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12021Spread Through Air Spaces (STAS) in Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma: Evidence Supportive of an In Vivo PhenomenonGross D.J.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Li Y.; Dux J.; Rekhtman N.; Jones D.R.; Travis W.D.; Adusumilli P.S.The American journal of surgical pathology13
22021DEK-AFF2 fusion-associated papillary squamous cell carcinoma of the sinonasal tract: clinicopathologic characterization of seven cases with deceptively bland morphologyKuo Y.-J.; Lewis J.S.; Jr.; Zhai C.; Chen Y.-A.; Chernock R.D.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Lan M.-Y.; Lee C.-K.; Weinreb I.; Hang J.-F.Modern Pathology54
32021Previous Extrapulmonary Malignancies Impact Outcomes in Patients With Surgically Resected Lung CancerLee H.-Y.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Liao H.-C.; Chen P.-H.; Chiang X.-H.; Tsou K.-C.; Tsai T.-M.; Chuang J.-H.; Lin M.-W.; Hsu H.-H.; Chen J.-S.Frontiers in Surgery0
42021Thoracoscopic Wedge Resection Versus Segmentectomy for cT1N0 Lung AdenocarcinomaChiang X.-H.; Lu T.-P.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Tsai T.-M.; Liao H.-C.; Kao T.-N.; Chang C.-H.; Lin M.-W.; Hsu H.-H.; Chen J.-S.Annals of Surgical Oncology11
52021Risk Factors and Genetic Biomarkers of Multiple Primary Cancers in Esophageal Cancer PatientsYang P.-W.; Lin M.-C.; Huang P.-M.; Wang C.-P.; Chen T.-C.; Chen C.-N.; Tsai M.-H.; Cheng J.C.-H.; Chuang E.Y.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Lou P.-J.; Lee J.-M.Frontiers in Oncology0
62021SMARCB1(INI1)-deficient sinonasal adenocarcinoma: Report of a case previously diagnosed as high-grade non-intestinal-type sinonasal adenocarcinomaSu Y.-J.; Lee Y.-H.; MIN-SHU HSIEH Pathology International0
72021Radiomic Values from High-Grade Subtypes to Predict Spread Through Air Spaces in Lung AdenocarcinomaChen L.-W.; Lin M.-W.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Yang S.-M.; Wang H.-J.; Chen Y.-C.; Chen H.-Y.; Hu Y.-H.; Lee C.-E.; Chen J.-S.; Chang Y.-C.; Chen C.-M.Annals of Thoracic Surgery10
82021The genetic effect and molecular function of the SOCS5 in the prognosis of esophageal squamous cell carcinomaYang P.-W.; Chang Y.-H.; Wong L.-F.; Lin C.-C.; Huang P.-M.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Lee J.-M.Journal of Cancer0
92021Risk Stratification in Patients With Follicular Neoplasm on Cytology: Use of Quantitative Characteristics and Sonographic PatternsWu M.-H.; Chen K.-Y.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Chen A.; Chen C.-N.Frontiers in Endocrinology2
102021Prediction of micropapillary and solid pattern in lung adenocarcinoma using radiomic values extracted from near-pure histopathological subtypesChen L.-W.; Yang S.-M.; Wang H.-J.; Chen Y.-C.; Lin M.-W.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Song H.-L.; Ko H.-J.; Chen C.-M.; Chang Y.-C.European Radiology23
112021Clinicopathological features and survival outcomes of primary pulmonary invasive mucinous adenocarcinomaGow C.-H.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Liu Y.-N.; Lee Y.-H.; Shih J.-Y.Cancers1
122021Sialadenoma PapilliferumMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Bishop J.A.; Yu Fong Chang J.Surgical Pathology Clinics30
132021Preoperative 2-[18F]FDG PET-CT aids in the prognostic stratification for patients with primary ampullary carcinomaChuang P.-J.; Wang H.-P.; Lin Y.-J.; Chen C.-C.; Tien Y.-W.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Yang S.-H.; Yen R.-F.; Ko C.-L.; Wu Y.-W.; Cheng M.-F.European Radiology00
