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12021Regulate the Electron Mobility and Threshold Voltage of P(NDI2OD-T2)-Based Organic Field-Effect Transistors by the Compatibility PrincipleYang H.-R; Lai Y.-Y.; YU-YING LAI Advanced Electronic Materials1
22020Two-Dimensional Tetrathienonaphthalenes-Based Donor-Acceptor Copolymers: Synthesis, Isomeric Effect, and Organic Field-Effect TransistorsLiu, H.-H.; Chang, S.-L.; Huang, K.-H.; Cao, F.-Y.; Cheng, K.-Y.; Sun, H.-S.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Macromolecules1
32020Aqueous Palladium-Catalyzed Direct Arylation Polymerization of 2-Bromothiophene DerivativesLin, Y.-J.; Sun, H.-S.; Yang, H.-R.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Hou, K.-Y.; Liu, Y.-H.; YU-YING LAI Macromolecular Rapid Communications4
42020Synthesis of side-chain regioregular and main-chain alternating poly(bichalcogenophene)s and an ABC-type periodic poly(terchalcogenophene)Liu, H.-H.; Liang, W.-W.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Su, Y.-C.; Yang, H.-R.; Cheng, K.-Y.; Huang, S.-C.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Chemical Science2
52020Microplasma-enabled nanocarbon assembly for the diameter-selective synthesis of colloidal graphene quantum dotsYang, J.-S.; Chang, Y.-C.; Huang, Q.-H.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Chiang, W.-H.; YU-YING LAI Chemical Communications6
62020In vitro and In silico Studies on the Base Effect in Palladium-Catalyzed Direct ArylationLai, Y.-Y.; Yang, H.-R.; Lee, H.-T.; Tsai, T.-L.; Sun, H.-S.; YU-YING LAI Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry1
72020Establishment of the Interconnectivity among P(NDI2OD-T2)s in Organic Field-Effect Transistors by Non-Conjugated Crystalline PolymersYang, H.-R.; Pai, C.-W.; Sun, H.-S.; Wu, C.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Haw, S.-C.; Lee, J.-J.; Chen, J.-M.; YU-YING LAI Macromolecules0
82019共軛高分子於有機場效電晶體的應用楊皓任(Hau-Ren Yang); 白峻維(Chun-Wei Pai); 賴育英(Yu-Ying Lai); YU-YING LAI 化學0
92019Stereospecific Synthesis of Poly(methylene-E-vinylene) by Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerization of Substituted Cyclopropene Using Grubbs CatalystsPeng, J.-J.; Panda, B.; Satyanarayana, K.; Yang, H.-R.; Huang, S.-L.; Huang, M.J.; Chen, C.-H.; Lai, G.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Luh, T.-Y.; YU-YING LAI Macromolecules26
102019Further Examination of Interconnection in Conjugated Polymers for Organic Field-Effect TransistorsYang, H.-R.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Lee, J.-J.; YU-YING LAI Advanced Electronic Materials07
112019Regio- and stereo-selective [4+4] photodimerization of angular-shaped dialkyltetracenedithiopheneHsu, T.-G.; Chou, H.-C.; Liang, M.-J.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Chemical Communications12
122018Synthesis of unsymmetrical benzotrichalcogenophenes by N-heterocyclic carbene-palladium-catalyzed intramolecular direct C3-arylation of chalcogenophenesChen, S.-Y.; Pao, Y.-C.; Sahoo, S.K.; Huang, W.-C.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Chemical Communications712
132018Synthesis of Two-Dimensional Terbenzodithiophene-based Derivative by Palladium-catalyzed C─H Benzannulation and Its Donor-Acceptor Copolymers for Organic Photovoltaics: Two-Dimensional Terbenzodithiophene-based DerivativeCao, Fong-Yi; Chen, Yung-Lung; Lai, Yu-Ying; Cheng, Yen-Ju; YU-YING LAI Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society00
142018Synthesis of Two-Dimensional Terbenzodithiophene-based Derivative by Palladium-catalyzed C─H Benzannulation and Its Donor–Acceptor Copolymers for Organic PhotovoltaicsCao, F.-Y.; Chen, Y.-L.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society00
