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12019HAI-2 as a novel inhibitor of plasmin represses lung cancer cell invasion and metastasisWu S.-R.; Lin C.-H.; Shih H.-P.; Ko C.-J.; Lin H.-Y.; Lan S.-W.; Lin H.-H.; Tu H.-F.; Ho C.-C.; Huang H.-P.; MING-SHYUE LEE journal article33
22019Activation of sphingosine kinase by lipopolysaccharide promotes prostate cancer cell invasion and metastasis via SphK1/S1PR4/matriptaseLee C.-F.; Dang A.; Hernandez E.; Pong R.-C.; Chen B.; Sonavane R.; Raj G.; Kapur P.; Lin H.-Y.; Wu S.-R.; Ko C.-J.; Lo U.-G.; Lee H.-Y.; Hsieh J.-T.; MING-SHYUE LEE journal article45
32018Antibody-assisted target identification reveals afatinib, an EGFR covalent inhibitor, down-regulating ribonucleotide reductaseYu C.-H.; Chou C.-C.; Tu H.-F.; Huang W.-C.; Ho Y.-Y.; Khoo K.-H.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Chang G.-D.journal article20
42017The role and mechanism of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in prostate cancer progressionLo U.-G.; Lee C.-F.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Hsieh J.-T.Review4637
52017Inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2-mediated matriptase activation contributes to the suppression of prostate cancer cell motility and metastasisKo C.-J.; Lan S.-W.; Lu Y.-C.; Cheng T.-S.; Lai P.-F.; Tsai C.-H.; Hsu T.-W.; Lin H.-Y.; Shyu H.-Y.; Wu S.-R.; Lin H.-H.; Hsiao P.-W.; Chen C.-H.; Huang H.-P.; MING-SHYUE LEE journal article1513
62017The Kunitz Domain i of Hepatocyte Growth Factor Activator Inhibitor-2 Inhibits Matriptase Activity and Invasive Ability of Human Prostate Cancer CellsWu S.-R.; Teng C.-H.; Tu Y.-T.; Ko C.-J.; Cheng T.-S.; Lan S.-W.; Lin H.-Y.; Lin H.-H.; Tu H.-F.; Hsiao P.-W.; Huang H.-P.; Chen C.-H.; MING-SHYUE LEE journal article89
72016Ketamine Increases Permeability and Alters Epithelial Phenotype of Renal Distal Tubular Cells via a GSK-3β-Dependent MechanismShyu H.-Y.; Ko C.-J.; Luo Y.-C.; Lin H.-Y.; Wu S.-R.; Lan S.-W.; Cheng T.-S.; Hu S.-H.; MING-SHYUE LEE journal article44
82016Natural endogenous human matriptase and prostasin undergo zymogen activation via independent mechanisms in an uncoupled mannerSu H.C.; Liang Y.A.; Lai Y.-J.J.; Chiu Y.-L.; Barndt R.B.; Shiao F.; Chang H.-H.D.; Lu D.D.; Huang N.; Tseng C.-C.; Wang J.-K.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Johnson M.D.; Huang S.-M.; Lin C.-Y.journal article43
92015N-glycan branching affects the subcellular distribution of and inhibition of matriptase by HAI-2/placental bikuninLai Y.-J.J.; Chang H.-H.D.; Lai H.; Xu Y.; Shiao F.; Huang N.; Li L.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Johnson M.D.; Wang J.-K.; Lin C.-Y.journal article148
102015BCAS2 promotes prostate cancer cells proliferation by enhancing AR mRNA transcription and protein stabilityKuo P.-C.; Huang C.-W.; Lee C.-I.; Chang H.-W.; Hsieh S.-W.; Chung Y.-P.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Huang C.-S.; Tsao L.-P.; Tsao Y.-P.; Chen S.-L.journal article77
112015Androgen-induced TMPRSS2 activates matriptase and promotes extracellular matrix degradation, prostate cancer cell invasion, tumor growth, and metastasisKo C.-J.; Huang C.-C.; Lin H.-Y.; Juan C.-P.; Lan S.-W.; Shyu H.-Y.; Wu S.-R.; Hsiao P.-W.; Huang H.-P.; Shun C.-T.; MING-SHYUE LEE journal article3737
122014HAI-2 suppresses the invasive growth and metastasis of prostate cancer through regulation of matriptaseTsai C.-H.; Teng C.-H.; Tu Y.-T.; Cheng T.-S.; Wu S.-R.; Ko C.-J.; Shyu H.-Y.; Lan S.-W.; Huang H.-P.; Tzeng S.-F.; Johnson M.D.; Lin C.-Y.; Hsiao P.-W.; MING-SHYUE LEE journal article3531
