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12022Using Geographical Overlaps to Track Temporal Changes in Species Interactions and Community Coexistence InstabilityLai, Yin Zheng; Tu, Chih Wei; CHIH-HAO HSIEH ; CHIA-YING KO Frontiers in Marine Science0
22022Trends in Geographic Sensitivity of Marine Fishes Over Decades in the North SeaTu, Chih Wei; Lai, Yin Zheng; Chen, Hsiao Chien; Kuo, Chi Yun; PEI-FEN LEE ; CHIA-YING KO Frontiers in Marine Science0
32022What is for dessert? Crown-of-thorns starfish feeds on non-scleractinian anthozoans at Taiping Island (Itu Aba), Spratlys, South China SeaKuo, Chao-Yang; Ho, Ming-Jay; Kuo, Chao-Yang; Huang, Ya-Yi; CHIA-YING KO ; Jeng, Ming-Shiou; Chen, Chaolun AllenBulletin of Marine Science22
42022Effects of environmental factors within the spawning area and migration routes on the length of Anguilla japonica glass eels recruited to TaiwanHsiung, Kuan Mei; Ma, Chi; CHIA-YING KO ; YU-HENG TSENG; Kuo, Yi Chun; YU-SAN HAN Marine Ecology Progress Series00
52022Assessing warming impacts on marine fishes by integrating physiology-guided distribution projections, life-history changes and food web dynamicsKuo, Chi Yun; CHIA-YING KO ; Lai, Yin ZhengMethods in Ecology and Evolution00
62021Large-scale data analysis for robotic yeast one-hybrid platforms and multi-disciplinary studies using GateMultiplexTsai, Ni Chiao; Hsu, Tzu Shu; Kuo, Shang Che; Kao, Chung Ting; Hung, Tzu Huan; Lin, Da Gin; Yeh, Chung Shu; Chu, Chia Chen; Lin, Jeng Shane; Lin, Hsin Hung; CHIA-YING KO ; Chang, Tien Hsien; Su, Jung Chen; Lin, Ying Chung Jimmy BMC Biology0
72021Diel to Seasonal Variation of Picoplankton in the Tropical South China SeaChen, Tzong Yueh; Lai, Chao Chen; Tai, Jen Hua; CHIA-YING KO ; Shiah, Fuh KwoFrontiers in Marine Science22
82021Comparison of Primary Production Using in situ and Satellite-Derived Values at the SEATS Station in the South China SeaShih, Yung Yen; Shiah, Fuh Kwo; Lai, Chao Chen; Chou, Wen Chen; Tai, Jen Hua; Wu, Yu Shun; Lai, Cheng Yang; CHIA-YING KO ; Hung, Chin ChangFrontiers in Marine Science22
92021Dietary Shifts and Risks of Artifact Ingestion for Argentine Shortfin Squid Illex argentinus in the Southwest AtlanticChang, Ssu Wei; Chen, Ruei Gu; Liu, Tsung Han; Lee, Yao Chang; Chen, Chih Shin; Chiu, Tai Sheng; CHIA-YING KO Frontiers in Marine Science0
102021Rice paddy irrigation seasonally impacts stream benthic macroinvertebrate diversity at the catchment levelKo C.-Y; CHIA-YING KO et al. Ecosphere10
112021Extreme weather events enhance doc consumption in a subtropical freshwater ecosystem: A multiple-typhoon analysisLai C.-C; Ko C.-Y; Austria E; Shiah F.-K.; CHIA-YING KO Microorganisms0
122020Global distribution and cleanup opportunities for macro ocean litter: A quarter century of accumulation dynamics under windage effectsKo, C.-Y.; Hsin, Y.-C.; Jeng, M.-S.; CHIA-YING KO Environmental Research Letters33
