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12018Climate change politics and the role of China: a window of opportunity to gain soft power?ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH journal article00
22018Between Fragmentation and Dialogue. Twitter Communities and Political Debate About the Swiss "Nuclear Withdrawal Initiative"ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH journal article11
32018The different audiences of science communication: A segmentation analysis of the Swiss population's perceptions of science and their information and media use patternsADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH journal article1210
42017Brute force effects of mass media presence and social media activity on electoral outcomeADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH journal article53
52017How journalists verify user-generated content during terrorist crises. Analyzing Twitter communication during the Brussels attacksADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH journal article44
62017The public sphere as an essentially contested concept: A co-citation analysis of the last 20 years of public sphere researchADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH journal article00
72017Zitationsanalysen in der Kommunikationswissenschaft: Ein Vergleich zwischen der Öffentlichkeits- und der Agenda-Setting-TheorieADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH 0
82016Journalists’ Use of Political TweetsADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH journal article75
92016The special case of Switzerland: Swiss politicians on TwitterADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH journal article1614
102016The Internet and Generalized Functions of the Public Sphere: Transformative Potentials From a Comparative PerspectiveADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH journal article75
112015Neue Öffentlichkeiten in autoritären Gesellschaften?ADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH other00
122014Multiple public spheres of Weibo: a typology of forms and potentials of online public spheres in ChinaADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH journal article3735
132013The Swiss “Tina Fey Effect”: The Content of Late-Night Political Humor and the Negative Effects of Political Parody on the Evaluation of PoliticiansADRIAN RAUCHFLEISCH journal article70