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12023Folic Acid Ameliorates Renal Injury in Experimental Obstructive Nephropathy: Role of Glycine N-MethyltransferaseKuo, Ko-Lin; Chiang, Chin-Wei; Chen, Yi-Ming Arthur; Yu, Chih-Chin; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE International journal of molecular sciences00
22023Di-(2-ethylhexyl) Phthalate Limits the Lipid-Lowering Effects of Simvastatin by Promoting Protein Degradation of Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor: Role of PPARγ-PCSK9 and LXRα-IDOL Signaling PathwaysGuo, Bei-Chia; Kuo, Ko-Lin; JENQ-WEN HUANG ; Chen, Chia-Hui; Tarng, Der-Cherng; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland)00
32023Autophagyeurea cycle pathway is essential for the statin-mediated nitric oxide bioavailability in endothelial cellsChen, Wen Hua; Guo, Bei Chia; Chen, Chia-Hui; Hsu, Man Chen; CHIH-HSIEN WANG ; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Journal of Food and Drug Analysis0
42022Bromelain Ameliorates Atherosclerosis by Activating the TFEB-Mediated Autophagy and Antioxidant PathwaysChen, Chia-Hui; Hsia, Chien-Chung; Hu, Po-An; Yeh, Chung-Hsin; Chen, Chun-Tang; Peng, Cheng-Liang; CHIH-HSIEN WANG ; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland)22
52022Ractopamine at legal residue dosage accelerates atherosclerosis by inducing endothelial dysfunction and promoting macrophage foam cell formationChen, Chia-Hui; Guo, Bei-Chia; Hu, Po-An; Lee, Hsueh-Te; Hu, Hsuan-Yun; Hsu, Man-Chen; Chen, Wen-Hua; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987)10
62022New Mechanisms of Bromelain in Alleviating Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease-Induced Deregulation of Blood CoagulationHu, Po-An; Wang, Sz-Han; Chen, Chia-Hui; Guo, Bei-Chia; JENQ-WEN HUANG ; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Nutrients12
72022Genetic Deletion of HLJ1 Does Not Affect Blood Coagulation in MiceHsu, Man-Chen; Luo, Wei-Jia; Guo, Bei-Chia; Chen, Chia-Hui; Hu, Po-An; Tsai, Yi-Hsuan; KANG-YI SU ; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE International journal of molecular sciences00
82022Bromelain activates the AMP-activated protein kinase-autophagy pathway to alleviate hepatic lipid accumulationHu, PA; Hsu, MC; Chen, SH; CHERYL CHIA-HUI CHEN ; Kou, YR; JENQ-WEN HUANG ; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE JOURNAL OF FOOD AND DRUG ANALYSIS22
92021Role of trpa1 in tissue damage and kidney diseaseWu C.-K.; Lin J.-F.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Kou Y.R.; Tarng D.-C.International Journal of Molecular Sciences77
102021Renal tubular epithelial trpa1 acts as an oxidative stress sensor to mediate ischemia-reperfusion-induced kidney injury through mapks/nf-κb signalingWu C.-K.; Wu C.-L.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Kou Y.R.; Tarng D.-C.International Journal of Molecular Sciences1312
112021Apigenin ameliorates hepatic lipid accumulation by activating the autophagy-mitochondria pathwayHsu M.-C.; Guo B.-C.; Chen C.-H.; Hu P.-A.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Journal of Food and Drug Analysis1917
122021Hyperuricemia induces endothelial dysfunction and accelerates atherosclerosis by disturbing the asymmetric dimethylarginine/dimethylarginine dimethylaminotransferase 2 pathwayTZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Lu T.-M.; Chen C.-H.; Guo B.C.; Hsu C.-P.Redox Biology2825
132021Atypical antipsychotic drugs deregulate the cholesterol metabolism of macrophage-foam cells by activating NOX-ROS-PPARγ-CD36 signaling pathwayChen C.-H.; Leu S.-J.J.; Hsu C.-P.; Pan C.-C.; Shyue S.-K.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental108
142020Lung Epithelial TRPA1 Mediates Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Lung Inflammation in Bronchial Epithelial Cells and MiceKo H.-K.; Lin A.-H.; Perng D.-W.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Kou Y.R.Frontiers in Physiology1718