142020Ultrasonographic features for differentiating follicular thyroid carcinoma and follicular adenomaKuo T.-C.; Wu M.-H.; Chen K.-Y.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Chen A.; Chen C.-N.Asian Journal of Surgery1817
152020Propensity-Matched Analysis Comparing Survival After Sublobar Resection and Lobectomy for cT1N0 Lung AdenocarcinomaChiang X.-H.; Hsu H.-H.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Chang C.-H.; Tsai T.-M.; Liao H.-C.; Tsou K.-C.; Lin M.-W.; Chen J.-S.Annals of Surgical Oncology1717
162020Proteogenomics of Non-smoking Lung Cancer in East Asia Delineates Molecular Signatures of Pathogenesis and ProgressionChen Y.-J.; Roumeliotis T.I.; Chang Y.-H.; Chen C.-T.; Han C.-L.; Lin M.-H.; Chen H.-W.; Chang G.-C.; Chang Y.-L.; Wu C.-T.; Lin M.-W.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Wang Y.-T.; Chen Y.-R.; Jonassen I.; Ghavidel F.Z.; Lin Z.-S.; Lin K.-T.; Chen C.-W.; Sheu P.-Y.; Hung C.-T.; Huang K.-C.; Yang H.-C.; Lin P.-Y.; Yen T.-C.; Lin Y.-W.; Wang J.-H.; Raghav L.; Lin C.-Y.; Chen Y.-S.; Wu P.-S.; Lai C.-T.; Weng S.-H.; Su K.-Y.; Chang W.-H.; Tsai P.-Y.; Robles A.I.; Rodriguez H.; Hsiao Y.-J.; Chang W.-H.; Sung T.-Y.; Chen J.-S.; Yu S.-L.; Choudhary J.S.; Chen H.-Y.; Yang P.-C.; Chen Y.-J.Cell58
172020Salivary Sialadenoma Papilliferum Consists of Two Morphologically, Immunophenotypically, and Genetically Distinct SubtypesMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Bishop J.A.; Wang Y.-P.; Poh C.F.; Cheng Y.-S.L.; Lee Y.-H.; Jin Y.-T.; Chang J.Y.F.Head and Neck Pathology12
182020SCLC Subtypes Defined by ASCL1, NEUROD1, POU2F3, and YAP1: A Comprehensive Immunohistochemical and Histopathologic CharacterizationBaine M.K.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Lai W.V.; Egger J.V.; Jungbluth A.A.; Daneshbod Y.; Beras A.; Spencer R.; Lopardo J.; Bodd F.; Montecalvo J.; Sauter J.L.; Chang J.C.; Buonocore D.J.; Travis W.D.; Sen T.; Poirier J.T.; Rudin C.M.; Rekhtman N.Journal of Thoracic Oncology51
192020Clinicopathological study of intraductal carcinoma of the salivary gland, with emphasis on the apocrine typeMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Lee Y.-H.; Jin Y.-T.; Kuo Y.-J.Virchows Archiv11
202019Cabozantinib (XL184) and R428 (BGB324) Inhibit the Growth of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma (ESCC)Yang P.-W.; Liu Y.-C.; Chang Y.-H.; Lin C.-C.; Huang P.-M.; Hua K.-T.; Lee J.-M.; MIN-SHU HSIEH Frontiers in Oncology19
212019Lung adenocarcinoma with sarcomatoid transformation after tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment and chemotherapyMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Lin M.-W.; Lee Y.-H.Lung Cancer1113
222019Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte Ratio and Use of Antibiotics Associated With Prognosis in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients Receiving Immune Checkpoint InhibitorsGuo J.-C.; Lin C.-C.; Lin C.-Y.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Kuo H.-Y.; Lien M.-Y.; Shao Y.-Y.; Huang T.-C.; Hsu C.-H.Anticancer research1716
232019Response to comment on: “Correlation of Tumor Spread through Air Spaces and Clinicopathological Characteristics in Surgically Resected Lung Adenocarcinomas.”MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Lin M.-W.Lung Cancer00
242019Thymoma-associated multiorgan autoimmunityHung C.-T.; Tsai T.-F.; Chen J.-S.; MIN-SHU HSIEH BMJ Case Reports108
252019Primary thyroid hyalinising clear cell carcinoma: a rare variant of salivary gland type carcinoma of the thyroidMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Chen K.-Y.; Lee Y.-H.; Wang H.Pathology00