152018Stacking Principles on π- and Lamellar Stacking for Organic Semiconductors Evaluated by Energy Decomposition AnalysisLai, Y.-Y.; Huang, V.-H.; Lee, H.-T.; Yang, H.-R.; YU-YING LAI ACS Omega311
162017高分子化學結構分析賴育英; 楊皓任; YU-YING LAI 化工0
172017Bispentafluorophenyl-Containing Additive: Enhancing Efficiency and Morphological Stability of Polymer Solar Cells via Hand-Grabbing-Like Supramolecular Pentafluorophenyl-Fullerene InteractionsHung, K.-E.; Tsai, C.-E.; Chang, S.-L.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Jeng, U.-S.; Cao, F.-Y.; Hsu, C.-S.; Su, C.-J.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces1417
182017Synthesis and side-chain isomeric effect of 4,9-/5,10-dialkylated-β-angular-shaped naphthodithiophenes-based donor-acceptor copolymers for polymer solar cells and field-effect transistorsChiou, D.-Y.; Cao, F.-Y.; Hsu, J.-Y.; Tsai, C.-E.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Jeng, U.-S.; Zhang, J.; Yan, H.; Su, C.-J.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Polymer Chemistry1416
192017Intuitive Quantifiers of Charge Flows in Coordinate BondingCouzijn, E.P.A.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Limacher, A.; Chen, P.; YU-YING LAI Organometallics1113
202017Side-chain modulation of dithienofluorene-based copolymers to achieve high field-effect mobilitiesLee, C.-H.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Hsu, J.-Y.; Huang, P.-K.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Chemical Science2735
212016Synthesis and molecular properties of two isomeric dialkylated tetrathienonaphthalenesChang, S.-L.; Lu, C.-W.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Hsu, J.-Y.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Organic Letters 810
222016Synthesis of a 4,9-Didodecyl Angular-Shaped Naphthodiselenophene Building Block to Achieve High-Mobility TransistorsTsai, C.-E.; Yu, R.-H.; Lin, F.-J.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Hsu, J.-Y.; Cheng, S.-W.; Hsu, C.-S.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Chemistry of Materials 3438
232016Synthesis, characterization, and photovoltaic applications of donor-acceptor alternating and random copolymers based on a ladder-type nonacyclic structureLiang, W.-W.; Lin, Y.-S.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Reactive and Functional Polymers 33
242016Synthesis and Isomeric Effects of Ladder-Type Alkylated Terbenzodithiophene DerivativesChen, Y.-L.; Hsu, J.-Y.; Lin, F.-Y.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Chou, H.-C.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Journal of Organic Chemistry 1414
252016Self-assembled tri-, tetra- and penta-ethylene glycols as easy, expedited and universal interfacial cathode-modifiers for inverted polymer solar cellsCao, F.-Y.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Chen, Y.-L.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1215
262016Synthesis and field-effect transistor properties of a diseleno[3,2-: B:2′,3′- d] silole-based donor-acceptor copolymer: Investigation of chalcogen effectPao, Y.-C.; Yang, C.-T.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Huang, W.-C.; Hsu, C.-S.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Polymer Chemistry 69
272016Synthesis, molecular and photovoltaic/transistor properties of heptacyclic ladder-type di(thienobenzo)fluorene-based copolymersLee, C.-H.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Cao, F.-Y.; Hsu, J.-Y.; Lin, Z.-L.; Jeng, U.-S.; Su, C.-J.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Journal of Materials Chemistry C99
