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12020Connectivity between nidopallium caudolateral and visual pathways in color perception of zebra finchesHsiao, Y.-T.; Chen, T.-C.; Yu, P.-H.; Huang, D.-S.; Hu, F.-R.; Chuong, C.-M.; Chang, F.-C.; FANG-CHIA CHANG ; YI-TSE HSIAO Scientific Reports00
22020Deep Brain Stimulation Increases Seizure Threshold by Altering REM Sleep and Delta Powers During NREM SleepTseng, H.-T.; Hsiao, Y.-T.; Yi, P.-L.; Chang, F.-C.; FANG-CHIA CHANG ; YI-TSE HSIAO Frontiers in Neurology00
32020Activation of cannabinoid type 1 receptors decreases the synchronization of local field potential oscillations in the hippocampus and entorhinal cortex and prolongs the interresponse time during a differential-reinforcement-of-low-rate taskLiao, W.-T.; Chang, C.-L.; Hsiao, Y.-T.; YI-TSE HSIAO European Journal of Neuroscience00
42020Activation of cannabinoid receptor type 1 impairs spatial and temporal aspects of episodic-like memories in ratsChiang, K.-E.; Hsiao, Y.-T.; YI-TSE HSIAO Journal of Integrative Neuroscience00
52019Delayed evoked potentials in zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata) under midazolam-butorphanol-isoflurane anesthesiaYu, P.H.; Hsiao, Y.-T.; YI-TSE HSIAO ; PIN-HUAN YU PeerJ1
62019Hypocretin in median raphe nucleus modulates footshock stimuli-induced REM sleep alterationHsiao Y.-T.; Lo Y.; Yi P.-L.; Chang F.-C.; YI-TSE HSIAO Scientific Reports00
72017Protective Effects of Functional Chicken Liver Hydrolysates against Liver Fibrogenesis: Antioxidation, Anti-inflammation, and AntifibrosisChen P.-J.; Tseng J.-K.; Lin Y.-L.; Wu Y.-H.S.; Hsiao Y.-T.; Chen J.-W.; Chen Y.-C.; YI-TSE HSIAO Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry58
82016Spatial Sequence Coding Differs during Slow and Fast Gamma Rhythms in the HippocampusZheng, C.; Bieri, K.W.; Hsiao, Y.-T.; Colgin, L.L.; YI-TSE HSIAO Neuron 6482
92016Slow gamma rhythms in CA3 are entrained by slow gamma activity in the dentate gyrusHsiao Y.-T.; Zheng C.; Colgin L.L.; YI-TSE HSIAO Journal of Neurophysiology1011
102013Disruption of footshock-induced theta rhythms by stimulating median raphe nucleus reduces anxiety in ratsHsiao, Y.-T.; Yi, P.-L.; Cheng, C.-H.; Chang, F.-C.; FANG-CHIA CHANG ; YI-TSE HSIAO Behavioural Brain Research 37
112013Hypocretin與theta oscillations在壓力及壓力誘發之睡眠變化中所扮演的角色,以及Cannabidiol (CBD)對壓力引發睡眠失調之作用蕭逸澤; YI-TSE HSIAO 臺灣大學獸醫學研究所學位論文 
122013γ-丁氨基酪酸神經於大鼠內中縫核內調控足電刺激造成之快速動眼期睡眠紊亂Yi-Tse Hsiao; Chiung-Hsiang Cheng; Pei-Lu Yi; Fang-Chia Chang; YI-TSE HSIAO 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
132012Effect of cannabidiol on sleep disruption induced by the repeated combination tests consisting of open field and elevated plus-maze in ratsHsiao, Y.-T.; Yi, P.-L.; Li, C.-L.; Chang, F.-C.; Hsiao, Yi-Tse ; FANG-CHIA CHANG Neuropharmacology 3544
142012Activation of GABAergic pathway by hypocretin in the median raphe nucleus (MRN) mediates stress-induced theta rhythm in ratsHsiao, Y.-T.; Jou, S.-B.; Yi, P.-L.; Chang, F.-C.; Hsiao, Yi-Tse ; Chang, Fang-Chia Behavioural Brain Research 711
152012GABAergic neurons in the median raphe nucleus (MRN) modulate footshock-induced rapid eye movement (REM) sleep disturbance in ratsHsiao, Yi-Tse ; Cheng, Chiung-Hsiang; Yi, Pei-Lu; Chang, Fang-Chia Taiwan 
162011Disruption of theta oscillation in anxiety: Relief anxiety and the effects of REM sleep.Hsiao, Yi-Tse ; Chang, Fang-Chia The 26th Joint Annual Conference Biomedical Science 
172011漢黃芩素對正常大鼠睡眠造成的雙相作用之探討張涵涵; 鄭穹翔; 尹珮璐; 呂瑾瑜; 蔡逸峰; 蕭逸澤; 張芳嘉; YI-TSE HSIAO 臺灣獸醫學雜誌 
182011Biphasic effects of baicalin, an active constituent of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi, in the spontaneous sleep-wake regulationChang, H.-H.; Yi, P.-L.; Cheng, C.-H.; Lu, C.-Y.; Hsiao, Y.-T.; Tsai, Y.-F.; Li, C.-L.; Chang, F.-C.; FANG-CHIA CHANG ; YI-TSE HSIAO ; Hsiao, Yi-Tse Journal of Ethnopharmacology 1716
192011Biphasic Effects of Wogonin in the Regulation of Spontaneous SleepCang, Han-Han; Cheng, Chiung-Hsiung; Yi, Pei-Lu; Lu, Chin-Yu; Tsai, Yi-Fong; Hsiao, Yi-Tse ; Chang, Fang-Chia Taiwan Veterinary Journal 
202010TNF-NF-κB signaling mediates excessive somnolence in hemiparkinsonian ratsLu, C.-Y.; Yi, P.-L.; Tsai, C.-H.; Cheng, C.-H.; Chang, H.-H.; Hsiao, Y.-T.; Chang, F.-C.; FANG-CHIA CHANG ; YI-TSE HSIAO Behavioural Brain Research 1111
212008Serotoninergic system mediates sleep-wake alteration induced by cannabidiol in the central nucleus of amygdala.Hsiao, Yi-Tse ; Yi, Pei-Lu; Lu, Chin-Yu; Chang, Fang-Chia 22nd Annual Meeting of Associated Professional Sleep Societies