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12023Influence of inhomogeneity of lithium-ion transport within the anode/electrolyte interface on mossy lithium formationKo, Chi Jyun; CHIH-HUNG CHEN ; KUO-CHING CHEN Journal of Power Sources00
22022Assessment of the mechanical suppression of nonuniform electrodeposition in lithium metal batteriesChang, Shuenn-Jyh; CHIH-HUNG CHEN ; KUO-CHING CHEN Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP00
32022Electrochemical Change Induced by Spherical Indentation in Lithium-Ion BatteriesLin, HC; KUO-CHING CHEN ; CHIH-HUNG CHEN BATTERIES-BASEL00
42022Atomistic Investigation of Solid Electrolyte Interphase: nanostructure, Chemical Composition and Mechanical PropertiesHsu, PC; Lin, YC; Wu, WH; Pao, CW; CHIH-HUNG CHEN JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY00
52021Dendritic needle network modeling of the Columnar-to-Equiaxed Transition. Part II: three dimensional formulation, implementation and comparison with experimentsCHIH-HUNG CHEN ; Tabrizi A.M; Geslin P.-A; Karma A.Acta Materialia44
62021Phase-field study of dendritic morphology in lithium metal batteriesCHIH-HUNG CHEN ; Pao, CWJOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES1412
72021Crack behavior in nacre-like composites: A phase-field methodTsai H.-C; Chen C.-H; YI-CHUNG SHU ; CHIH-HUNG CHEN Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering00
82021Dendritic needle network modeling of the Columnar-to-Equiaxed transition. Part I: two dimensional formulation and comparison with theoryGeslin P.-A; CHIH-HUNG CHEN ; Tabrizi A.M; Karma A.Acta Materialia66
92020Oscillatory and tip-splitting instabilities in 2D dynamic fracture: The roles of intrinsic material length and time scalesAditya Vasudevan; Yuri Lubomirsky; CHIH-HUNG CHEN ; Eran Bouchbinder; Alain KarmaJournal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 151, 104372 (2021)44
102018Universality and Stability Phase Diagram of Two-Dimensional Brittle FractureLubomirsky Y; CHIH-HUNG CHEN ; Karma A; Bouchbinder E.Physical Review Letters1514
112017Instability in dynamic fracture and the failure of the classical theory of cracksCHIH-HUNG CHEN ; Eran Bouchbinder; Alain KarmaNature Physics 13, 1186 (2017)5246
122017Oscillatory instability of ultra-high-speed brittle cracksCHIH-HUNG CHEN ; Bouchbinder, Eran; Karma, AlainICF 2017 - 14th International Conference on Fracture0
132017Columnar and Equiaxed Solidification of Al-7 wt.% Si Alloys in Reduced Gravity in the Framework of the CETSOL ProjectZimmermann G; Sturz L; Nguyen-Thi H; Mangelinck-Noel N; Li Y.Z; Gandin C.-A; Fleurisson R; Guillemot G; McFadden S; Mooney R.P; Voorhees P; Roosz A; Ronaföldi A; Beckermann C; Karma A; CHIH-HUNG CHEN ; Warnken N; Saad A; Grün G.-U; Grohn M; Poitrault I; Pehl T; Nagy I; Todt D; Minster O; Sillekens W.JOM2016
142015Simple models of the hydrofracture processMarder, M; CHIH-HUNG CHEN ; Patzek, TPhysical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics1410
152015Crack Front Segmentation and Facet Coarsening in Mixed-Mode FractureCHIH-HUNG CHEN ; Cambonie T; Lazarus V; Nicoli M; Pons A.J; Karma A.Physical Review Letters3931
162013Propulsion of microorganisms by a helical flagellumRodenborn B; CHIH-HUNG CHEN ; Swinney H.L; Liu B; Zhang H.P.Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America152142
172011Scaling of crack propagation in rubber sheetsCHIH-HUNG CHEN ; Zhang, HP; Niemczura, J; Ravi-Chandar, K; Marder, MEPL1816