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12019Increased risk of peripheral arterial occlusive diseases in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A nationwide study in TaiwanLiao K.-M.; LU-TING KUO ; Lu H.-Y.journal article11
22019Decompressive Cranioplasty (Osteoplastic Hinged Craniectomy): A Novel Technique for Increased Intracranial Pressure¡XInitial Experience and OutcomeHsu Y.-C.; Po-Hao Huang A.; Xiao F.-R.; LU-TING KUO ; Tsai J.-C.; Lai D.-M.journal article22
32018Development of a smart drainage control system using support vector regressionLu H.-Y.; LU-TING KUO conference paper10
42018Local hemostatic matrix for endoscope-assisted removal of intracerebral hemorrhage is safe and effectiveLuh H.-T.; Huang A.P.-H.; Yang S.-H.; Chen C.-M.; Cho D.-Y.; Chen C.-C.; LU-TING KUO ; Li C.-H.; Wang K.-C.; Tseng W.-L.; Hsing M.-T.; Yang B.-S.; Lai D.-M.; Tsai J.-C.journal article43
52018Prediction of Shunt Dependency After Intracerebral Hemorrhage and Intraventricular HemorrhageLU-TING KUO ; Lu H.-Y.; Tsai J.-C.; Tu Y.-K.journal article00
62018Prediction of Shunt Dependency After Intracerebral Hemorrhage and Intraventricular HemorrhageLU-TING KUO ; Lu H.-Y.; Tsai J.-C.; Tu Y.-K.journal article00
72017Meningeal seeding from glioblastoma multiforme treated with radiotherapy and?temozolomideLU-TING KUO ; Tsai S.-Y.; Yang C.-Y.; Lin L.-W.journal article44
82017Meningeal seeding from glioblastoma multiforme treated with radiotherapy and?temozolomideLU-TING KUO ; Tsai S.-Y.; Yang C.-Y.; Lin L.-W.journal article44
92016Multiplexed methylation profiles of tumor suppressor genes and clinical outcome in oligodendroglial tumorsLU-TING KUO ; Lu H.-Y.; Lee C.-C.; Tsai J.-C.; Lai H.-S.; Tseng H.-M.; Kuo M.-F.; Tu Y.-K.journal article32
102016Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma Mimicking Meningioma: Two Cases ReportYI-HSING CHEN; SHENG-JEAN HUANG; LONG-WEI LIN; LU-TING KUO journal article00
112016Anisocoria Induced by Local Lidocaine Injection after Head Injury: A Case ReportHAO-CHUN HSU; FON-YIH TSUANG; SHENG-JEAN HUANG; LU-TING KUO journal article00
122015Predicting Long-Term Outcome After Traumatic Brain Injury Using Repeated Measurements of Glasgow Coma Scale and Data Mining MethodsLu H.-Y.; Li T.-C.; Tu Y.-K.; Tsai J.-C.; Lai H.-S.; LU-TING KUO journal article1616
132015Metastasizing Granular Cell Type Ameloblastoma with Intracranial Perineural Spread along the Abducens NerveCHEN-HAO LI; PEI-HSIN HUANG; YA-FANG CHEN; HUI-CHUAN CHEN; SHIN-YI HUANG; SHENG-JEAN HUANG; LU-TING KUO ; YONG-KWANG TUjournal article00
142014Clinical application of perfusion computed tomography in neurosurgery: Clinical articleHuang A.P.-H.; Tsai J.-C.; LU-TING KUO ; Lee C.-W.; Lai H.-S.; Tsai L.-K.; Huang S.-J.; Chen C.-M.; Chen Y.-S.; Chuang H.-Y.; Wintermark M.journal article2721
152013Genetic and Epigenetic Alterations in Primary-Progressive Paired Oligodendroglial TumorsLU-TING KUO ; Tsai S.-Y.; Chang C.-C.; Kuo K.-T.; Huang A.P.-H.; Tsai J.-C.; Tseng H.-M.; Kuo M.-F.; Tu Y.-K.journal article45
162013Reduced sleep duration and daytime naps in pregnant women in TaiwanTsai S.-Y.; LU-TING KUO ; Lee C.-N.; Lee Y.-L.; Landis C.A.journal article119
172013Nighttime sleep, daytime napping, and labor outcomes in healthy pregnant women in TaiwanTsai S.-Y.; Lin J.-W.; LU-TING KUO ; Lee C.-N.; Landis C.A.journal article1010
182013Posterior transthecal approach for repair of cauda equina fibers and ventral dural laceration in lumbar burst fracture: A novel surgical techniqueHuang A.P.-H.; Chen C.-M.; Lai H.-S.; Chou C.-C.; Lu D.C.; LU-TING KUO ; Chuang H.-Y.; Tsai J.-C.journal article11
192012Minimally invasive surgery for acute noncomplicated epidural hematoma: An innovative endoscopic-assisted methodHuang A.P.-H.; Huang S.-J.; Hong W.-C.; Chen C.-M.; LU-TING KUO ; Chen Y.-S.; Lu Y.-J.; Chuang H.-Y.; Tu Y.-K.; Tsai J.-C.journal article33
202012Daily sleep and fatigue characteristics in nulliparous women during the third trimester of pregnancyTsai S.-Y.; Lin J.-W.; LU-TING KUO ; Thomas K.A.journal article3326
212011Gene expression profile in rat dorsal root ganglion following sciatic nerve injury and systemic neurotrophin-3 administrationLU-TING KUO ; Tsai S.-Y.; Groves M.J.; An S.F.; Scaravilli F.journal article65