152020MEHP interferes with mitochondrial functions and homeostasis in skeletal muscle cellsChen Y.-H.; Wu Y.-J.; Chen W.-C.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Tsou T.-C.; Chang H.-C.; Lo S.-W.; Chen S.-L.Bioscience Reports147
162020Endothelial nitric oxide mediates the anti-atherosclerotic action of torenia concolor lindley var. Formosama yamazakiCheng L.-C.; Guo B.-C.; Chen C.-H.; Chang C.-J.; Yeh T.-S.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE International Journal of Molecular Sciences77
172020Di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate limits the pleiotropic effects of statins in chronic kidney disease patients undergoing dialysis and endothelial cellsGuo B.-C.; Kuo K.-L.; Chen C.-H.; Chen S.-L.; Tsou T.-C.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Environmental Pollution55
182020Bromelain confers protection against the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in male C57bl/6 miceHu P.-A.; Chen C.-H.; Guo B.-C.; Kou Y.R.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Nutrients1311
192020Food preservative sorbic acid deregulates hepatic fatty acid metabolismChen C.-H.; Ho S.-N.; Hu P.-A.; Kou Y.R.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Journal of Food and Drug Analysis78
202020Indoxyl sulfate impairs valsartan-induced neovascularizationKuo K.-L.; Zhao J.-F.; Huang P.-H.; Guo B.-C.; Tarng D.-C.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Redox Biology1212
212020Phthalate exposure causes browning-like effects on adipocytes in vitro and in vivoHsu J.-W.; Nien C.-Y.; Yeh S.-C.; Tsai F.-Y.; Chen H.-W.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Chen S.-L.; Kao Y.-H.; Tsou T.-C.Food and Chemical Toxicology99
222019Renal Tubular TRPA1 as a Risk Factor for Recovery of Renal Function from Acute Tubular NecrosisWu, Chung-Kuan; Wu, Chia-Lin; Su, Tzu-Cheng; Kou, Yu Ru; Kor, Chew-Teng; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Tarng, Der-CherngJournal of clinical medicine119
232019CCN family member 1 deregulates cholesterol metabolism and aggravates atherosclerosisZhao J.-F.; Chen H.-Y.; Wei J.; Jim Leu S.-J.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Acta Physiologica1716
242019Genetic Deletion of Soluble Epoxide Hydroxylase Causes Anxiety-Like Behaviors in MiceLee H.-T.; Lee K.-I.; Lin H.-C.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Molecular Neurobiology75
252019DDAH-2 alleviates contrast medium iopromide-induced acute kidney injury through nitric oxide synthaseLin H.-H.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Lin S.-J.; Yeh Y.-C.; Lu T.-M.; Hsu C.-P.Clinical Science1111
262019The phosphatase activity of soluble epoxide hydrolase regulates ATP-binding cassette transporter-A1-dependent cholesterol effluxLien C.-C.; Chen C.-H.; Lee Y.-M.; Guo B.-C.; Cheng L.-C.; Pan C.-C.; Shyue S.-K.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine88
272019The detrimental effect of asymmetric dimethylarginine on cholesterol efflux of macrophage foam cells: Role of the NOX/ROS signalingChen C.-H.; Zhao J.-F.; Hsu C.-P.; Kou Y.R.; Lu T.-M.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Free Radical Biology and Medicine2018
282019Genetic deletion of soluble epoxide hydrolase delays the progression of Alzheimer's diseaseLee H.-T.; Lee K.-I.; Chen C.-H.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Journal of Neuroinflammation3533
292018Atypical Antipsychotic Drug Olanzapine Deregulates Hepatic Lipid Metabolism and Aortic Inflammation and Aggravates AtherosclerosisChen C.-H.; Shyue S.-K.; Hsu C.-P.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry2928
302018Menthol Cigarette Smoke Induces More Severe Lung Inflammation Than Non-menthol Cigarette Smoke Does in Mice With Subchronic Exposure – Role of TRPM8Lin A.-H.; Liu M.-H.; Ko H.-K.; Perng D.-W.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Kou Y.R.Frontiers in Physiology1112
