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12017An Arbitrary Color Light EmitterMario Hofmann journal article11
22017Recrystallization of copper at a solid interface for improved CVD graphene growthMario Hofmann journal article76
32016Characterization of graphene edge functionalization by grating enhanced Raman spectroscopyMario Hofmann journal article44
42016Scalable production of graphene with tunable and stable doping by electrochemical intercalation and exfoliationMario Hofmann journal article77
52016Tunneling-injection in vertical quasi-2D heterojunctions enabled efficient and adjustable optoelectronic conversionMario Hofmann journal article11
62016High-Throughput Graphene Synthesis in Gapless StacksMario Hofmann journal article1110
72016Enhancing the Sensitivity of Percolative Graphene Films for Flexible and Transparent Pressure Sensor ArraysMario Hofmann journal article2929
82016Ultrahigh mobility in polyolefin-supported grapheneMario Hofmann journal article44
92016Reducing the graphene grain density in three stepsMario Hofmann journal article95
102015Ultrathin graphene-based solar cellsMario Hofmann journal article31
112015Ad-layers enhance graphene's performanceMario Hofmann journal article11
122015Dopant morphology as the factor limiting graphene conductivityMario Hofmann journal article1010
132015Assessment of exhaust emissions from carbon nanotube production and particle collection by sampling filtersMario Hofmann journal article00
142015Controlling the properties of graphene produced by electrochemical exfoliationMario Hofmann journal article2224
152015Enhancing CVD graphene's inter-grain connectivity by a graphite promoterMario Hofmann journal article45
162014Ultra-high sensitivity graphene photosensorsCHIH-I WU ; Mario Hofmann journal article1112
172014Surface-induced hybridization between graphene and titaniumMario Hofmann journal article2424
182014Scalable, flexible and high resolution patterning of CVD grapheneMario Hofmann journal article2120
192014Complete corrosion inhibition through graphene defect passivationMario Hofmann journal article106101
202014Promoter-assisted chemical vapor deposition of graphemeMario Hofmann journal article2323
212013Size effects on phonon localization and Raman enhancement in silicon nanotipsCHI-TE LIANG ; YANG-FANG CHEN ; Mario Hofmann journal article44
222012A graphene-based surface plasmon sensorYANG-FANG CHEN ; Mario Hofmann journal article2119
232012A facile tool for the characterization of two-dimensional materials grown by chemical vapor depositionMario Hofmann journal article2020
242012A novel class of strain gauges based on layered percolative films of 2D materialsMario Hofmann journal article209201
252012Synthesis of monolayer hexagonal boron nitride on Cu foil using chemical vapor depositionMario Hofmann journal article634624
262011Antibacterial activity of graphite, graphite oxide, graphene oxide, and reduced graphene oxide: Membrane and oxidative stressMario Hofmann journal article11591090
272011MOS photodetectors based on Au-nanorod doped graphene electrodesYANG-FANG CHEN ; Mario Hofmann journal article10
282010Chiral angle dependence of resonance window widths in (2n+m) families of single-walled carbon nanotubesCHI-TE LIANG ; YANG-FANG CHEN ; Mario Hofmann journal article66
292010Work function engineering of graphene electrode via chemical dopingMario Hofmann journal article384365
302010Synthesis of few-layer hexagonal boron nitride thin film by chemical vapor depositionMario Hofmann journal article659635
312010Defects in individual semiconducting single wall carbon nanotubes: Raman spectroscopic and in situ Raman spectroelectrochemical studyMario Hofmann journal article5050
322010Perspectives on carbon nanotubes and graphene Raman spectroscopyMario Hofmann journal article17731686
332010Scanning electrochemical microscopy of individual single-walled carbon nanotubesMario Hofmann journal article4741
342009Controlled formation of sharp zigzag and armchair edges in graphitic nanoribbonsMario Hofmann journal article529512
352009Characterization and evaluation of nanoparticle release during the synthesis of single-walled and multiwalled carbon nanotubes by chemical vapor depositionMario Hofmann journal article7964
362009Direct deposition of single-walled carbon nanotube thin films via electrostatic spray assisted chemical vapor depositionCHI-TE LIANG ; YANG-FANG CHEN ; Mario Hofmann journal article119
372009Thermal stability studies of CVD-grown graphene nanoribbons: Defect annealing and loop formationMario Hofmann journal article124115
382009Loop formation in graphitic nanoribbon edges using furnace heating or Joule heatingMario Hofmann journal article2120
392009Softening of the radial breathing mode in metallic carbon nanotubesMario Hofmann journal article4338
402009Electroluminescence from ZnO/ si-nanotips light-emitting diodesCHI-TE LIANG ; CHING-FUH LIN ; YANG-FANG CHEN ; Mario Hofmann ; MING-YAU CHERN journal article7975
412008Other one-dimensional systems and thermal propertiesMario Hofmann journal article77
422008Raman spectroscopy as a probe of graphene and carbon nanotubesMario Hofmann journal article9387
432008In-situ sample rotation as a tool to understand chemical vapor deposition growth of long aligned carbon nanotubesMario Hofmann journal article4645
442007Growth mechanism of long and horizontally aligned carbon nanotubes by chemical vapor depositionMario Hofmann journal article5757
452007The big picture of Raman scattering in carbon nanotubesMario Hofmann journal article8477