132013Lysophosphatidic acid induces reactive oxygen species generation by activating protein kinase C in PC-3 human prostate cancer cellsLin C.-C.; Lin C.-E.; Lin Y.-C.; Ju T.-K.; Huang Y.-L.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Chen J.-H.; Lee H.journal article1718
142013Curcumin-targeting pericellular serine protease matriptase role in suppression of prostate cancer cell invasion, tumor growth, and metastasisCheng T.-S.; Chen W.-C.; Lin Y.-Y.; Tsai C.-H.; Liao C.-I.; Shyu H.-Y.; Ko C.-J.; Tzeng S.-F.; Huang C.-Y.; Yang P.-C.; Hsiao P.-W.; MING-SHYUE LEE journal article3333
152012Suppression of free fatty acid-induced insulin resistance by phytopolyphenols in C2C12 mouse skeletal muscle cellsDeng Y.-T.; Chang T.-W.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Lin J.-K.journal article6552
162012Persistent elevation of hepatocyte growth factor activator inhibitors in cholangiopathies affects liver fibrosis and differentiationHuang H.-P.; Chang M.-H.; Chen Y.-T.; Hsu H.-Y.; Chiang C.-L.; Cheng T.-S.; Wu Y.-M.; Wu M.Z.; Hsu Y.-C.; Shen C.-C.; Lee C.-N.; Chuang Y.-H.; Hong C.-L.; Jeng Y.-M.; Chen P.-H.; Chen H.-L.; MING-SHYUE LEE journal article99
172011Matriptase is inhibited by extravascular antithrombin in epithelial cells but not in most carcinoma cellsChou F.-P.; Xu H.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Chen Y.-W.; Richards O.X.D.; Swanson R.; Olson S.T.; Johnson M.D.; Lin C.-Y.journal article76
182010Matriptase is involved in ErbB-2-induced prostate cancer cell invasionWu S.-R.; Cheng T.-S.; Chen W.-C.; Shyu H.-Y.; Ko C.-J.; Huang H.-P.; Teng C.-H.; Lin C.-H.; Johnson M.D.; Lin C.-Y.; MING-SHYUE LEE journal article2927
192010TMPRSS2, a serine protease expressed in the prostate on the apical surface of luminal epithelial cells and released into semen in prostasomes, is misregulated in prostate cancer cellsChen Y.-W.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Lucht A.; Chou F.-P.; Huang W.; Havighurst T.C.; Kim K.; Wang J.-K.; Antalis T.M.; Johnson M.D.; Lin C.-Y.journal article3827
202009Polarized epithelial cells secrete matriptase as a consequence of zymogen activation and HAI-1-mediated inhibitionWang J.-K.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Tseng I.-C.; Chou F.-P.; Chen Y.-W.; Fulton A.; Lee H.-S.; Chen G.-J.; Johnson M.D.; Lin C.-Y.journal article5552
212009Revisiting histidine-dependent acid phosphatases: a distinct group of tyrosine phosphatasesVeeramani S.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Lin M.-F.journal article1413
222008Purification from human milk of matriptase complexes with secreted serpins: Mechanism for inhibition of matriptase other than HAI-1Tseng I.-C.; Chou F.-P.; Su S.-F.; Oberst M.; Madayiputhiya N.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Wang J.-K.; Sloane D.E.; Johnson M.; Lin C.-Y.journal article3632
232007Autoactivation of matriptase in vitro: Requirement for biomembrane and LDL receptor domainMING-SHYUE LEE ; Tseng I.-C.; Wang Y.; Kiyomiya K.-I.; Johnson M.D.; Dickson R.B.; Lin C.-Y.journal article6761
242006Matriptase activation and shedding with HAI-1 is induced by steroid sex hormones in human prostate cancer cells, but not in breast cancer cellsKiyomiya K.-I.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Tseng I.-C.; Zuo H.; Barndt R.J.; Johnson M.D.; Dickson R.B.; Lin C.-Y.journal article5350
