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12017Effect of supplementation of yeast with bacteriocin and Lactobacillus culture on growth performance, cecal fermentation, microbiota composition, and blood characteristics in broiler chickensHAN-TSUNG WANG journal article107
22015Effect of yeast with bacteriocin from rumen bacteria on laying performance, blood biochemistry, faecal microbiota and egg quality of laying hensHAN-TSUNG WANG journal article55
32015Yeast with bacteriocin from ruminal bacteria enhances glucose utilization, reduces ectopic fat accumulation, and alters cecal microbiota in dietary-induced obese miceHAN-TSUNG WANG ; CHING-YI CHEN ; JIH-TAY HSU journal article21
42013Albusin B, mass-produced by the Saccharomyces cerevisiae suppression system, enhances lipid utilisation and antioxidant capacity in miceHAN-TSUNG WANG ; CHING-YI CHEN ; JIH-TAY HSU journal article55
52013Albusin B modulates lipid metabolism and increases antioxidant defense in broiler chickens by a proteomic approachBAO-JI CHEN ; HAN-TSUNG WANG ; CHING-YI CHEN journal article99
62013Effect of yeast with bacteriocin from rumen bacteria on growth performance, caecal flora, caecal fermentation and immunity function of broiler chicksBAO-JI CHEN ; HAN-TSUNG WANG ; CHING-YI CHEN journal article85
72012Production and characterization of a bacteriocin from ruminal bacterium ruminococcus albus 7HAN-TSUNG WANG ; JIH-TAY HSU journal article44
82012The construction of bifunctional fusion xylanolytic enzymes and the prediction of optimum reaction conditions for the enzyme activityHAN-TSUNG WANG journal article
92012Use of different alkaline pretreatments and enzyme models to improve low-cost cellulosic biomass conversionHAN-TSUNG WANG journal article3122
102011Study on the characteristics of gastrointestinal tract and rumen ecology of Formosan ReevesHAN-TSUNG WANG ; MEI-FONG LIN journal article32
112011Effects of albusin B (a bacteriocin) of Ruminococcus albus 7 expressed by yeast on growth performance and intestinal absorption of broiler chickens-its potential role as an alternative to feed antibioticsBAO-JI CHEN ; Chiang, Shen-Shih; Wang, Han-Tsung ; HAN-TSUNG WANG ; Liao, Jiunn-Wang; Yu, Chi ; CHING-YI CHEN ; Pan, Tzu-Ming ; Hsieh, Ya-Hui; Chen, Shiau-Wei; Chen, Bao-Ji ; Chen, Ching-Yi journal article1415
122009Characterization of ginger proteases and their potential as a rennin replacementHAN-TSUNG WANG ; Hou Pin Su; Mei Ju Huang; Han Tsung Wang journal article2114
132008瘤胃細菌之細菌素與其應用王翰聰 ; 陳宜鴻; 徐濟泰 journal article
142008Utility of enzymes from Fibrobacter succinogenes and Prevotella ruminicola as detergent additivesHAN-TSUNG WANG journal article64
152007精芻料比例調整對臺灣長鬃山羊(Capricornis crispus swinhoei)採食及糞便型態之影響林家民; 楊翕雯; 王翰聰 ; 林美峰 ; 徐濟泰 journal article
162006Usage of enzyme substrate to protect the activities of cellulase, protease and α-amylase in simulations of monogastric animal and avian sequential total tract digestionWang, Han-Tsung ; Hsu, Jih-Tay journal article
172005冷凍乾燥處理對酵素基質保護酵素活性效果之影響王翰聰 ; 徐濟泰 journal article
182005瘤胃微生物與植物纖維分解HAN-TSUNG WANG journal article
192005Optimal protease production condition for Prevotella ruminicola 23 and characterization of its extracellular crude proteaseWang, Han-Tsung ; Hsu, Jih-Tay journal article117
202005圈養台灣山羌之飼糧營養分消化率洪淑玲; 楊翕雯; 王翰聰 ; 林美峰 journal article
212005台灣山羌之體重與消化道長度之變化洪淑玲; 郭俊成; 楊翕雯; 王翰聰 ; 林美峰 journal article
222004瘤胃細菌纖維及蛋白質分解酵素之生產與利用HAN-TSUNG WANG dissertation
232003Effects of Prenyl Pyrophosphates on the Binding of PKCγ with RACK1HAN-TSUNG WANG journal article
242002Relationship of somatic cell count, physical, chemical and enzymatic properties to the bacterial standard plate count in dairy goat milkHAN-TSUNG WANG ; JIH-TAY HSU journal article3027
252000Interaction of shrimp ras protein with mammalian caveolin-1HAN-TSUNG WANG journal article00
261998山羊糞尿排出量之調查徐濟泰 ; 王翰聰 ; 姜延年journal article