222011A cystic lesion in the fourth ventricleChen C.-M.; Chen Y.-C.; Chu P.-Y.; LU-TING KUO Note00
232011A cystic lesion in the fourth ventricleChen C.-M.; Chen Y.-C.; Chu P.-Y.; LU-TING KUO Note00
242011Factors associated with sleep quality in pregnant women: A prospective observational studyTsai S.-Y.; LU-TING KUO ; Lai Y.-H.; Lee C.-N.journal article1515
252011Early endoscope-assisted hematoma evacuation in patients with supratentorial intracerebral hemorrhage: Case selection, surgical technique, and long-term resultsLU-TING KUO ; Chen C.-M.; Li C.-H.; Tsai J.-C.; Chiu H.-C.; Liu L.-C.; Tu Y.-K.; Huang A.P.-H.journal article6558
262011Early parenchymal contrast extravasation predicts subsequent hemorrhage progression, Clinical deterioration, and need for surgery in patients with traumatic cerebral contusionHuang A.P.-H.; Lee C.-W.; Hsieh H.-J.; Yang C.-C.; Tsai Y.-H.; Tsuang F.-Y.; LU-TING KUO ; Chen Y.-S.; Tu Y.-K.; Huang S.-J.; Liu H.-M.; Tsai J.-C.journal article1614
272011Contemporary surgical outcome for skull base meningiomasChen C.-M.; Huang A.P.-H.; LU-TING KUO ; Tu Y.-K.Review021
282011Fornix hemorrhage after mild head injuryTsai S.-Y.; Tu Y.-K.; LU-TING KUO Note00
292010Differential CT features of acute lentiform subdural hematoma and epidural hematomaSu I.-C.; Wang K.-C.; Huang S.-H.; Li C.-H.; LU-TING KUO ; Lee J.-E.; Tseng H.-M.; Tu Y.-K.journal article83
302010A large cystic intrasellar and suprasellar tumorLU-TING KUO ; Huang W.-C.; Yang C.-Y.; Huang S.-J.; Tu Y.-K.Note00
312010Clinical outcome of mild head injury with isolated oculomotor nerve palsyLU-TING KUO ; Huang A.P.-H.; Yang C.-C.; Tsai S.-Y.; Tu Y.-K.; Huang S.-J.journal article107
322010O6-Methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase expression and prognostic value in brain metastases of lung cancersWu P.-F.; Kuo K.-T.; LU-TING KUO ; Lin Y.-T.; Lee W.-C.; Lu Y.-S.; Yang C.-H.; Wu R.-M.; Tu Y.-K.; Tasi J.-C.; Tseng H.-M.; Tseng S.-H.; Cheng A.-L.; Lin C.-H.journal article2424
332010Prolonged survival of a patient with cervical intramedullary glioblastoma multiforme treated with total resection, radiation therapy, and temozolomideTseng H.-M.; LU-TING KUO ; Lien H.-C.; Liu K.-L.; Liu M.-T.; Huang C.-Y.journal article1715
342010Sarcoma of the cervical spine after radiation treatment for thyroid cancerHu C.-K.; LU-TING KUO ; Hong W.-C.; Lee J.-C.; Tu Y.-K.journal article53
352009Longitudinal evaluation of an N-Ethyl-N-nitrosourea-created murine model with normal pressure hydrocephalusLee M.-J.; Chang C.-P.; Lee Y.-H.; Wu Y.-C.; Tseng H.-W.; Tung Y.-Y.; Wu M.-T.; Chen Y.-H.; LU-TING KUO ; Stephenson D.; Hung S.-L.; Wu J.-Y.; Chang C.; Chen Y.-T.; Chern Y.journal article88
362009Correlation among pathology, genetic and epigenetic profiles, and clinical outcome in oligodendroglial tumorsLU-TING KUO ; Kuo K.-T.; Lee M.-J.; Wei C.-C.; Scaravilli F.; Tsai J.-C.; Tseng H.-M.; Kuo M.-F.; Tu Y.-K.journal article3124
372008Extradural dumbbell schwannoma of the hypoglossal nerve: a case report with review of the literatureLU-TING KUO ; Huang A.P.-H.; Kuo K.-T.; Tseng H.-M.journal article1314
382008The biomarkers of human papillomavirus infection in tonsillar squamous cell carcinoma - Molecular basis and predicting favorable outcomeKuo K.-T.; Hsiao C.-H.; Lin C.-H.; LU-TING KUO ; Huang S.-H.; Lin M.-C.journal article7063
392008Decompressive craniectomy as the primary surgical intervention for hemorrhagic contusionHuang A.P.-H.; Tu Y.-K.; Tsai Y.-H.; Chen Y.-S.; Hong W.-C.; Yang C.-C.; LU-TING KUO ; Su I.-C.; Huang S.-H.; Huang S.-J.journal article4539
402007Neurotrophin-3 administration alters neurotrophin, neurotrophin receptor and nestin mRNA expression in rat dorsal root ganglia following axotomyLU-TING KUO ; Groves M.J.; Scaravilli F.; Sugden D.; An S.F.journal article1513
412006Pulmonary sequestration at the posterior mediastinum in a neonateLU-TING KUO ; Chang C.-H.; Kuo K.-T.; Chang D.-C.; Lai H.-S.journal article33
422005Effects of systemically administered NT-3 on sensory neuron loss and nestin expression following axotomyLU-TING KUO ; Simpson A.; Sch?nzer A.; Tse J.; An S.-F.; Scaravilli F.; Groves M.J.journal article2929
432005Accumulation of prion protein in the peripheral nervous system in human prion diseasesLee C.-C.M.; LU-TING KUO ; Wang C.H.; Scaravilli F.; An S.F.journal article912