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12016Expression of the Znt1 zinc transporter from the metal hyperaccumulator noccaea caerulescens confers enhanced zinc and cadmium tolerance and accumulation to arabidopsis thalianaLin Y.-F.; Hassan Z.; Talukdar S.; Schat H.; Aarts M.G.M.; YA-FEN LIN journal article2416
22015Adsorption of Phosphate in Aqueous Solution by Magnetite Modified with DiethylenetriamineChiou, Chyow-San; Lin, Ya-Fen; Chen, Hua-Wei; Chang, Chia-Chi; Chang, Shu-Han; YA-FEN LIN journal article10
32014Gene expression differences between noccaea caerulescens ecotypes help to identify candidate genes for metal phytoremediationHalimaa P.; Lin Y.-F.; Ahonen V.H.; Blande D.; Clemens S.; Gyenesei A.; H?iki? E.; K?renlampi S.O.; Laiho A.; Aarts M.G.M.; Pursiheimo J.-P.; Schat H.; Schmidt H.; Tuomainen M.H.; Tervahauta A.I.; YA-FEN LIN journal article5352
42014A comprehensive set of transcript sequences of the heavy metal hyperaccumulator noccaea caerulescensLin Y.-F.; Severing E.I.; te Lintel Hekkert B.; Schijlen E.; Aarts M.G.M.; YA-FEN LIN journal article1919
52012The molecular mechanism of zinc and cadmium stress response in plantsLin Y.-F.; Aarts M.G.M.; YA-FEN LIN journal article293264
62011Application of magnetite modified with aluminum/silica to adsorb phosphate in aqueous solutionLin, Ya-Fen ; Chen, Hua-Wei; Chang, Chia-Chi; Hung, Wen-Chiang; Chiou, Chyow-Sanjournal article1010
72010Arabidopsis thaliana transcription factors bZIP19 and bZIP23 regulate the adaptation to zinc deficiencyAssun??o A.G.L.; Herrero E.; Lin Y.-F.; Huettel B.; Talukdar S.; Smaczniak C.; Immink R.G.H.; Van Eldik M.; Fiers M.; Schat H.; Aarts M.G.M.; YA-FEN LIN journal article149129
82009Arabidopsis IRT3 is a zinc-regulated and plasma membrane localized zinc/iron transporterLin Y.-F.; Liang H.-M.; Yang S.-Y.; Boch A.; Clemens S.; Chen C.-C.; Wu J.-F.; Huang J.-L.; Yeh K.-C.; YA-FEN LIN journal article121113