282015Angular-Shaped 4,9-Dialkyl α- And β-Naphthodithiophene-Based Donor-Acceptor Copolymers: Investigation of Isomeric Structural Effects on Molecular Properties and Performance of Field-Effect Transistors and PhotovoltaicsCheng, S.-W.; Chiou, D.-Y.; Tsai, C.-E.; Liang, W.-W.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Hsu, J.-Y.; Hsu, C.-S.; Osaka, I.; Takimiya, K.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Advanced Functional Materials 3643
292015Synthesis of poly(3-hexylthiophene), poly(3-hexylselenophene), and poly(3-hexylselenophene-alt-3-hexylthiophene) by direct C-H arylation polymerization via N-heterocyclic carbene palladium catalystsLai, Y.-Y.; Tung, T.-C.; Liang, W.-W.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Macromolecules 2831
302015One-pot selective synthesis of a fullerene bisadduct for organic solar cell applicationsZhang, B.; Subbiah, J.; Lai, Y.-Y.; White, J.M.; Jones, D.J.; Wong, W.W.H.; YU-YING LAI Chemical Communications 1616
312015Angular-Shaped 4,10-Dialkylanthradiselenophene and Its Donor-Acceptor Conjugated Polymers: Synthesis, Physical, Transistor, and Photovoltaic PropertiesLai, Y.-Y.; Chang, H.-H.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Liang, W.-W.; Tsai, C.-E.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Macromolecules 2121
322015Electroactive and photoactive poly[isoindigo-alt-EDOT] synthesized using direct (hetero)arylation polymerization in batch and in continuous flowGrenier, F.; A\\ich, B.R.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Gu\\'erette, M.; Holmes, A.B.; Tao, Y.; Wong, W.W.H.; Leclerc, M.; YU-YING LAI Chemistry of Materials 5766
332015Triarylamine-based crosslinked hole-transporting material with an ionic dopant for high-performance PEDOT:PSS-free polymer solar cellsTsai, C.-E.; Liao, M.-H.; Chen, Y.-L.; Cheng, S.-W.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Cheng, Y.-J.; Hsu, C.-S.; YU-YING LAI Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1820
342014Synthesis and morphological studies of a poly(5,6-difluorobenzo-2,1,3-thiadiazole-4,7-diyl-alt-quaterchalcogenophene) copolymer with 7.3% polymer solar cell efficiencyWu, J.-S.; Jheng, J.-F.; Chang, J.-Y.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Wu, K.-Y.; Wang, C.-L.; Hsu, C.-S.; YU-YING LAI Polymer Chemistry 1819
352014Applications of functional fullerene materials in polymer solar cellsLai, Y.-Y.; Cheng, Y.-J.; Hsu, C.-S.; YU-YING LAI Energy and Environmental Science 141155
362014Morphological stabilization by supramolecular perfluorophenyl-C 60 interactions leading to efficient and thermally stable organic photovoltaicsLiao, M.-H.; Tsai, C.-E.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Cao, F.-Y.; Wu, J.-S.; Wang, C.-L.; Hsu, C.-S.; Liau, I.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Advanced Functional Materials 4145
372014Synthesis and molecular properties of tricyclic biselenophene-based derivatives with nitrogen, silicon, germanium, vinylidene, and ethylene bridgesPao, Y.-C.; Chen, Y.-L.; Chen, Y.-T.; Cheng, S.-W.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Huang, W.-C.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Organic Letters 2627
382014A new ladder-type germanium-bridged dithienocarbazole arene and its donor-acceptor conjugated copolymers: Synthesis, molecular properties, and photovoltaic applicationsJwo, P.-C.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Tsai, C.-E.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Liang, W.-W.; Hsu, C.-S.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Macromolecules 1919
392014Synthesis and supramolecular assembly of pentacyclic dithienofluorene and diselenophenofluorene derivativesLee, C.-H.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Cheng, S.-W.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Organic Letters 1517
