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12023Health literacy of family caregivers of patients with dementia: a qualitative studySie, Ning Huei; KUO-PIAO CHUNG ; YA-MEI CHEN ; Tsao, Wen Long; HUNG-CHIEH CHANG Taiwan Journal of Public Health
22023以「兒童蓬勃指數」評估台灣兒童健康福祉之現況羅方妤; 張弘潔 台灣公共衛生雜誌00
32023台灣兒少空氣污染治理之系統性政策回顧: 兒童權利公約之觀點張弘潔 台灣公共衛生雜誌0
42023第二次《兒童權利公約》國際審查對台灣兒少公共衛生政策之啟示張弘潔 台灣公共衛生雜誌0
52023從兒童權利公約談代理孕母之修法張弘潔 ; 周晏華月旦醫事法報告0
62022An Analysis of Children's Right to Participation: Youth Perspectives on the Submission of Proposals in Children and Youth Councils in TaiwanHUNG-CHIEH CHANG ; Po-Hsuan Wu; Shu-Ho LiaoTaiwan Human Rights Journal0
72022Climate strike or not? Intersectionality of age and culture encountered by young climate activists in TaiwanHUNG-CHIEH CHANG Childhood11
82022The new goals of child public health: children in all policiesHUNG-CHIEH CHANG Taiwan Journal of Public Health20
92022Religion, Gender, and Bodies: Women’s Polyvalent Roles and Experiences in the Biopolitics of Taiwan’s Presbyterian MissionsZavala-Pelayo, Edgar; HUNG-CHIEH CHANG Religions00
102021Comparison of campus air pollution control policy between Taiwan and South KoreaZe-Ming Yao; HUNG-CHIEH CHANG Taiwan Journal of Public Health10
112021The experiences ansd negotiations of children participating in climate actions in TaiwanLiao, Shu-Ho; HUNG-CHIEH CHANG Taiwan: A Radical Quarterly in Social Studies
122020書評: Feminism and the Politics of Childhood: Friends or Foes? Rachel Rosen and Katherine Twamley (eds). UCL Press. 2018. Pages: 314張弘潔 台灣社會學0
132020書評《台灣的後基因體時代:新科技的典範轉移與挑戰》。蔡友月、潘美玲、陳宗文主編,2019。新竹市:交通大學出版社。張弘潔 臺灣社會學刊0
142020Effectiveness of a school-based life skills program on emotional regulation and depression among elementary school students: A randomized studyLee, MJ; Wu, WC; HUNG-CHIEH CHANG ; Chen, HJ; Lin, WS; Feng, JY; Lee, TSHChildren and Youth Services Review68
152019政策、能源與健康:從哥斯大黎加的健康環境權談起 Policy, energy and health: the right to a healthy and ecologically balanced environment in Costa Rica張弘潔 ; Edgar Zavala-Pelayo台灣公共衛生雜誌0
162018從公共衛生觀點看兒童友善城市江東亮; 江宛霖; 張弘潔 中華民國兒童保健雜誌
172017The role of policies and networks in development of cord blood usage in ChinaHUNG-CHIEH CHANG Regenerative Medicine43
182016Comparing national home-keeping and the regulation of translational stem cell applications: An international perspectiveSleeboom-Faulkner, Margaret; Chekar, Choon Key; Faulkner, Alex; Heitmeyer, Carolyn; Marouda, Marina; Rosemann, Achim; Chaisinthop, Nattaka; HUNG-CHIEH CHANG ; Ely, Adrian; Kato, Masae; Patra, Prasanna K; Su, Yeyang; Sui, Suli; Suzuki, Wakana; Zhang, XinqingSocial science & medicine (1982)3124
192016The multiple roles of cord blood banks in Taiwan: competition and collaborationHUNG-CHIEH CHANG New Genetics and Society64
202016The private, the public and the hybrid in umbilical cord blood banking - a global perspectiveSleeboom-Faulkener, M; HUNG-CHIEH CHANG NEW GENETICS AND SOCIETY33
212016The normalisation of body gifting in TaiwanHUNG-CHIEH CHANG Biosocieties33
222006家庭及學校的社會資本與國小學童內化行為問題之關係李思賢; 張弘潔 ; 李蘭; 吳文琪中華心理衛生學刊