252005HAI-1 regulates activation and expression of matriptase, a membrane-bound serine proteaseOberst M.D.; Chen L.-Y.L.; Kiyomiya K.-I.; Williams C.A.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Johnson M.D.; Dickson R.B.; Lin C.-Y.journal article109102
262005Simultaneous activation and hepatocyte growth factor activator inhibitor 1-mediated inhibition of matriptase induced at activation foci in human mammary epithelial cellsMING-SHYUE LEE ; Kiyomiya K.-I.; Benaud C.; Dickson R.B.; Lin C.-Y.journal article6361
272005Expression of p66Shc protein correlates with proliferation of human prostate cancer cellsVeeramani S.; Igawa T.; Yuan T.-C.; Lin F.-F.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Lin J.S.; Johansson S.L.; Lin M.-F.journal article4543
282004p66Shc protein is upregulated by steroid hormones in hormone-sensitive cancer cells and in primary prostate carcinomasMING-SHYUE LEE ; Igawa T.; Chen S.-J.; Van Bemmel D.; Lin J.S.; Lin F.-F.; Johansson S.L.; Christman J.K.; Lin M.-F.journal article3632
292004Tyrosine-317 of p52Shc mediates androgen-stimulated proliferation signals in human prostate cancer cellsMING-SHYUE LEE ; Igawa T.; Lin M.-F.journal article2624
302003ERK inhibitor PD98059 enhances docetaxel-induced apoptosis of androgen-independent human prostate cancer cellsZelivianski S.; Spellman M.; Kellerman M.; Kakitelashvilli V.; Zhou X.-W.; Lugo E.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Taylor R.; Davis T.L.; Hauke R.; Lin M.-F.journal article111110
312003ErbB-2 signaling is involved in regulating PSA secretion in androgen-independent human prostate cancer LNCaP C-81 cellsMING-SHYUE LEE ; Igawa T.; Yuan T.-C.; Zhang X.-Q.; Lin F.-F.; Lin M.-F.journal article5449
322002Establishment and characterization of androgen-independent human prostate cancer LNCaP cell modelIgawa T.; Lin F.-F.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Karan D.; Batra S.K.; Lin M.-F.journal article157150
332001Decreased expression of cellular prostatic acid phosphatase increases tumorigenicity of human prostate cancer cellsLin M.-F.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Zhou X.-W.; Andressen J.C.; Meng T.-C.; Johansson S.L.; West W.W.; Taylor R.J.; Anderson J.R.; Lin F.-F.journal article6256
342001Characterization of a Prostate-specific Tyrosine Phosphatase by Mutagenesis and Expression in Human Prostate Cancer CellsZhang X.-Q.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Zelivianski S.; Lin M.-F.journal article3936
352000Interaction between protein tyrosine phosphatase and protein tyrosine kinase is involved in androgen-promoted growth of human prostate cancer cellsMeng T.-C.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Lin M.-F.journal article6155
362000Differential responsiveness of prostatic acid phosphatase and prostate-specific antigen mRNA to androgen in prostate cancer cellsLin M.-F.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Garcia-Arenas R.; Lin F.-F.journal article2625
371996Genomic structure of carp mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase geneLeu J.-H.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Chen K.-T.; Chang G.-D.; Chou C.-K.; Huang C.-J.journal article2
381995A Protease Inhibitor of the Serpin Family Is a Major Protein in Carp Perimeningeal Fluid: II. cDNA Cloning, Sequence Analysis, and Escherichia coli ExpressionHuang C.-J.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Huang F.-L.; Chang G.-D.journal article150
391994Molecular cloning and sequencing of a carp cDNA encoding mitogen-activated protein kinase kinaseHuang C.-J.; MING-SHYUE LEE ; Chang G.-D.; Huang F.-L.; Lo T.-B.journal article44