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12020Identification of highly-cited papers using topic-model-based and bibliometric features: The consideration of keyword popularityHu, Y.-H.; Tai, C.-T.; Liu, K.E.; Cai, C.-F.; KANG ERNEST LIU Journal of Informetrics12
22020Are consumers willing to pay a premium for pure rice noodles? A study of discrete choice experiments in TaiwanChen, Y.-H.; Qiu, K.-H.; Liu, K.E.; Chiang, C.-Y.; KANG ERNEST LIU ; YU-HUI CHEN Sustainability (Switzerland)0
42018消費者對於食品安全事件風險分級之認知魯真(Jane Lu Hsu); 李秀瑩(Xiu-Ying Li); 劉鋼(Kang Ernest Liu); KANG ERNEST LIU 農業經濟叢刊00
52015Predicting Factors and Risk Stratification for Return Visits to the Emergency Department Within 72 Hours in Pediatric PatientsSung, S.-F.; Liu, K.E.; Chen, S.C.-C.; Lo, C.-L.; Lin, K.-C.; Hu, Y.-H.; KANG ERNEST LIU Pediatric Emergency Care 1218
62014Modeling Japanese Tourism Demand for Asian Destinations: A Dynamic AIDS ApproachKuo, H.-I.; Liu, K.E.; Chen, C.-C.; KANG ERNEST LIU Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research 1312
72014Improvement of adequate use of warfarin for the elderly using decision tree-based approachesLiu, K.E.; Lo, C.-L.; Hu, Y.-H.; KANG ERNEST LIU Methods of Information in Medicine 1313
82014蓋設超高壓輸電線的外部成本-以台電「南投-彰林」線路為例賴韋廷; 陳文雄; 劉鋼; KANG ERNEST LIU 臺灣經濟預測與政策 
92013產地國標示與臺灣消費者對國產牛肉之價格溢酬劉鋼; 徐瑞玲; 陳文雄; KANG ERNEST LIU 人文及社會科學集刊 
102013How different are consumers in Internet auction markets? Evidence from Japan and TaiwanLiu, K.E.; Shiu, J.-L.; Sun, C.-H.; KANG ERNEST LIU Japan and the World Economy 20
112013Comparison of the Vickrey Second-Price and Random nth-Price Auctions for Analyzing Country of Origin Labeling in TaiwanWen S. Chern; Jia-Pei Hong; Ernest Kang Liu; KANG ERNEST LIU 經濟論文 
122013Factors Affecting Consumers' Trust toward Food Safety Certification with Threat of Avian Influenza Outbreak in Taiwan: Evidence from Taipei Metropolitans黃明新; 劉鋼; 魯真; 李皇照; KANG ERNEST LIU 農業與經濟 00
132012Is Demand for Foods Heterogeneous in Urban China? Evidence from Household Data of Three Coastal Provinces劉鋼; KANG ERNEST LIU 農業與經濟 00
142012臺灣家庭結構與外食支出變動:分量迴歸與擬真分解之應用劉鋼; 蔡孟蓉; 崔曉倩; KANG ERNEST LIU 農業經濟叢刊 00
152011Examining changes in fresh fruit and vegetable consumption over time and across regions in urban ChinaErnest Liu, K.; Chang, H.-H.; Chern, W.S.; HUNG-HAO CHANG ; KANG ERNEST LIU China Agricultural Economic Review 32
162011台灣實施產地國標示之經濟效益—以估計牡蠣及茶葉願付價格為例歐于德; 陳文雄; 劉鋼; KANG ERNEST LIU 應用經濟論叢 
172010Information asymmetry and small business in online auction marketSun, C.-H.; Liu, K.E.; KANG ERNEST LIU Small Business Economics 11
182009A globally flexible, quadratic almost ideal demand system: An application to demand for meats and fish in TaiwanLiu, K.E.; KANG ERNEST LIU Applied Economics 23
192008再探臺灣肉類與漁產品需求之模型選擇:NEP模型之應用劉鋼; 賴宏彬; KANG ERNEST LIU 應用經濟論叢 
202008中國大陸城鎮地區之水果需求:二階段預算配置模型之應用劉鋼; 崔曉倩; 陳麗妃; KANG ERNEST LIU 人文及社會科學集刊 
212008Consumer knowledge and risk perceptions of avian influenzaHsu, J.L.; Liu, K.E.; Huang, M.-H.; Lee, H.J.; KANG ERNEST LIU Poultry Science 87
222007中國城鎮食品需求之估計:追蹤資料模型之運用陳永順; 劉鋼; 賴宏彬; KANG ERNEST LIU 農業經濟叢刊 00
232002Food Demand in Urban China and its Implications for Agricultural Trade: Model Selection Based on ForecastingKang E. Liu; Wen S. Chern; KANG ERNEST LIU 農業與經濟 
242001Optimal hedging decisions for Taiwanese corn traders on the way to liberalisationLiu K.E.; Geaun J.; Lei L.-F.; KANG ERNEST LIU Agricultural Economics22