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12016Geochemistry, geochronology and zircon Hf isotopic study of peralkaline-alkaline intrusions along the northern margin of the North China Craton and its tectonic implication for the southeastern Central Asian Orogenic BeltBOR-MING JAHN journal article
22016U-Pb geochronology of zircon and rutile from the Kokchetav metamorphic belt, northern Kazakhstan, and its tectonic implicationsBOR-MING JAHN journal article
32016Discovery of in situ super-reducing, ultrahigh-pressure phases in the Luobusa ophiolitic chromitites, Tibet: New insights into the deep upper mantle and mantle transition zoneBOR-MING JAHN journal article
42016Crustal nature and origin of the Russian Altai: Implications for the continental evolution and growth of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB)BOR-MING JAHN journal article1515
52016Petrogenesis of the Permian Intermediate-Mafic Dikes in the Chinese Altai, Northwest China: Implication for a Postaccretion Extensional ScenarioBOR-MING JAHN journal article
62016Oldest Paleo-Tethyan ophiolitic mélange in the Tibetan PlateauSUN-LIN CHUNG ; BOR-MING JAHN journal article6255
72016Age and provenance constraints on seismically-determined crustal layers beneath the Paleozoic southern Central Asian Orogen, Inner Mongolia, ChinaBOR-MING JAHN journal article
82016Nd-Sr isotopic constraint to the formation of metatexite and diatexite migmatites, Higo metamorphic terrane, central Kyushu, JapanBOR-MING JAHN journal article33
92016Eocene Granitoids of the Okhotsk Complex in Sakhalin Island, Russian Far East: Petrogenesis and tectonic implications from zircon U-Pb ages, geochemical and Sr-Nd isotopic characteristicsBOR-MING JAHN journal article
102015Early Ordovician granites from the South Qiangtang terrane, northern Tibet: Implications for the early Paleozoic tectonic evolution along the Gondwanan proto-Tethyan marginBOR-MING JAHN journal article4840
112015Permian alkaline granites in the Erenhot-Hegenshan belt, northern Inner Mongolia, China: Model of generation, time of emplacement and regional tectonic significanceBOR-MING JAHN journal article6659
122015A synthesis of zircon U-Pb ages and Hf isotopic compositions of granitoids from Southwest Mongolia: Implications for crustal nature and tectonic evolution of the Altai SuperterraneBOR-MING JAHN journal article1915
132015Multiple mantle sources of the Early Permian Panjal Traps, Kashmir, IndiaBOR-MING JAHN journal article1919
142015Tectonic evolution of the Tongbai-Hong’an orogen in central China: From oceanic subduction/accretion to continent-continent collisionBOR-MING JAHN journal article2016
152015Mantle-derived sources of syenites from the A-type igneous suites - New approach to the provenance of alkaline silicic magmasBOR-MING JAHN journal article3233
162015Geochemistry and geochronology of the Delinggou Intrusion: Implications for the subduction of the Paleo-Asian Ocean beneath the North China CratonBOR-MING JAHN journal article1514
172015Emplacement ages, geochemical and Sr-Nd-Hf isotopic characterization of Mesozoic to early Cenozoic granitoids of the Sikhote-Alin Orogenic Belt, Russian Far East: Crustal growth and regional tectonic evolutionBOR-MING JAHN journal article6560
182014Phanerozoic multistage tectonic rejuvenation of the continental crust of the Cathaysia block: Insights from structural investigations and combined zircon U-Pb and mica 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of the granitoids in southern Jiangxi provinceBOR-MING JAHN ; CHING-HUA LO journal article43
192014U-Pb age of detrital zircons from neoproterozoic placers of the erementau-niyaz massif as a reflection of stages of precambrian tectono-magmatic evolution of northern KazakhstanBOR-MING JAHN journal article910