262019Clinical Outcomes of Up-front Surgery Versus Surgery After Induction Chemotherapy for Thymoma and Thymic Carcinoma: A Retrospective StudyMa W.-L.; Lin C.-C.; Hsu F.-M.; Lee J.-M.; Chen J.-S.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Chang Y.-L.; Chao Y.-T.; Chang C.-H.; Chih-Hsin Yang J.Clinical Lung Cancer76
272019Nuclear immunoreactivity of BLM-s, a proapoptotic BCL-2 family member, is specifically detected in salivary adenoid cystic carcinomaTsai M.-S.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Huang H.-Y.; Huang P.-H.Human Pathology00
282019Validation of immunohistochemistry for the detection of BRAF V600E-mutated lung adenocarcinomasGow C.-H.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Lin Y.-T.; Liu Y.-N.; Shih J.-Y.Cancers49
292019Improved prognosis with induction chemotherapy in pathological complete responders after trimodality treatment for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: Hypothesis generating for adjuvant treatmentLu S.-L.; Hsu F.-M.; Tsai C.-L.; Lee J.-M.; Huang P.-M.; Hsu C.-H.; Lin C.-C.; Chang Y.-L.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Cheng J.C.-H.European Journal of Surgical Oncology55
302019Salivary Sialadenoma Papilliferum Consists of Two Morphologically, Immunophenotypically, and Genetically Distinct SubtypesMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Bishop J.A.; Wang Y.-P.; Poh C.F.; Cheng Y.-S.L.; Lee Y.-H.; Jin Y.-T.; Chang J.Y.F.Head and Neck Pathology012
312019Corrigendum to “Correlation of tumor spread through air spaces and clinicopathological characteristics in surgically resected lung adenocarcinomas” [Lung Cancer 126 (2018) 189–193](S0169500218306305)(10.1016/j.lungcan.2018.11.003)Hu S.-Y.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Hsu H.-H.; Tsai T.-M.; Chiang X.-H.; Tsou K.-C.; Liao H.-C.; Lin M.-W.; Chen J.-S.Lung Cancer00
322019Mist1: a novel nuclear marker for acinic cell carcinoma of the salivary glandMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Jeng Y.-M.; Lee Y.-H.Virchows Archiv56
332019Consecutive emergence of typical acquired resistance to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors in a patient with metastatic pulmonary squamous cell carcinomaYang C.-Y.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Liao W.-Y.; Shih J.-Y.; Yu C.-J.Journal of Oncology Practice00
342018CTNNB1 mutations in basal cell adenoma of the salivary glandLee Y.-H.; Huang W.-C.; MIN-SHU HSIEH Journal of the Formosan Medical Association99
352018Correlation of tumor spread through air spaces and clinicopathological characteristics in surgically resected lung adenocarcinomasHu S.-Y.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Hsu H.-H.; Tsai T.-M.; Chiang X.-H.; Tsou K.-C.; Liao H.-C.; Lin M.-W.; Chen J.-S.Lung Cancer1422
362018Outcomes in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer and acquired Thr790Met mutation treated with osimertinib: a genomic studyLin C.-C.; Shih J.-Y.; Yu C.-J.; Ho C.-C.; Liao W.-Y.; Lee J.-H.; Tsai T.-H.; Su K.-Y.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Chang Y.-L.; Bai Y.-Y.; Huang D.D.-R.; Thress K.S.; Yang J.C.-H.The Lancet Respiratory Medicine6985
372018Solitary pulmonary capillary hemangioma: An under-recognized pulmonary lesion mimicking early lung cancer on computed tomography imagesMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Lee Y.-H.; Lin M.-W.; Chen J.-S.Lung Cancer35