132020Nutrient loadings and deforestation decrease benthic macroinvertebrate diversity in an urbanised tropical stream systemPeralta, E.M.; Batucan, L.S.; De Jesus, I.B.B.; Triño, E.M.C.; Uehara, Y.; Ishida, T.; Kobayashi, Y.; Ko, C.-Y.; Iwata, T.; Borja, A.S.; Briones, J.C.A.; Papa, R.D.S.; Magbanua, F.S.; Okuda, N.; CHIA-YING KO Limnologica109
142019Identification of Phosphorus Sources in a Watershed Using a Phosphate Oxygen Isoscape ApproachIshida T.; Uehara Y.; Iwata T.; Cid-Andres A.P.; Asano S.; Ikeya T.; Osaka K.; Ide J.; Privaldos O.L.A.; Jesus I.B.B.D.; Peralta E.M.; Triño E.M.C.; Ko C.-Y.; Paytan A.; Tayasu I.; Okuda N.; CHIA-YING KO Environmental Science and Technology1612
152019Assessing alpha and beta diversities of benthic macroinvertebrates and their environmental drivers between watersheds with different levels of habitat transformation in JapanKo C.-Y.; Iwata T.; Lee J.-Y.; Murakami A.; Okano J.; Ishikawa N.F.; Sakai Y.; Tayasu I.; Itoh M.; Song U.; Togashi H.; Nakano S.; Ohte N.; Okuda N.; CHIA-YING KO Marine and Freshwater Research22
162018Monitoring multi-year macro ocean litter dynamics and backward-tracking simulation of litter origins on a remote island in the South China SeaKo C.-Y.; Hsin Y.-C.; Yu T.-L.; Liu K.-L.; Shiah F.-K.; Jeng M.-S.; CHIA-YING KO Environmental Research Letters129
172018Growth-controlling mechanisms on heterotrophic bacteria in the South China Sea shelf: Summer and Winter patternsAustria E.S.; Lai C.-C.; Ko C.-Y.; Lee K.-Y.; Kuo H.-Y.; Chen T.-Y.; Tai J.-H.; Shiah F.-K.; CHIA-YING KO Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences43
182017Decadal phytoplankton dynamics in response to episodic climatic disturbances in a subtropical deep freshwater ecosystemKo C.-Y.; Lai C.-C.; Hsu H.-H.; Shiah F.-K.; CHIA-YING KO Water Research1512
192017A Conceptual Framework of the Human Dimensions of Urban Emission in East Asia CitiesLee Y.-C; Ko C.-Y; Lin Y.-T; Wang C.-Y; Huang C.-W; Seto K.C.; CHIA-YING KO Procedia Engineering0
202016Typhoon effects on phytoplankton responses in a semi-closed freshwater ecosystemKo C.-Y.; Lai C.-C.; Chen T.-Y.; Hsu H.-H.; Shiah F.-K.; CHIA-YING KO Marine and Freshwater Research55
212016Nutrient pulses driven by internal solitary waves enhance heterotrophic bacterial growth in the South China SeaChen T.-Y.; Tai J.-H.; Ko C.-Y.; Hsieh C.-H.; Chen C.-C.; Jiao N.; Liu H.-B.; Shiah F.-K.; CHIA-YING KO Environmental Microbiology1211
222016The limits of direct community modeling approaches for broad-scale predictions of ecological assemblage structureKo C.-Y.; Schmitz O.J.; Jetz W.; CHIA-YING KO Biological Conservation77
232016Evaluation of surface water quality using multivariate statistical techniques: a case study of Fei-Tsui Reservoir basin, TaiwanChow M.F.; Shiah F.K.; Lai C.C.; Kuo H.Y.; Wang K.W.; Lin C.H.; Chen T.Y.; Kobayashi Y.; Ko C.Y.; CHIA-YING KO Environmental Earth Sciences2721
242015Predictors of public climate change awareness and risk perception around the worldLee T.M.; Markowitz E.M.; Howe P.D.; Ko C.-Y.; Leiserowitz A.A.; CHIA-YING KO Nature Climate Change495457
