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12018Three-dimensional extrusion bioprinting of single- and double-network hydrogels containing dynamic covalent crosslinksWang L.L.; Highley C.B.; Yeh Y.-C.; Galarraga J.H.; Uman S.; Burdick J.A.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article3936
22017Norbornene-modified poly(glycerol sebacate) as a photocurable and biodegradable elastomerYeh Y.-C.; Ouyang L.; Highley C.B.; Burdick J.A.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article88
32017Mechanically dynamic PDMS substrates to investigate changing cell environmentsYeh Y.-C.; Corbin E.A.; Caliari S.R.; Ouyang L.; Vega S.L.; Truitt R.; Han L.; Margulies K.B.; Burdick J.A.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article1414
42016Nanoparticle-dendrimer hybrid nanocapsules for therapeutic deliveryJeong Y.; Kim S.T.; Jiang Y.; Duncan B.; Kim C.S.; Saha K.; Yeh Y.-C.; Yan B.; Tang R.; Hou S.; Kim C.; Park M.-H.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article1412
520163D printing of photocurable poly(glycerol sebacate) elastomersYeh Y.-C.; Highley C.B.; Ouyang L.; Burdick J.A.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article1719
62015Co-Delivery of protein and small molecule therapeutics using nanoparticle-stabilized nanocapsulesKim C.S.; Mout R.; Zhao Y.; Yeh Y.-C.; Tang R.; Jeong Y.; Duncan B.; Hardy J.A.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article3938
72015Supramolecular regulation of bioorthogonal catalysis in cells using nanoparticle-embedded transition metal catalystsTonga G.Y.; Jeong Y.; Duncan B.; Mizuhara T.; Mout R.; Das R.; Kim S.T.; Yeh Y.-C.; Yan B.; Hou S.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article152150
82015Control of nanoparticle penetration into biofilms through surface designLi X.; Yeh Y.-C.; Giri K.; Mout R.; Landis R.F.; Prakash Y.S.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article4947
92015Fabrication of functional nanofibers through post-nanoparticle functionalizationJeoung E.; Yeh Y.-C.; Nelson T.; Kushida T.; Wang L.-S.; Mout R.; Li X.; Saha K.; Gupta A.; Tonga G.Y.; Lannutti J.J.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article54
102015Fabrication of Robust Protein Films Using Nanoimprint LithographyJeoung E.; Duncan B.; Wang L.-S.; Saha K.; Subramani C.; Wang P.; Yeh Y.-C.; Kushida T.; Engel Y.; Barnes M.D.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article1313
112014Fabrication of multiresponsive bioactive nanocapsules through orthogonal self-assemblyYeh Y.-C.; Tang R.; Mout R.; Jeong Y.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article2119
122014Insulin-based regulation of glucose-functionalized nanoparticle uptake in muscle cellsYeh Y.-C.; Kim S.T.; Tang R.; Yan B.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article99
132014Supramolecular tailoring of protein-nanoparticle interactions using cucurbituril mediatorsYeh Y.-C.; Rana S.; Mout R.; Yan B.; Alfonso F.S.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article1413
142014Rapid coating of surfaces with functionalized nanoparticles for regulation of cell behaviorTang R.; Moyano D.F.; Subramani C.; Yan B.; Jeoung E.; Tonga G.Y.; Duncan B.; Yeh Y.-C.; Jiang Z.; Kim C.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article1921
152014Mass spectrometric detection of nanoparticle host-guest interactions in cellsYan B.; Yesilbag Tonga G.; Hou S.; Fedick P.W.; Yeh Y.-C.; Alfonso F.S.; Mizuhara T.; Vachet R.W.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article910
162013Differentiation of cancer cell type and phenotype using quantum dot-gold nanoparticle sensor arraysLiu Q.; Yeh Y.-C.; Rana S.; Jiang Y.; Guo L.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article2320
172013Patterning of Protein/Quantum Dot Hybrid BionanostructuresNandwana V.; Mout R.; Yeh Y.-C.; Dickert S.; Tuominen M.T.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article88
182013The role of ligand coordination on the cytotoxicity of cationic quantum dots in HeLa cellsYeh Y.-C.; Saha K.; Yan B.; Miranda O.R.; Yu X.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article2524
192012Determination of the intracellular stability of gold nanoparticle monolayers using mass spectrometryZhu Z.-J.; Tang R.; Yeh Y.-C.; Miranda O.R.; Rotello V.M.; Vachet R.W.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article2729
202012Dendronized gold nanoparticles for siRNA deliveryKim S.T.; Chompoosor A.; Yeh Y.-C.; Agasti S.S.; Solfiell D.J.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article6262
212012Gold nanoparticles: Preparation, properties, and applications in bionanotechnologyYeh Y.-C.; Creran B.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article428425
222012Direct patterning of engineered ionic gold nanoparticles via nanoimprint lithographyYu X.; Pham J.T.; Subramani C.; Creran B.; Yeh Y.-C.; Du K.; Patra D.; Miranda O.R.; Crosby A.J.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article2121
232011Synthesis of cationic quantum dots via a two-step ligand exchange processYeh Y.-C.; Patra D.; Yan B.; Saha K.; Miranda O.R.; Kim C.K.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article2929
242011Nanoparticles and SensorsYeh Y.-C.; Agasti S.S.; Saha K.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH book chapter00
252011Direct patterning of quantum dot nanostructures via electron beam lithographyNandwana V.; Subramani C.; Yeh Y.-C.; Yang B.; Dickert S.; Barnes M.D.; Tuominen M.T.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article2424
262011Supramolecular functionalization of electron-beam generated nanostructuresSubramani C.; Dickert S.; Yeh Y.-C.; Tuominen M.T.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article1313
272011Recognition-mediated assembly of quantum dot polymer conjugates with controlled morphologyNandwana V.; Subramani C.; Eymur S.; Yeh Y.-C.; Tonga G.Y.; Tonga M.; Jeong Y.; Yang B.; Barnes M.D.; Cooke G.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article33
282011Stability of quantum dots in live cellsZhu Z.-J.; Yeh Y.-C.; Tang R.; Yan B.; Tamayo J.; Vachet R.W.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article8787
292010Engineering the nanoparticle-protein interface: Applications and possibilitiesRana S.; Yeh Y.-C.; Rotello V.M.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article120115
302009Short-time power-law blinking statistics of single quantum dots and a test of the diffusion-controlled electron transfer modelTang J.; Lee D.-H.; Yeh Y.-C.; Yuan C.-T.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article56
312008Influences of light intensity on fluorescence lifetime of nanorods and quantum dotsYeh Y.-C.; Yuan C.-T.; Kang C.-C.; Chou P.-T.; Tang J.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article1111
322008Fluctuating reaction rate and non-exponential blinking statistics in single-enzyme kineticsTang J.; Yeh Y.-C.; Tai P.-T.; YI-CHEUN YEH journal article43