382018Oncogenic Function of a KIF5B-MET Fusion Variant in Non-Small Cell Lung CancerGow C.-H.; Liu Y.-N.; Li H.-Y.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Chang S.-H.; Luo S.-C.; Tsai T.-H.; Chen P.-L.; Tsai M.-F.; Shih J.-Y.Neoplasia (United States)1113
392018Response to Nivolumab as Salvage Therapy in a Patient with Thymic CarcinomaYang P.-C.; Guo J.-C.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Lin C.-C.; Hsu C.-H.Journal of Thoracic Oncology33
402018Circulating Interleukin-6 is Associated with Prognosis and Genetic Polymorphisms of MIR608 in Patients with Esophageal Squamous Cell CarcinomaYang P.-W.; Huang P.-M.; Yong L.-S.; Chang Y.-H.; Wu C.-W.; Hua K.-T.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Lee J.-M.Annals of Surgical Oncology58
412018Clinicopathological and genomic comparisons between different histologic components in combined small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancerLin M.-W.; Su K.-Y.; Su T.-J.; Chang C.-C.; Lin J.-W.; Lee Y.-H.; Yu S.-L.; Chen J.-S.; MIN-SHU HSIEH Lung Cancer1019
422018Strong SOX10 expression in human papillomavirus–related multiphenotypic sinonasal carcinoma: report of 6 new cases validated by high-risk human papillomavirus mRNA in situ hybridization testMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Lee Y.-H.; Jin Y.-T.; Huang W.-C.Human Pathology915
432018Extraction of radiomic values from lung adenocarcinoma with near-pure subtypes in the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer/the American Thoracic Society/the European Respiratory Society (IASLC/ATS/ERS) classificationYang S.-M.; Chen L.-W.; Wang H.-J.; Chen L.-R.; Lor K.-L.; Chen Y.-C.; Lin M.-W.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Chen J.-S.; Chang Y.-C.; Chen C.-M.Lung Cancer712
442017A comprehensive analysis of clinical outcomes in lung cancer patients harboring a MET exon 14 skipping mutation compared to other driver mutations in an East Asian populationGow C.-H.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Wu S.-G.; Shih J.-Y.Lung Cancer2828
452017Reevaluation of MAML2 fusion–negative mucoepidermoid carcinoma: a subgroup being actually hyalinizing clear cell carcinoma of the salivary gland with EWSR1 translocationMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Wang H.; Lee Y.-H.; Ko J.-Y.; Chang Y.-L.Human Pathology1823
462017Study of poly-ɛ-caprolactone membranes for pleurodesisChen K.-C.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Li Y.-R.; Lin Y.-C.; Lai H.-S.; Shieh M.-J.; Chen J.-S.; Young T.-H.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association11
472017Coexistence of the BRAF Mutation and EGFR Exon 20 Insertion in a Patient with Lung AdenocarcinomaChang L.-C.; Chen K.-Y.; Shih J.-Y.; Yu C.-J.; MIN-SHU HSIEH Journal of Thoracic Oncology10
482017Genetic polymorphisms of ATG5 predict survival and recurrence in patients with early-stage esophageal squamous cell carcinomaYang P.-W.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Chang Y.-H.; Huang P.-M.; Lee J.-M.Oncotarget210
492017Hepatitis C virus core protein potentiates proangiogenic activity of hepatocellular carcinoma cellsShao Y.-Y.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Wang H.-Y.; Li Y.-S.; Lin H.; Hsu H.-W.; Huang C.-Y.; Hsu C.-H.; Cheng A.-L.Oncotarget48
502017Human papillomavirus-related carcinoma with adenoid cystic-like features: a series of five cases expanding the pathological spectrumHang J.-F.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Li W.-Y.; Chen J.-Y.; Lin S.-Y.; Liu S.-H.; Pan C.-C.; Kuo Y.-J.Histopathology1619
512017Expression of notch gene and its impact on survival of patients with resectable non-small cell lung cancerChen C.-Y.; Chen Y.-Y.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Ho C.-C.; Chen K.-Y.; Shih J.-Y.; Yu C.-J.Journal of Cancer1219
