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12015Transplantation speed offers early hepatocyte engraftment in acute liver injured rats: A translational study with clinical implicationsCHENG-MAW HO ; Chen Y.-H.; Chien C.-S.; Ho Y.-T.; Ho S.-L.; REY-HENG HU ; Hui-Ling Chen ; PO-HUANG LEE Liver Transplantation74
22009Association of an EGFR intron 1 SNP with never-smoking female lung adenocarcinoma patientsJou, Yuh-Shan; Lo, Yen-Li; Hsiao, Chin-Fu; Chang, Gee-Chen; Tsai, Ying-Huang; Su, Wu-Chou; Chen, Yuh-Min; Huang, Ming-Shyan; Hui-Ling Chen ; Chen, Chien-Jen; PAN-CHYR YANG ; Hsiung, Chao ALung cancer (Amsterdam, Netherlands)3631
32007Kinetics and functional assay of liver repopulation after human cord blood transplantationMING-KWANG SHYU ; RAY-HWANG YUAN ; JIN-CHUNG SHIH ; MU-ZON WU ; HUEY-LING CHEN ; Kuo Y.-C; CHUNG-LIANG CHIEN ; LU-PING CHOW ; Chen H.-L; Hsieh F.-J.Digestive and Liver Disease33
42006Slower Rates of Clearance of Viral Load and Virus?Containing Immune Complexes in Patients with Dengue Hemorrhagic FeverWang, Wei?Kung; Chen, Hui?Ling ; Yang, Chao?Fu; Hsieh, Szu?Chia; Juan, Chung?Chou; Chang, Shu?Mei; Yu, Cheng?Ching; Lin, Li?Hui; Huang, Jyh?Hsiung; King, Chwan?ChuenClinical Infectious Diseases 
52004Detection of SARS-associated coronavirus in throat wash and saliva in early diagnosisWang, Wei-Kung; SHEY-YING CHEN ; Liu, I-Jung; YEE-CHUN CHEN ; Hui-Ling Chen ; Yang, Chao-Fu; PEI-JER CHEN ; Shiou-Hwei Yeh ; CHUAN-LIANG KAO ; LI-MIN HUANG ; PO-REN HSUEH ; JANN-TAY WANG ; WANG-HUEI SHENG ; CHI-TAI FANG ; CHIEN-CHING HUNG ; SZU-MIN HSIEH ; Su, Chan-Ping; WEN-CHU CHIANG ; Yang, Jyh-Yuan; Lin, Jih-Hui; Hsieh, Szu-Chia; Hu, Hsien-Ping; Chiang, Yu-Ping; JIN-TOWN WANG ; PAN-CHYR YANG ; SHAN-CHWEN CHANG Emerging infectious diseases165146
61996Chromosome 1p aberrations are frequent in human primary hepatocellular carcinomaHui-Ling Chen ; DING-SHINN CHEN Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics3630