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12023Unmasking air quality: A novel image-based approach to align public perception with pollution levelsLin, Tzu Chi; Wang, Shih Ya; Kung, Zhi Ying; Su, Yi Han; PEI-TE CHIUEH ; TA-CHIH HSIAO Environment International
22023Investigating the invisible threat: An exploration of air exchange rates and ultrafine particle dynamics in hospital operating roomsChang, Po Kai; Chuang, Hsiang Hao; TA-CHIH HSIAO ; Chuang, Hsiao Chi; Chen, Pau ChungBuilding and Environment
32023Particle size matters: Discrepancies in the health risks posed by traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes in mice and humansChou, Li Ti; Chen, Tsai Ling; YANG, K. C.; Chuang, Hsiao Chi; Chen, Ying Jiun; Lai, Ching Huang; TA-CHIH HSIAO Journal of Hazardous Materials Letters
42023Ultrafine particles in urban settings: A combined study of volatility and effective density revealed by VT-DMA-APMWu, Che An; Chen, Yu Ting; Young, Li Hao; Chang, Po Kai; Chou, Li Ti; ALBERT CHEN ; TA-CHIH HSIAO Atmospheric Environment00
52023Characterizing emission factors and oxidative potential of motorcycle emissions in a real-world tunnel environmentYU-CHIEH TING ; Chang, Po Kai; Hung, Po Chang; Chou, Charles C.K.; Chi, Kai Hsien; TA-CHIH HSIAO Environmental Research00
62023Assessing traffic-related air pollution-induced fiber-specific white matter degradation associated with motor performance declines in aged ratsChen, Ting Chieh; Lo, Yu Chun; Li, Ssu Ju; Lin, Yi Chen; CHANG, C. W.; Liang, Yao Wen; laiman, Vincent; TA-CHIH HSIAO ; Chuang, Hsiao Chi; Chen, You YinEcotoxicology and Environmental Safety00
72023Integrated ground and vertical measurement techniques to characterize overhead atmosphere: Case studies of local versus transboundary pollutionOu-Yang, Chang Feng; CHIH-CHUNG CHANG; Wang, Sheng Hsiang; Chou, Charles C.K.; Chuang, Ming Tung; Lin, Tang Huang; Chen, Wei Nai; TA-CHIH HSIAO ; Yen, Ming Cheng; Wang, Yueh Chen; Lin, Neng Huei; Wang, Jia LinScience of the Total Environment00
82023Impacts of COVID-19's restriction measures on personal exposure to VOCs and aldehydes in Taipei CityYen, Yu Chuan; Ku, Chun Hung; TA-CHIH HSIAO ; Chi, Kai Hsien; Peng, Chiung Yu; Chen, Yu ChengScience of the Total Environment22
92023Hippo signaling pathway contributes to air pollution exposure-induced emphysema in ageing ratsLaiman, Vincent; TA-CHIH HSIAO ; Fang, Yu Ting; Chen, You Yin; Lo, Yu Chun; Lee, Kang Yun; Chen, Tzu Tao; Chen, Kuan Yuan; Ho, Shu Chuan; Wu, Sheng Ming; Chen, Jen Kun; Heriyanto, Didik Setyo; Chung, Kian Fan; Ho, Kin Fai; Chuang, Kai Jen; Chang, Jer Hwa; Chuang, Hsiao ChiJournal of hazardous materials00
102023A hybrid model for estimating the number concentration of ultrafine particles based on machine learning algorithms in central TaiwanJung, Chau Ren; WEI-TING CHEN ; Young, Li Hao; TA-CHIH HSIAO Environment International11
112023Importance of surface charge of soot nanoparticles in determining inhalation toxicity in miceTA-CHIH HSIAO ; Han, Chia Li; Yang, Tzu Ting; Lee, Yueh Lun; Shen, Yu Fang; Jheng, Yu Teng; Lee, Chii Hong; Chang, Jer Hwa; Chung, Kian Fan; Kuo, Han Pin; Chuang, Hsiao ChiEnvironmental Science and Pollution Research10
122023Emission Analysis of Electric Motorcycles and Assessment of Emission Reduction With Fleet ElectrificationHo, Yu Hsuan; TA-CHIH HSIAO ; ALBERT CHEN IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems00
132023Climate change, air quality, and respiratory health: a focus on particle deposition in the lungsChang, Jer Hwa; Lee, Yueh Lun; Chang, Li Te; Chang, Ta Yuan; TA-CHIH HSIAO ; Chung, Kian Fan; Ho, Kin Fai; Kuo, Han Pin; Lee, Kang Yun; Chuang, Kai Jen; Chuang, Hsiao ChiAnnals of Medicine
142023A mobile platform for characterizing on-road tailpipe emissions and toxicity of ultrafine particles under real driving ConditionsChen, Tse Lun; TA-CHIH HSIAO ; Chuang, Hsiao Chi; YU-CHIEH TING ; Wang, Chen HuaEnvironmental Research43