312017Inflammatory effects of menthol vs. non-menthol cigarette smoke extract on human lung epithelial cells: A double-hit on TRPM8 by reactive oxygen species and mentholLin A.-H.; Liu M.-H.; Ko H.B.; Perng D.-W.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Kou Y.R.Frontiers in Physiology2726
322017Role of transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 in regulating erythropoietin-induced activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthaseYu Y.-B.; Su K.-H.; Kou Y.R.; Guo B.-C.; Lee K.-I.; Wei J.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Acta Physiologica2323
332017Prevention of bleomycin-induced pulmonary inflammation and fibrosis in mice by paeonolLiu M.-H.; Lin A.-H.; Ko H.-K.; Perng D.-W.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Kou Y.R.Frontiers in Physiology4236
342017Corrigendum: Role of phosphatase activity of soluble epoxide hydrolase in regulating simvastatin-activated endothelial nitric oxide synthaseHSIN-HAN HOU ; Liao Y.-J.; Hsiao S.-H.; Shyue S.-K.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Scientific reports00
352017The prognostic value of asymmetric dimethylarginine in patients with cardiac syndrome XLu T.-M.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Lin S.-J.; Chan W.-L.; Hsu C.-P.PLoS ONE76
362017Loss of Transient Receptor Potential Ankyrin 1 Channel Deregulates Emotion, Learning and Memory, Cognition, and Social Behavior in MiceLee K.-I.; Lin H.-C.; Lee H.-T.; Tsai F.-C.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Molecular Neurobiology2726
372016Transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 channel involved in atherosclerosis and macrophage-foam cell formationZhao J.-F.; Shyue S.-K.; Kou Y.R.; Lu T.-M.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE International Journal of Biological Sciences4243
382016Asymmetric dimethylarginine limits the efficacy of simvastatin activating endothelial nitric oxide synthaseHsu C.-P.; Zhao J.-F.; Lin S.-J.; Shyue S.-K.; Guo B.-C.; Lu T.-M.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Journal of the American Heart Association2119
392016Di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate accelerates atherosclerosis in apolipoprotein E-deficient miceZhao J.-F.; Hsiao S.-H.; Hsu M.-H.; Pao K.-C.; Kou Y.R.; Shyue S.-K.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Archives of Toxicology4138
402016Excess nitric oxide activates TRPV1-Ca2+-calpain signaling and promotes PEST-dependent degradation of liver X receptor αZhao J.-F.; Shyue S.-K.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE International Journal of Biological Sciences1110
412016Niemann-Pick type C2 protein mediates hepatic stellate cells activation by regulating free cholesterol accumulationTwu Y.-C.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Lin Y.-L.; Hsu S.-M.; Wang Y.-H.; Liao C.-Y.; Wang C.-K.; Liang Y.-C.; Liao Y.-J.International Journal of Molecular Sciences2220
422016Maternal exposure to di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate exposure deregulates blood pressure, adiposity, cholesterol metabolism and social interaction in mouse offspringLee K.-I.; Chiang C.-W.; Lin H.-C.; Zhao J.-F.; Li C.-T.; Shyue S.-K.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Archives of Toxicology7366
432016Asymmetric dimethylarginine predicts the risk of contrast-induced acute kidney injury in patients undergoing cardiac catheterizationLu T.-M.; Hsu C.-P.; Chang C.-F.; Lin C.-C.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Lin S.-J.; Chan W.-L.Atherosclerosis99
442016Glycine N-methyltransferase deficiency in female mice impairs insulin signaling and promotes gluconeogenesis by modulating the PI3K/Akt pathway in the liverLiao Y.-J.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Twu Y.-C.; Hsu S.-M.; Yang C.-P.; Wang C.-K.; Liang Y.-C.; Chen Y.-M.A.Journal of Biomedical Science1110
452016Modulation of microRNA expression in subjects with metabolic syndrome and decrease of cholesterol efflux from macrophages via microRNA-33-mediated attenuation of ATP-binding cassette transporter A1 expression by statinsChen W.-M.; Sheu W.H.-H.; Tseng P.-C.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Lee W.-J.; Chang P.-J.; Chiang A.-N.PLoS ONE2531