202014The katherina ring complex (SINAI PENINSULA, EGYPT): Sequence of emplacement and petrogenesisBOR-MING JAHN journal article1313
212014Post-accretionary permian granitoids in the Chinese Altai orogen: Geochronology, petrogenesis and tectonic implicationsBOR-MING JAHN journal article3936
222014Early Neoproterozoic crustal evolution in northern Yili Block: Insights from migmatite, orthogneiss and leucogranite of the Wenquan metamorphic complex in the NW Chinese TianshanSUN-LIN CHUNG ; BOR-MING JAHN journal article5655
232014Zircon U-Pb age, geochemical, and Sr-Nd isotopic constraints on the origin of late Carboniferous mafic dykes of the North China Craton, Shanxi Province, ChinaBOR-MING JAHN journal article
242014Petrogenesis of the flood basalts from the Early Permian Panjal Traps, Kashmir, India: Geochemical evidence for shallow melting of the mantleBOR-MING JAHN journal article5347
252014Generation of cenozoic granitoids in hokkaido (JAPAN): Constraints from zircon geochronology, Sr-Nd-Hf ISOTOPIC and geochemical analyses, and implications for crustal growthSUN-LIN CHUNG ; BOR-MING JAHN journal article3229
262014Zircon dating of Neoproterozoic and Cambrian ophiolites in West Mongolia and implications for the timing of orogenic processes in the central part of the Central Asian Orogenic BeltBOR-MING JAHN journal article5152
272014Neoarchean to Paleoproterozoic high-pressure mafic granulite from the Jiaodong Terrain, North China Craton: Petrology, zircon age determination and geological implicationsBOR-MING JAHN journal article3330
282014Zircon ages and Hf isotopic compositions of plutonic rocks from the Central Tianshan (Xinjiang, northwest China) and their significance for early to mid-Palaeozoic crustal evolutionBOR-MING JAHN journal article2318
292014Geochemistry and geochronology of mesoproterozoic basement rocks from the eastern amery ice shelf and southwestern prydz bay, EAST ANTARCTICA: Implications for a long-lived magmatic accretion in a continental arcBOR-MING JAHN journal article2120
302014Mesozoic intraplate granitic magmatism in the Altai accretionary orogen, NW China: Implications for the orogenic architecture and crustal growthBOR-MING JAHN journal article2927
312014Late Paleozoic pre- and syn-kinematic plutons of the Kangguer-huangshan shear zone: Inference on the tectonic evolution of the eastern Chinese north TianshanBOR-MING JAHN journal article4544
322014Early paleozoic depositional environment and intraplate tectono-magmatism in the Cathaysia block (South China): Evidence from stratigraphic, structural, geochemical and geochronological investigationsBOR-MING JAHN journal article10693
332014Detrital zircon ages of Proterozoic meta-sedimentary rocks and Paleozoic sedimentary cover of the northern Yili Block: Implications for the tectonics of microcontinents in the Central Asian Orogenic BeltBOR-MING JAHN journal article4039
342014Constraints from loess on the Hf-Nd isotopic composition of the upper continental crustBOR-MING JAHN journal article6866
352013SHRIMP zircon U-Pb geochronology, geochemistry and Sr-Nd-Hf isotopic compositions of a mafic dyke swarm in the Qiangtang terrane, northern Tibet and geodynamic implicationsBOR-MING JAHN journal article6351
362013Tectonic evolution, magmatism and metallogeny of the South China Craton - An introductionBOR-MING JAHN journal article43
372013Zircon ages of metamorphic and magmatic rocks within peridotite-bearing mélanges: Crucial time constraints on early Carboniferous extensional tectonics in the Chinese TianshanBOR-MING JAHN journal article1618
382013Precambrian accretionary orogensBOR-MING JAHN journal article33
392013Zircon U-Pb age, geochemical, and Sr-Nd-Hf isotopic constraints on the origin of mafic dykes in the Shaanxi Province, North China Craton, ChinaBOR-MING JAHN journal article1314