152022Secondary inorganic aerosol chemistry and its impact on atmospheric visibility over an ammonia-rich urban area in Central TaiwanYoung, Li Hao; TA-CHIH HSIAO ; Griffith, Stephen M.; Huang, Ya Hsin; Hsieh, Hao Gang; Lin, Tang Huang; Tsay, Si Chee; Lin, Yu Jung; Lai, Kuan Lin; Lin, Neng Huei; Lin, Wen YinnEnvironmental Pollution74
162022Particulate matter in a motorcycle-dominated urban area: Source apportionment and cancer risk of lung deposited surface area (LDSA) concentrationsChang P.-K; Griffith S.M; Chuang H.-C; Chuang K.-J; Wang Y.-H; Chang K.-E; Hsiao T.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Journal of Hazardous Materials98
172022Deployment of a mobile platform to characterize spatial and temporal variation of on-road fine particles in an urban areaLin T.-C; Chiueh P.-T; Griffith S.M; Liao C.-C; PEI-TE CHIUEH ; TA-CHIH HSIAO Environmental Research44
182022Organic carbon and acidic ions in PM2.5 contributed to particle bioreactivity in Chinese megacities during haze episodesHo K.-F; Lee Y.-C; Niu X; Xu H; Zhang R; Cao J.-J; Tsai C.-Y; Hsiao T.-C; Chuang H.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Environmental Science and Pollution Research22
192022Associations between lung-deposited dose of particulate matter and culture-positive pulmonary tuberculosis pleurisyHsiao T.-C; TA-CHIH HSIAO et al. Environmental Science and Pollution Research22
202022A two-dimensional nanoparticle characterization method combining differential mobility analyzer and single-particle inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry with an atomizer-enabled sample introduction (ATM-DMA-spICP-MS): Toward the analysis of heteroaggregated nanoparticles in wastewaterHsieh Y.-C; YI-PIN LIN ; Hsiao T.-C; TA-CHIH HSIAO Science of the Total Environment44
212022Interactions of chemical components in ambient PM2.5 with influenza virusesHsiao T.-C; Cheng P.-C; Chi K.H; Wang H.-Y; Pan S.-Y; Kao C; Lee Y.-L; Kuo H.-P; Chung K.F; Chuang H.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Journal of Hazardous Materials1916
222022Contributions of acidic ions in secondary aerosol to PM2.5 bioreactivity in an urban areaLaiman V; TA-CHIH HSIAO ; Wang Y.-H; Young L.-H; Chao H.-R; Lin T.-H; Heriyanto D.S; Chuang H.-C.Atmospheric Environment44
232022Air pollution-regulated E-cadherin mediates contact inhibition of proliferation via the hippo signaling pathways in emphysemaHsiao T.-C; TA-CHIH HSIAO et al. Chemico-Biological Interactions107
242021Effect of particle morphology on performance of an electrostatic air-liquid interface cell exposure system for nanotoxicology studiesTseng, Mei-Chih Meg ; TSUN-JEN CHENG; Tseng, Mei-Chih Meg ; MEI-CHIH MEG TSENG ; Lin, Yi-Ping; Hu, Fu-Chang; TA-CHIH HSIAO Nanotoxicology01
252021Therapeutic Potential of Human Umbilical Cord-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Recovering From Murine Pulmonary Emphysema Under Cigarette Smoke ExposureChen X.-Y; Chen Y.-Y; Lin W; Chen C.-H; Wen Y.-C; Hsiao T.-C; Chou H.-C; Chung K.F; Chuang H.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Frontiers in Medicine97
262021Relationships between atmospheric mercury and optical properties of spring outflow aerosols from Southeast AsiaNguyen L.S.P; Sheu G.-R; Hsiao T.-C; Lee C.-T; Chang S.-C; Lin N.-H.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Atmospheric Pollution Research40
272021Fine and ultrafine particles in Taiwan urban areaHsiao T.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO AIP Conference Proceedings00
282021Loss of E-cadherin due to road dust PM2.5 activates the EGFR in human pharyngeal epithelial cellsTung N.T; TA-CHIH HSIAO et al. Environmental Science and Pollution Research76
