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12012Autonomous screening of C. elegans identifies genes implicated in synaptogenesisCrane M.M.; Stirman J.N.; CHAN-YEN OU ; Kurshan P.T.; Rehg J.M.; Shen K.; Lu H.Nature Methods7376
22011CYY-1/Cyclin Y and CDK-5 Differentially Regulate Synapse Elimination and Formation for Rewiring Neural CircuitsPark M.; Watanabe S.; Poon V.; CHAN-YEN OU ; Jorgensen E.; Shen K.Neuron5050
32011Neuronal polarity in C. elegansCHAN-YEN OU ; Shen K.Developmental Neurobiology77
42011Nak regulates localization of clathrin sites in higher-order dendrites to promote local dendrite growthYang W.-K.; Peng Y.-H.; Li H.; Lin H.-C.; Lin Y.-C.; Lai T.-T.; Suo H.; Wang C.-H.; Lin W.-H.; CHAN-YEN OU ; Zhou X.; Pi H.; Chang H.; Chien C.-T.Neuron1718
52010Setting up presynaptic structures at specific positionsCHAN-YEN OU ; Shen K.Current Opinion in Neurobiology65
62010Two cyclin-dependent kinase pathways are essential for polarized trafficking of presynaptic componentsCHAN-YEN OU ; Poon V.Y.; Maeder C.I.; Watanabe S.; Lehrman E.K.; Fu A.K.Y.; Park M.; Fu W.-Y.; Jorgensen E.M.; Ip N.Y.; Shen K.Cell109105
72008The utility F-box for protein destructionHo M.S.; CHAN-YEN OU ; Chan Y.-R.; Chien C.-T.; Pi H.Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences10098
82007Suppression of Hedgehog signaling by Cul3 ligases in proliferation control of retinal precursorsCHAN-YEN OU ; Wang C.-H.; Jiang J.; Chien C.-T.Developmental Biology1918
92006A Hedgehog-Induced BTB Protein Modulates Hedgehog Signaling by Degrading Ci/Gli Transcription FactorZhang Q.; Zhang L.; Wang B.; CHAN-YEN OU ; Chien C.-T.; Jiang J.Developmental Cell171173
102003Control of protein degradation by E3 ubiquitin ligases in Drosophila eye developmentCHAN-YEN OU ; Pi H.; Chien C.-T.Trends in Genetics3231
112002Distinct protein degradation mechanisms mediatead by Cul1 and Cul3 controlling Ci stability in Drosophila eye developmentCHAN-YEN OU ; Lin Y.-F.; Chen Y.-J.; Chien C.-T.Genes and Development153150
122002Cul1 and Cul3 Mediate Distinct Protein Degradation Mechanisms to Control Ci Stability in Drosophila Eye DevelopmentCHAN-YEN OU ; Lin Y.-F.; Chen Y.-J.; Chien C.-T.Journal of Genetics and Molecular Biology00