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12018Polymorphisms in enterovirus 71 receptors associated with susceptibility and clinical severityYen, Ting-Yu; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Huang, Yi-Chuan; JIAN-TE LEE ; LI-MIN HUANG ; LUAN-YIN CHANG journal article31
22016Seroepidemiology of Japanese Encephalitis virus infection in Taiwanese adults.Jian-Te Lee conference paper
32016Editorial Commentary: Pneumococcal Vaccination in Adults: Do We Have to Recalculate Our Approach?Jian-Te Lee ; Cheng, S. H.; Greenberg, David; Lee, Jian-Te ; Hou, Y.F.; Chen, C. C.journal article11
42015Seroprevalence of hantavirus infection among swine farmers and the general population in rural Taiwan: a cross-sectional study.Jian-Te Lee conference paper
52014Predicting severe enterovirus 71 infection: Age, comorbidity, and parental behavior matterLUAN-YIN CHANG ; Jian-Te Lee ; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; LI-MIN HUANG journal article98
62013Immune related genes’ single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) related to enterovirus 71 susceptibility and severity.Jian-Te Lee conference paper
72013Seroprevalence of hepatitis E virus infection among swine farmers and general population in rural Taiwan.Jian-Te Lee other
82013Seroprevalence of Hepatitis E Virus Infection among Swine Farmers and the General Population in Rural TaiwanLUAN-YIN CHANG ; Lee, Jian-Te; PEI-JER CHEN ; Shao, Pei-Lan; Jian-Te Lee ; Chang, Luan-Yin; LI-MIN HUANG ; Xia, Ning-Shao; Chen, Pei-Jer; CHUN-YI LU ; Lu, Chun-Yi; Huang, Li-Minjournal article1910
92010Survey of pertussis in patients with prolonged cough >7 days.Jian-Te Lee other
102009Clinical features of severe bacterial infections of children in a community hospital in rural Taiwan.Jian-Te Lee other
112008有效表現天然蛋白質的改良式類泛素融合蛋白系統李建德 ; Lee, Chien-Der
122008Clinical characteristics of nosocomial rotavirus infection in children in TaiwanPING-ING LEE ; Lee, JT; LUAN-YIN CHANG ; Lee, CN; Shao, PL; Jian-Te Lee ; LI-MIN HUANG ; Chang, LY; CHUN-YI LU ; Lu, CY; Lee, PI; CHIN-YUN LEE ; Chen, CM; Lee, CY; Huang, LM.journal article66
132007Mycobacterial bone and soft tissue infections of children <5 years old in a rural county of central Taiwan, 1996-2007.Jian-Te Lee other
142007Influenza A and B infections in children of northern Taiwan, 1999-2006.Jian-Te Lee conference paper
152007Epidemiology of respiratory syncytial virus infection in northern Taiwan, 2001-2005 - Seasonality, clinical characteristics, and disease burdenJian-Te Lee journal article
162006Influenza virus-associated encephalitis in children, 1999-2006: a report of 21 cases.Jian-Te Lee conference paper
172006Nosocomial rotavirus infection in children, 2001-2004: clinical characteristics and genotyping.Jian-Te Lee conference paper
182006Epidemiology of respiratory syncytial virus in northern Taiwan, 2001-2005: seasonality, clinical characteristics and disease burden.Jian-Te Lee conference paper
192004Trisomy 18 in Monozygotic Twins with Discordant PhenotypesJian-Te Lee journal article