402013Redox state at ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism: Constraint from the chinese continental scientific drilling eclogitesBOR-MING JAHN journal article22
412013Evolving AsiaBOR-MING JAHN journal article00
422013Geochemical, Sr-Nd isotopic, and zircon U-Pb geochronological constraints on the petrogenesis of Late Paleoproterozoic mafic dykes within the northern North China Craton, Shanxi Province, ChinaBOR-MING JAHN journal article1715
432013Diachroneity of continental subduction and exhumation: Constraints from the Permian-Triassic HP metamorphic terrane in the Tongbai orogen, central ChinaBOR-MING JAHN journal article1210
442013Zircon U-Pb geochronology of the Mesozoic metamorphic rocks and granitoids in the coastal tectonic zone of SE China: Constraints on the timing of Late Mesozoic orogenyBOR-MING JAHN journal article3830
452013Triassic arc magmatism in the Qiangtang area, northern Tibet: Zircon U-Pb ages, geochemical and Sr-Nd-Hf isotopic characteristics, and tectonic implicationsBOR-MING JAHN journal article9378
462013Late Mesozoic orogenesis along the coast of Southeast China and its geological significanceBOR-MING JAHN journal article
472013Geochemical, Sr-Nd-Pb isotope, and zircon U-Pb geochronological constraints on the origin of Early Permian mafic dikes, northern North China CratonBOR-MING JAHN journal article65
482013Petrological and Nd-Sr-Os isotopic constraints on the origin of high- Mg adakitic rocks from the North China Craton: Tectonic implicationsBOR-MING JAHN journal article10290
492013Mesozoic age of the uril formation of the Amur Group, Lesser Khingan terrane of the Central Asian foldbelt: Results of U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotopic studies of detrital zirconsBOR-MING JAHN journal article1919
502013UPb zircon age and geochemical constraints on tectonic evolution of the Paleozoic accretionary orogenic system in the Tongbai orogen, central ChinaBOR-MING JAHN journal article6355
512013The Carboniferous ophiolite in the middle of the Qiangtang terrane, Northern Tibet: SHRIMP U-Pb dating, geochemical and Sr-Nd-Hf isotopic characteristicsBOR-MING JAHN journal article129114
522013Paleo- to Eoarchean crustal evolution in eastern Hebei, North China Craton: New evidence from SHRIMP U-Pb dating and in-situ Hf isotopic study of detrital zircons from paragneissesBOR-MING JAHN journal article530
532013Chemical and Sr-Nd isotopic compositions and zircon U-Pb ages of the Birimian granitoids from NE Burkina Faso, West African Craton: Implications on the geodynamic setting and crustal evolutionSUN-LIN CHUNG ; BOR-MING JAHN ; CHING-HUA LO journal article3132
542013Zircon ages and Hf isotopic constraints on sources of clastic metasediments of the Slyudyansky high-grade complex, southeastern Siberia: Implication for continental growth and evolution of the Central Asian Orogenic BeltSUN-LIN CHUNG ; BOR-MING JAHN journal article3132
55201340Ar/39Ar thermochronology of Paleoproterozoic granitoids of northeast Burkina Faso, West African Craton: Implications for regional tectonicsSUN-LIN CHUNG ; BOR-MING JAHN ; CHING-HUA LO journal article66
562012Orogenic belts in Central Asia: Correlations and connectionsXiao, Wenjiao; BOR-MING JAHN ; Li, Sanzhong; Santosh, M.; Jahn, Bor-ming journal article5142
572012Age of the Gonzha Group (Argun Terrane, Central Asian Fold Belt) inferred from U-Pb and Lu-Hf zircon dataSUN-LIN CHUNG ; BOR-MING JAHN journal article2021
582012Evolution of the Asian continent and its continental marginsLi, Sanzhong; BOR-MING JAHN ; 陳晉興 ; 鄭文誠; Santosh, M.; Jahn, Bor-ming ; 連晃駿 ; 徐紹勛 ; 呂勝春 ; 李元麒; CHEN, JIN-SHING ; CHENG, WERN-CHERNG; LIEN, HUANG-CHUN ; HSU, HSAO-HSUN ; LEE, SHENG-CHUNG ; LEE, YUNG-CHIEjournal article3632