462016Role of transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 channels in Alzheimer's diseaseLee K.-I.; Lee H.-T.; Lin H.-C.; Tsay H.-J.; Tsai F.-C.; Shyue S.-K.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Journal of Neuroinflammation6462
472015Transient receptor potential vanilloid type 1 is vital for (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate mediated activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthaseGuo B.-C.; Wei J.; Su K.-H.; Chiang A.-N.; Zhao J.-F.; Chen H.-Y.; Shyue S.-K.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Molecular Nutrition and Food Research2221
482015Low-dose paeonol derivatives alleviate lipid accumulationPao K.-C.; Zhao J.-F.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Huang Y.-P.; Han C.-C.; Sherlock Huang L.-C.; Wu K.-H.; Hsu M.-H.RSC Advances65
492015Regulation of cigarette smoke induction of IL-8 in macrophages by amp-activated protein kinase signalingKo H.-K.; Lee H.-F.; Lin A.-H.; Liu M.-H.; Liu C.-I.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Kou Y.R.Journal of Cellular Physiology3131
502015Role of phosphatase activity of soluble epoxide hydrolase in regulating simvastatin-activated endothelial nitric oxide synthaseHSIN-HAN HOU ; Liao Y.-J.; Hsiao S.-H.; Shyue S.-K.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Scientific Reports2726
512015Soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitor enhances synaptic neurotransmission and plasticity in mouse prefrontal cortexWu H.-F.; Yen H.-J.; Huang C.-C.; Lee Y.-C.; Wu S.-Z.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Lin H.-C.Journal of Biomedical Science2020
522015Soluble epoxide hydrolase activity regulates inflammatory responses and seizure generation in two mouse models of temporal lobe epilepsyHung Y.-W.; Hung S.-W.; Wu Y.-C.; Wong L.-K.; Lai M.-T.; Shih Y.-H.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Lin Y.-Y.Brain, Behavior, and Immunity3937
532015β Common Receptor Mediates Erythropoietin-Conferred Protection on OxLDL-Induced Lipid Accumulation and Inflammation in MacrophagesTZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Lu K.-Y.; Yu Y.-B.; Lee H.-T.; Tsai F.-C.Mediators of Inflammation1811
542015Lung Epithelial TRPA1 Transduces the Extracellular ROS into Transcriptional Regulation of Lung Inflammation Induced by Cigarette Smoke: The Role of Influxed Ca2+Lin A.-H.; Liu M.-H.; Ko H.-K.; Perng D.-W.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Kou Y.R.Mediators of Inflammation4640
552015Genetic deletion of soluble epoxide hydrolase attenuates inflammation and fibrosis in experimental obstructive nephropathyChiang C.-W.; Lee H.-T.; Tarng D.-C.; Kuo K.-L.; Cheng L.-C.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Mediators of Inflammation1514
562014Paeonol attenuates cigarette smoke-induced lung inflammation by inhibiting ros-sensitive inflammatory signalingLiu M.-H.; Lin A.-H.; Lee H.-F.; Ko H.-K.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Kou Y.R.Mediators of Inflammation7574
572014Glucosamine attenuates cigarette smoke-induced lung inflammation by inhibiting ROS-sensitive inflammatory signalingWu Y.-L.; Lin A.-H.; Chen C.-H.; Huang W.-C.; Wang H.-Y.; Liu M.-H.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Ru Kou Y.Free Radical Biology and Medicine4744
582014Eicosapentaenoic acid attenuates cigarette smoke-induced lung inflammation by inhibiting ROS-sensitive inflammatory signalingLiu M.-H.; Lin A.-H.; Lu S.-H.; Peng R.-Y.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Kou Y.UFrontiers in Physiology1616
592014Implication of transient receptor potential vanilloid type 1 in 14,15-epoxyeicosatrienoic acid-induced angiogenesisSu K.-H.; Lee K.-I.; Shyue S.-K.; Chen H.-Y.; Wei J.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE International Journal of Biological Sciences1818
