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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12020Explore the relationship between fish community and environmental factors by machine learning techniquesHu, J.-H.; Tsai, W.-P.; Cheng, S.-T.; Chang, F.-J.; SU-TING CHENG ; FI-JOHN CHANG Environmental Research6
22020Using machine learning to understand the implications of meteorological conditions for fish killsChen, Y.-J.; Nicholson, E.; Cheng, S.-T.; SU-TING CHENG Scientific Reports2
32018Signals of stream fish homogenization revealed by AI-based clustersCheng S.-T.; Tsai W.-P.; Yu T.-C.; Herricks E.E.; Chang F.-J.; SU-TING CHENG Scientific Reports412
42017Conservation of groundwater from over-exploitation�XScientific analyses for groundwater resources managementChang, F.-J.; Huang, C.-W.; Cheng, S.-T.; Chang, L.-C.; SU-TING CHENG Science of the Total Environment 1226
52017A data-mining framework for exploring the multi-relation between fish species and water quality through self-organizing mapTsai, W.-P.; Huang, S.-P.; Cheng, S.-T.; Shao, K.-T.; Chang, F.-J.; SU-TING CHENG Science of the Total Environment 2942
62016Assessing the natural and anthropogenic influences on basin-wide fish species richnessCheng, S.-T.; Herricks, E.E.; Tsai, W.-P.; Chang, F.-J.; SU-TING CHENG Science of the Total Environment 1313
72016A Reduced Parameter Stream Temperature Model (RPSTM) for basin-wide simulationsCheng, S.-T.; Wiley, M.J.; SU-TING CHENG Environmental Modelling and Software 88
82012An integrated modeling approach to evaluate the performance of an oxygen enhancement device in the Hwajiang wetland, TaiwanCheng, S.-T.; Hwang, G.-W.; Chen, C.-P.; Hou, W.-S.; Hsieh, H.-L; Su-Ting Cheng ; Gwo-Wen Hwang; Chang-Po Chen; Wen-Shang Hou; Hwey-Lian HsiehEcological Engineering 66
92010A multi-modeling approach to evaluating climate and land use change impacts in a Great Lakes River BasinWiley, M.J.; SU-TING CHENGet al. Hydrobiologia 6165