592012Geochemistry and geochronology of the troodos ophiolite: An ssz ophiolite generated by subduction initiation and an extended episode of ridge subductionBOR-MING JAHN ; CHING-HUA LO journal article3332
602012Architecture and evolution of accretionary orogens in the altaids collage: The early paleozoic west junggar (NW China)BOR-MING JAHN journal article3635
612012Origin of the silicic volcanic rocks of the Early Permian Panjal Traps, Kashmir, IndiaBOR-MING JAHN journal article3635
622012Middle-Late Ordovician arc-type plutonism in the NW Chinese Tianshan: Implication for the accretion of the Kazakhstan continent in Central AsiaWang, Bo; SUN-LIN CHUNG ; BOR-MING JAHN ; Jahn, Bor-ming ; Shu, Liangshu; Li, Kongsen; Chung, Sun-lin ; Liu, Dunyijournal article5653
632012Precambrian tectonic evolution of central tianshan, NW China: Constraints from U-Pb dating and in situ Hf isotopic analysis of detrital zirconsBOR-MING JAHN journal article112101
642012Detrital zircons from the Tananao metamorphic complex of Taiwan: Implications for sediment provenance and Mesozoic tectonicsBOR-MING JAHN journal article3628
652011The Tongbai HP metamorphic terrane: Constraints on the architecture and subduction/exhumation of the Tongbai-Dabie-Sulu HP/UHP metamorphic beltLiu, XiaoChun; Jahn, BorMing ; Li, SanZhong; Cui, JianJun; Liu, Xin; Lou, YuXing; Qu, Weijournal article
662011Intra-oceanic island arc origin for Iratsu eclogites of the Sanbagawa belt, central Shikoku, southwest JapanBOR-MING JAHN journal article2523
672011Geochronology of the Phanerozoic granitoids in northeastern ChinaBOR-MING JAHN journal article910737
682011Structural analysis and 40Ar/39Ar thermochronology of Proterozoic rocks in Sailimu area (NW China): Implication to polyphase tectonics of the North Chinese TianshanWang, Bo; BOR-MING JAHN ; CHING-HUA LO ; Jahn, Bor-ming ; Lo, Ching-Hua ; Shu, Liang-shu; Wu, Chieh-Yu; Li, Kong-sen; Wang, Feijournal article4038
692011Geochronological and geochemical features of the Cathaysia block (South China): New evidence for the Neoproterozoic breakup of RodiniaBOR-MING JAHN ; Shu, Liang-Shu; Faure, Michel; Yu, Jin-Hai; Jahn, Bor-Ming ; �²M��journal article247217
702011Metamorphic patterns and SHRIMP zircon ages of medium-to-high grade rocks from the Tongbai orogen, central China: Implications for multiple accretion/collision processes prior to terminal continental collisionLiu, X.C.; BOR-MING JAHN ; Jahn, B.-M.; Hu, J.; Li, S.Z.; Liu, X.; Song, B.journal article7871
712011Three Fe-Ti oxide ore-bearing gabbro-granitoid complexes in the panxi region of the Permian Emeishan large igneous province, SW ChinaBOR-MING JAHN ; Shellnutt, J.Gregory; Wang, Kuo-Lung; Zellmer, Georg F.; Iizuka, Yoshiyuki; Jahn, Bor-Ming ; Pang, Kwan-Nang; Qi, Liang; Zhou, Mei-Fujournal article4744
722011The tongbai HP metamorphic terrane: Constraints on the architecture and subduction/exhumation of the Tongbai-Dabie-Sulu HP/UHP metamorphic beltBOR-MING JAHN journal article
732011No link between the Panjal Traps (Kashmir) and the Late Permian mass extinctionsShellnutt, J.G.; BOR-MING JAHN ; Bhat, G.M.; Brookfield, M.E.; Jahn, B.-M.journal article4140
742011Diverse P-T paths of the northern Dabie complex in central China and its reworking in the early CretaceousTong, Laixi; BOR-MING JAHN ; Jahn, Bor-ming ; Zheng, Yong-feijournal article66
752011Crustally-derived granites in the Panzhihua region, SW China: Implications for felsic magmatism in the Emeishan large igneous provinceBOR-MING JAHN journal article5451
762011Paleozoic tectonics of the southern Chinese Tianshan: Insights from structural, chronological and geochemical studies of the Heiyingshan ophiolitic mélange (NW China)SUN-LIN CHUNG ; Wang, Bo; Shu, Liangshu; BOR-MING JAHN ; Faure, Michel; Jahn, Bor-ming ; Cluzel, Dominique; Charvet, Jacques; Chung, Sun-lin ; Meffre, Sebastienjournal article220180