602014The essential role of transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 in simvastatin-induced activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase and angiogenesisSu K.-H.; Lin S.-J.; Wei J.; Lee K.-I.; Zhao J.-F.; Shyue S.-K.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Acta Physiologica4948
612014Role of glycine N-methyltransferase in experimental ulcerative colitisChou W.-Y.; Zhao J.-F.; Chen Y.-M.A.; Lee K.-I.; Su K.-H.; Shyue S.-K.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (Australia)66
622014Activation of soluble guanylyl cyclase prevents foam cell formation and atherosclerosisTsou C.-Y.; Chen C.-Y.; Zhao J.-F.; Su K.-H.; Lee H.-T.; Lin S.-J.; Shyue S.-K.; Hsiao S.-H.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Acta Physiologica3529
632014Excess Nitric Oxide Impairs LXR(α)-ABCA1-Dependent Cholesterol Efflux in Macrophage Foam CellsZhao J.-F.; Shyue S.-K.; Lin S.-J.; Wei J.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Journal of Cellular Physiology2120
642014High expression of high-mobility group box 1 in the blood and lungs is associated with the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in smokersKo H.-K.; Hsu W.-H.; Hsieh C.-C.; Lien T.-C.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Kou Y.R.Respirology2121
652014Iron sucrose accelerates early atherogenesis by increasing superoxide production and upregulating adhesion molecules in CKDKuo K.-L.; Hung S.-C.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Tarng D.-C.Journal of the American Society of Nephrology6764
662013Essential role of transient receptor potential vanilloid type 1 in evodiamine-mediated protection against atherosclerosisWei J.; Ching L.-C.; Zhao J.-F.; Shyue S.-K.; Lee H.-F.; Kou Y.R.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Acta Physiologica7271
672013Inflammatory role of amp-activated protein kinase signaling in an experimental model of toxic smoke inhalation injuryPerng D.-W.; Chang T.-M.; Wang J.-Y.; Lee C.-C.; Lu S.-H.; Shyue S.-K.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Kou Y.R.Critical Care Medicine2020
682013Correction: Intravenous ferric chloride hexahydrate supplementation induced endothelial dysfunction and increased cardiovascular risk among hemodialysis patients (PLoS ONE)Kuo K.-L.; Hung S.-C.; Lin Y.-P.; Tang C.-F.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Lin C.-P.; Tarng D.-C.PLoS ONE00
692013β2-Glycoprotein i inhibits VEGF-induced endothelial cell growth and migration via suppressing phosphorylation of VEGFR2, ERK1/2, and AktChiu W.-C.; Lin J.-Y.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; You L.-R.; Chiang A.-N.Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry910
702013Automated quantitative analysis of lipid accumulation and hydrolysis in living macrophages with label-free imagingChen W.-W.; Chien C.-H.; Wang C.-L.; Wang H.-H.; Wang Y.-L.; Ding S.-T.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Chang T.-C.Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry109
712013Novel effect of paeonol on the formation of foam cells: Promotion of LXRα-ABCA1 dependent cholesterol efflux in macrophagesZhao J.-F.; Jim Leu S.-J.; Shyue S.-K.; Su K.-H.; Wei J.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE American Journal of Chinese Medicine3535
722013Activation of TRPV1 prevents OxLDL-induced lipid accumulation and TNF- α -Induced inflammation in macrophages: Role of liver X receptor αZhao J.-F.; Ching L.-C.; Kou Y.R.; Lin S.-J.; Wei J.; Shyue S.-K.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Mediators of Inflammation5846
732013Activation of transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 decreases endothelial nitric oxide synthase phosphorylation at Thr497 by protein phosphatase 2B-dependent dephosphorylation of protein kinase CChing L.-C.; Zhao J.-F.; Su K.-H.; Shyue S.-K.; Hsu C.-P.; Lu T.-M.; Lin S.-J.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Acta Physiologica2018
