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12020Enterovirus D68 seroepidemiology in Taiwan, a cross sectional study from 2017JIAN-TE LEE ; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; TING-YU YEN ; Cheng A.-L.; CHUN-YI LU ; LUAN-YIN CHANG ; LI-MIN HUANG PLoS ONE66
22020Long-term effectiveness of pentavalent and monovalent rotavirus vaccines against hospitalization in Taiwan childrenHuang Y.-C.; Wu F.-T.; Huang Y.-C.; Liu C.-C.; Chun-Yi-Lee, Lin H.-C.; Chi H.; LI-MIN HUANG ; Ho Y.-H.; JIAN-TE LEE ; Shih S.-M.; Ching-Yi-Huang, Hsiung C.A.; Taiwan Pediatric Infectious Disease AllianceVaccine22
32019Enterovirus 71 seroepidemiology in Taiwan in 2017 and comparison of those rates in 1997, 1999 and 2007JIAN-TE LEE ; TING-YU YEN ; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; CHUN-YI LU ; DING-PING LIU ; Huang Y.-C.; LUAN-YIN CHANG ; LI-MIN HUANG ; Lin T.-Y.PLoS ONE99
42019Effects of influenza vaccine and sun exposure time against laboratory-confirmed influenza hospitalizations among young children during the 2012–13 to 2015–16 influenza seasonsWang C.-Y.; Chang Y.-H.; LI-MIN HUANG ; Chi H.; Chiu N.-C.; LUAN-YIN CHANG ; CHUN-YI LU ; Huang Y.-C.; Lin H.-C.; JIAN-TE LEE ; Liu C.-C.; Huang Y.-C.; Ho Y.-H.; Tu Y.-H.; Wang J.-Y.; Huang D.T.-N.; Taiwan Pediatric Infectious Disease AllianceJournal of Microbiology, Immunology and Infection43
52018Polymorphisms in enterovirus 71 receptors associated with susceptibility and clinical severityTING-YU YEN ; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Huang Y.-C.; JIAN-TE LEE ; LI-MIN HUANG ; LUAN-YIN CHANG PLoS ONE88
62017Predicting severe enterovirus 71 infection: Age, comorbidity, and parental behavior matterHuang W.-C.; WEI-LIANG SHIH ; Yang S.-C.; TING-YU YEN ; JIAN-TE LEE ; Huang Y.-C.; Li C.-C.; Hsieh Y.-C.; Lin T.-Y.; LUAN-YIN CHANG ; LI-MIN HUANG Journal of Microbiology, Immunology and Infection1612
72016Editorial Commentary: Pneumococcal Vaccination in Adults: Do We Have to Recalculate Our Approach?Greenberg D.; JIAN-TE LEE Clinical Infectious Diseases11
82013Seroprevalence of Hepatitis E Virus Infection among Swine Farmers and the General Population in Rural TaiwanJIAN-TE LEE ; PEI-LAN SHAO ; LUAN-YIN CHANG ; Xia N.-S.; PEI-JER CHEN ; CHUN-YI LU ; LI-MIN HUANG PLoS ONE2213
92012Effects of maternal screening and universal immunization to prevent mother-to-infant transmission of HBVHUEY-LING CHEN ; Lin L.-H.; Hu F.-C.; JIAN-TE LEE ; Lin W.-T.; Yang Y.-J.; Huang F.-C.; Wu S.-F.; Chen S.C.-C.; Wen W.-H.; Chu C.-H.; YEN-HSUAN NI ; HONG-YUAN HSU ; Tsai P.-L.; Chiang C.-L.; MING-KWANG SHYU ; PING-ING LEE ; Chang F.-Y.; MEI-HWEI CHANG Gastroenterology206176
102008Clinical characteristics of nosocomial rotavirus infection in children in TaiwanJIAN-TE LEE ; Lee C.-N.; PEI-LAN SHAO ; LUAN-YIN CHANG ; CHUN-YI LU ; PING-ING LEE ; Chen C.-M.; Lee C.-Y.; LI-MIN HUANG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association77
112007Epidemiology of respiratory syncytial virus infection in northern Taiwan, 2001-2005 - Seasonality, clinical characteristics, and disease burdenJIAN-TE LEE ; LUAN-YIN CHANG ; LI-CHIEH WANG ; CHUAN-LIANG KAO ; PEI-LAN SHAO ; CHUN-YI LU ; PING-ING LEE ; JONG-MIN CHEN ; CHIN-YUN LEE ; LI-MIN HUANG Journal of Microbiology, Immunology and Infection400