772011Continental accretion and intra-continental deformation of the Central Asian Orogenic BeltBOR-MING JAHN ; Zhu, Wenbin; Charvet, Jacques; Xiao, Wenjiao; Jahn, Bor-ming journal article1110
782011Origin of Late Permian Emeishan basaltic rocks from the Panxi region (SW China): Implications for the Ti-classification and spatial-compositional distribution of the Emeishan flood basaltsBOR-MING JAHN journal article6659
792011Origin and Metamorphic Evolution of Garnet Clinopyroxenite from the Sulu UHP Terrane, China: Evidence from Mineral Chemistry and MicrostructuresBOR-MING JAHN book70
802011Triassic Subduction of the Paleo-Tethys in northern Tibet, China: Evidence from the geochemical and isotopic characteristics of eclogites and blueschists of the Qiangtang BlockBOR-MING JAHN ; Zhai, Qing-Guo; Jahn, Bor-Ming ; Zhang, Ru-Yuan; Wang, Jun; Su, Lijournal article126112
812011Triassic eclogites from central Qiangtang, northern Tibet, China: Petrology, geochronology and metamorphic P-T pathBOR-MING JAHN ; Zhai, Qing-Guo; Zhang, Ru-Yuan; Jahn, Bor-Ming ; Chang, Fang-Yu; Li, Cai; Song, Shu-Guang; Wang, Junjournal article149128
822011Origin and evolution of overlapping calc-alkaline and alkaline magmas: The Late Palaeozoic post-collisional igneous province of Transbaikalia (Russia)BOR-MING JAHN journal article6369
832011Early Paleozoic (ca. 465 Ma) eclogites from Beishan (NW China) and their bearing on the tectonic evolution of the southern Central Asian Orogenic BeltBOR-MING JAHN journal article6355
842010Elemental and Sr-Nd isotope geochemistry of microgranular enclaves from peralkaline A-type granitic plutons of the Emeishan large igneous province, SW ChinaBOR-MING JAHN journal article6765
852010Formation of the Late Permian Panzhihua plutonic-hypabyssal-volcanic igneous complex: Implications for the genesis of Fe-Ti oxide deposits and A-type granites of SW ChinaBOR-MING JAHN journal article8474
862010Origin and tectonic implication of an UHP metamorphic mafic-ultramafic complex from the Sulu UHP terrane, eastern China: Evidence from petrological and geochemical studies of CCSD-Main Hole core samplesZhang, R.Y.; SUN-LIN CHUNG ; BOR-MING JAHN ; Jahn, B-M.; CHING-HUA LO ; Liou, J.G.; Yang, J.S.; Chiu, H-Y.; Chung, S-L.; Li, T-F.; Lo, C-H.journal article1919
872010Sequence of magmatic events in the Late Paleozoic of Transbaikalia, Russia (U-Pb isotope data)BOR-MING JAHN journal article5460
882010Accretionary orogen and evolution of the Japanese Islands-implications from a Sr-Nd isotopic study of the phanerozoic granitoids from SW JapanJahn, Bor-Ming ; BOR-MING JAHN journal article5857
892010Subducted Precambrian oceanic crust: Geochemical and Sr Nd isotopic evidence from metabasalts of the Aksu blueschist, NW ChinaBOR-MING JAHN journal article4239
902010Structural and geochronological study of high-pressure metamorphic rocks in the Kekesu Section (Northwestern China): Implications for the late Paleozoic tectonics of the southern TianshanBOR-MING JAHN journal article136131
912010Triassic retrograded eclogites and Cretaceous gneissic granites in the Tongbai Complex, central China: Implications for the architecture of the HP/UHP Tongbai-Dabie-Sulu collision zoneBOR-MING JAHN journal article5246
922010Origin and evolution of post-collisional magmatism: Coeval Neoproterozoic calc-alkaline and alkaline suites of the Sinai PeninsulaBOR-MING JAHN journal article130126
932010PrefaceBOR-MING JAHN journal article00
942009Peralkaline granitoid magmatism in the Mongolian-Transbaikalian Belt: Evolution, petrogenesis and tectonic significanceBOR-MING JAHN journal article240219
952009Nd-Sr isotopic mapping of the Chinese Altai and implications for continental growth in the Central Asian Orogenic BeltBOR-MING JAHN journal article201178
