, IIChen, Jungkai A.; Chen, Meng journal article200
72009Radial artery approach for endovascular salvage of occluded autogenous radial-cephalic fistulaeCHUNG-WEI YANG ; MENG-KAN CHEN ; CHIH-CHENG WU journal article2220