292021Toxicological effects of personal exposure to fine particles in adult residents of Hong KongChen X.-C; Chuang H.-C; Ward T.J; Sarkar C; Webster C; Cao J; Hsiao T.-C; Ho K.-F.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Environmental Pollution107
302021Chemically and temporally resolved oxidative potential of urban fine particulate matterHsiao T.-C; Chou L.-T; Pan S.-Y; Young L.-H; Chi K.-H; ALBERT CHEN ; TA-CHIH HSIAO Environmental Pollution99
312021Alveolar epithelial inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain 4 deficiency associated with senescence-regulated apoptosis by air pollutionChen X.-Y; TA-CHIH HSIAO et al. Environmental Pollution1311
322021Spectral derivatives of optical depth for partitioning aerosol type and loadingLin T.-H; Tsay S.-C; Lien W.-H; Lin N.-H; Hsiao T.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Remote Sensing65
332021Chlorine dioxide gas generation using rotating packed bed for air disinfection in a hospitalHAN-PANG HUANG ; TA-CHIH HSIAO Journal of Cleaner Production74
342021Quantifying the impacts of PM2.5 constituents and relative humidity on visibility impairment in a suburban area of eastern Asia using long-term in-situ measurementsYU-CHIEH TING ; Young, Li-Hao; Lin, Tang-Huang; Tsay, Si-Chee; Chang, Kuo-En; TA-CHIH HSIAO Science of the Total Environment1916
352021Particulate matter and SARS-CoV-2: A possible model of COVID-19 transmissionTung N.T; Cheng P.-C; Chi K.-H; Hsiao T.-C; Jones T; B?ruB? K; Ho K.-F; Chuang H.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Science of the Total Environment8476
362021Analyzing the increasing importance of nitrate in Taiwan from long-term trend of measurementsChuang M.-T; Chou C.C.-K; Hsiao T.-C; Lin K.-Y; Lin N.-H; Lin W.-Y; Wang S.-H; Pani S.K; Lee C.-T.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Atmospheric Environment44
372020Serum neurofilament light polypeptide is a biomarker for inflammation in cerebrospinal fluid caused by fine particulate matterTSUN-JEN CHENG; MEI-CHIH MEG TSENG ; Wang, J.-Y.; Wu, D.; Chuang, K.-J.; Chen, J.-K.; TSUN-JEN CHENG ; TA-CHIH HSIAO Aerosol and Air Quality Research1110
382020Improving the removal efficiency of fine particulate matters in air pollution control devices: Design and performance of an electrostatic aerosol particle agglomeratorLin, W.-Y.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Hong, B.-L.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers1311
392020COVID-19: An aerosol’s point of view from expiration to transmission to viral-mechanismHsiao, T.-C.; Chuang, H.-C.; Griffith, S.M.; Chen, S.-J.; Young, L.-H.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Aerosol and Air Quality Research4237
402020Indoor, outdoor, and personal exposure to PM 2.5 and their bioreactivity among healthy residents of Hong KongChen, X.-C.; Chuang, H.-C.; Ward, T.J.; Tian, L.; Cao, J.-J.; Ho, S.S.-H.; Lau, N.-C.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Yim, S.H.; Ho, K.-F.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Environmental Research2420
412020Urban wastewater treatment plants as a potential source of ketamine and methamphetamine emissions to airLin, Y.-C.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Lin, A.Y.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO ; ANGELA YU-CHEN LIN Water Research108
422020Effects of Human Umbilical Cord-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells on the Acute Cigarette Smoke-Induced Pulmonary Inflammation ModelChen, X.-Y.; Chen, Y.-Y.; Lin, W.; Chien, C.-W.; Chen, C.-H.; Wen, Y.-C.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Chuang, H.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Frontiers in Physiology66
432020Size distribution, biological characteristics and emerging contaminants of aerosols emitted from an urban wastewater treatment plantHsiao, T.-C.; Lin, A.Y.-C.; Lien, W.-C.; Lin, Y.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO ; ANGELA YU-CHEN LIN Journal of Hazardous Materials2824
