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12023Facile and versatile fabrication process for AgNW/GZO transparent composite electrodes for photovoltaic applications by atmospheric pressure plasma jetLuo, Yu Tang; Zhou, Zhe Han; Huang, Zhang Bo; JIA-YANG JUANG ; LI XU Applied Surface Science
22023Effect of Laser Scribing on Coating, Drying, and Crystallization of Absorber Layer of Perovskite Solar CellsHuang, Chaopeng; Guan, Cheng Kang; Lin, Bo Qian; Huang, Shih Han; BIN-JUINE HUANG ; WEI-FANG SU ; LI XU Solar RRL01
32023Maskless deposition of patterned transparent conductive oxides via laser-assisted atmospheric pressure plasma jetLee, Yun Chung; Chen, Yu Chen; Lin, Hsin Tien; LI XU ; Lee, Ming Tsang; JIA-YANG JUANG Journal of Alloys and Compounds11
42022Laser Patterning Technology Based on Nanosecond Pulsed Laser for Manufacturing Bifacial Perovskite Solar ModulesLin B.-Q; Huang C.-P; Tian K.-Y; Lee P.-H; Su W.-F; Xu L.; LI XU International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing - Green Technology27
52021Continuous wave laser nanowelding process of ag nanowires on flexible polymer substratesXu L; Weng W.-C; Yeh Y.-C.; LI XU Nanomaterials44
62021Simultaneous enhancement of electrical conductivity, uniformity, and near-infrared transmittance via laser annealing on ZnO:Ga films deposited by atmospheric pressure plasma jetChen Y.-C; Hsu P.-C; Xu L; JIA-YANG JUANG ; LI XU Journal of Alloys and Compounds77
72020Humidification-Dehumidification (HDH) desalination system with air-cooling condenser and cellulose evaporative padXu, L.; Chen, Y.-P.; Wu, P.-H.; BIN-JUINE HUANG ; LI XU Water (Switzerland)1712
82017Efficiency loss of thin film Cu(InxGa1?x)Se(S) solar panels by lamination processLi Xu; LI XU Journal of Applied Physics 31
92009A novel method to form nano-gridlines on textured CZ silicon wafersXu, L.; Borden, P.G.; Stewart, M.P.; Paak, S.; LI XU IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference 00
102009A Novel Method to Form Fine Metal Grids on Textured CZ SiliconLi Xu; Peter Borden; Michael P. Stewart; Steve Paak; LI XU 34th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference
112008Rapid Thermal Oxide passivation using IC-grade processingBorden, P.; Xu, L.; McDougall, B.; Chang, C.P.; Tam, N.; LI XU IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference 00
122008Pulsed laser annealing of semiconductor structures for functional devicesMisra, N.; Xu, L.; Rogers, M.S.; Ko, S.H.; Grigoropoulos, C.P.; LI XU Physica Status Solidi (C) Current Topics in Solid State Physics 80
132008Polysilicon tunnel junctions as alternates for diffused junctionsPeter Borden; Li Xu; Stefan Glunz; Oliver Schultz; Damian Psych; LI XU 23rd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
142007Excimer laser annealing of silicon nanowiresMisra, N.; Xu, L.; Pan, Y.; Cheung, N.; Grigoropoulos, C.P.; LI XU Applied Physics Letters 2521
152007Exploiting Planer IC Processing for Wafer-based Silicon PVPeter Borden; Li Xu; Tze Poon; Jose-Ignacio Del-Agua-Borniquel; Robert Schreutelkamp; Peter Porshnev; Mitchell C. Taylor; Peijun Deng; Valery Komin; LI XU 22nd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition(EU-PVSEC)
162006High-performance thin-silicon-film transistors fabricated by double laser crystallizationXu, L.; Grigoropoulos, C.P.; King, T.-J.; LI XU Journal of Applied Physics 1310
172005Double laser crystallization (DLC) of 50 nanometer and 20 nanometer amorphous silicon film forthin film transistors (TFTS) applicationXu, L.; Grigoropoulos, C.P.; LI XU American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Heat Transfer Division00
182005High Performance Thin Film Transistors(TFTs) of Polycrystalline Silicon Crystallized by Double Laser Crystallization (DLC) TechniqueL.Xu; C. Grigoropoulos; LI XU ASME Heat Transfer/Fluids Engineering
192005Double Laser Crystallization (DLC) of 50 nm and 20 nm Amorphous Silicon Film For Thin Film Transistors (TFTs) ApplicationL. Xu; C. Grigoropoulos; LI XU ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition
202005High performance thin film transistors (TFTS) of polycrystalline silicon crystallized by the double laser crystallization (DLC) techniqueXu, L.; Grigoropoulos, C.P.; LI XU ASME Summer Heat Transfer Conference 10
212004Double Laser Crystallization of Pre-patterned Amorphous Silicon Film and Amorphous Silicon Film with A Patterned Assisting SiO2 LayerL.Xu; J.W. Chung; C. Grigoropoulos; LI XU ASME Heat Transfer/Fluids Engineering
222004Double Laser Crystallization (DLC) of pre-patterned amorphous silicon film and amorphous silicon film with a patterned assisting SIO2 layerXu, L.; Chung, J.; Grigoropoulos, C.P.; LI XU ASME Heat Transfer/Fluids Engineering Summer Conference 2004