522017Clear cell hidradenoma of the breast with MAML2 gene rearrangementMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Lien H.-C.; Hua S.-F.; Kuo W.-H.; Lee Y.-H.Pathology66
532017Real-world experience of afatinib as a first-line therapy for advanced EGFR mutation-positive lung adenocarcinomaLiang S.-K.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Lee M.-R.; Keng L.-T.; Ko J.-C.; Shih J.-Y.Oncotarget2642
542016Preoperative computed tomography-guided dye injection to localize multiple lung nodules for video-assisted thoracoscopic surgeryTseng Y.-H.; Lee Y.-F.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Chien N.; Ko W.-C.; Chen J.-Y.; Lee J.-M.; Huang P.-M.; Lin M.-W.; Chen J.-S.; Chang Y.-C.Journal of Thoracic Disease829
552016Carbonic anhydrase VI: A novel marker for salivary serous acinar differentiation and its application to discriminate acinic cell carcinoma from mammary analogue secretory carcinoma of the salivary glandMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Jeng Y.-M.; Jhuang Y.-L.; Chou Y.-H.; Lin C.-Y.Histopathology1416
562016SOX10-positive salivary gland tumors: a growing list, including mammary analogue secretory carcinoma of the salivary gland, sialoblastoma, low-grade salivary duct carcinoma, basal cell adenoma/adenocarcinoma, and a subgroup of mucoepidermoid carcinomaMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Lee Y.-H.; Chang Y.-L.Human Pathology5563
572016Efficacy of pemetrexed-based chemotherapy in patients with ROS1 fusion-positive lung adenocarcinoma compared with in patients harboring other driver mutations in East Asian populationsChen Y.-F.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Wu S.-G.; Chang Y.-L.; Yu C.-J.; Yang J.C.-H.; Yang P.-C.; Shih J.-Y.Journal of Thoracic Oncology3742
582016Primary pulmonary hyalinising clear cell carcinoma with mucin production and delayed metastases after 16 yearsWang H.; Li W.-Y.; Kuo Y.-J.; Yeh Y.-C.; MIN-SHU HSIEH Pathology46
592016Tigroid background in cytology of hyalinizing clear cell carcinoma of the salivary glandYuan C.-T.; MIN-SHU HSIEH Diagnostic Cytopathology67
602016The AXL receptor tyrosine kinase is associated with adverse prognosis and distant metastasis in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Yang P.-W.; Wong L.-F.; Lee J.-M.Oncotarget2933
612016Visible-absorption spectroscopy as a biomarker to predict treatment response and prognosis of surgically resected esophageal cancerYang P.-W.; Hsu I.-J.; Chang C.-W.; Wang Y.-C.; Hsieh C.-Y.; Shih K.-H.; Wong L.-F.; Shih N.-Y.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Hou M.T.-K.; Lee J.-M.Scientific Reports66
622016Computed tomography-guided patent blue vital dye localization of pulmonary nodules in uniportal thoracoscopyLin M.-W.; Tseng Y.-H.; Lee Y.-F.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Ko W.-C.; Chen J.-Y.; Hsu H.-H.; Chang Y.-C.; Chen J.-S.Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery6379
632015Pathological stage after neoadjuvant chemoradiation and esophagectomy superiorly predicts survival in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinomaWang, Chia Chun; Cheng, Jason Chia Hsien; Tsai, Chiao Ling; JANG-MING LEE; PEI-MING HUANG; Lin, Chia Chi; CHIH-HUNG HSU ; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; YIH-LEONG CHANG ; Hsu, Feng MingRadiotherapy and Oncology87
642015Histologic evolution from adenocarcinoma to squamous cell carcinoma after gefitinib treatmentMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Jhuang J.-Y.; Hua S.-F.; Chou Y.-H.Annals of Thoracic Surgery2121
