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12019Effect of Adenotonsillectomy on Ambulatory Blood Pressure in Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea: 6-Month Follow-up StudyKang KT; Chiu SN; CHUN-YEON LIN ; Weng WC; PEI-LIN LEE; Hsu WCjournal article43
22018An Online Tool Temperature Monitoring Method Based on Physics-Guided Infrared Image Features and Artificial Neural Network for Dry CuttingLee, K.-M.; Huang, Y.; Ji, J.; Lin, C.-Y.; CHUN-YEON LIN journal article42
32018Distributed parameter element method for design analysis of electrical muscle stimulationLin, C.-Y.; Lee, K.-M.; Li, J.; Bai, K.; CHUN-YEON LIN conference paper00
42018Distributed Current Source Method for Modeling Magnetic and Eddy-Current Fields Induced in Nonferrous Metallic ObjectsLin, C.-Y.; Lee, K.-M.; Hao, B.; CHUN-YEON LIN journal article66
52017Coupled Parametric Effects on Magnetic Fields of Eddy-Current Induced in Non-Ferrous Metal Plate for Simultaneous Estimation of Geometrical Parameters and Electrical ConductivityLee, K.-M.; Lin, C.-Y.; Hao, B.; Li, M.; CHUN-YEON LIN journal article33
62016Harmonic response of an eddy-current sensor for real-time measurement of thin-wall titanium alloy workpieceLee, K.-M.; Lin, C.-Y.; Li, M.; Hao, B.; CHUN-YEON LIN conference paper30
72016Magnetic Tensor Sensor and Way-Finding Method Based on Geomagnetic Field Effects With Applications for Visually Impaired UsersLee, K.-M.; Li, M.; Lin, C.-Y.; CHUN-YEON LIN journal article91
82015A continuous-field actuation method for transducing optical color images to magnetic/eddy-current patternsLee, K.-M.; Lin, C.-Y.; Li, M.; CHUN-YEON LIN conference paper10
92015A novel way-finding method based on geomagnetic field effects and magnetic tensor measurements for visually impaired usersLee, K.-M.; Li, M.; Lin, C.-Y.; CHUN-YEON LIN conference paper40
102015An investigation on temperature measurements for machining of titanium alloy using ir imager with physics-based reconstructionJi, J.; Lee, K.-M.; Lin, C.-Y.; Huang, Y.; CHUN-YEON LIN conference paper40
112014Design concept of a novel EM-array magnetic scanning system for continuous motion control of maximum MFDLee, K.-M.; Lin, C.-Y.; CHUN-YEON LIN conference paper60
122014Lumped-parameter modeling of an immersion flow field for analyzing meniscus dynamic behaviorChen, Y.; Lee, K.-M.; Lin, C.-Y.; Fu, X.; CHUN-YEON LIN journal article21
132012Raman Spectral Analysis of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Using a Hierarchical Gaussian Mixture ModelingHsu, C.-M.; Chou, J.H.; Lin, C.-Y.; Lin, C.-R.; CHUN-YEON LIN journal article00
142012Lumped-parameter modeling for meniscus dynamic analysis in immersion flow fieldChen, Y.; Lee, K.-M.; Lin, C.-Y.; Fu, X.; CHUN-YEON LIN journal article10
152008Improvement of the microcrystalline cube corner reflective structure and efficiencyLin, C.-Y.; Su, C.-H.; Hsu, C.-M.; Lin, C.-R.; CHUN-YEON LIN journal article86
162007A calculation of microwave power in a MPCVD system using 2-D Gaussian mixture modelingLin, C.-R.; Su, C.-H.; Hsu, C.-M.; Jhuang, J.-Y.; Lin, C.-Y.; CHUN-YEON LIN conference paper00
172007Characteristic optimization of MWCNTs using MPCVD systemSu, C.-H.; Lin, C.-R.; Lin, C.-Y.; Jhuang, J.-Y.; Hsu, C.-M.; CHUN-YEON LIN conference paper00
182005A novel architecture for converting single 2D image into 3D effect imageLin, C.-T.; Chin, C.-L.; Fan, K.-W.; Lin, C.-Y.; CHUN-YEON LIN conference paper5