442020Potential approach for single-peak extinction fitting of aerosol profiles based on In Situ measurements for the improvement of surface pm2.5 retrieval from satellite AOD productLin, T.-H.; Chang, K.-E.; Chan, H.-P.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Lin, N.-H.; Chuang, M.-T.; Yeh, H.-Y.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Remote Sensing43
452019Particle toxicology and health - where are we?Shih, Chi-Hsiang; Chen, Jen-Kun; Kuo, Li-Wei; Cho, Kuan-Hung; TA-CHIH HSIAO ; Lin, Zhe-Wei; Lin, Yi-Syuan; Kang, Jiunn-Horng; Lo, Yu-Chun; Chuang, Kai-Jen; TSUN-JEN CHENG; Chuang, Hsiao-Chi; Umezawa M.; TSUN-JEN CHENG ; Handy R.; Gulumian M.; Tinkle S.; Cassee F.Particle and fibre toxicology133118
462019Traffic-related particulate matter exposure induces nephrotoxicity in vitro and in vivoHsu, Y.-H.; Chuang, H.-C.; Lee, Y.-H.; Lin, Y.-F.; Chen, Y.-J.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Wu, M.-Y.; Chiu, H.-W.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Free Radical Biology and Medicine4237
472019Zirconium-Based Metal-Organic Framework Nanocarrier for the Controlled Release of IbuprofenWang, H.-L.; Yeh, H.; Li, B.-H.; Lin, C.-H.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Tsai, D.-H.; TA-CHIH HSIAO ACS Applied Nano Materials3126
482019Computational fluid dynamics study of the effects of flow and geometry parameters on a linear-slit virtual impactor for sampling and concentrating aerosolsChang, P.-K.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Engling, G.; Chen, J.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Journal of Aerosol Science119
492019Effect of flow rate on detection limit of particle size for a steam-based aerosol collectorHsiao, T.-C.; Engling, G.; Chang, P.-Y.; Chang, P.-K.; Chuang, M.-T.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Atmospheric Environment22
502019Modeling of the transitional pressure drop of fibrous filter media loaded with oil-coated particlesHsiao, T.-C.; Chen, D.-R.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Aerosol and Air Quality Research22
512019Contributions of local pollution emissions to particle bioreactivity in downwind cities in China during Asian dust periodsHo, K.-F.; Wu, K.-C.; Niu, X.; Wu, Y.; Zhu, C.-S.; Wu, F.; Cao, J.-J.; Shen, Z.-X.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Chuang, K.-J.; Chuang, H.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Environmental Pollution2319
522019Microglial activation and inflammation caused by traffic-related particulate matterBai, K.-J.; Chuang, K.-J.; Chen, C.-L.; Jhan, M.-K.; Hsiao, T.-C.; TSUN-JEN CHENG ; Chang, L.-T.; Chang, T.-Y.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Chemico-Biological Interactions4136
532019Analyzing major renewable energy sources and power stability in Taiwan by 2030Chuang, M.-T.; Chang, S.-Y.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Lu, Y.-R.; Yang, T.-Y.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Energy Policy2518
542018Exposure assessment of particulate and gaseous pollutants emitted during surgery in operating rooms of different specialtiesYang, T.-T.; Chuang, K.-J.; Chang, N.-Y.; Pan, C.-H.; Liao, W.-H.; Liao, C.-C.; Tsuang, Y.-H.; Wen, H.-Y.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Chuang, H.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health65
552018Investigation into the pulmonary inflammopathology of exposure to nickel oxide nanoparticles in miceBai, K.-J.; Chuang, K.-J.; Chen, J.-K.; Hua, H.-E.; Shen, Y.-L.; Liao, W.-N.; Lee, C.-H.; Chen, K.-Y.; Lee, K.-Y.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Pan, C.-H.; Ho, K.-F.; Chuang, H.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine2220
562018Effects of temperature, pressure, and carrier gases on the performance of an aerosol particle mass analyserHsiao, T.-C.; Young, L.-H.; Tai, Y.-C.; Chang, P.-K.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Atmospheric Measurement Techniques33