962009Geochemistry and Os-Nd-Sr isotopes of the Gaositai Alaskan-type ultramafic complex from the northern North China craton: Implications for mantle-crust interactionBOR-MING JAHN journal article5553
972009Ultrahigh-pressure minerals and metamorphic terranes - The view from ChinaBOR-MING JAHN journal article231221
982009Petrogenesis of eclogites enclosed in mantle-derived peridotites from the Sulu UHP terrane: constraints from trace elements in minerals and Hf isotopes in zirconBOR-MING JAHN journal article2120
992009A geochemical and Sr-Nd isotopic study of the Vendian greenstones from Gorny Altai, southern Siberia: Implications for the tectonic setting of the formation of greenstones and the role of oceanic plateaus in accretionary orogenBOR-MING JAHN journal article2525
1002009Evolution of the Solonker suture zone: Constraints from zircon U-Pb ages, Hf isotopic ratios and whole-rock Nd-Sr isotope compositions of subduction- and collision-related magmas and forearc sedimentsBOR-MING JAHN journal article417345
1012009Tectonics and HP-UHP metamorphism of northern Tibet - PrefaceBOR-MING JAHN journal article3332
1022009Metamorphic P-T conditions and thermal structure of Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling main hole eclogites: Fe-Mg partitioning thermometer vs. Zr-in-rutile thermometerBOR-MING JAHN ; CHING-HUA LO journal article2622
1032009Origin of mafic enclaves from the Taihang Mesozoic orogen, north China cratonBOR-MING JAHN journal article9984
1042008High-pressure metamorphic rocks from Tongbaishan, central China: U–Pb and 40Ar/39Ar age constraints on the provenance of protoliths and timing of metamorphismLiu, Xiaochun; Jahn, Bor-ming ; Dong, Shuwen; Lou, Yuxing; Cui, Jianjunjournal article
1052008The tectono-thermal events of Taiwan and their relationship with SE ChinaBOR-MING JAHN ; Lan, Ching-Ying; Lee, Chun-Sun; Yui, Tzen-Fu; Chu, Hao-Tsu; Jahn, Bor-Ming ; Chen, Yao-liangjournal article1111
1062008High-pressure metamorphic rocks from Tongbaishan, central China: U-Pb and 40Ar/39Ar age constraints on the provenance of protoliths and timing of metamorphismBOR-MING JAHN journal article7976
1072008Zircon SHRIMP U-Pb ages and in-situ Hf isotopic analysis for the Mesozoic intrusions in South Taihang, North China craton: Evidence for hybridization between mantle-derived magmas and crustal componentsBOR-MING JAHN journal article10599
1082008Archean crustal evolution of the Jiaodong Peninsula, China, as revealed by zircon SHRIMP geochronology, elemental and Nd-isotope geochemistryBOR-MING JAHN ; Jahn, B.-m.; Liu, D.; Wan, Y.; Song, B.; Wu, J.journal article271255
1092008This and the subsequent issue honor the distinguished scientist Dunyi Liu on the occasion of his 70th birthday (2007)BOR-MING JAHN journal article
1102008Structural evolution of the Bayanhongor region, west-central MongoliaBOR-MING JAHN ; Osozawa, Soichi; Tsolmon, Gonchig; Majigsuren, Uondon; Sereenen, Jargalan; Niitsuma, Shigeaki; Iwata, Naoyoshi; Pavlis, Terry; Jahn, Bor-ming journal article1212
1112008The Tectono-Thermal Events of Taiwan and Their Relationship with SE ChinaBOR-MING JAHN journal article
1122007SHRIMP U-Pb Zircon geochronology of the Altai No. 3 Pegmatite, NW China, and its implications for the origin and tectonic setting of the pegmatiteWang, Tao ; Tonga, Ying; Jahn, Bor-Ming ; Zou, Tian-Ren; Wang, Yan-Bin; Hong, Da-Wel; Han, B.F.journal article
1132007Interrelations between coeval mafic and A-type silicic magmas from composite dykes in a bimodal suite of southern Israel, northernmost Arabian-Nubian Shield: Geochemical and isotope constraintsBOR-MING JAHN journal article4947
1142007Petrogenesis of A-type granites and origin of vertical zoning in the Katharina pluton, Gebel Mussa (Mt. Moses) area, Sinai, EgyptBOR-MING JAHN ; Katzir, Y.; Eyal, M.; Litvinovsky, B.A.; Jahn, B.M.; Zanvilevich, A.N.; Valley, J.W.; Beeri, Y.; Pelly, I.; Shimshilashvili, E.journal article7165