742012Deficiency of Glycine N-methyltransferase aggravates atherosclerosis in apolipoprotein E-null miceChen C.-Y.; Ching L.-C.; Liao Y.-J.; Yu Y.-B.; Tsou C.-Y.; Shyue S.-K.; Chen Y.-M.A.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Molecular Medicine1815
752012Glycine N-methyltransferase deficiency affects Niemann-Pick type C2 protein stability and regulates hepatic cholesterol homeostasis.Liao Y.J.; Chen T.L.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Wang H.A.; Wang C.K.; Liao L.Y.; Liu R.S.; Huang S.F.; Chen Y.M.Molecular medicine (Cambridge, Mass.)4848
762012A nation-wide analysis of venous thromboembolism in 497,180 cancer patients with the development and validation of a risk-stratification scoring systemYu Y.-B.; Gau J.-P.; Liu C.-Y.; Yang M.-H.; Chiang S.-C.; Hsu H.-C.; Hong Y.-C.; Hsiao L.-T.; Liu J.-H.; Chiou T.-J.; Chen P.-M.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Chou L.-F.; Tzeng C.-H.; Chen T.-J.Thrombosis and Haemostasis8989
772012N-terminal domain of soluble epoxide hydrolase negatively regulates the VEGF-mediated activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthaseHSIN-HAN HOU ; Hammock B.D.; Su K.-H.; Morisseau C.; Kou Y.R.; Imaoka S.; Oguro A.; Shyue S.-K.; Zhao J.-F.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Cardiovascular Research4642
782012Quercetin enhances ABCA1 expression and cholesterol efflux through a p38-dependent pathway in macrophagesChang Y.-C.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Chiang A.-N.Journal of Lipid Research6459
792012The duration of sustained convulsive seizures determines the pattern of hippocampal neurogenesis and the development of spontaneous epilepsy in ratsHung Y.-W.; Yang D.-I.; Huang P.-Y.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Kuo T.B.J.; Yiu C.-H.; Shih Y.-H.; Lin Y.-Y.Epilepsy Research1412
802012AMP-activated protein kinase mediates erythropoietin-induced activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthaseSu K.-H.; Yu Y.-B.; HSIN-HAN HOU ; Zhao J.-F.; Kou Y.R.; Cheng L.-C.; Shyue S.-K.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Journal of Cellular Physiology3635
812012Implication of AMP-activated protein kinase in transient receptor potential vanilloid type 1-mediated activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthaseChing L.-C.; Chen C.-Y.; Su K.-H.; HSIN-HAN HOU ; Shyue S.-K.; Kou Y.R.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Molecular medicine (Cambridge, Mass.)4139
822012Intravenous Ferric Chloride Hexahydrate Supplementation Induced Endothelial Dysfunction and Increased Cardiovascular Risk among Hemodialysis PatientsKuo K.-L.; Hung S.-C.; Lin Y.-P.; Tang C.-F.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Lin C.-P.; Tarng D.-C.PLoS ONE6762
832012Enhancing endothelial progenitor cell therapy for critical limb ischemia by extracorporeal shock waveTZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Kou Y.R.Critical Care Medicine21
842012Prior exercise training alleviates the lung inflammation induced by subsequent exposure to environmental cigarette smokeYu Y.-B.; Liao Y.-W.; Su K.-H.; Chang T.-M.; Shyue S.-K.; Kou Y.R.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Acta Physiologica2223
852012Molecular mechanism of curcumin on the suppression of cholesterol accumulation in macrophage foam cells and atherosclerosisZhao J.-F.; Ching L.-C.; Huang Y.-C.; Chen C.-Y.; Chiang A.-N.; Kou Y.R.; Shyue S.-K.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Molecular Nutrition and Food Research119110
862012Anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects of triptolide on traumatic brain injury in ratsLee H.-F.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Kou Y.R.Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology4342
872011Caveolin-1 deletion reduces early brain injury after experimental intracerebral hemorrhageCHE-FENG CHANG ; Chen, Shu-Fen; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Lee, Hung-Fu; Chen, Szu-Fu; Shyue, Song-KunThe American journal of pathology6364