572018Effects of physical characteristics of carbon black on metabolic regulation in miceChuang, H.-C.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Lee, C.-H.; Chun-Te Lin, J.; Chuang, K.-J.; Feng, P.-H.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Environmental Pollution1110
582018Association of ultrafine particles with cardiopulmonary health among adult subjects in the urban areas of northern TaiwanLiu, J.-Y.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Lee, K.-Y.; Chuang, H.-C.; TSUN-JEN CHENG ; TA-CHIH HSIAO Science of the Total Environment3531
592018Effects of temperature, dust concentration, and filtration superficial velocity on the loading behavior and dust cakes of ceramic candle filters during hot gas filtrationLin, J.C.-T.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Hsiau, S.-S.; Chen, D.-R.; Chen, Y.-K.; SHENG-HSIU HUANG ; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; TA-CHIH HSIAO Separation and Purification Technology3325
602018Pulmonary exposure to metal fume particulate matter cause sleep disturbances in shipyard weldersChuang, H.-C.; Su, T.-Y.; Chuang, K.-J.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Lin, H.-L.; Hsu, Y.-T.; Pan, C.-H.; Lee, K.-Y.; Ho, S.-C.; Lai, C.-H.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Environmental Pollution3833
612018Small cyclones with conical contraction bodiesLiu, D.; Wang, P.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Chen, D.-R.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Aerosol and Air Quality Research44
622018Chronic pulmonary exposure to traffic-related fine particulate matter causes brain impairment in adult rats 11 Medical and Health Sciences 1109 NeurosciencesShih C.-H.; Chen J.-K.; Kuo L.-W.; Cho K.-H.; Hsiao T.-C.; Lin Z.-W.; Lin Y.-S.; Kang J.-H.; Lo Y.-C.; Chuang K.-J.; TSUN-JEN CHENG ; TA-CHIH HSIAO et al. Particle and Fibre Toxicology3837
632017SUV39H1 reduction is implicated in abnormal inflammation in COPDChen, T.-T.; Wu, S.-M.; Ho, S.-C.; Chuang, H.-C.; Liu, C.-Y.; Chan, Y.-F.; Kuo, L.-W.; Feng, P.-H.; Liu, W.-T.; Chen, K.-Y.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Juang, J.-N.; Lee, K.-Y.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Scientific Reports1615
642017Quantifying Surface Area of Nanosheet Graphene Oxide Colloid Using a Gas-Phase Electrostatic ApproachChang, W.-C.; Cheng, S.-C.; Chiang, W.-H.; Liao, J.-L.; Ho, R.-M.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Tsai, D.-H.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Analytical Chemistry1616
652017Pulmonary pathobiology induced by zinc oxide nanoparticles in mice: A 24-hour and 28-day follow-up studyChuang, H.-C.; Chuang, K.-J.; Chen, J.-K.; Hua, H.-E.; Shen, Y.-L.; Liao, W.-N.; Lee, C.-H.; Pan, C.-H.; Chen, K.-Y.; Lee, K.-Y.; Hsiao, T.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology1915
662017Corrigendum: SUV39H1 Reduction Is Implicated in Abnormal Inflammation in COPDChen T.-T; TA-CHIH HSIAO et al. Scientific reports00
672017Aerosol optical properties at the Lulin Atmospheric Background Station in Taiwan and the influences of long-range transport of air pollutantsHsiao, T.-C.; Chen, W.-N.; Ye, W.-C.; Lin, N.-H.; Tsay, S.-C.; Lin, T.-H.; Lee, C.-T.; Chuang, M.-T.; Pantina, P.; Wang, S.-H.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Atmospheric Environment1513
682017Development and collection efficiency of an electrostatic precipitator for in-vitro toxicity studies of nano- and submicron-sized aerosolsTA-CHIH HSIAO ; Chuang H.-C.; Chen C.-W.; TSUN-JEN CHENG ; Chang Chien Y.-C.Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers76
692017Long-range transported air pollutants in East Asia - Observation, measurements, and model analysis PrefaceHatakeyama, Shiro; Kim, Yong Pyo; Hsiao, Ta-Chih; Matsuda, Kazuhide; Jaffe, Daniel A.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Aerosol and Air Quality Research04
