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12022星球性、反全球化、地方知識:臺灣原住民文學英譯與世界文學陳榮彬; RONG-BIN CHEN 2021 外語與翻譯國際學術研討會
22022民族誌、天生已經過翻譯的文學、翻譯:夏曼•藍波安的案例陳榮彬; RONG-BIN CHEN 文學/海洋/島嶼國際學術研討會
32021資產或陰影?——論 A Farewell to Arms 中譯史陳榮彬; RONG-BIN CHEN 第二十五屆口筆譯教學國際學術研討會
42021Worlding Taiwan Literature, Rewriting Its History: Writing for the 25th Anniversary of Taiwan Literature: English Translation Series.Chen, Richard Rong-bin; RONG-BIN CHEN Taiwan Literature: English Translation Series
52021This Side of ParadiseF. Scott Fitzgerald; 陳榮彬(譯) 
62021The Beautiful Country and the Middle Kingdom: America and China, 1776 to the PresentJohn Pomfret; 陳榮彬(譯) 
72021「入世」的文學,改寫的文學史:《台灣文學英譯叢刊》24 周年省思陳榮彬; RONG-BIN CHEN 第四屆台灣文學外譯國際學術研討會
82021白先勇西遊記——如何翻譯?怎樣重寫?陳榮彬; RONG-BIN CHEN 台灣文學研究學報
92021Translating Hemingway: A Case of Cultural PoliticsChen, Richard Rong-bin; RONG-BIN CHEN The Wenshan Review of Literature and Culture
102020異化與歸化之間:論〈最後的獵人〉的英譯陳榮彬(Richard Rong-bin Chen); RONG-BIN CHEN 編譯論叢0
112020Translating Hemingway: A Case of Cultural Politics.Chen, Richard Rong-bin; RONG-BIN CHEN The Kyoto Conference on Arts, Media, and Culture (KAMC2020)
122020Miles: The AutobiographyMiles Davis; 陳榮彬(譯) 
132020Indigenous Voices—Short Stories by Taiwanese Writers陳榮彬(譯) 
142020Love Is a Dog from HellCharles Bukowski; 陳榮彬(譯) 
152020白先勇西遊記:一部(不)可翻譯簡史陳榮彬; RONG-BIN CHEN 第四屆文化流動與知識傳播:臺灣文學的斷裂與蔓生」國際學術研討會
162019When dorian gray speaks chinese: Cosmopolitanism in wang dahong’s translationRong-Bin Chen, R.; RONG-BIN CHEN Wenshan Review of Literature and Culture0
172019Moby-DickMoby-Dick; 陳榮彬(譯) 
182019異化之必要:論〈最後的獵人〉的四個英譯本陳榮彬; RONG-BIN CHEN 第三屆台灣文學外譯國際學術研討會暨台灣文學譯者論壇
192019The Search for Modern ChinaJonathan Spence; 陳榮彬(譯) 
202019City of Light, City of Poison: Murder, Magic, and the First Police Chief of ParisHolly Tucker; 陳榮彬(譯) 
212018疏離化、異化與現代中國文學的翻譯:以賴威廉的魯迅小說英譯為例陳榮彬(Richard Chen); RONG-BIN CHEN 翻譯學研究集刊0
222018The Chinese in AmericaIris Chang; 陳榮彬(譯) 
232018InsectopediaHugh Raffles; 陳榮彬(譯) 
242017臺灣文學形象與主體性:從杜國清的臺灣文學史觀到《台灣文學英譯 叢刊》陳榮彬; RONG-BIN CHEN 臺灣文學英譯出版研討會——《台灣文學英譯叢刊》二十週年慶
252017The Devel's DiaryRobert Wittmann and David Kinney; 陳榮彬(譯) 
262017The Gunpowder AgeTonio Andrade; 陳榮彬(譯) 
272016以「語言能量觀」重探龐德《論語》英譯本陳榮彬(Richard Chen); RONG-BIN CHEN 翻譯學研究集刊
282016英譯台灣小說選集的編選史研究——從 1960 年代到 1990 年 代陳榮彬; RONG-BIN CHEN SPECTRUM:NCUE Studies in Language, Literature, Translation
292016The Culture We DeserveJacques Barzun; 陳榮彬(譯) 
302016A Christmas CarolCharles Dickens; 陳榮彬(譯) 
312016The Annotated Alice 150th Anniversary Deluxe EditionLewis Carroll and Martin Gardner; 陳榮彬(譯) 
322016For Whom the Bell TollsErnest Hemingway; 陳榮彬(譯) 
332015People of the AbyssJack London; 陳榮彬(譯) 
342015Tupaia: The Remarkable Story of Captain Cook’s Polynesian NavigatorJoan Druett; 陳榮彬(譯) 
352015Toms River: A Story of Science and SalvationDan Fagin; 陳榮彬(譯) 
362015Keeping Up with the Germans: A History of Anglo-German EncountersPhilip Oltermann; 陳榮彬(譯) 
372015The Red Badge of CourageStephen Crane; 陳榮彬(譯) 
382014Blood WorkHolly Tucker; 陳榮彬(譯) 
392014An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on EarthChris Hadfield; 陳榮彬(譯) 
402013臺灣小說的英譯與實用──走入教室的臺灣小說翻譯作品陳榮彬; RONG-BIN CHEN 台灣小說外譯學術研討會
412013Midnight in Peking: How the Murder of a Young Englishwoman Haunted the Last Days of Old ChinaPaul French; 陳榮彬(譯) 
422012重讀《杜連魁》:建築師王大閎與翻譯(小說)家王大閎的對話陳榮彬 中外文學 
432011重讀《杜連魁》:建築師王大閎與翻譯(小說)家王大閎的對話陳榮彬; RONG-BIN CHEN 第三十四屆全國比較文學會議
442009Practicing Literary Cosmopolitanism: Wang Dahong and His Translation of The Picture of Dorian Gray.Chen, Richard Rong-bin; RONG-BIN CHEN 20th Annual GNEL/ASNEL Conference: Post-colonial Translocations
452008Shakespeare and CompanySylvia Beach; 陳榮彬(譯) 
462008Joe Torre’s Ground Rules for WinnersJoe Torre et al; 陳榮彬(譯) 
472007從意義治療理論談高齡者挫折感之控制陳榮彬; 黃志弘; RONG-BIN CHEN 諮商與輔導00
482007Ace in AmericaSam Borden et al; 陳榮彬(譯) 
492004The TeammatesDavid Halberstam; 陳榮彬(譯) 
502003James JoyceEdna O’Brien; 陳榮彬(譯) 
512002Slaves on screen : Film and Historical VisionNatalie Zemon Davis; 陳榮彬(譯)