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12023Comparison between non-surgical and surgical management of rib fractures in major trauma patients without brain injuriesLiu, Hao-Yun; TZU-HSIN LIN ; KE-CHENG CHEN ; Hsiao, Wei-Ling; REY-HENG HU ; HSIEN-CHI LIAO American journal of surgery11
22023Quality of life outcomes after surgical intervention in patients with multiple rib fractures: A prospective cohort studyLian, Kuan-Hsun; Yang, Chi-Cheng; Hu, Fu-Chang; WEN-YING LIN ; Hsiao, Wei-Ling; TZU-HSIN LIN ; REY-HENG HU ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; HSIEN-CHI LIAO Surgery00
32023Original Article: The impacts of DRG payment system on financial balance of multiple trauma: Experiences of three trauma centers in TaiwanCHAO-YING WU ; Chien, Li-Chien; Lin, Chen-Chiang; MATTHEW HUEI-MING MA ; REY-HENG HU ; Chen, Ching-Lin; TZU-HSIN LIN Injury
42021Predicting factors for major trauma patient mortality analyzed from trauma registry systemChiang, Yueh-Tzu; TZU-HSIN LIN ; REY-HENG HU ; PO-CHU LEE ; Shih, Hsin-ChinAsian Journal of Surgery44
52020Hemostatic Enhancement via Chitosan Is Independent of Classical Clotting Pathways-A Quantitative StudyChen, Kuan-Yu; Chen, Yen-Cheng; TZU-HSIN LIN ; Yang, Cheng-Ying; Kuo, Ya-Wen; U LEI Polymers95
62018Mechanics for the Adhesion and Aggregation of Red Blood Cells on ChitosanChen, K. Y.; Lin, T. H. ; Yang, C. Y.; Kuo, Y. W.; U LEI Journal of Mechanics1212
72017Early Postoperative Endoscopy for Evaluation of the Anastomosis after Esophageal ReconstructionTZU-HSIN LIN ; PEI-MING HUANG Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon65
82016Intrapleural Epinephrine Irrigation for Massive Malignant HemothoraxPEI-MING HUANG ; NAI-KUAN CHOU ; TZU-HSIN LIN ; CHIUNG-NIEN CHEN Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon10
92015Isolated traumatic duodenal rupture due to bicycle handlebar injury in an adult patientWang A.Y.; TZU-HSIN LIN ; SHYR-CHYR CHEN Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine22
102013Intrapleural steroid instillation for multiple organ failure with acute respiratory distress syndromePEI-MING HUANG ; TZU-HSIN LIN ; Tsai P.-R.; Ko W.-J.Shock76
112013Economic Analysis of Medical Malpractice Claims and Costs in Taiwan(Dissertation of PhD Degree. 2013 Apr. School of Public Health, Boston University)TZU-HSIN LIN 
122013Rupture of middle colic artery pseudoaneurysmWang, An-Yi; TZU-HSIN LIN ; KAO-LANG LIU ; HSIU-PO WANG ; WAN-CHING LIEN The American Journal of Emergency Medicine02
132012Recombinant factor VIIa use in refractory ulcer bleeding in uremic patientWang A.-Y.; ANG YUAN ; CHIEN-HUA HUANG ; WEI-TIEN CHANG ; PO-CHIN LIANG ; TZU-HSIN LIN ; SHYR-CHYR CHEN American Journal of Emergency Medicine12
142012Use of an endobronchial blocker as a bridge for the management of massive traumatic endobronchial haemorrhage before angiographic embolisationTsou K.-C.; TZU-HSIN LIN ; Ko W.-J.; Chang C.-C.Injury Extra00
152011Impact of timing of renal replacement therapy initiation on outcome of septic acute kidney injuryYU-HSIANG CHOU ; TAO-MIN HUANG ; VIN-CENT WU ; Wang, Cheng-Yi; Shiao, Chih-Chung; CHUN-FU LAI ; HUNG-BIN TSAI; CHIA-TER CHAO ; Young, Guang-Huar; Wang, Wei-Jei; Kao, Tze-Wah; SHUEI-LIONG LIN ; YIN-YI HAN ; Chou, Anne; TZU-HSIN LIN ; YA-WEN YANG ; YUNG-MING CHEN ; Tsai, Pi-Ru; YU-FENG LIN ; JENQ-WEN HUANG ; WEN-CHIH CHIANG ; NAI-KUAN CHOU ; Ko, Wen-Je; KWAN-DUN WU ; TUN-JUN TSAI Critical Care9275
162011High APACHE II score and long length of bowel resection impair the outcomes in patients with necrotic bowel induced hepatic portal venous gasJIN-MING WU ; Tsai M.-S.; MING-TSAN LIN ; YU-WEN TIEN ; TZU-HSIN LIN BMC Gastroenterology1213
172011Duodenum-penetrating toothpick with liver abscess: Removal with single-balloon enteroscopyMING-JU HSIEH ; TSUNG-CHUN LEE ; Tseng C.-H.; TZU-HSIN LIN ; KAO-LANG LIU ; SHEY-YING CHEN ; HSIU-PO WANG Endoscopy77
182010The early presence of pneumatosis in traumatic colonic perforation: a sequential computed tomography demonstrationYU-TSO LIAO ; TZU-HSIN LIN ; Ko, Wen-JeAmerican Journal of Emergency Medicine28
192009Late initiation of renal replacement therapy is associated with worse outcomes in acute kidney injury after major abdominal surgeryShiao C.-C.; VIN-CENT WU ; WEN-YI LI ; YU-FENG LIN ; Hu F.-C.; Young G.-H.; Kuo C.-C.; Kao T.-W.; Huang D.-M.; YUNG-MING CHEN ; Tsai P.-R.; SHUEI-LIONG LIN ; NAI-KUAN CHOU ; TZU-HSIN LIN ; YU-CHANG YEH ; CHIH-HSIEN WANG ; ANNE CHAO ; Ko W.-J.; KWAN-DUN WU Critical Care149141
202008A novel surgical technique: Gasless laparoscopy-assisted gastrojejunostomyPO-JEN YANG ; CHING-YAO YANG ; TZU-HSIN LIN ; Wang M.-Y.; MING-TSAN LIN Hepato-Gastroenterology45
212002The effect of glutamine-supplemented total parenteral nutrition on nitrogen economy depends on severity of diseases in surgical patientsMING-TSAN LIN ; Kung S.-P.; Yeh S.-L.; Lin, C; TZU-HSIN LIN ; KAI-HSIANG CHEN ; Liaw K.-Y.; PO-HUANG LEE ; KING-JEN CHANG ; Chen W.-J.Clinical nutrition (Edinburgh, Scotland)3929
222002Transarterial embolization in the treatment of life-threatening maxillofacial bleeding [12]CHIH-YUAN LEE ; Chen M.-H.; TZU-HSIN LIN ; SHYR-CHYR CHEN American Journal of Emergency Medicine65
232001Anterior dislocation of the humeral head from bungee jumping [7]Huang K.-W.; Huang S.-J.; TZU-HSIN LIN ; ZUI-SHEN YEN ; SHYR-CHYR CHEN American Journal of Emergency Medicine65