402014Reducing regioisomers of fullerene-bisadducts by tether-directed remote functionalization: Investigation of electronically and sterically isomeric effects on bulk-heterojunction solar cellsLiao, M.-H.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Chen, Y.-T.; Tsai, C.-E.; Liang, W.-W.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2525
412013A new ladder-type benzodi(cyclopentadithiophene)-based donor-acceptor polymer and a modified hole-collecting PEDOT:PSS layer to achieve tandem solar cells with an open-circuit voltage of 1.62 vChen, Y.-L.; Kao, W.-S.; Tsai, C.-E.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Cheng, Y.-J.; Hsu, C.-S.; YU-YING LAI Chemical Communications 2222
422013A new pentacyclic indacenodiselenophene arene and its donor-acceptor copolymers for solution-processable polymer solar cells and transistors: Synthesis, characterization, and investigation of alkyl/alkoxy side-chain effectChang, H.-H.; Tsai, C.-E.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Liang, W.-W.; Hsu, S.-L.; Hsu, C.-S.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Macromolecules 5353
432013Synthesis and molecular properties of four isomeric dialkylated angular-shaped naphthodithiophenesCheng, S.-W.; Chiou, D.-Y.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Yu, R.-H.; Lee, C.-H.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Organic Letters 4044
442013Interface engineering to enhance the efficiency of conventional polymer solar cells by alcohol-/water-soluble C60 materials doped with alkali carbonatesLai, Y.-Y.; Shih, P.-I.; Li, Y.-P.; Tsai, C.-E.; Wu, J.-S.; Cheng, Y.-J.; Hsu, C.-S.; YU-YING LAI ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2120
452013Influences of the non-covalent interaction strength on reaching high solid-state order and device performance of a low bandgap polymer with axisymmetrical structural unitsJheng, J.-F.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Wu, J.-S.; Chao, Y.-H.; Wang, C.-L.; Hsu, C.-S.; YU-YING LAI Advanced Materials 116120
462013A New sp2-sp2Dialkylethylene-Bridged Heptacyclic Ladder-Type Arene for High Effi ciency Polymer Solar CellsWu, J.-S.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Cheng, Y.-J.; Chang, C.-Y.; Wang, C.-L.; Hsu, C.-S.; YU-YING LAI Advanced Energy Materials 2020
472013Synthesis, molecular and photovoltaic properties of an indolo[3,2-b]indole- based acceptor-donor-acceptor small moleculeLai, Y.-Y.; Yeh, J.-M.; Tsai, C.-E.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2831
482013Synthesis, photophysical and photovoltaic properties of a new class of two-dimensional conjugated polymers containing donor-acceptor chromophores as pendant groupsLai, Y.-Y.; Cheng, Y.-J.; Chen, C.-H.; Cheng, S.-W.; Cao, F.-Y.; Hsu, C.-S.; YU-YING LAI Polymer Chemistry 56
492013Formation of nanostructured fullerene interlayer through accelerated self-assembly and cross-linking of trichlorosilane moieties leading to enhanced efficiency of photovoltaic cellsLiang, W.-W.; Chang, C.-Y.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Cheng, S.-W.; Chang, H.-H.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Cheng, Y.-J.; Wang, C.-L.; Hsu, C.-S.; YU-YING LAI Macromolecules 2022
502012Synthesis, molecular and photovoltaic properties of donor-acceptor conjugated polymers incorporating a new heptacylic indacenodithieno[3,2-b] thiophene areneChang, H.-H.; Tsai, C.-E.; Lai, Y.-Y.; Chiou, D.-Y.; Hsu, S.-L.; Hsu, C.-S.; Cheng, Y.-J.; YU-YING LAI Macromolecules 6060
512012Homogeneous model complexes for supported rhenia metathesis catalystsLai, Y.-Y.; Born; , M.; Chen, P.; YU-YING LAI Organometallics 1718
522007Alumina-mediated dealkylative dimerization of 4-aminobenzyl estersLai, Y.-Y.; Lin, N.-T.; Liu, Y.-H.; Wang, Y.; Luh, T.-Y.; Lai, Yu-Ying ; TIEN-YAU LUH Tetrahedron 1313