702017A simulation study on PM<inf>2.5</inf> sources and meteorological characteristics at the northern tip of Taiwan in the early stage of the Asian haze periodChuang, M.-T.; Chou, C.C.-K.; Lin, N.-H.; Takami, A.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Lin, T.-H.; Fu, J.S.; Pani, S.K.; Lu, Y.-R.; Yang, T.-Y.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Aerosol and Air Quality Research3632
712017Quantitative characterization of colloidal assembly of graphene oxide-silver nanoparticle hybrids using aerosol differential mobility-coupled mass analysesNguyen, T.P.; Chang, W.-C.; Lai, Y.-C.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Tsai, D.-H.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry55
722017Long-range transported air pollutants in East Asia ? Observation, measurements, and model analysisHatakeyama, S.; Kim, Y.P.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Matsuda, K.; Jaffe, D.A.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Aerosol and Air Quality Research14
732016COMMIT in 7-SEAS/BASELINE: Operation of and observations from a novel, mobile laboratory for measuring in-situ properties of aerosols and gasesPantina, P.; Tsay, S.-C.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Loftus, A.M.; Kuo, F.; Ou-Yang, C.-F.; Sayer, A.M.; Wang, S.-H.; Lin, N.-H.; Christina Hsu, N.; Janjai, S.; Chantara, S.; Nguyen, A.X.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Aerosol and Air Quality Research88
742016Investigation of the CCN activity, BC and UVBC mass concentrations of biomass burning aerosols during the 2013 BASELInE campaignHsiao, T.-C.; Ye, W.-C.; Wang, S.-H.; Tsay, S.-C.; Chen, W.-N.; Lin, N.-H.; Lee, C.-T.; Hung, H.-M.; Chuang, M.-T.; TA-CHIH HSIAO ; Hung, H.-M. Aerosol and Air Quality Research1816
752016The simulation of long-range transport of biomass burning plume and short-range transport of anthropogenic pollutants to a mountain observatory in east Asia during the 7-SEAS/2010 Dongsha experimentChuang, M.-T.; Fu, J.S.; Lee, C.-T.; Lin, N.-H.; Gao, Y.; Wang, S.-H.; Sheu, G.-R.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Wang, J.-L.; Yen, M.-C.; Lin, T.-H.; Thongboonchoo, N.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Aerosol and Air Quality Research2020
762016Comprehensive PM<inf>2.5</inf> organic molecular composition and stable carbon isotope ratios at Sonla, Vietnam: Fingerprint of biomass burning componentsNguyen, D.L.; Kawamura, K.; Ono, K.; Ram, S.S.; Engling, G.; Lee, C.-T.; Lin, N.-H.; Chang, S.-C.; Chuang, M.-T.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Sheu, G.-R.; Yang, C.-F.O.; Chi, K.H.; Sun, S.-A.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Aerosol and Air Quality Research2121
772016Surface PEGylation of silver nanoparticles: Kinetics of simultaneous surface dissolution and molecular desorptionChang, W.-C.; Tai, J.-T.; Wang, H.-F.; Ho, R.-M.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Tsai, D.-H.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Langmuir1717
782016Visible light active photocatalyst from recycled disposable heating padsLee, M.-C.; Wang, C.-Y.; Chen, C.-C.; Wang, C.-M.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Tsai, D.P.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Journal of Nanophotonics11
792016Experimental comparison of two portable and real-time size distribution analyzers for nano/submicron aerosol measurementsHsiao, T.-C.; Lee, Y.-C.; Chen, K.-C.; Ye, W.-C.; Sopajaree, K.; Tsai, Y.I.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Aerosol and Air Quality Research1313