882011Endothelin-1 exacerbates lipid accumulation by increasing the protein degradation of the ATP-binding cassette transporter G1 in macrophagesLin C.-Y.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Chen C.-C.; Chang C.-A.; Lin Y.-J.; Hsu Y.-P.; Ho L.-T.Journal of Cellular Physiology2424
892011β Common receptor integrates the erythropoietin signaling in activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthaseSu K.-H.; Shyue S.-K.; Kou Y.R.; Ching L.-C.; Chiang A.-N.; Yu Y.-B.; Chen C.-Y.; Pan C.-C.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Journal of Cellular Physiology7669
902011Wogonin promotes cholesterol efflux by increasing protein phosphatase 2B-dependent dephosphorylation at ATP-binding cassette transporter-A1 in macrophagesChen C.-Y.; Shyue S.-K.; Ching L.-C.; Su K.-H.; Wu Y.-L.; Kou Y.R.; Chiang A.-N.; Pan C.-C.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry2728
912011Molecular mechanisms of activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase mediated by transient receptor potential vanilloid type 1Ching L.-C.; Kou Y.R.; Shyue S.-K.; Su K.-H.; Wei J.; Cheng L.-C.; Yu Y.-B.; Pan C.-C.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Cardiovascular Research103100
922011Novel role of AMP-activated protein kinase signaling in cigarette smoke induction of IL-8 in human lung epithelial cells and lung inflammation in miceTang G.-J.; Wang H.-Y.; Wang J.-Y.; Lee C.-C.; Tseng H.-W.; Wu Y.-L.; Shyue S.-K.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Kou Y.R.Free Radical Biology and Medicine4848
932011How alcohol impairs the granulocyte expansion during septicemiaTZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Kou Y.R.Critical Care Medicine00
942011Docosahexaenoic acid attenuates VCAM-1 expression and NF-κB activation in TNF-α-treated human aortic endothelial cellsWang T.-M.; Chen C.-J.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Chao H.-Y.; Wu W.-H.; Hsieh S.-C.; Sheu H.-H.; Chiang A.-N.Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry7872
952011α-Lipoic acid ameliorates foam cell formation via liver X receptor α-dependent upregulation of ATP-binding cassette transporters A1 and G1Cheng L.-C.; Su K.-H.; Kou Y.R.; Shyue S.-K.; Ching L.-C.; Yu Y.-B.; Wu Y.-L.; Pan C.-C.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Free Radical Biology and Medicine2723
962011Apocynin attenuates ventilator-induced lung injury in an isolated and perfused rat lung modelChiang C.-H.; Chuang C.-H.; Liu S.-L.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Kou Y.R.; Zhang H.Intensive Care Medicine2622
972011Impaired Cd14 and Cd36 expression, bacterial clearance, and Toll-like receptor 4-Myd88 signaling in caveolin-1-deleted macrophages and miceTsai T.-H.; Chen S.-F.; Huang T.-Y.; Tzeng C.-F.; Chiang A.-S.; Kou Y.R.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Shyue S.-K.Shock5150
982010EGb761 ameliorates the formation of foam cells by regulating the expression of SR-A and ABCA1: Role of haem oxygenase-1Tsai J.-Y.; Su K.-H.; Shyue S.-K.; Kou Y.R.; Yu Y.-B.; Hsiao S.-H.; Chiang A.-N.; Wu Y.-L.; Ching L.-C.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Cardiovascular Research7067
992010Oxidative stress enhances AP-1 and NF-κB-mediated regulation of β2-Glycoprotein I gene expression in hepatoma cellsChiu W.-C.; Chen C.-J.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Chen Z.-J.; Ke P.-H.; Chiang A.-N.Journal of Cellular Biochemistry2020
1002010Intratracheal siRNA for the in vivo silencing of caspase-3: A novel therapy for acute lung injury?Kou Y.R.; TZONG-SHYUAN LEE Critical Care Medicine11
1012010Anti-atherogenic effect of berberine on LXRα-ABCA1-dependent cholesterol efflux in macrophagesTZONG-SHYUAN LEE ; Pan C.-C.; Peng C.-C.; Kou Y.R.; Chen C.-Y.; Ching L.-C.; Tsai T.-H.; Chen S.-F.; Lyu P.-C.; Shyue S.-K.Journal of Cellular Biochemistry5755
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