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12019Comparing two classes of alpha diversities and their corresponding beta and (dis)similarity measures, with an application to the Formosan sika deer Cervus nippon taiouanus reintroduction programmeChao A.; Chiu C.-H.; Wu S.-H.; Huang C.-L.; Lin Y.-C.; CHUN-HUO CHIU journal article00
22019An attribute-diversity approach to functional diversity, functional beta diversity, and related (dis)similarity measuresChao A.; Chiu C.-H.; Vill?ger S.; Sun I.-F.; Thorn S.; Lin Y.-C.; Chiang J.-M.; Sherwin W.B.; CHUN-HUO CHIU journal article97
32018Diversity from genes to ecosystems: A unifying framework to study variation across biological metrics and scalesGaggiotti O.E.; Chao A.; Peres-Neto P.; Chiu C.-H.; Edwards C.; Fortin M.-J.; Jost L.; Richards C.M.; Selkoe K.A.; CHUN-HUO CHIU journal article108
42017Statistical Analysis of Paradigmatic Class Richness Supports Greater Paleoindian Projectile-Point Diversity in the SoutheastCHUN-HUO CHIU journal article1310
52017Deciphering the Enigma of Undetected Species, Phylogenetic, and Functional Diversity Based on Good-Turing Theory (accepted)CHUN-HUO CHIU journal article40
62017Environment-induced changes in selective constraints on social learning during the peopling of the AmericasCHUN-HUO CHIU journal article119
72017Seen once or more than once: Applying Good-Turing theory to estimate species richness using only unique observations and a species listCHUN-HUO CHIU journal article109
82017Deciphering the enigma of undetected species, phylogenetic, and functional diversity based on Good-Turing theoryChao A.; Chiu C.-H.; Colwell R.K.; Magnago L.F.S.; Chazdon R.L.; Gotelli N.J.; CHUN-HUO CHIU journal article40
92016Estimating and comparing microbial diversity in the presence of sequencing errorsCHUN-HUO CHIU journal article2626
102016Nonparametric Estimation and Comparison of Species RichnessCHUN-HUO CHIU book-chapter00
112016Species Richness: Estimation and ComparisonCHUN-HUO CHIU book-chapter00
122016Bridging the variance and diversity decomposition approaches to beta diversity via similarity and differentiation measuresCHUN-HUO CHIU journal article2727
132016Statistical challenges of evaluating diversity patterns across environmental gradients in mega-diverse communitiesCHUN-HUO CHIU journal article1314
142016Phylogenetic Diversity Measures and Their Decomposition: A Framework Based on Hill NumbersCHUN-HUO CHIU book-chapter00
152015Rarefaction and extrapolation of phylogenetic diversityCHUN-HUO CHIU journal article3532
162014An improved nonparametric lower bound of species richness via a modified good-turing frequency formulaCHUN-HUO CHIU journal article9087
172014Phylogenetic beta diversity, similarity, and differentiation measures based on Hill numbersCHUN-HUO CHIU journal article6258
182014Distance-based functional diversity measures and their decomposition: A framework based on hill numbersCHUN-HUO CHIU journal article4247
192014Correction: Distance-based functional diversity measures and their decomposition: A framework based on hill numbersCHUN-HUO CHIU journal article70
202014Unifying species diversity, phylogenetic diversity, functional diversity, and related similarity and differentiation measures through hill numbersCHUN-HUO CHIU book162150
212013仰觀宇宙之大,俯察品類之盛:如何量化生物多樣性CHUN-HUO CHIU journal article
222012Proposing a resolution to debates on diversity partitioningCHUN-HUO CHIU journal article151147
232012Estimation of species richness and shared species richnessCHUN-HUO CHIU book-chapter
242010Phylogenetic diversity measures based on Hill numbersCHUN-HUO CHIU journal article148149