802016Satellite-surface perspectives of air quality and aerosol-cloud effects on the environment: An overview of 7-SEAS/BASELInETsay, S.-C.; Maring, H.B.; Lin, N.-H.; Buntoung, S.; Chantara, S.; Chuang, H.-C.; Gabriel, P.M.; Goodloe, C.S.; Holben, B.N.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Christina Hsu, N.; Janjai, S.; Lau, W.K.M.; Lee, C.-T.; Lee, J.; Loftus, A.M.; Nguyen, A.X.; Nguyen, C.M.; Pani, S.K.; Pantina, P.; Sayer, A.M.; Tao, W.-K.; Wang, S.-H.; Welton, E.J.; Wiriya, W.; Yen, M.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Aerosol and Air Quality Research5754
812016Radiative effect of springtime biomass-burning aerosols over northern indochina during 7-SEAS/BASELInE 2013 campaignPani, S.K.; Wang, S.-H.; Lin, N.-H.; Lee, C.-T.; Tsay, S.-C.; Holben, B.N.; Janjai, S.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Chuang, M.-T.; Chantara, S.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Aerosol and Air Quality Research4240
822016Aerosol chemical profile of near-source biomass burning smoke in sonla, vietnam during 7-SEAS campaigns in 2012 and 2013Lee, C.-T.; Ram, S.S.; Nguyen, D.L.; Chou, C.C.K.; Chang, S.-Y.; Lin, N.-H.; Chang, S.-C.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Sheu, G.-R.; Ou-Yang, C.-F.; Chi, K.H.; Wang, S.-H.; Wu, X.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Aerosol and Air Quality Research3634
832016Mixing weight determination for retrieving optical properties of polluted dust with MODIS and AERONET dataChang, K.-E.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Hsu, N.C.; Lin, N.-H.; Wang, S.-H.; Liu, G.-R.; Liu, C.-Y.; Lin, T.-H.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Environmental Research Letters22
842016In-situ and remotely-sensed observations of biomass burning aerosols at Doi Ang Khang, Thailand during 7-SEAS/BASELInE 2015Sayer, A.M.; Christina Hsu, N.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Pantina, P.; Kuo, F.; Ou-Yang, C.-F.; Holben, B.N.; Janjai, S.; Chantara, S.; Wang, S.-H.; Loftus, A.M.; Lin, N.-H.; Tsay, S.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Aerosol and Air Quality Research2019
852016Characterization of particulate matter profiling and alveolar deposition from biomass burning in Northern Thailand: The 7-SEAS studyChuang, H.-C.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Wang, S.-H.; Tsay, S.-C.; Lin, N.-H.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Aerosol and Air Quality Research2020
862016Aqueous film formation on irregularly shaped inorganic nanoparticles before deliquescence, as revealed by a hygroscopic differential mobility analyzer–Aerosol particle mass systemHsiao, T.-C.; Young, L.-H.; Tai, Y.-C.; Chen, K.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Aerosol Science and Technology1614
872015Experimental observations of the transition pressure drop characteristics of fibrous filters loaded with oil-coated particlesHsiao, T.-C.; Chen, D.-R.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Separation and Purification Technology2623
882015Effects of the geometric configuration on cyclone performanceHsiao, T.-C.; SHENG-HSIU HUANG ; Hsu, C.-W.; CHIH-CHIEH CHEN ; TA-CHIH HSIAO Journal of Aerosol Science4943
892015Inhibition of the WNT/β-catenin pathway by fine particulate matter in haze: Roles of metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsLee, K.-Y.; Cao, J.-J.; Lee, C.-H.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Yeh, C.-T.; Huynh, T.-T.; Han, Y.-M.; Li, X.-D.; Chuang, K.-J.; Tian, L.; Ho, K.-F.; Chuang, H.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Atmospheric Environment1111
902015Simulating the transport and chemical evolution of biomass burning pollutants originating from Southeast Asia during 7-SEAS/2010 Dongsha experimentChuang, M.-T.; Fu, J.S.; Lin, N.-H.; Lee, C.-T.; Gao, Y.; Wang, S.-H.; Sheu, G.-R.; Hsiao, T.-C.; Wang, J.-L.; Yen, M.-C.; Lin, T.-H.; Thongboonchoo, N.; Chen, W.-C.; TA-CHIH HSIAO Atmospheric Environment1917
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