252014An assessment of the efficiency of protection status through determinations of biodiversity hotspots based on endemic bird species, TaiwanKo C.-Y.; Murphy S.C.; Root T.L.; Lee P.-F.; CHIA-YING KO Journal for Nature Conservation65
262014Dietary guild composition and disaggregation of avian assemblages under climate changeKo C.-Y.; Schmitz O.J.; Barbet-Massin M.; Jetz W.; CHIA-YING KO Global Change Biology1110
272014Distinct bacterial-production-DOC-primary-production relationships and implications for biogenic C cycling in the South China Sea shelfLai C.-C.; Fu Y.-W.; Liu H.-B.; Kuo H.-Y.; Wang K.-W.; Lin C.-H.; Tai J.-H.; Wong G.T.F.; Lee K.-Y.; Chen T.-Y.; Yamamoto Y.; Chow M.-F.; Kobayashi Y.; Ko C.-Y.; Shiah F.-K.; CHIA-YING KO Biogeosciences1413
282013Influences of temporal independence of data on modelling species distributionsKo C.-Y.; Ko C.-J.; Lin R.-S.; Lee P.-F.; CHIA-YING KO Basic and Applied Ecology43
292013Global perceptions of local temperature changeHowe P.D.; Markowitz E.M.; Lee T.M.; Ko C.-Y.; Leiserowitz A.; CHIA-YING KO Nature Climate Change160155
302012Global change projections for Taiwan island birds: Linking current and future distributionsKo C.-Y.; Root T.L.; Lin S.-H.; Schneider S.H.; Lee P.-F.; CHIA-YING KO Nature Conservation66
312011Movement distances enhance validity of predictive modelsKo, Chia-Ying ; Root, Terry L.; Lee, Pei-Fen Ecological Modelling 1414
322011Spatial analysis of scrub typhus infection and its association with environmental and socioeconomic factors in TaiwanKuo, Chi-Chien; Huang, Jing-Lun; Ko, Chia-Ying ; Lee, Pei-Fen ; Wang, Hsi-ChiehActa Tropica 6455
332010Macrohabitat characteristics and distribution hotspots of endemic bird Species in TaiwanKo, C.-Y. ; R.-S. Lin; P.-F. LeeTaiwania0
342009A Rule-Based Species Predictive Model for the Vulnerable Fairy Pitta (Pitta nympha) in Taiwan柯佳吟 ; 李培芬 ; 白梅玲; 林瑞興Taiwania 00
352009Identifying Biodiversity Hotspots by Predictive Models: A Case Study Using Taiwan’s Endemic Bird SpeciesKo, Chia-Ying ; Lin, Ruey-Shing; Ding, Tzung-Su ; Hsieh, Chih-Hao ; Lee, Pei-Fen Zoological Studies 
362008Impacts of climate change on different species groups in various elevation rangesKo, C.-Y. Journal of Forest Research
372007從太空看東沙李培芬 ; 柯佳吟 大家來圓東沙環礁的夢研討會 
382007生物分布資訊之整合與應用李培芬 ; 白梅玲; 林瑞興; 柯佳吟 ; 李依紋野生動物研究與保育研討會 
392007Behaviour patterns and spatial uses of captive Eurasian otters, Lutra lutraLee, P.-J.; C.-Y. Ko ; E. H.-S. Tsao; S.-F. ChenTaipei Zoo Bulletin
402006環境開發與生態評估的問題-以淡海新市鎮為例柯佳吟 ; 李培芬 ; 曾萬年; 柯佳吟 ; 李培芬 ; 曾萬年全球變遷通訊雜誌 
412004Growth and Behavioral Development in Captivity Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) New BornsChin-Ying Ko ; Ping-Jung Lee; Ling-Ling LeeActa Zoologica Taiwanica0
422004Growth and behavioral development of gray wolf (Canis lupus) new borns in captivityKo, C.-Y. ; P.-J. Lee; E. H.-S. Tsao; T. C.-T. Chen; S.-M. ChenTaipei Zoo Bulletin