1152007Assemblages and textural evolution of UHP eclogites from the Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling main holeBOR-MING JAHN ; Tong, Laixi; Jahn, Bor-Ming ; Chen, Kuan-Chou; Iizuka, Yoshiyuka; Xu, Zhiqinjournal article1313
1162007SHRIMP U-Pb Zircon geochronology of the Altai No. 3 Pegmatite, NW China, and its implications for the origin and tectonic setting of the pegmatiteBOR-MING JAHN journal article9073
1172007Tectonic significance of Late Triassic post-collisional lamprophyre dykes from the Qinling Mountains (China)Wang, Xiaoxia; BOR-MING JAHN ; Gau, S. S.; Wang, Tao ; Jahn, Bor-Ming ; Hu, Nenggao; Chen, Wenjournal article6566
1182007Geochemistry and geochronology of high-grade rocks from the Grove Mountains, East Antarctica: Evidence for an Early Neoproterozoic basement metamorphosed during a single Late Neoproterozoic/Cambrian tectonic cycleBOR-MING JAHN ; Liu, Xiaochun; Jahn, Bor-Ming ; Zhao, Yue; Zhao, Guochun; Liu, Xiaohanjournal article3030
1192007The Heilongjiang group: A Jurassic accretionary complex in the Jiamusi Massif at the western Pacific margin of northeastern ChinaWu, Fu-Yuan; BOR-MING JAHN ; CHING-HUA LO ; Yang, Jin-Hui; Lo, Ching-Hua ; Wilde, Simon A.; Sun, De-You; Jahn, Bor-Ming journal article321279
1202007Accretionary growth and crust formation in the Central Asian Orogenic Belt and comparison with the Arabian-Nubian shieldBOR-MING JAHN book4450
1212007Dabieshan UHP metamorphic terrane: Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic constraint to pre-metamorphic subduction polarityBOR-MING JAHN ; Jahn, Bor-Ming ; Chen, Binjournal article3431
1222006Timing, petrogenesis, and setting of Paleozoic synorogenic intrusions from the Altai Mountains, northwest China: Implications for the Tectonic evolution of an accretionary orogenWang, Tao ; Hong, Da-wei; Jahn, Bor-ming ; Tong, Ying; Wang, Yan-bin; Han, Bao-fujournal article
1232006Late Pan-African granitoids from the Grove Mountains, East Antarctica: Age, origin and tectonic implicationsBOR-MING JAHN journal article5658
1242006Timing, petrogenesis, and setting of Paleozoic synorogenic intrusions from the Altai Mountains, northwest China: Implications for the tectonic evolution of an accretionary orogenBOR-MING JAHN journal article264220
1252005High-pressure/ultrahigh-pressure eclogites from the Hong’an Block, East-Central China: geochemical characterization, isotope disequilibrium and geochronological controversyJahn, Bor-ming ; Liu, Xiaochun; Yui, Tzen-Fu; Morin, N.; Bouhnik-Le Coz, M.journal article
126200540Ar-39Ar thermochronological constraints on the exhumation of ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic rocks in the Sulu terrane of eastern ChinaBOR-MING JAHN journal article
1272005Geochemistry and geochronology of eclogites from the northern Dabie Mountains, central ChinaBOR-MING JAHN journal article8577
1282005Zircon U-Pb age, element and C-O isotope geochemistry of post-collisional mafic-ultramafic rocks from the Dabie orogen in east-central ChinaBOR-MING JAHN journal article150135
1292005Petrogenesis of the Mesozoic intrusive complexes from the southern Taihang orogen, North China Craton: Elemental and Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic constraintsBOR-MING JAHN journal article
1302005High-pressure/ultrahigh-pressure eclogites from the Hong'an Block, East-Central China: Geochemical characterization, isotope disequilibrium and geochronological controversyBOR-MING JAHN journal article9187
1312004SHRIMP U–Pb zircon dating of a metagabbro and eclogites from western Dabieshan (Hong'an Block), China, and its tectonic implicationsLiu, Xiaochun; Jahn, Bor-ming ; Liu, Dunyi; Dong, Shuwen; Li, Sanzhongjournal article
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