652015Cystic alveolar adenoma: An unusual clinical presentation of a rare lung neoplasmMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Tseng Y.-H.; Hua S.-F.; Chou Y.-H.Pathology10
662015Clinical and prognostic implications of RET rearrangements in metastatic lung adenocarcinoma patients with malignant pleural effusionTsai T.-H.; Wu S.-G.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Yu C.-J.; Yang J.C.H.; Shih J.-Y.Lung Cancer3535
672015Papillary-cystic pattern is characteristic in mammary analogue secretory carcinomas but is rarely observed in acinic cell carcinomas of the salivary glandMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Chou Y.-H.; Yeh S.-J.; Chang Y.-L.Virchows Archiv2931
682015Precancerous esophageal epithelia are associated with significantly increased scattering coefficientsSu J.-W.; Lin Y.-H.; Chiang C.-P.; Lee J.-M.; Hsieh C.-M.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Yang P.-W.; Wang C.-P.; Tseng P.-H.; Lee Y.-C.; Sung K.-B.Biomedical Optics Express88
692015Pathological stage after neoadjuvant chemoradiation and esophagectomy superiorly predicts survival in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinomaWang C.-C.; Cheng J.C.-H.; Tsai C.-L.; Lee J.-M.; Huang P.-M.; Lin C.-C.; Hsu C.-H.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Chang Y.-L.; Hsu F.-M.Radiotherapy and Oncology87
702015Postchemoradiotherapy pathologic stage classified by the American joint committee on the cancer staging system predicts prognosis of patients with locally advanced esophageal squamous cell carcinomaGuo J.-C.; Huang T.-C.; Lin C.-C.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Chang C.-H.; Huang P.-M.; Lee J.-M.; Hsu F.-M.; Cheng J.C.-H.; Wang H.-P.; Yeh K.-H.; Cheng A.-L.; Hsu C.-H.Journal of Thoracic Oncology611
712015Epithelial-myoepithelial carcinoma of the salivary gland harboring HRAS codon 61 mutations with lung metastasisMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Chen J.-S.; Lee Y.-H.; Chou Y.-H.International Journal of Surgical Pathology43
722015Mixed mucoepidermoid carcinoma and adenocarcinoma of the lung: Two cases with unusual histologic featuresMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Lee Y.-H.; Chen J.-S.; Lee J.-M.; Chang Y.-L.Lung Cancer00
732014Mixed lung mucoepidermoid carcinoma and adenocarcinoma with identical mutations in an epidermal growth factor receptor geneJhuang J.-Y.; Chou Y.-H.; Hua S.-F.; MIN-SHU HSIEH Annals of Thoracic Surgery33
742014β-Catenin (CTNNB1) mutations are not associated with prognosis in advanced hepatocellular carcinomaLu L.-C.; Shao Y.-Y.; Lee Y.-H.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Hsiao C.-H.; Lin H.-H.; Kao H.-F.; Ma Y.-Y.; Yen F.-C.; Cheng A.-L.; Hsu C.-H.Oncology (Switzerland)1416
752014Metastasizing ameloblastoma with localized interstitial spread in the lung: Report of two casesChou Y.-H.; Jhuang J.-Y.; Chang M.-H.; Huang W.-C.; MIN-SHU HSIEH International Journal of Surgical Pathology65
762014New aspects of the clinicopathology and genetic profile of metachronous multiple lung cancersWu C.-T.; Lin M.-W.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Kuo S.-W.; Chang Y.-L.Annals of Surgery2317
772014Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgical thymectomy to treat early thymoma: A comparison with the conventional transsternal approachLiu T.J.; Lin M.-W.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Kao M.-W.; Chen K.-C.; Chang C.-C.; Kuo S.-W.; Huang P.-M.; Hsu H.-H.; Chen J.-S.; Lai H.-S.; Lee J.-M.Annals of Surgical Oncology3940
