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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12019Disentangling Invisible Hand from Visible Hand: How Does Home Country Economic Institution and Political Institution Influence Firm’s Cross-Border AcquisitionsShi Lei; Christine M. Chan; CHENG WEI WU 
22017Interorganizational Imitation and Acquisitions of High-tech VenturesOzmel, U.; Reuer, J.J.; Wu, C.-W.; CHENG-WEI WU Strategic Management Journal79
32014Effects of R&D Investments and Signals on International Acquisitions: Evidence from IPO FirmsJ.J. Reuer; CHENG WEI WU 
42014Termination payment provisions in acquisitions: An information economics perspectiveWu, C.-W.; Reuer, J.J.; CHENG-WEI WU Finance and Strategy (Advances in Strategic Management, Vol. 31)00
52013The roles of signals and acquirer experience in selecting targets in high-tech industriesCHENG-WEI WU Academy of Management Annual Meeting (Orlando, FL, USA) 
62013Insights of signaling theory for acquisitions researchReuer, J.J.; Ragozzino, R.; CHENG-WEI WU Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions70
72012The Impact of Signals and Rivals’ M&As on the Acquisition of High-Technology VenturesJ.J. Reuer; U. Ozmel; CHENG WEI WU 
82012Executives' Assessments of International Joint Ventures in China: A Multi-Theoretical InvestigationReuer, J.J.; Tyler, B.B.; Tong, T.W.; Wu, C.-W.; CHENG-WEI WU Management and Organization Review33
92012A Signaling theory of acquisition premiums: Evidence from IPO targetsReuer, J.J.; Tong, T.W.; Wu, C.-W.; CHENG-WEI WU Academy of Management Journal82104
102011Information Economics in Corporate StrategyJ.J. Reuer; CHENG WEI WU 
112011Acquisition Probability of Rivals: Information Spillovers from IPOsJ.J. Reuer; WU CHENG-WEI 
122010Bid premiums for acquisitions of IPO firmsJ.J. Reuer; T.W. Tong; CHENG WEI WU 
132010Termination agreements in M&A contractingWu, C.-W.; Reuer, J.J.; CHENG-WEI WU Academy of Management 2010 Annual Meeting - Dare to Care: Passion and Compassion in Management Practice and Research, AOM 20103