782014Genetic variants of EGF and VEGF predict prognosis of patients with advanced esophageal squamous cell carcinomaYang P.-W.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Huang Y.-C.; Hsieh C.-Y.; Chiang T.-H.; Lee J.-M.PLoS ONE2727
792014Water-clear cell parathyroid adenoma in a patient with acute pancreatitisChou Y.-H.; Jhuang J.-Y.; MIN-SHU HSIEH Journal of the Formosan Medical Association48
802014Clinical and the prognostic characteristics of lung adenocarcinoma patients with ros1 fusion in comparison with other driver mutations in east asian populationsChen Y.-F.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Wu S.-G.; Chang Y.-L.; Shih J.-Y.; Liu Y.-N.; Tsai M.-F.; Tsai T.-H.; Yu C.-J.; Yang J.C.-H.; Yang P.-C.Journal of Thoracic Oncology5152
812013Unusual presentation of lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma of lung as a thin-walled cavityMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Wu C.-T.; Chang Y.-L.Annals of Thoracic Surgery54
822013Intracortical chondroma of the humerus in a childChou Y.-H.; MIN-SHU HSIEH ; Huang C.-C.; Wu K.; Wu C.-T.Pathology01
832012Pulmonary metastatic giant cell tumors presenting as totally hyalinized and ossified nodulesMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Wu C.-T.; Lin M.-W.; Chang Y.-L.; Lee Y.-C.Annals of Thoracic Surgery22
842012Pseudomyxoma peritonei (mucinous carcinoma peritonei) preceded by intraductal papillary neoplasm of the bile ductJhuang J.-Y.; MIN-SHU HSIEH Human Pathology119
852012Cerebellar anaplastic pilocytic astrocytoma in a patient of neurofibromatosis type-1: Case report and review of the literatureMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Ho J.T.-M.; Lin L.-W.; Tu P.-H.; Perry A.; Huang A.P.-H.Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery77
862011Adult capillary hemangioma of the liver: Case report and literature reviewJhuang J.-Y.; Lin L.-W.; MIN-SHU HSIEH Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences42
872011Colonic necrosis in a young patient receiving oral kayexalate in sorbitol: Case report and literature reviewChou Y.-H.; Wang H.-Y.; MIN-SHU HSIEH Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences1216
882011NUT midline carcinoma: Case report and review of the literatureMIN-SHU HSIEH ; French C.A.; Liang C.-W.; Hsiao C.-H.International Journal of Surgical Pathology1918
892011Myxoid adrenal cortical carcinoma presenting as primary hyperaldosteronism: Case report and review of the literatureMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Chen J.-H.; Lin L.-W.International Journal of Surgical Pathology1113
902011A clinically-occult gastrointestinal stromal tumor in a Meckel's diverticulum presenting as hollow organ perforationChou Y.-H.; Tu C.-C.; Huang C.-C.; MIN-SHU HSIEH Chang Gung Medical Journal80
912010Hepatic Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma in Taiwan: A Clinicopathologic Study of Six Cases in a Single Institution Over a 15-Year PeriodMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Liang P.-C.; Kao Y.-C.; Shun C.-T.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1817
922010Intravascular Large B cell Lymphoma in Taiwan: An Asian Variant of Non-germinal-center OriginMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Yeh Y.-C.; Chou Y.-H.; Lin C.-W.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association43
932009Combined Pancreatic Endocrine Tumor and Serous CystadenomaMIN-SHU HSIEH ; Liu K.-L.; Tien Y.-W.; Shun C.-T.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association1110